[tmtranscripts] Southeast Idaho TeaM February 22, 2009

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Southeast Idaho TeaM
February 22, 2009

Topics: Loyalty
You are encoded to seek the Father
Set aside judgment

PRAYER: Father, Mother, all that are with us here tonight pray that
You would open our minds and hearts and inspire us to be better people.
Inspire us to show the Fruits of the Spirit to those people that we come in
contact with. Pray, dear God, that You would guide and direct each one here
as we try to do Your Will each day. Amen

DANIEL: Greetings, loyal friends. This is Daniel, your guide, friend
and teacher, delighted to share this time with you, smiling upon you,
beaming in my delight.
Friends, colleagues, dear students, I, Daniel, and we your teachers, do so
enjoy your interactions, but primarily this evening I am beaming because of
your heartfelt response to the lessons of last time. We have observed the
deep recognition of the lessons that were communicated, we believe we "got
through". When we experience/observe those jumps in understanding we are
delighted. As teachers we are reinforced when our students proceed up that
learning curve. And so I beam.

Tonight we have decided to take our cue from you. We look forward to a
deepening discussion next time of the material in the Urantia book, but
tonight we will take our cue from the brief discussion of loyalty that took
place towards the end of your discussion period.

Yes, indeed, is loyalty a difficult concept on this rebellion planet, for
you have had eons upon eons of leaders who did not deserve your loyalty.
And, yet, it is built within your animal mechanism to be loyal, to have
leaders to look up to on many planes. In the larger spiritual plane, you
are encoded to seek the Father, to be loyal to the Father and to the
planetary government. And, yet, your planetary government was disloyal to
the Father setting up the deepest of contradictions. Your tribal leaders,
national leaders, economic leaders have been disloyal to their obligations
making it unreasonable to be loyal to them. Within the family unit the
female gender has for generation, after generation, after generation been
diminished, dishonored, at times treated as little more than a slave,
thereby making it unreasonable to express the type of complimentary loyalty
that God intended.
And, so, you, children of rebellion, struggle. You are coded for loyalty.
You long to be loyal. You long to receive loyalty. You find yourselves in
situations time-after-time where your loyalty is either betrayed or shown to
be foolish, and so you struggle.

Tonight I will keep it simple: be loyal to the stillness; be loyal to
developing quality time with the Father; be loyal to an open heart; be loyal
to setting aside judgment, and you will be shown where and when and how and
to what degree to apply your loyalty.

And now with this introduction to the reasons that loyalty is an issue and
with my simple approach to correcting this area of dysfunction and concern,
I would welcome your interaction, your comments, your questions that we
might have a discussion and further flush out that which would be helpful to
you. I open the floor.

Student 1: Daniel, thank you very much for this topic. I found that my
judgment has come back tenfold these last two weeks. But when you said,
"set aside judgment," "to be loyal to setting aside judgment", that clicked
because if I look back, I get that judgment in my mind and kind of an
ooh-knot in my stomach. And if I keep my mouth shut . the times I do keep
my mouth shut and wait, I'm always proven wrong. But if I step right in and
voice that judgment, it doesn't turn out good. So, I'll try and
remember-loyalty to setting aside judgment and waiting. Thank you.

DANIEL: Thank you, my dear, and let me take it a step further. If
you can not only wait but trust that God has the over-control, that while .
what you might be viewing, you might be viewing somewhat correctly from
recognizing relationships, interactions of immediate and obvious effects and
so forth. When you are responding from a judgmental place, this is a desire
to be in control, to play God, to be right, to have someone "less-than" so
that you may feel "more-than." There are many reasons. But at this time in
addition to waiting you might practice acceptance and trust and faith. Do
these help?

Student 1: Very much so. Thank you Daniel.

DANIEL: Thank you my dear, dear, friend for the opportunity to share
these thoughts. I cannot do so if you do not share with me, and I am
grateful to you.

Student 2: Daniel, the list of things that you did mention that we
should be loyal to were really helpful, and loyal to quiet time, yes! Loyal
to the Father, yes! And . but the act of setting aside judgment also said
something to me. And it is much more, that I can be as I mentioned earlier,
so paranoid about relationships. And you pointing out that it could very
well be the need to control is certainly a real issue because of this . yah.
And I'm sitting here in a quandary a little bit because I have been pretty
well aware that I don't . I try very hard not to gossip because I don't want
to play the one-up-men-ship because it is just so easy to do that. And so,
if anything I am paranoid in my relationships rather than judgmental in my
relationships, but I still hold judgments. So, the act of setting aside
judgment was also very, very real to me.

DANIEL: My dear, I am grateful, heartened, warmed that I can be of
service to you in this manner. I do appreciate your listening ear and your
responsive heart.

Student 2: Thank you, Daniel.

DANIEL: Are there any other thoughts, responses, questions?
(Silence) Then just a comment before we close and a directive to PamElla:
dear friends we approve of and embrace the implementation of the modified
format you discussed last time to read particular topics in the Book and be
prepared to discuss or weave them into discussion and allow us as teachers
to further develop. PamElla, my dear, please make sure this is included in
the e-mails that go out, and do so in a timely manner.

And now, dear friends, the time has come to close the session. Klarixiska
has requested the opportunity to lead you in prayer. Please stand and hold
hands for this closing ritual.

KLARIXISKA: Father, we thank You for these our students. We thank
You that indeed they are learning and growing and becoming. We thank You
that they are each indwelt by Your spirit. Thank you Father that you have
planted within all of our hearts the desire to be with You one day.
Certainly, I would use the words that my charge has mentioned: help each of
these our students, and yes we the teachers, to "trust that You will make
all things right if we would surrender to Your will." Help us help them
until we meet again. So be it.

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