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Subject: Lightline Teleconference-Adjuster Series-2009-03-26

Teachers: Thought Adjuster, Michael, Nebadonia

T/R: Henry Zeringue

Prayer: Father, I ask you to meet me in my soul where I can better make
contact with you. Michael and Nebadonia, I ask that you enter as love in my
heart, that I may be completely in-circuited in love, in the presence of
spirit, that this evening I may find the presence to give this lesson. I ask
this in your name. Also, I ask all celestial presences who may chance to be
in this circuit to join us this evening as again we explore deeper into the
spiritual aspects of our mind. Thank you.

Thought Adjuster: I AM a still and single small voice. I AM in the present
and I AM in eternity. I AM not from the mind of God, I AM God, the
unqualified aspect of God; the aspect that is not in relationship with the
universe, the universe of Paradise nor the universe of Havona nor the
universes of time and space. I AM a particulate in eternity sent to define a
human personality to an individual.

>From the present through a time-able future I hope and trust that I will
partner with the human of my indwelling and together traverse the long
segment of space to eternity. I AM the outworking of perfection in the
imperfect aspects of humanity. I AM sent to adjust, to incrementally correct
that which is necessary for man to grow and lend and bend his will to the
will of the heavenly Father. Though I personally work within a mind, I work
within the mind to gradually adjust the thoughts which implement behavior
patterns in the human.

I AM that voice echoing thought and words which grate in the human mind.
They go against the selfish human will; go against the human indulgences and
desires and the animal like behavior patterns. It is my will to never stop
loving and co-ordinating thoughts, actions within the human mind and within
the outplay of human drama within the brotherhood of men and women. I AM
perfect in all ways, seeking perfection within the human mind. Perfection in
thought gradually reflects incorrect behavior.

Since I have access to the humans personality chart, I know where a human
needs to turn, where a human needs to go and what a human needs to do to
grow in my likeness, my love-ability and all other unconditional aspects of
spirit. I AM ancient and I AM new, I AM within and I AM you. I Am patient
with the mind which neglects, the mind which oversees, forgets that I AM
here. I unceasingly work to make my presence known within your mind. I work
one step at a time, I get you to pass one test before there is a rest period
for the next test.

Your life then becomes a series of tests so you learn the method which
transforms the animal grunts and the animal sighs and the animal screams
into spiritual notes of harmony; harmony like a major chord that you begin
to vibrate with my consciousness and my love, my awareness, my patience, my
tolerance, my compassion, my willingness to serve all men and women, my
willingness to be one with you.

I AM a still small voice and I will continue to echo perfection from
eternity into the present NOW.

Greetings Michael. [Michael:] It is I, your friend, brother and Father, your
Creator Sovereign Michael of Nebadon. I greet all of you in this group of
friendship this evening. This evening I find the earth and its people in my
loving and gentle embrace. I pray to the heavenly Father that mercy is
extended to your world and to all its people, to you. I cannot apologize for
the mishaps of my sons and daughters sent to your world for I came
personally and walked upon your earth to show you first hand how life is
lived in the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God.

I was never in a hurry and I missed no one that chanced to cross my
presence. When my time was done I sent my spirit to embrace your world and
to love you. There are many of you who follow my life, who are walking in
my footsteps and are speaking my words of good cheer to their fellows. It is
extremely important to stand unafraid and give my love to others. I ask you
to stand fearless in proclaiming love to one another and I ask you to go
within and discover the greatness of my Father and your Father.

I even taught you what to say. Is it so difficult for humans to let go of
the past, to let go of a hatred, bigotry, anger, jealousy, self
righteousness, to embrace an ever-flowing and all encompassing love? One day
my love will reign supreme on Urantia. This day make it supreme in your
hearts, in your desire to serve my Father. Have you forgotten when you were
little children and one of you stumbled? You ran to help that person, you
cared for each other, you had this bond.

Let not the darkness of the past creep in and fill up the space which was
created for love and happiness. Let not the bonds and the boundaries replace
the spiritual gifts of loving brotherhood and graceful reverent and sincere
approach to the Father's will. If but you could experience the Father in
heaven you would touch such greatness, such brilliance and wisdom and
perfection, such communal happiness.

My prayer for this is world is that every day your orb revolves around
itself, that one more of you come to me and sincerely begin to love one
another. In the space in which I exist, I will come into your hearts just
for the asking. Open the heart's door and let me in that I may work to help
you become a better person. Whatever burdens you carry, I will take them for
my life is not burdensome. I accept you in whichever way you choose to
acknowledge me, whether you barely understand who you are or not, I accept
you. I accept you openly as a brother and sister in the great circle of
unity which is Nebadon,

Times are upon you which call for more loving attitudes, a more graceful
approach to life and a clearer understanding of who you are and where you
stand. Stand within my circle of unity and if your heart fails you, take
mine for it beats unceasingly and it is full of love and compassion for each
and every one [of you]. I am here with you. Please keep me alive.

Nebadonia: Greetings this evening, it is I, Nebadonia. I am the center of
your universe as I am the center of your heart. I am the spirit which sends
hope, faith, trust, all surrounded in love. I send you greatness this
evening in the light of Michael and myself. Comfort your weary hearts and
your tired bodies and your questioning minds in my grounding and steady
embrace. I come to each one of you personally. I know each one of you
personally for I have sent aspects of my spirit to indwell within your mind
that I may continually send forth courage, intuition, understanding,
knowledge, counsel, wisdom and worship.

I have sent you all of the spiritual tools necessary for you to grow into a
spiritually fragrant human being. I continually bathe the circuits with love
and energy, with light. I cannot perform for you the tasks which you must
perform yourself but I am in the midst, holding a space, making it possible
for you to act and become the person you truly are. How I wish to see
greatness develop on your world, like a blossoming and fragrant garden midst
the rock and the rumble which has been created.

Your world will change one individual at a time until all souls have been
strung like pearls in a giant necklace which circles eternity. I also love
each and every one of you and I accept any approach to my presence. All
effort is not unnoticed. Make a small attempt to love yourself and as a
pearl of great price, take it out of your safe and hold it and know that you
are my son and my daughter, that you are strung on my thread, my cord of

I am with you in the midst of your darkest and most confronting and fearful
conflict. I am there when your life is called into question. I will be there
when your soul is called into question. Fear not as you hold and caress this
pearl of life. Know that it is through my grace and effort that I hold
happiness and love for all of my children on your world, the unwanted
children, the dirty and discarded children, the children born out of
wedlock, the children of broken homes and unhappy families, the children who
are abused, the children who do not have anything to eat, the children who
have no hope for their future, the children who have no loving embrace.

I embrace you all, good evening.

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