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Southeast Idaho TeaM

November 16, 2008

Topics: One-on-one

Tumultuous times

The collective will

DANIEL: My friends, this is Daniel, your teacher, guide, friend and
stalwart admirer. How we do appreciate your discussions, for they do
reflect the maturity of your group and the constraints placed upon
individuals in your society by its spiritual immaturity.

You are wise to be aware of the limitations of the many people in your
environment who are not open to the Correcting Time mission. There are many
who-from their ingrained negative personalities-would seek to take advantage
of those of you who are open and literally willing to share your "good news"
with the world. Regrettably your planet is not ready for that, which is why
we admonish you to speak to individuals one-on-one when you feel guided to
do so and to refrain from any open general work regarding the Urantia Book
and the Teaching Mission movement.

Well, with that word of caution I will now hand the microphone to the
individual who has tonight's lesson. One moment please.

Student #1: Thank you, Daniel, for that.

DANIEL: You are welcome.

MINEARSIA: Greetings, I am Minearsia, instructor in residence to the
South East Idaho Teaching Mission base.

Dear friends, it is good to be among you. It is good to observe your
thoughts, to hear your discussion, and to be a part of your lives at this
very important time in the healing of Urantia. Tonight I wish to address
directly the topic brought up earlier this evening, the tumultuous times in
which you live.

Clearly I am not here to prophesize, to predict, to explain, and so forth,
no! What I am here to do this evening is to promote enthusiasm. These
times are challenging! Yes! And what is it that we have striven to
communicate about challenging times at both a personal level and in the
larger social arena? These times create significant opportunities for

Think about the growth of a child or a young animal. Growth is not a
smooth, steady, continuous, day-by-day, hour-by-hour change. No! Growth
occurs in spurts, in plateaus, in spurts, in plateaus. Challenging times
provide the platform for the greatest, the largest growth spurts.

Your world is at the brink of great accomplishment-should that be the
cumulative will of Urantia's people. Yes, the cumulative will of Urantia's
people. Yes, there are those factions who are embroiled in fear, embroiled
in hate and revenge, but they are a minority. We see great possibilities
from the current crisis. We would urge each of you to take that time in
stillness and in prayer-not only for your own deepening of your relationship
with Father, for the peace that it brings to your daily life, for the
opportunities that it provides for you to be of service, to respond to the
prompt-but because when your sit in stillness, you become part of a
collective mind-if you will-through the circuitry-if you will-and you assist
in strengthening the cumulative will that will see that God's Will will be
done on this planet, will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Now, will this take place tomorrow or over the next decade? Clearly Urantia
will not achieve the advanced stages of Light and Life in such a short time,
but progress can be made. Progress is upon the people of Urantia if they so
choose to seize this moment, this breath in time.

Allow your hearts to be light; allow yourselves to experience hopeful

This TR has been given the personal image in her own life to "feel the
pregnant expectancy." This approach to life helps you personally, and it
helps you collectively. The purpose of my discussion with you this evening
is to focus on the collective rather than the personal. And, yet, as you
pursue it, you will find that they are one.

Urantia cannot be healed without the individual healing of her people, and,
at the same time, the healing of the institutions and so forth of Urantia
assist to heal her people that much more quickly. So focus on your
individual growth, yes, but carry hopeful expectancy for the collective.
For you Star Trek fans, I am not referring to the Borg. [Laughter] No,
quite the opposite; the Borg had no freewill. I am referencing freewill
acting in unison.

My dear friends, I am overflowing tonight with joy, with hope, and with
love. Daniel and I are now open for thoughts or questions. Iruka is also
available. We are yours. How can we serve you this evening?

Student # 2: Thank you Minearsia. Just a thought. Your
visualization of pregnancy during this time of .. makes me think in terms of
hopefulness rather than calamity because when you are pregnant with
expectancy you are hoping for that child to be.. You know. the one you have
been waiting for. So, thank you. That is a very nice image. I'm going to
go home and make myself a sign that says "calamities equal pregnant
opportunities." [More laughing] Thank you.

MINEARSIA: I am amused. [Laughing] Thank you for sharing your
response, my dear friend.

Student #3: Minearsia, it seems to me that we are being forced to go back to
the simpler times, which is a good thing. It was never broke. That's what
I see out there, families getting closer and coming away from the material
so much, but it is being forced. That's the good I see coming out of it.

MINEARSIA: This is indeed a positive that could come from this, but it
is but one. We see a wide array of possibility. Certainly it is necessary
that Urantia, Urantians, stop living beyond their means, stop taking from
the future generations to meet the materialistic desires of the current
generations. Not just financially but in impacts on the earth, herself.
The current situation also provides an opportunity to more equitably share
the bounty of this planet, so that some don't starve while others drown in
over-consumption. A simpler way of life would provide for all Urantia's
people emotionally, physically and, yes, spiritually. Finding balance with
technology is also a challenge. Those very devices, technologies, that can
free Urantians from certain drudgeries can also enslave and absorb far too
much time.

While this particular issue is not in the forefront of current situations,
it, too, will require consideration, must be addressed at some point for
balance to be found. But, yes, my dear friend, I agree that this is an
opportunity to bring families together, to bring friends together, and to
bring nations together. I appreciate the platform you provided me with your
observation. Thank you my dear. [Thank you.]

Are there other thoughts, questions or observations this evening?

Student #4: Yes Minearsia. I'm not sure how to ask this question, but do
you see. we are changing leadership in the United States, and I'm just
really hoping that our new leaders are open to spiritual pressures, to think
in a different. a more open and different way. Can you comment on that? Do
you see any progress or hope possibly?

MINEARSIA: One moment please. I cannot directly answer your question,
because to do so would in some way violate the personal information of
another. But I can say this: "The spiritual pressure that has been applied
around the world is bearing fruit. There is reason to be hopeful. There is
reason to believe that those efforts you put forth at this time, will be
disproportionately effective compared to past efforts. All efforts always
bear fruit. At times the climatic conditions bring forth sweeter fruit in
greater abundance." Does this answer in part?

Student #4: Yes it does, and it's very helpful. Thank you.

MINEARSIA: My pleasure. My friends it has been my delight to be with
you this evening. The time has come for me to release this TR and each of
you to your evening. On behalf of the entire Teaching Mission staff we
share our love and our hopefulness. Fill your hearts with joy; fill your
beings with hope. Go in peace.

You may stand and hold hands, another will give the prayer.

Student #2: Our Father, we pray that You would help us to face difficult
times and even perhaps we can call it the travail of labor as hopeful in the
delivery of a better world, a better me, a better human nature. We pray
that you will help us to ask for your help as we go day by day. Amen

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