[tmtranscripts] Rio Rancho TeaM [12-07-08] Epochal Angels

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Thu Dec 11 20:28:40 PST 2008

DATE: December 7, 2008
LOCATION: Central New Mexico, USA
T/R: Gerdean
TEACHERS: Athena, Merium, Andromadeus, Dani
TOPIC: Epochal Angels

ATHENA: Celestial Artisan Athena coming in to greet you, to snatch you up.
Group: Hello.

ATHENA: Hello yourself. I can see the imaginative nature of this group getting completely out of hand, and so I am here to corral you, in order that we may deal with you on a level that is mutually workable. How wonderful that we have attained this degree of association that we recognize the force field in which we congregate: the morontia zone of mind connection, thanks to the efforts of the midwayers and the communications experts who help with the energy. Welcome, little family.

Group: Hi. Thank you.

MERIUM: And I am Merium. Welcome. I am glad to be here and to hostess another afternoon in the realm that we inhabit together, a realm which is hard to denote as one thing or another, for it is spiritual, yes, but it is also a place of the imagination. It is a classroom, of course. And it is your home, as well. And so we have many rooms through which we may wander as we make connections, as we reconnect with that deity substance, the awareness of which we all share.

Let me invite Andromadeus in to give us our twelfth and final lesson in this series on seraphic planetary government. One moment please.

ANDROMADEUS: Greetings. I am Andromadeus, most high observer and student visitor/teacher for this series of lessons on seraphic planetary government, in particular the twelve divisions of angelic orders of beings who are instrumental in developing your new infrastructure, the original infrastructure having been weakened by rebellion and crumbling before your very eyes.

The infrastructure we are in the process of building has been ongoing since the time of Christ when the new government was instituted, following Michael's return to Salvington. As you understand these divisions, you will understand the action being undertaken, and if you are engaged in co-working with the angelic orders or the midwayers assisting them, you will recognize the inner subtleties of such a division of labor so that you learn its language and become able to work within its branches, its arms. You become a part of the divine mechanism, the divine administration.

Let's see. The last section under discussion is that which is listed first in the listing in the Urantia text about these orders of beings. The first, epochal angels, shall be the last in this parade. Renault, my able assistant in this endeavor, will you please read what it says about epochal angels?

Renault: "The epochal angels. These are the angels of the current age, the dispensational group. These celestial ministers are intrusted with the oversight and direction of the affairs of each generation as they are designed to fit into the mosaic of the age in which they occur. The present corps of epochal angels serving on Urantia is the third group assigned to the planet during the current dispensation."

ANDROMADEUS: Thank you. One more time.

Renault: "The epochal angels. These are the angels of the current age, the dispensational group. These celestial ministers are intrusted with the oversight and direction of the affairs of each generation as they are designed to fit into the mosaic of the age in which they occur. . "

Does that mean each generation has their own group of angels that the epochal angels oversee?


Renault: Trusted with the oversight.

ANDROMADEUS: Let's take a look at the epochal angels and recognize that an entire legion of angels is operating on your behalf, right now, creatively maneuvering the Paradise pattern into the mortal mix in a manner which will move civilization ahead one notch at a time, one notch representing one epoch, for in terms of eternity, time functions much quicker than it does in the finite realms. This is why it can be said that one lifetime is like the blinking of an eye.

And so what may seem like an endless epoch to you from this perspective, may well be the tick of a clock to those who oversee your growth. This is the advantage of perspective, one which you are invited to borrow as often as possible from those who have greater degrees than you, so that you can learn by our efforts to convey to you the wisdom of the ages appropriate to your capacities at that given time under those given circumstances.

I know that generally speaking your frame of reference for the word epochal is in the phrase "epochal revelation" where you are all apprised of the fact that the Urantia Book is a compilation representing the fifth epochal revelation of divine truth to your world -- fifth of seven epochal revelations typical in the life of any inhabited world.

Renault: Question.


Renault: Do other planets have a comparable UB? Or is this unique to us?

