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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2009-05-17

T/R: Cathy Morris

Teacher: Light, Mother, Michael

[2009-05-10] Light: This is Light. I want to present another aspect of
light. In your experiences on this planet, often darkness seems to be
covering over many situations. It is a perception that darkness has strength
to affect the planet. I have learned that light is a phenomenon that
increases in power and magnitude as focus is placed upon its use. Expansion
of light power can be exponential if focus is increased in its focus on
situations. Again I encourage you to become a source of light to all around
you and spread this enhancement of love to all situations you encounter. It
is always my pleasure to join you and bring light to the meeting.

[2009-05-17] Mother: I am pleased that you are all attempting to use this
process that has become so familiar. It is true that all in this group have
the ability to connect with this circuitry and with us as well. You have
studied long to gain the concepts that we are presenting but the ability to
make the contact is developed by sincere trial. We are blessed to be able to
reach each other through this unique form. Much has been learned on this
side by the process that has been in use. Always you have the ability to
contact your parents and the many helpers. We are always with you.

Michael: [2008] I am beside all of you at all times, in moments of your
greatest despair I am there beside you. In moments of your greatest joy I am
there beside you. At every moment in your life I attempt to bring you
strength so that you may continue. In moments that you need me to give you
strength I give you everything. Do not feel abandoned my chilren, for this
life is just a transition in your world. It is not meant to be permanent and
you will continue forward for all eternity and beauty shall forever be
revealed to your eyes. You will see great treasures and all this awaits
every single one of you so do not despair. Do not be afraid. This is just
the beginning and it shall never end nor shall you feel alone. I rejoice
that day when you for the first time see yourself as a child of God and as a
brother or sister of mine. I rejoice that day when you forever transcend
this life into the realm of eternity. I shall forever celebrate as every one
of you find eternity.

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