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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2009-04-26

Teachers: Elyon, Monjoronson, Serena, Light

T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Prayer: Divine Parents, thank you so much for the opportunity to come
together and gather like this, to hear from your ambassadors of truth and
goodness and beauty. It means so much to us to hear from your emissaries who
bring us such comfort and joy in our attempts to understand and gain a
larger perspective on all that is transpiring around us. Thank you.

Elyon: I greet you all today, I am Elyon here to join in your spirited and
thoughtful conversations. I observe that you witness in your environment a
number of factors which have come into play. The phenomenon of hoarding of
weapons or the phenomenon of gathering together in demonstration and
opposition to policy as well as the phenomenon of alarm that is signaled
when you observe the effects of actions on your very food chain. I will
point out to you that each of these three examples has behind it the
underlying component of fear which is the trigger element inherent in these
situations which causes people to take action.

It is not as though these issues have not been present but peoples
perception of them have been elevated and this causes the generation of
concern which is then easily augmented into the fear driven mode of
response. Few things on planet earth have the power to motivate people into
action like the element of fear. Oftentimes this will reign supreme, this
fear factor, over all other possibilities because it is so deeply engrained
in your survival instinct that it prompts reaction oftentimes without
thought, action which springs directly from the reaction to the fear
impulse. It is not as though any one of these issues is not a significant
issue, a valid concern and worthy of great consideration but when the scale
becomes tipped with the advent of the fear factor, oftentimes the issue
becomes obscured and the relative factors within the issue are overshadowed
by the dominant factor of fear which when present carries more weight with
it than does honest concern or criticism or analysis.

It is always good as a mortal of the realm to be on the watch for when fear
is in a position to override the wisdom which may be gained by the careful
consideration of any issue; for how can you come to a real meaningful
resolution when you are too clouded by fear to offer honest examination and
analysis. This is where, as you have mentioned, strength may be drawn from
observing these phenomenon as a true believer in the kingdom who possesses
unshakable certainty of their security in the universe and is not threatened
by apparent outside forces but knows that their citadel of the soul is
indeed unassailable.

To those who enter into the equation with such a perspective, they may more
accurately assess the pros and cons of any given circumstance or dilemma and
come to a wise alternative if they are not allowing themselves to be
controlled and dominated by the tendency to act in response to fear. As you
witness, fear is a great motivator but it knows very little wisdom. It only
really knows rash reaction in response to unknown problems in an attempt to
override these problems with rash action. Oftentimes these are not solutions
but rather the use of overwhelming force to subdue the problems temporarily,
to vanquish the issues for the short period with great amounts of effort and
force. But you are coming to learn that in this life, force and struggle are
not usually part of the solution but rather constitute part of the problem.

As wise spiritual beings, you are learning that true growth and advancement
is achieved without such struggle as it is with allowing the higher way to
simply exist. For instance, you may attempt to legislate polluters to force
them to act and be in certain ways and you may make it unlawful for certain
actions to occur and levy stiff penalty or fines and make criminals out of
wrongdoers in attempt to create a state where people are not polluting. But
all these efforts at a heavy handed approach to the problem will be resisted
for they are thrust upon individuals and you will see a resistance to any
attempts to mandate and force.

While on the other hand, if all those involved in a given situation were to
actually come to full realization that they are in fact polluting
themselves, that it is a disservice to the self as well as to the others and
that the greater perspective would bring them to the awareness and
understanding that they are injuring themselves as they injure others then
they would more naturally and of their own accord desire to cease injuring
themselves. But until they come to this realization that the injury they do
is not only to others, then they will see legislation as a forceful means
against their rights.

So you see that in all of these issues there is growth that must occur from
all the individuals in the schoolhouse in order to adopt some of these
premises as universally applicable. Until then there may be the need for
organizations who have the authority to watch over the actions of powerful
individuals and groups who would act with no consideration to the health and
welfare of all. It is a delicate time on your world where you are certainly
not all on the same page of awareness and appreciation of universal values
and so sometimes the stronger ones will take advantage of the weaker ones
and it may be necessary for you to trust in some oversight to protect the
less advanced while you all have time to grow to a collective larger
awareness wherein no one would consider doing harm to another just as they
would not consider doing harm to themselves, knowingly and with intention.

I would relinquish this podium and this opportunity for others to access.
Thank you very much for the chance to join your conversation, farewell.

Monjoronson: Hello my friends, this is Monjoronson here to pick up on the
thread of your earlier discussion and to weave it further into the tapestry
of our understanding. It was mentioned, your lesson on the effects of
negative thoughts and actions and the effects of positive thoughts and
actions. Each of you who has been so diligently applied to embracing these
lessons over these many years have built certain platforms of understanding
upon which you stand and enjoy your perspective which has you see things in
a different light. As a result of your efforts and of your station in life,
you may see and envision ways which could be or in your consideration,
should be, part of your earthly paradigm.

