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Arcadia Teaching Mission


Arcadia, California, U.S.A.

Monday, March 1, 2009, 8pm


TR: George Benavides


Topics:  Better communication and relationship

        There is truth all around us
that connects us as a people, a culture

There are still many things we do not know

Despite all of our differences, God loves us all the same

Many who are now being born have added nonverbal communication abilities


Questions:  Could I be coming across too strong in my
enthusiasm to share?


Prayer:  Donna:  Father God thank you for this
group gathered here tonight.  Thank you for the lessons that JarEl is
going to give us.  Please open our minds and our hearts to hear the truths
that he speaks.  And thank you for all of the blessings in our
lives.  Help us to be good stewards of those blessings.  In Michael’s
name, Amen.


 JarEl: TR, George:  Good evening.  It is I,
your teacher JarEl.  (Welcome)  It is good to be back again and I
would like to welcome those who are here for the first time. 


In your life’s journey you will discover that you will come
upon many individual lives, individual hearts, that may have their own way of
expressing themselves.  And, if you are intelligent you will be receptive
to these expressions, you will be open to their feelings, to their attitudes,
to their way of thinking.  For only in the receiving can you place
yourself to give.  If you were to be antagonistic to any other point of
view, you have lost all opportunity to communicate with that individual soul.


  It is too easy to become dogmatic and stagnant in
your way of thinking.  It is too easy to fall into a belief system that
gives you all the answers and simply tells you that everyone else is
wrong.  It is more difficult to search for truth.  Not only truth in
a particular religion, but truth in all life and in all religions, even truth
in what you consider mythology.  There is truth all around you that
connects you and that binds you as a people, as a culture.  What separates
you are your individual belief systems when they are dogmatic and crystallized
and tell you that the other is wrong.  But there are still so many things
that you do not know.  How can you absolutely be right?  You must
allow yourself that room to grow, to learn and to mature.  You must know
that you do not know everything and that there is still much more to learn. The
universe is full of secrets and truths that will be discovered in time and yet
you do not know much of this.  So how can you absolutely be right about
this one thing, this truth? 


When I died from my mortal existence I was unprepared by the
realities that were presented to me.  For in our world, our belief structure limited us to our understanding of the
universe.  It was only after I died that I began to learn the truth, not
only about myself but about things – things that matter
to our world, reasons why our world was the way it was.  But I wasn’t angry
afterwards for how I had been misled.  I simply came to understand our
shortcomings.  I used that as an opportunity to move forward, take a leap
of faith and learn what the universe has to offer.  In such a way must all
of you allow this to happen.  For if you set yourself up with absolute
dogma, then you are just setting yourself up for failure.  For it truly
hurts to realize that much of what you have come to believe in is not exactly
what you thought it was.


  Despite all of the differences that you have in this
world, God loves all of you just the same.  He urges all of you to move
forward and to stay connected and to grow not only in your own respective
religions, but to grow as a people, as a community, as a world. 

Everyone in this world has so much to offer one
another.  Do not waste it with petty bickering and insolvency.  You
are all much better than that and you can simply look beyond the minor
disagreements and focus on the things that unite you as a people, the things
that you have in common, the things that give you all worth and value. 
For you all do have worth and value.  And beyond that you will come to
know the truth, you will find the grace of God in all your life, in all your
dealings, and you will come to know Him as



Are there any questions here tonight?


John:  JarEl, in my supreme study of becoming one with
my Thought Adjuster, I believe and I have faith
that this past weekend in my spiritual undertakings in Tijuana,
Mexico, I had stumbled across a discovery of some sort of a technique to
communicate with my Thought Adjuster.  I really believe that I’m stumbling
onto something that I don’t really understand, but I’m confident that
something’s happening, something’s changing in a very sure, positive,
progressive way or manner.


  Now my thoughts are (and this just occurred to me –
it’s been popping up a little bit in my head, along with this) that I’m a
blabbermouth, okay?  I can’t – I have a hard time taking my time, I guess
you would say, when I’m talking to people about this and I guess it’s a very
private thing for each individual and perhaps a little restraint would be in
order, as far as… I want everybody to experience this too and feel the joy I’m
feeling with it, but I’m also realizing that maybe I’ve got to be a little bit
careful because I might be scaring people away.  Because, you know, maybe
it’s coming out a little too strong?  Do you have any thoughts about this?


JarEl:  TR, George:  You are growing wise in your
understanding of human nature.  In your quest to communicate with your own
Thought Adjuster, you have gathered insight into not only your own personal
reaction towards this phenomenon, but also from the reactions of others in
their inability to experience what you are currently experiencing.  And this
may sometimes produce negative results, unlike what you were hoping for. 
In other words, people sometimes get jealous over the ability that some
possess.  But it is no more than a technique that you have come to
utilize, and some have even come to master.  This technique is not
exclusive to anyone,  it is not exclusive to you.  This technique is
available to all people and everyone can come to experience what you are
experiencing.  But you must be careful in how you present this.  For
it might come off as ‘you are special’ or ‘you are chosen’ as you have said.


 But the truth of the matter is that everyone is
capable of this sort of communication.  Everyone can learn to be a child
of God.  Everyone can communicate with their Thought Adjuster.  It is
simply a matter of technique and practice.  It is not a gift, it is not
because you are ‘special’.  It is simply a matter of fact that everyone
has this ability, at least the potential.  So your insight into coming off
strong to others is correct.


 And I would advise you to continue with your
communication with your Thought Adjuster, but not be so public about it. 
For it is a private matter.  It is between you and God.  And you will
learn, my friend, as time progresses, how to not only communicate with your
Thought Adjuster, but with your fellow human beings
on this planet and how to put them at ease with your own personal relationship
with God.  When you deal with others, highlight their own ability to do
this. Make them feel as though they too are capable of achieving this level of
experience and communication.  For it is true that they are – it is true
that they are most capable.  It is simply a matter of will or a matter of
entitlement.  Some feel that they are not worthy to have this communication
with God, so they use others as proxies – other indirect ways of reaching
God.  And if you put them at ease and explain to them that they are just
as worthy, then the better you can explain the technique by which they can
accomplish this.  Have I made myself clear?


John:  You’ve taught me something again JarEl. 
Thank you.


JarEl:  You are welcome.  Are there any other


Before I go I would like to elaborate a little bit more on
what I’ve just explained and attach to it another ability that is potential
within all human beings.  And this is communication with individuals as I,
even Michael, or other Teaching Mission advisors.  There has been a decree
to open up communications via circuits to this planet and by

such a condition we have been allowed to bring forth new
information to this planet and also to expand upon what has been written in The Urantia Book.


 However, that is not all that many of you have to look
forward to.  For it has already begun in your world that many children who
are being born have added abilities of nonverbal communication with one
another, much as Adam and Eve had when they were
on this planet.  And this is simply a matter of evolution, of your species
evolving to a singular point where much of this is being unlocked and this will
be available to future generations.  When all the races have improved the
functioning of the human body will be that much more advanced.  So what is
being displayed here now is just the beginning of what you all are capable
of.  There are no limits in this universe.  The only limit exists in
your mind and what you think you can do.  And with that I leave you. 


All:  Goodnight JarEl.    

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