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Subject: LIghtline Teleconference..Adjuster Series..2009-04-09

Teachers: The Voice, Monjoronson, Light

T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, feel our spiritual embrace as we reach out to touch
you in this moment. Help us to feel your spiritual embrace as you reach out
to touch us in this moment. Surely when we both reach in this way we most
certainly touch and so we move forward in complete trust of this touch, this
sense of connection that we seek with you at this time. Join us as we drink
this cup of joy together of being together in this experience at this hour.
Share with us our sense of gratitude for all that transpires between us,
with us, among us that brings us such a gratifying and rewarding experience
for our efforts. Thank you for this experience, thank you for this moment.

The Voice: I will gladly accept the opportunity that you create when you
come together to form this space where we may meet in this fashion. I am
this ones inner Voice negotiating my way to the surface if you will. When I
make reference to this space that is created for this purpose you all
function as the pillars around this great space. You are the pillars of
light which arrange yourselves so as to create this network of intention, of
energy, of love. As a result of your efforts to form this arena we are able
to both enter within and come together in this common space.

You have great halls on your world designed to accommodate people from all
different countries and languages and cultures to come together and
provision is provided for the translation of languages and this great effort
is a very physical manifestation of what we create when we come together and
form this hall with our intention. We must also form the avenue of
communication between us and similarly we employ the use of this translator
at this time and we witness that this same scenario plays out regularly
whenever souls are gathered together and there is an opportunity for
expression of higher dimensions into the material dimension through this
avenue of a volunteer translator. This of course takes many forms. It could
be in the expression of art, music, or poetry or perhaps the sharing of
individual experiences, even sometimes as simple as the understanding gaze
of another. All these are different translations of energy patterns and so
it is that we in this moment employ the use of word symbols and concept
frames to advance our meeting here today.

It is observed on your world that there is a common lack of understanding or
awareness that each individual, every individual, has within them this
higher self who may be expressed in any number of ways. Your human family
tends to see these grand expressions as the oddity instead of the normalcy
and so when one acts out and expresses they are considered talented or
gifted, brave or crazy. But all of the family of man have this potential to
access the internal knowing part of themselves and then to speak with
authority about advanced principles and enhanced awarenesses.

You observe in your gatherings that certain individuals will rise to the top
as leaders or speakers or catalysts and in so doing they bring inspiration
to other members of the group and foster confidence in the others and ignite
the aspect of the divine within all the members of the group. This is the
common feeling of sharing after having been involved in a group exercise
where there has been this experience shared between and among the
individuals. All may be touched by virtue of this circuitry and this sharing
of energy is a key factor in the lighting up of all the individuals in the
family of men. Enjoy this experience that you have in discovering this sense
of connection whether you are one in the group who is touched and ignited or
whether it is your turn to be the spark within the group. All are benefitted
in this process and it is of true joy to be in awareness that this is so.

I would now withdraw to allow this sacred space to be used by others. Thank
you all for the gift of your creation in this hour, farewell.

Monjoronson: Greetings and thank you for your presence here this evening, I
am Monjoronson here to access this gift as well. In reference to the
discussion earlier I would say a few words about interpretation. You have a
great task before you as you attempt to interpret many many contributions
that have been made by your fellows on this world and it is good and
desirable that you take in as much as you can of the experiences of others
in your family of man. But there always arises the necessary interval of
interpretation where you must fit in what you have been exposed to in
relationship to all the other material which you have gathered to yourselves
and yet no two people would ever write the identical version of even a
common event owing to their interpretation and perception of this event.

So when attempting to navigate through the layers of information that you
expose yourselves to you must always keep in mind that all of the material
you come across which is authored of a human source will be tainted by their
individual human perspective as a result of their life experiences. Likewise
when you take it up, you will interpret it in light of your own individual
life experiences. So it may be well said that there is no such thing as an
absolutely accurate interpretation, rather it will be an absolute personal

I call you to witness the power of the Master's parables and how to any
different listener they would contain different meanings and significances.
While the overall theme may be apparent and discernible, the individual
listeners will bring to the story their own perspectives and their own
understanding of even similar stories. Therefore you would do well to not
overburden yourselves with attempting strict analysis of any material that
you are exposed to, rather let it co-mingle with the other truths and
awarenesses and let the flavor of the material carry through even though the
details may have different meanings and different significances to any
different observer.

Trust that the tone that you are looking for will be found in the materials
that you are in contact with and trust that the missing pieces that you seek
will be found or the need for their significance will be addressed.
Likewise, we attempt to share some sense of understanding back and forth
when we employ this technique of transmitter/receiver but many times the
words may fall short of the intention and the desired projection. That is
where we rely on spirit to hear with the ears of spirit to discern the
underlying tones, the cosmic values we are attempting to express, and we
trust that simply engaging in this process, in any process, that we will
have some measure of success even if it is not a complete success for we are
extending ourselves in this process and we are assured that when we seek we
will find and we find even now in this moment.

Thank you for providing this opportunity to try this together. I enjoy a
chance to be with you in this way. I would as well withdraw to make room for
others who would bring you their tones and the projection of their
intentions, farewell.

Light: I greet you this evening, I am Light here to contribute some more
reflections on light. As you know, within the rays of light that you sense,
that you can literally feel there is contained a number of different shades
in the spectrum of light. They are all present and yet you feel them as one
sensation as the feeling of light but the plants rely on their specific part
of the spectrum and other life forms are adapted to use their aspects of the
spectrum and yet all of these are contained within the rays of light.

So it is that we attempt communication even in this moment. There are many
different aspects to the spectrum of what is being shown forth in this
moment and it may be felt by you as the touch of spirit. Even though there
are many different wave lengths and aspects to this communication between us
it may all feel like the connection with spirit. We trust in communicating
back and forth that each of us is able to perceive that part of the spectrum
that they are tuned into and we also know that it may be different for each
of us but we both may sense this exchange, we both may sense the light but
in different ways.

All of us appreciate this opportunity to co-mingle our different natures and
to explore what this experience feels like to each of us. Thank you for the
chance that you give us. I now would release you all from your moments of
devoted attention. Thank you and farewell.

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