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Arcadia, California, U.S.A.

Monday, November, 10, 2008, 8:00 pm


Teachers:  JarEl


TR:  George Benavides


Topics:  A
commendation for our faith in the future. 

              A word
of caution about how to proceed.

analogy – water flowing into a valley

              Our part
– little by little

takes years and years to accomplish

              We are
here to help prepare the world…


Questions:  How can a
psychic see a future event that hasn’t yet been experienced?

                   Can you shed some light on my
diminishing memory?

do you and others where you are, JarEl, enjoy life?


 Prayer:  Larry: 
Dear Father thank you for this gathering.  Open our minds and our eyes and our ears to
the truths that are spoken here tonight and we welcome JarEl, our teacher.  We love you Father thank you for all the
blessings you’ve given to each one of us. 
Be with our new President Elect to help lead this nation to where we need
to go.  In Michael’s name, Amen.


JarEl:  TR,
George:  Good evening.  It is I, your teacher JarEl. 


Lucille:  Welcome.


JarEl:  TR,
George:  It is good to be back again.


 I see much hope, much
expectation on your world and I do commend you all for your faith in the future
of this planet.  I do, however, want to
give you a word of caution as to how you proceed in the things that you do to
bring change to this world.  The ideas
that you carry forward in your minds and in your hearts are very good ideas that
need to seep into society, that need to take root and grow.


 So imagine yourselves
as water that flows into this valley, this fertile valley, that brings lasting
change – and you must be consistent and you must be steady and you must take it
slowly for this change to occur and for it to occur in its proper way.  If, however, you rush and you deluge this
valley, the water quickly passes over. 
And what is left behind is nothing but bare ground and soon you would
see a hardening effect so that every time you pass over with your deluge of
water it does not penetrate the hard crust that you have left behind.  Now this is an analogy as to how people react
when you bombard them with new ideas that are so radical to their minds that
they put up a wall to protect themselves from these foreign ideas.  And then the next person who comes around who
has similar ideas has already had it spoiled for them, for there is already a
wall that cannot be penetrated.  Do not
think of yourselves as a bucket full of water or a seed that is about to bring
change to this world.  You are all part
of a huge component, of a huge sea of change. 
And your part is to add little by little bits of information that will
encourage change, that will bring everlasting change and everlasting hope to
this world. 


Many of you have already begun to do this for little by
little you have etched your way through society to bring this change and day by
day you make strides that bring you closer to this goal.  And so you know more than anyone that if you
were to have rushed this information through it would not have been received in
a favorable manner.  So in such a way
must you continue, little by little, to bring change to this world. 


It may seem as though it happens overnight, but in fact change
takes years and years to accomplish. 
Sometimes you see things happening before you, but they are parts of
years and years of investments that make it possible for this change to occur.  So my word of caution is that you do not rush
to change this world overnight for it will not happen that way.  There is a lot of work that you must do and
most of it is do-able work, small things here and there that will enable you
and others like you to bring this everlasting change to this planet.  And this applies to almost everything,
including The Urantia Book.


Many of the ideas that exist in The Urantia Book can be
considered radical to those who have never heard of it.  But if you introduce these concepts little by
little, sooner or later they will be more acceptable to such ideas.  It’s as if you were to bring fresh soil into
this valley as though you were preparing for something greater.  When John the Baptist came to Jerusalem he
was not the change that the people of Israel needed.  He was simply the person who prepared the way
for He who was to change the world.  So,
in such a way, do you prepare this world for what is to come.  You help this change happen by making this
preparation.  It is not you who is going
to change it dramatically, but it will be by you that this change happens. 


Are there any questions here tonight?


Joe:  I have a
philosophical question.  If, in order for
a memory to be real it must be experienced, then how come a person with psychic
abilities can see themselves in the future, or someone else in the future, when
that experience has yet to be experienced?


JarEl:  TR,
George:  What qualifies as reality on
your world has no authority on what is real. 
The experiences that you have on this planet you may or may not
remember, but that does not make them real. 
In the same vein, an experience or an idea or a vision that a psychic
may have does not mean that it is not real either.  Many times people have the ability to tap
into that true source, that true core that allows them to glimpse into a future


I will put it into other words for you.  God sees you as a perfected being
already.  To Him, that is a reality and
He qualifies that because He is the true source of all things, of all the
universe.  However, from your point of
view, this future self (and you have no idea of what you look like) you are
incapable of qualifying, much less of saying that it is real or if it is not
real, because for you it is not real at this moment.  But that does not mean it isn’t real, my
friend.  It is certainly real that God
sees you in this perfected state.  It is
certainly real that you will one day be at this advanced stage, but just
because you cannot see it or experience it, does not mean it isn’t real.  I hope this answers your question.