ANDROMADEUS: For the time being I am going to say that it is unique to you. This is a philosophic position I am urged to convey, for it is too easy to give a simple answer that conveys misinformation, and yet the long term reality cannot be conveyed because it is not actualized yet, and so while we can perhaps speculate or imagine the divine plan we cannot know the end result. Only God knows the end from the beginning.

Renault: You said "the fifth of seven epochal revelations common to ."


Renault: So I was wondering if other worlds have common epochal revelations, i.e., the Urantia Book on their worlds.

ANDROAMDEUS: Your world, as well as other worlds that were isolated as a result of the Lucifer rebellion, are being treated individually, and yet they are also being treated as a group, and I think you can understand why that is necessary. You are not just all one group to be lumped together except for certain specific purposes, statistical purposes perhaps, but experientially you are each your own unique world. Some of the worlds in this sector that has been quarantined are younger than you, some are older than you. And so some were in varying stages of development when the quarantine set in. I will leave it to you to imagine circumstances or conditions on other worlds based on that factor alone but I will not lead you into a travelogue.

Renault: They just have their own unique revelations for their world.

ANDROMADEUS: They are being hand-held as you are. It is noteworthy that there is so much focused on this particular planet in terms of circuitry but it is no doubt because Jesus was here and he has a sentimental regard for this world -- not that it is particularly superior or inferior in any way; those are secondary to the fact that this is where he completed his bestowals and to where he came into his power such that the spirit of truth was poured out upon all flesh and subsequently Thought Adjusters were able to freely volunteer the indwelling of these evolving mortals. If you consider that was only 2,000 years ago, you might gain a better perspective on how truly primitive your world still is in many contexts. It is almost a mere one step above primordial ooze.

Renault: (Laughing) In the blink of any eye, huh? But look how far we have to go if we have only just begun. What a wonderful, grand, exciting adventure.

ANDROMADEUS: Yes, it is. But before you get too enthralled about what wonderful adventures lay ahead, let me remind you that the other side of that coin is the concurrent realization of precisely how far away the goal is, and thus you remove any need for such a comparison because you are here now, and here now is where your focus is needed.

This goes along the lines of the simple adage of not comparing yourself to others. If you compare yourself to others you will always see those who are brighter and those who are duller and you will have a response accordingly, either that you are brighter or duller by comparison, and so aside from the perspective this gives and the mutual respect that can be developed once it is accepted that you are one among many, it can work to your advantage but in the meanwhile there are many emotional roller-coasters as to how far away it is on one hand and how far away it is on the other, both good and bad, both positive and negative. Therefore, the sensible approach is to respect the balance and simply put one foot in front of the other, one day at a time.

Renault: Be here now.

ANDROMADEUS: Be here now. In this process of being here now, you are naturally led then along the path and as I observe, those of you who are following consciously or unconsciously the will of God, walking within "the straight and narrow" or "the divine path" or "the Way" or however you want to phrase it, as you walk therein, the entire evolving supreme of Urantia moves forward and the sands of time settle in the new position. Think in terms of the kaleidoscope.

Let us all now look through our mutual kaleidoscope and see how the light and colors are arrayed. Rotating the tube one quarter inch to the right changes the view completely, or at least significantly, and this is rather how it is to observe epochs as they pass in the fields of human endeavor, for this is what we are talking about, we are talking about the epochs of human endeavor as compared to the five epochal revelations which are rather large, comprising a rather large chunk of time in your scope.

Human epochs, however, are smaller, shorter, but relatively speaking, no less dramatic. The age group of you here, you are well able to remember the 50's, the 60's and the 90's as three individual epochs, three separate epochs in your life unfolding. In these demographics of your culture you can see time marching on. The more you have lived, the more perspective you have as to what this looks like in terms of centuries rather than decades.

