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Arcadia, Californian
Monday, November 24, 2008, 8:00 pm
Teachers:  JarEl
TR:  George Benavides
Topics:  The importance of stability in our lives.
Questions:  What does one do if they don’t have good genes or there         
                    are other limitations in their life?
Prayer:  Larry:  Dear Father thank you for bringing this group together.  We pray for peace in this world.  We pray for the coming of Light and Life.  We thank you for all of the blessings that have been bestowed on each one of us.  Help us to be good stewards of these blessings and let your will be done in each of us.  Thank you Father, in Michael’s name, Amen.
JarEl:  TR, George:  Good evening.  It is I, your teacher JarEl.  It is good to be back again in this group.  I welcome those who have not been here for a while. 
In my recent conversations with you I have touched on such subjects as fear, change and hope.  What
I would like to discuss today is your ability to stabilize your life,
to create a foundation from which to act and from which to stage your
spiritual career.  Without a proper stage everything you do and everything you say has a false footing and runs the risk of being unstable.  This instability can be in various forms, even personal or social.
So how do you build this foundation from where you stand; what are the cornerstones that you must rely on?  There are various simple answers to this, one being the trust in God, loving your brothers and sisters and faith.  But there is more than just these three things.  In
order for you to build a proper foundation, a rock so to speak, you
will have to be mentally, spiritually and sometimes, physically,
prepared for what is to come.  This life in all its vicissitudes, in all its changes, will throw a lot at you.  And if you are not stable and prepared, you run the risk of disintegrating in its fabric of reality.  The reality that exists outside of
you will overcome your own propped-up reality that was unstable to begin with.  Then
as soon as all life’s vicissitudes test this foundation that you have,
if not properly set up, it will crumble and fall apart. 
There have been many
occasions in your history where you have seen people follow these false
prophets who promise them salvation, deliverance from some supposed end
times and then later they only find themselves at the mercy of what
reality has unleased upon them when they come to the realization that
all they believed in was lies, false truths.  Their world crumbles apart, their leaders become unstable and their society cracks. 
But these are macrocosms of what happens in an individual; the individual is a microcosm of this greater truth.  Each individual is going through a similar stage in life.  They’ve set up ideas and beliefs and dogmas that support their form of reality, what they deem to be true.  And
if this reality is not rooted in a strong foundation, it will crumble
at the first sign of stress for it was never truly rooted in eternity.  The truths that you find, not only in The Urantia Book, but in all spiritual and scriptural writings, give you the foundation by which you can reach perfection.  In all religions and in all faiths there are strong truths by which people can reach up to higher levels of
consciousness.  However,
you must be careful as to what you chose to be your main foundation,
for that could prove to be disastrous in more ways than one.  I will let you decide what that means. 
But I can tell you this, when you set your foundation in the love of God and in the brotherhood of man,
you make yourself a strong and healthy individual who is prepared to
weather all of life’s stresses and all of life’s vicissitudes.  So just remember that we are all brothers and sisters.  We all may hurt each other, but we are also all very much capable of loving one another.
we mature and evolve we are able to recognize that spark of life in
each of us, that integral part that is also part of God, that little
light that represents the soul.  And all this we
can see with clear eyes and strong hearts when we’re past all of our
petty differences and when we look into each other’s eyes and recognize
that commonality, that brotherhood that unites us all and carries us
forward into a new age where skin color, race or religion does not
matter.  It only seems as though it matters here on this planet and it almost seems as though it is very urgent. 
You are all just learning, you are all just growing.  You are beginning your lives here on this planet with very little experience.  But all of these challenges that you’ve had have prepared you for much, very much more that is to come.
be as rocks, be of strong foundation so that when you are called forth
to serve the servitude comes with a strong and glorious background. 
Are there any questions here tonight?
Joe:  What does one do if they don’t have good genes or there are other limitations in their life?
JarEl:  TR, George:  This is something you have said before and it seems that you are still dissatisfied with your current conditions.  Let
me remind you that there are people who are worse off (Joe – Yes) and
who have greater problems to deal with. (Joe – Oh, absolutely)   Yet, their foundation lies in God where they find the strength to carry through.  So
I suggest to you that when you find yourself limited by your current
condition – you ask for that strength from above, that light that will
carry you through. 
Joe:  I did last night. 
JarEl:  I would like to put this in an analgous term.  During
the turning of the last century, the early 1900s, you had many people
traveling on mules, horses, donkeys and horse-drawn carts.  The world moved at a slow pace.  Surely it could have moved much quicker if it had done much more, had today’s technology.  But yet they had to do with what they had with them.  As time progressed, things evolved, machines were better built, technology sprung and computers were invented.  Machines improved and man was able to create more and do more and build more.  And at
one future date, some far off date, man will improve even more with his technology.  He will be able to build more and create more and communicate better.  Yet, with all these advances, it does not guarantee that he will be a better human being.  Nor does superior DNA guarantee that you will better be able to communicate with God.  You must make do with what you have for it is all that you have.  And
if you were to be given something more there is absolutely no guarantee
that that would enhance the quantitative and qualitative value of a
connection with God and a connection with others.  If anything, your current state allows you to better relate to your fellow human beings for they also are in
similar states.  And that is just my analogy. 
Joe:  We are both in agreement.  I’ve always said I value the experience.  It is my understanding you can’t get anything else quite like this, other than here.  So, yeah, I hear you.
 JarEl:  TR, George:  There is love Joe.  There is much love in the universe and you should be aware that it exists.  Despite
the individual experiences that you have had, despite all of life’s
history, despite the atrocities that happened on this planet.  Despite all the negativity that exists on this world, there is love in the universe.  And it is not something that you see.  It is invisible.  And, yes, it is felt, but you will have to be open to receive that love and those gifts.  It is just as much about reception.  When
you receive the love that exists in this universe you are more able to
project this love yourself, for you know it in your heart.
And with this I will say goodnight:
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