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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2009-02-15

Teachers: Monjoronson, Light, Nebadonia

T/R: Mark Rogers

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson and like you I delight in gathering
around this well that we may dip into and take in the sweetness and the
goodness. You cannot truly appreciate the value in your discussions for the
purpose of formulating any future curriculum or lesson plans. You are the
students who come together and discuss matters of significance and this is a
valuable contribution you make to the process. Your simply being involved in
the process promotes the entire process, it adds fuel to the flames, it adds
energy to the circuit.

While you consider yourselves to be primarily the receivers at the end of
this circuit, I assure you, you are the givers as well. I would make a
comment about your observations of the potentials and the actuals. This is
what is so uniquely graceful about your position. You are the ones who are
in this gap between potential and actual, between thought and deed and as
such you have such great access to potential and such powerful command over
the actual. It is you who decides who chooses, who gives energy to the
thought which then can bridge this gap between potential and actual and like
the spark, leap across and manifest.

Your very nature has your two feet rooted in the actual while the rest of
you stands in the heavens as potential. You are this gap and what you say,
goes. It is truly a thrill to observe you as you come into fuller
realization of this truth. Here you have been this whole time making reality
out of potential without real consideration as to what you were doing. As
you grow into more awareness of this function that you fulfill you may bring
much more purpose to the equation. You can accelerate and fine tune the
process, you can influence it as you influence everything around you with
your intention.

And so it is, I bear witness to the achievements you all have made in
growing this awareness for I see you are each becoming masters of your
position and creators of divine potentials. Just as there is great charm in
watching small children master basic human patterns, so there is great
pleasure derived in seeing you reach and achieve ever higher plateaus of

It has been and will continue to be an extreme pleasure of mine to be in
association with you throughout this process. I now would step back and
allow this podium to be accessed by others. I leave you......

Light: I would accept this opportunity today, I am Light here to expand on
this concept of sparking across the gap and I would invite you to consider
visualizing your very vehicles as generators and as there is a purpose
considered, to see yourselves as able to breathe light, this flash or spark
of energy into your intention or your thoughts about whatever it is. See
yourselves as this spark plug able to flash energy into the system. See your
very breath as fanning the flames of your intention for it is true in a very
real sense that you do breathe life into your thoughts through your words
and into your deeds.

You are both the creator of your intention and as well you are the
manifester. So once again I invite you to envision yourselves as these
generators of light to be used at your will and at your command to manifest
your very desires. Choose divine desires and be about this process of
breathing life into them, each one, of sparking energy and creating reality.
Thank you once again for the opportunity to be with you. I cherish this
opportunity always, farewell.

Cathy: I'd like to take a moment to breathe some light onto our world, to
those troubled places, those who are in need. Breathe light to increase our
intention to move toward light and life.

Nebadonia: My dear little ones, it brings me great pleasure to reach you in
this way, I am your Mother. It also brings me great pleasure to receive the
grace of the gifts that you give me when in service to me through your
intentions for my well being and the well being of all my children. I desire
to uphold the observation offered earlier that I am indeed contactable at a
moments choice and this represents one of my greatest desires as well. Know
that you are always in my embrace. I have a firm grasp on each and every one
of you and I will always be here for you and provide that which you have
need of for that is my purpose and my desire.

I have breathed my intention into each and every one of you. I can assure
you that you are as a result of my desire and so I honor and support your
choices and desires as well. I accept your offer of help and support and I
receive the nurturing that you offer. Fear not for my safety, do not concern
yourself with any thoughts of significant harm manifesting in any permanent
injury to myself and I could say the very same thing about you although I
understand that from your perspective this may be difficult to grasp.

We are both safe, we are both sound, we are both cared for by the greatest
Creator and so let us not devote any of our precious energies and resources
into concern over injury but rather let us gather our intentions and project
them as we would have it, as we would be, as we would consider and think.
Let us choose the ways of light and that is what we will have. Stand firm in
your conviction of my embrace of you and be strong in your conviction that
we are safe and sound. We are becoming and manifesting and changing and
reforming but we are quite safe.

Take this gift that I bring you this day and always and wrap yourselves in
it for I like to see my little ones quite cozy. I leave my love with you
always, farewell.

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