The wonderful thing about the epochal angels is that they are very contemporary. An epoch in your life, individually, may transpire in the course of four hours if those four hours are that significant, but generally epochs in human lives allow for more time to contemplate and adjust to before another epoch is instituted, simply in order to keep your minds occupied, stimulated, and advancing. Are there questions?

Renault: Are there angels of my/our generation? I feel that our generation has brought along with it a certain set of ideals and standards, I want to say, and I also think of generations like my children's generation and their set of standards and ideals and what they would like to see and do, and my grandchildren's generation and those children who are going to be even more enlightened and capable and I think about, also, the era that my generation was born in, which was the midst of World War II and we were born in that midst and yet we came forth with a whole set of ideals with that generation than when they were born, you know what I mean? So are the epochal angels like each generation has . do they kind of like travel along with them?

ANDROMADEUS: Yes, this is very much their field of dreams and field of influence. Read again, if you will, the definition of these epochal angels.

Renault: " These are the angels of the current age, the dispensational group. These celestial ministers are intrusted with the oversight and direction of the affairs of each generation as they are designed to fit into the mosaic of the age in which they occur. The present corps of epochal angels serving on Urantia is the third group assigned to the planet during the current dispensation."

And I'm thinking of the mosaic of the 60s and what that looked like, and the mosaic of the 80s and what that looked like, and just a feeling that I get knowing what we've gone through -- my generation -- what we've gone through.

ANDROMADEUS: Yes, and if you look at that view through the kaleidoscope, you can see how the positions are all in position to act when the wheel is rotated, and when all those pieces fall into place in the new configuration, the picture is different; it has moved ahead. This is the work of the epochal angels.

Renault: I.e., our election?

ANDROMADEUS: Yes, of course, although they are not the only angels involved in that event.

Renault: Right.

ANDROMADEUS: Certainly it has started a new epoch, this new president elect, new administration, an entirely new paradigm for your country.

Renault: Yes. Hooray!

ANDROMADEUS: Appreciate that the cause and effect of disillusionment and disgruntlement from the previous administration created the circumstances in which you now rejoice. However, be reminded that it happened previously in the earlier change of administration; when people were so glad to be done with that previous administration, they were relieved to fall into a new place. This is a part of the process. It is like Forrest Gump's mother said. "Forrest, life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get." And the same is true when you change epochs. You never know what you are going to get. You can act because of what came down before, cause and effect, but whatever cards you are dealt is the hand you will play.

Renault: Is there a summing up of the twelve that you might want to do in this last session here?

ANDROMADEUS: No. I am not prepared to sum up anything at this point, except the fact that we have now discussed each of the twelve. I know that I have not been a Broadway hit--

Renault: No! You're great! We love it!

ANDROMADEUS: -- but there is more that I would like to discuss with you from time to time. I feel this is very important information for you who are in the vanguard, those of you who are engaging in shaping the future of Urantia. Since you are becoming enthused, and there is a new energy in your midst, it stands to reason that those of us who have seen from the farther view would want to bestow on you our perspectives so that you can add your own dimension (which is our dimension) to the mix, thus influencing the direction it will take.

Renault: Last question. Is the Urantia Book designed then to last millennia since it is an epochal revelation?

ANDROMADEUS: The Urantia Papers serve a purpose in your planetary history, just as all the previous revelations to your planet have served. Some have done well; some have failed. And no doubt the Urantia Papers, when all is said and done, will have served well in certain ways and fallen short in certain ways. Like you, we have to play the hand we're dealt. Naturally we want everyone to win. We want this to be "all that it can be" -- whatever that may be.

Renault: Highest and best use. Well I certainly am thankful for it. It has certainly helped me a lot!

ANDROMADEUS: But it is not the final say. It's only the fifth. In other words, time marches on, and yet it will always remain a perspective, a point of reference, an epochal point of reference. It has only been here a few short years, not even one full century.

Renault: Right. Fifty-three years.