It is, as you mentioned, your opportunity to foresee an ideal or a vision
and bring this vision back into your realm as one who lights a match in a
dark room and therefore begins this process of illuminating the dark. It
does not mean that you bring into your environment flood lights and can
instantly illuminate your entire environment around you leaving no shadows
whatsoever, but rather you bring with you into your environment, a small
light and if you are steadfast and ad fuel to this flame, over time your
light grows brighter and brighter and illuminates more and more of your

As such, many who see this fire will approach you and ask if they can sit
around your flame and enjoy basking in the glow of your light. They will
even offer to bring their own contributions to feed your flame and they will
ad their fuel to your fire. After a while you will see that many have joined
your effort to support this, at first small flame, which has over time
become a bonfire which brings great comfort and enjoyment to all those who
come seeking the warmth and the glow of such an effort.

So it is not necessarily up to you to be the sole contributor and to have
built such a large fire but rather to be the one who brings the first spark,
who causes the first flame, who nurtures this first flame in the darkness
carefully and tenderly which allows the others to see your flame from a
distance and desire to be near it and they will bring their contributions
and throw it on the fire and all will benefit from what started as an
initial small action, small act of love of declaring you're being a flame
and that you will be the start of what could be a gigantic bonfire as it is
embraced and taken up by others. This is an illustration of the principle
you mentioned that bringing the peace, bringing the light, bringing the love
is a gentle act which may become a grand act in time.

So be content wherever you are to fan the flame that you would bring into
the equation and it need not be a fire that could be seen for miles. Be
content if your fire simply illuminates a small space around you and brings
you the assurance and the warmth that it is there to be nurtured and tended
and grown.

Thank you for the opportunity to come into your midst, even in this day and
bring some kindling under my arms that I am able to throw on your fire and
am able to fan the flame of your spiritual truth and awareness and grow them
in dimension with you. Without you arriving here creating the fire pit and
lighting the flame, we would not all be here now enjoying the glow of the
success of your efforts. I thank you for your efforts in being steadfast to
gather around such a fire pit and inaugurate such a flame each week. You can
count on my seeing your fire from afar and desiring to join you once again
around the glow of your efforts. Thank you and be at peace, farewell.

Serena: [Cathy] In the situation where fear is expressed in outward
aggressive acts, it is indeed more powerful to maintain a position of
stability and openness while initiating dialog that will bring the
individuals involved into a closer consensus of shared values. This will
lead to increased discussion and illuminate the higher values and promote
action on these higher values. In this activity each individual can promote
the greater good by holding their fear in check by attempting to create an
opening that will allow commonality with all perspectives. When fear is
consciously controlled, greater understanding can grow in all parties. It is
a great service that one can provide to bring a calming influence to those
who are reacting in fear from their survival instincts. It is our hope that
as groups come together, the feelings of helplessly being overwhelmed will
diminish and real progress will be created.

Light: [Mark] Hello once again, I am Light, privileged to once again be here
to close this meeting with some more discussion about light. You have an
expression on your world about going through the dark woods and coming out
into the light. Your world right now is traveling through the dark woods
described, the medieval forest where there is great uncertainty. You are not
able to see any distance before you to know that you are reaching the edge
of the forest and that you will soon be in the clearing where you are able
to get your bearings.

Imagine the sensation of one who is traveling through the dark and
oppressive woods and arrives at a vantage point where they can see down into
the valley below and they see a circle of light, a small village with a fire
and individuals circling the flames. They are immediately brought a sense of
peace because they now have a reference and a bearing and they desire to
make their way through the woods to the light in the clearing. Likewise, do
travelers from all directions spot this flame in the middle of the darkness
and seek it out and seek to have the comfort and security that such an
expression of light brings to all the weary travelers who are making their
way through the darkness.

It does not have to be an entire field lit aflame to draw these travelers
but merely a small fire pit well tended will have the same effect on all
those surrounding travelers without their own sources of light and they
will gravitate to this light and come together around this beacon. And so it
is with your individual efforts in this world, your role is to tend your own
fire, to keep your own flame alive, to have these flames of truth, of
goodness and beauty always burning ever tended by your faithful service to

In so doing you bring the advent of light into many a darkened forest and in
so doing you are able to dispel this darkness in your immediate environment
and others will see your abilities to do this and approach you to share in
what it is that you have that they are so drawn to instinctively and it is
then that you will share with them what it is that brings you this light,
that causes you to fan these flames so dedicatedly. They may join you and
help you feed your fire. This is your privilege and your opportunity for
those who know of the value of fanning these flames such as yourselves.

Bring the light, bring the peace, bring the love and wherever you decide to
stoke these fires it will be a signal to all that you have established this
environment where you are safe and all who will visit you around your flame
will feel this safety and security. Be about this task with joy and watch as
many are drawn to your efforts. Let us go now and be in peace, farewell.

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