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Arcadia Teaching Mission Group                                                                               PR
Arcadia, California, U.S.A.
Monday, March 16, 2009, 8pm
TR: George Benavides
Topics:  Realize and be conscious of the path you forge in the world
              What you do and what you say has a real impact on this planet
              Walk in the light and the path that you leave behind will then…
              It is sad to see those who regret wasted opportunities
              One day you will see your life’s thread in the tapestry of the universe
              One day you will know how connected you are
              The big picture behind all…keep in mind
              JarEl promises us…
Questions:  None tonight 
Prayer:  Anna:  Dear
God thank you for watching over us and help us to arrive here safely
and please open our hearts and our minds tonight so that we can receive
whatever message you want us to receive and understand and just help us
always to be compassionate and loving to others.  We ask this in your holy name, Amen.
JarEl:  TR, George:  Good evening.  It is I, your teacher JarEl.  (Welcome)  It is good to be back again.  I look forward to teaching my small group of Urantians each time.  It is such a wonderful planet to observe.  It
is so interesting to see all your lives unfold in this tapestry of
experiences and events that ever shape the design and the destiny of
this planet.  And you are all part of this, you
are all part of this growth and change and ever flowing history that
forever imprints its will upon this wonderful and fragile world.
You little realize how important your path is.  It is only when you die that others recognize the path that you led.  You literally leave a wake behind.  But I would advise you to be conscientious of this very real path that you forge in this world.  For the things you do and the things you say have a very real and substantial impact on this planet.  It would benefit you to understand your influence, your impact.  You do not just meander through life and randomly effect events around you.  There is purpose in everything that you do.  So be conscious
about what you do, be conscious about the effects that you put out there.  Be conscious about all the things that you can change – that you can influence.
  Walk in the light and the path that you leave behind will be lit for others to follow.  You are only on this planet for such a short amount of time compared to the grand experience that awaits you in the universe.  It
is very sad to see those who have finally learned the worth of their
own experiences in the universe, but then regret that they had not
learned this while on their native planet and then see the wasted
opportunities that had been presented to them time and time again.  You are all very conscious of these opportunities in your own lives.  And I know that many of you can many times count a wasted opportunity.  That is why
it is important to be conscious about how you walk forward in this world.  For
all the things that you do and the things that you say do have meaning
and value and they do create very real things that are not yet tangible
by your human mind.
  But one day you will look back and realize the thread of life that is your own life.  You will see the experiences that create the tapestry and where many other lives are woven into yours.  And
at one point in your far off destiny, you will have that moment of
realization that you are all very much connected with one another and
that what you do matters to everyone else in your life.
be conscious, my friends, of all of your contacts - just as I have
become very conscious of all your lives and your individual experiences.  I cultivate my friendship with you for I know that you are all universe citizens worthy of such high honors.  Such
must be your attitude toward others for despite their level of
immaturity (for you are also relatively immature), despite this level,
these wonderful beings are destined to one day be perfect as the Father
is perfect.  And on that path of getting to
perfection they will have a myriad of experiences that will dot their
complex lives, as such will be your own experience.  So afford them the respect that they so desperately
deserve while at the same time respecting your own individual life.  And by that I mean finding that work that is of real value inside of you.  Do not sell yourself short, my friend.  Do not think that others are of more worth than you.  God is no respecter of men.  Everyone is created equal in His eyes.  And
you are just as worthy of reaching Paradise as the highest being
created in this universe, only your path will be very different from
that high being.  But it is essential to God’s experience – God the Ultimate.
Are there any questions here tonight?
Lucille:  We thank you for the inspiring messages you give to us. 
JarEl:  TR, George:  You are welcome.  It is easy for me to speak these words, these messages, these rays of hope because I experience this each day.  What I find inspiring is your devotion to God, to life, to finding truth, beauty and goodness, despite the lack of evidence.  I
find all this inspiring for I see this small world that is so full of
chaos and misunderstanding and I see these gems of life embedded all
throughout the world.  That is inspiring to the universe that looks unto this promised land that is Urantia. 
Any questions?
I understand how many of you find it difficult to fathom the long hard road that you must travel.  I know that it is beyond many of you to understand the concept of eternity and even Paradise.  For
it is so far off and such a long, long time away from where you’re at
right now that it might not seem relevant to your life.  But it is very relevant – it is so relevant that you must keep it in the back of your mind.  For
this is what the big picture is all about – getting to that final
cumulative end that signifies your final connection with the True
Source and Center.
  But in the meantime you will live day by day, hour by hour and you will focus on what is at hand.  But
never forget that long distant goal, for your lives are epoch; your
lives are eternal, your lives are full of history and experience.  Your lives will be truly heroic in all of that sense.  You just do not know it at this moment.  And it is very understandable because there is so much for you to learn.  But
I promise you this: you will be pleasantly surprised, enthusiastic,
excited and grateful for all the experiences that you will gather up in
your long, long life.  I know I am.  And with that I leave you.  Goodnight.
All:  Thank you JarEl.  Goodnight.          
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