ANDROMADEUS: It has only begun to be seen. It will take many years for it to have reached its full impact and as you have learned from your studies about Caligastia, Adam and Eve, Machiventa, and Jesus Christ, you will never completely obliterate the effect of these Papers on you. They will not fail. They will be disseminated. There will be many, many other materials, insights, revelations, secondary works, tertiary works, many more papers will be delivered, but there will only, always be one Urantia Papers' fifth epochal revelation.

Renault: Right. Very good. A unique assignment.

ANDROAMDEUS: Getting back to the lesson. You find yourself within that epoch which is experiencing the distinct waves it made when it [the UB] entered into your domain. You may think it is not so much, but I assure you it is. You will need to have the perspective of Mansonia and beyond before you can appreciate the intensity with which your world is being affected by the arrival of the Urantia Papers.

I will take my leave, but I will be back. I will not dominate your sessions but there are a few other things I would like to address, one of which is the Reserve Corps of Destiny, which I understand some of you have manifested an interest in and curiosity about.

Renault: That sounds very interesting.

ANDROMADEUS: And so at some point I shall return. Thank you for your presence.

Group: Thank you.


MERIUM: Sweeping in now to stir the atmosphere and allow you a moment to stretch and refresh yourself. Would you like a recess?

Renault: Yes, please. We'll be right back.


MERIUM: I am glad to see you resuming. Did you have a good break?

Renault: Yes.

MERIUM: I did, too. I had a thought about our discussions of this afternoon. Let's see if I can find it. It seems to have gotten woven in with Gerdean's.

Thoroah: Oh, no!

MERIUM: Oh, no. We have a knot, speaking of threads.

Thoroah: Well, we've got plenty of time to unravel it.

MERIUM: Well, perhaps it will come by in the natural course of things. There is no reason for two thoughts to snarl, especially when they are so similar. Rather, they can be easily woven into a magic carpet. [Pause] Just do a little stillness and relax. No one is in any hurry.

I wanted to talk about the fact of the organism, if you will, as compared to the machine of seraphic planetary administration. I have heard so many people wonder how they work, these angels, and my thought was to add that when you pray -- not "you" necessarily, as people here, but just people -- when people pray they have a heartfelt yearning or expression for God, it goes up to God, you know, and gets distributed accordingly and it's kind of like ordinary government. When the citizens let the White House know what they want, the White House establishes departments and ambassadors to see to it that these things are put into effect that will satisfy the citizenry -- to the extent possible, of course.

The same thing is true in universe government. When you pray to your higher-ups about the circumstances in which you live, your prayers are heard and responded to where and when possible, and when there is action, when there is pressure put upon those situations about which you have ceaselessly prayed (you as individuals and you as a community, an evolving mass) these angels are authorized to bring about certain changes that are an answer to your prayers.

The midwayers are apprised of the goals of the angelic corps and they, as natural liaisons having observed their mortal cousins and recognizing their way of life, their leanings, their troubles, their capacities, etc., will work to involve the mortal in assisting in one of these armies of the lord, overseeing your desire to serve in ways that are most useful to you and your interests as well as the system and its interests . the system, in your case, being known as Satania.

Renault: Can I ask you a question about prayer, while we're on the subject?

MERIUM: Surely.

Renault: I was reading a book whereby a group gathered around a lake that was real yukky and polluted and there was a Buddhist master there and they said prayers over the water, for the waters in this lake and they felt their prayers alone helped clear the water and make it better. This proof was the crystals that it made, the before and after pictures of the crystals, so I fully believe in the power of prayer as one of the methods to make molecular changes. So is that how prayer also works? That energy that we create in our intention and emotion.

MERIUM: Yes, absolutely. Welcome to change!

Renault: (Laughing) Okay. This is a rather amazing realization of the physical manifestation of how prayer can change .

MERIUM: This is rather delicate territory, for on one hand it may seem to be quite . what is the phrase? "Airy fairy." Pie in the sky. LaLaLand. Those negative .

Renault: Nay sayers.

MERIUM: . names apply to those of simple faith, particularly when it gets outside the sanction of organized religion and certainly there are those who are naïve, yes, and act on blind faith without harm or without much good effect, but it is appreciated and allowed. There are those, too, who come along with science and measure these things, which, over time, may well prove those dreamers to have had something after all. And this is how religion and science can work together to advance humanity, each enjoying its contribution to humanity and each being able to say, "Aha! I was right!" Win-win.

Thoroah: This whole thing with religion and science is basically the reconciliation between the material and the immaterial, the visible and the invisible. It's sort of elementary rather than to have it all tied up in religions.

MERIUM: Well, it is elementary, but this is only one perspective, one viewpoint. There are many approaches to evolution and, as we see with that kaleidoscope, each one is different, but each one contributes. You may represent blue chips; Renault may represent orange chips and Gerdean may represent yellow chips. These chips will always be true to their own color but they can harmonize and all the blues, with all the oranges with all the yellows also flavor the picture.

Gerdean: What?

MERIUM: Time out here. Gerdean if you would quit criticizing my lessons before they are even out of your mouth, I might have a better opportunity to make sense of our work together. If you want to do it all by yourself, I'll just back off and you can do it all by yourself but I happen to know you are not a success, so work with me or don't, but quit doubting me and quit doubting yourself and second-guessing everything that comes down the pike. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Go ahead and make a mistake. Be imperfect. Who cares?

Thoroah: Amen to that!

MERIUM: All right then. And on the other hand there's always the other foot. The idea that second guessing yourself and the process is sometimes inevitable and critically necessary because you need to give yourself a reality check every now and then in terms of that perspective. If you begin to think that your view through your kaleidoscope is the only one that is, or that it is always the one that everyone else sees also, then you will have limited yourself and virtually crystallized your options.

On the other hand, you do conserve some credibility in the eyes of your peers, even those peers who live within your own mind. People must be able to live with themselves, is what I'm trying to say. It is one thing to be amenable, trying to get along with others, and being harmonious and it is another to be in touch with yourself such that you retain your integrity.

I have said enough. It's your turn to talk. Or what? It's your class. I am your cohort now. You are as bright as I am. You have offerings to make, utterances to give, stimuli to offer. Perhaps transmissions to transmit. Any takers? Any experimenters?

Thoroah: Anybody trying to point a finger at me? (Laughing) No. I'm not ready to experiment. It's not that I wouldn't if I felt compelled, but I don't feel it.

MERIUM: It would perhaps be an assignment to consider getting your feet wet in a session that is not scheduled for publication on the Internet.

Thoroah: I could consider that.

MERIUM: I will also consider talking to Gerdean about perhaps renewing efforts to access Monjoronson who represents our Magisterial Son. I don't see that happening this afternoon either, but the seeds are planted.

Renault: I feel that we are kind of puny for such high office to deal with.

MERIUM: Yes, this goes directly to my comments earlier about credibility. One must feel they are credible, and if the idea of something is incredible even to oneself, it will not convey to others as being credible.

Renault: So we have to be a little more accepting.

MERIUM: Well, this refers to the blind faith, take a risk, lalaland frame of mind that is allowed. Your efforts are experimental. You are experiential beings and we are still in a process of engaging the mortal mind with morontia mind and that will take some time. Many epochs, in fact.

Renault: Is it a DNA thing? Or a will thing? Are we already hard wired for it? Or is it just that we are evolving?

MERIUM: There you go with your simplistic questions. [Laughter] Yes, yes, yes, yes, but don't marry me to any one of those answers.

Renault: Just curious.

Thoroah: Well, we can only speak in symbolic examples anyway. It's all so beyond our imagination, we are trying to put a skeletal picture to it and whatever we use to describe what that whole project is from creation to this moment now, it's so complex, it's going to take an eternity to understand it, really.

Renault: That's why God gives us an eternity to understand it.

MERIUM: Yes, and you don't have to understand everything right now.

Thoroah: That's right.

Renault: Thank goodness!

Thoroah: But we do try, don't we? I want to understand everything. I try.

MERIUM: Well, you have this pattern within you and this compulsion from whatever source, or sources, to act. The life force within you impels you to do something.

Renault: Move forward.

MERIUM: Whatever it is that you do, be prepared to do something else the next time the impulse overtakes you. Life is one series of impulses, heartbeats. Look at all the opportunities to learn and study what the possibilities might be given DNA, IQ, cultural upbringing -- the possibilities are virtually endless.

Renault: The potentialities.

MERIUM: Well, we will need to think in terms of the potentialities of the group here. With Andromadeus backing off, shall we continue to meet on the first Sunday or do you want to change the configuration for the next year?

Renault: Whatever works for Gerdean. As long as first Sunday's work for her --

MERIUM: Let's just take one first Sunday at a time then, and let all the other afternoons and evenings in between rise to the occasion, should the occasion present itself. All right then. Under the circumstances, have you done all the Christmas shopping you are going to do? [Mixed responses] Well, I know that you are consumers, so . "'Tis the season to be jolly." Enjoy yourselves. Spice up your little corner of the world. Give off good light and good aroma. I'll see you when I see you.

Renault: Merry Christmas, Merium

MERIUM: Merry Christmas.

Thoroah: See you in the new year.

MERIUM: Bye-bye.

Renault: Thank you for all your help this past year, too. We really, really appreciated it. We really do. So thank you very much. And to the midwayers that have helped to sustain all this all this time.

DANI: Oh, thanks!

Renault: Really! I love you guys! I have lots of questions for midwayers, too.

DANI: I'm here!

Renault: Are you always around?

DANI: Always.

Renault: Do you each have a section of the earth that you are responsible for?

DANI: We have a room on the deck of the Enterprise and these great screens that allow us to look in on everybody's private life. [Laughter] Most people's private life is really mundane. We have seraphim notified as to when a person reaches a point where they are contactable. We begin to harass them at that point. It takes some time, generally. Unless of course they have a digital clock. And marketing.

Renault: Are you sometimes around at 10:10 or 18:18?

DANI: I told you, I am around all the time! We've been around for 37,000 years! Every minute. One minute at a time. We're here. We're still here, 37,000 years later. Just now getting to the point where we can say "hello."

Renault: Well, hi.

DANI: Well, yes.

Thoroah: Multi-level multi-testers.

DANI: You give me a lot of credit for something I may not be able to live up to.

Thoroah: I didn't mean to be presumptive.

DANI: That's okay. I understand.

Thoroah: I was going for the alliteration.

DANI: That's good! That's part of the limbering up of the tongue that leads to T/Ring. When your mind is playing with words that come to your tongue, you are in the neighborhood of allowing the tr5ansmissions of cosmic circuitry to come trippingly off the tongue.

Renault: When I concentrate, my mind goes blank.

DANI: Quit concentrating! Focus is the key word. Focus, not concentration. Different muscles.

Thoroah: Concentrate is for orange juice.

Renault: Oh.

DANI: What other questions did you have? Ask questions.

Renault: Do other planets have midwayers?

DANI: Of course! All of the planets have midwayers. As soon as they are able to have us, there we are. No planet is excluded. We are as much a part of the evolution of the inhabited worlds as protozoa and the ice age.

Renault: It seemed like, when I was reading the Urantia Book, they were surprised.

DANI: Well, you have to admit there are a lot of surprises on this planet. It's all out of whack. Everything is out of synch. All off schedule. And yet it's rather like jazz, you know? There's some ..

Renault: I kind of like the new melody that's going to be played.

DANI: I have yet to hear a real melody, but I can hear the orchestra warming up.

Renault: Slow down and listen!

DANI: What melody are you talking about? Are you talking about Christmas carols?

Renault: No. Just in general.

DANI: Are you talking about this TV show where the singers . Idols .?

Renault: No. No. You go there too?

DANI: I'm grasping at straws to find out where this melody is coming from. Are you speaking metaphorically?

Renault: Yes.

DANI: Renault! Renault! Celebrate. An opening!

Renault: Right. But what I'm saying is that when I do try to still my mind, I just kind of draw a blank, nothing enters in, in the way of external communication. Or internal, for that matter.

DANI: Coming and going, huh? I don't know your brain so I don't know how it's wired but I can pretty much guarantee there is some way to make a contact with you. Maybe you got your wires crossed and you may need to get --

Renault: Short circuited.

DANI: Well, perhaps. It has taken shock treatment sometimes to get people to wake up but . I don't mean to say you are asleep or dormant but you are not hearing me yet, hearing us, and that is--

Thoroah: I think that has something to do with the fact that we are preconditioned. I speak collectively, as we as a group of Christian people, with a Judeo Christian background, that whole idea of meditation has been presented to us in a way that we have to constrict ourselves. I found that instead of trying to think of nothing, just to let my mind go and just go with it. If it dwells on something that happened to me when I was six years old fine; if it dwells on the scores of the football game, that'll be fine. Sometimes I'll just catch a ride in the river of thought and go where it takes me and sometimes I'll stay with a thought and it does not waver.

DANI: Yes. Whatever reveals itself. This is a process! And it is a process of being human and reaching, or even just having a mind, but you can identify these areas and rule them out if you want to. You can say, I don't want to think about my grocery list right now, I want to think about my manuscript, and you can train your mind to go into these different areas, these disciplines, or you can just allow it to float. And floating into memory bubbles is not a bad thing; it is a way of dealing with that which bubbles up. However, yes, the religious heritage and its vernacular has a definite coloring effect. It is part of the historic frame of reference for reverence for divinity. Even though there are other frames of reference for divinity, Christianity is the one that seems to permeate Urantia more . and certainly your society here in this "Christian" country.

Thoroah: Ironic that we call ourselves a Christian country and Christ is never mentioned at all in any of our founding documents that I know of.

DANI: Which is rather why it is interesting to deal with the realm of spirituality that does not have theology attached to it, that is outside the Christ-speak, without that prejudicial factor. It's too bad that epoch seems to be necessary, but we can't get There from here without going through there.

Thoroah: We'll work it out.

Renault: The Jehovah's Witnesses say that Jesus will return one day and "Poof!" everything will be beautiful.

DANI: Oh, they are not the only ones who say that. In fact, you've said it yourself. It's that "in the twinkling of an eye" concept, and remember how long you live. As the blink of an eye, so how's that for relativity?

Thoroah: That's good!

DANI: Well, let me get out of here. I can see we're having entirely too much fun. You ought to invite me back more often. I'm a great counter-balance to that potentate you had in here earlier.

Renault: Dani, do you sometimes come and join our Urantia groups?

DANI: Oh, yeah! We do. There's a lot of service work that we can help with, but we are always looking for recruits -- especially from those people who supposedly know what they are doing. So of course we come by to see if there are any who are ready to engage.

Renault: Because there are a couple of people in that group who are especially curious about you, because I have mentioned you.

DANI: Well, if they look closely, I'm sure they will see that we have been able to work closely with them on occasion. And so we are a part of this process in whatever ways that are deemed necessary and desirable so yes, of course, we work with those who are particularly willing to serve.

Renault: Well, I welcome you to our group anyway, whether they know you're there or not.

DANI: And it's nice to have the energy boost that comes from being around a lot of lively minds. Just as you enjoy going into the university district of your city. It's nice to have all those IQs bouncing around, like ions.

Renault: And does that Mimi still hang around the hospital?

DANI: Indeed. The associate from the angels of health. Yes.

Renault: I'm sure they're working overtime.

DANI: That epoch will go on for awhile. Well, let me outta here. I know you have other things to do besides jabber with us all day but you know what opportunists we are. We take advantage when we can.

Renault: We appreciate it! Thanks for stopping by.

Thoroah: Yeah. Good to hear from you, Dani.

DANI: Later!
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