Joe:  Not entirely,
but I think at some point I will get the complete answer to my question.

I have some theories but they are just theories. 


JarEl:  TR,
George:  Reality is a very complex
subject that you will be studying for a millennium to come.  What you will find is that reality shifts and
changes; what you think is real may soon turn out to be not real and vice
versa.  And you will continue onwards and
inwards until you reach Paradise.  And
until that faithful day when you face God in all of His grandeur, and His
reality, you will not know what reality truly is. 


Joe:  Humph, I shall
see.  Thank you.


JarEl:  TR,
George:  You are welcome. 


Dennis:  If I could
ask for assistance with healing.  I am
going through a period where my memory is becoming more and more effected in a
negative way and I’m not sure why.  But
if you could shed some light on that it would be great.  If not, I am requesting some help in that
area, please. 


JarEl:  TR,
George:  Your request has been
noted.  And if I could just comment upon
your condition, there are many adverse effects, chemical-wise, that bombard you
each day while you live on this planet. 
You are being affected by its multitude of products that you consume and
that you inhale.  This affects your body
and your mind and it deteriorates you day by day.  This is not new, this happens to everyone and
it is a condition that you, unfortunately, must live through.  There is a light at the end of this long
tunnel and everything that you’ve ever experienced will one day come back to
you.  All your memories will again be
refreshed and alive and there is nothing you will forget. 


If you are forgetting things now and are losing track of
things or ideas or memories of experiences, do not fret my friend.  This is just a temporary condition that will
one day be washed away from your life. 
My suggestion to you is that you appreciate each moment as though, as
if, you were to forget it the next.  So
when you are with your family, appreciate that moment, for tomorrow you may not
remember.  (Thank you) 


You are welcome.


Are there any other questions?


Joe:  How do you,
where you are JarEl, enjoy yourselves? 
Do you take vacations or seasons of rest as angels do?  What about, if you were to compare your
quality of life with that say of the Paradise Sons of God and other high order
beings.  What brings you fulfillment in
your life? 


JarEl:  TR,
George:  There is plenty to be fulfilled
of and by.  We enjoy all our service, we
enjoy serving others and, yes, we are even being served as well.  We have long periods of rest.  It is not all service, my friend.  There is plenty of play and rest and we enjoy
all various kinds of play and rest, unlike anything you’ve ever seen on this
planet.  Our service is very worthwhile.
We all have different jobs and different duties and we all enjoy what we
do.  That is the beauty of what we do,
that we love so much serving others and doing what we do specifically so that
it becomes as though it were not work. 
It is simply uplifting to get to this stage and to understand that the
work that you do truly affects others; it truly changes our universe for the
better.  And to compare ourselves, those
that are ascendant beings, to those that descend from Paradise, I would not
differentiate that much, because they are also destined for service.  They are created perfect but they also seek
to serve others.  They seek to find ways
to experience new experiences and the only way for them to do that, to find
these experiences, is to serve, is to grow. 
And in that growing and in that growing of experience, they become even
more perfect than what they already are. 
And, as such, we also become more perfect in our service, we grow and we
mature.  And that is the mandate that God
gives us, be you perfect as God in heaven is perfect.


  So it is not a chore
that we do, it is not some burden that you must carry.  This service that we do for the universe is
the utmost uplifting work and idea that any being in the universe can do.  It is very uplifting my friend and you will
not see it as otherwise, not at all.


Joe:  That is one of
the feelings I’ve had.  I always thought
that, but I am still at the stage where I am very animalistic and it is so hard
to reconcile the ideas of spirit and the ideas of material pleasure.  And, as a philosopher, I’ve always sought out
– the good life, and I’ve increasingly noticed that there is an inner joy in
projecting a positive attitude, not just from within, but to others.  It is a slow process, but I am coming to
understand this and, anyway, I believe you might be right in that you take
things step by step and slowly but surely you come to realize that maybe love
is the ultimate reality - you just want to know how to best express it.  It’s still very hard for me because, with all
the negative things we see on this planet.


 When I first read The
Urantia Book I was horrified, I thought (maybe it was just the way I was
reading the text) that Finaliters were slaves and I was just mortified.  I had a lot of fear.  But I am relieved to know that you yourself
and others are capable of enjoying your lives as well and I’ve come to an
understanding that there is a purpose in the facets of material reality just as
much as there is in spirit reality.  But
I am glad to hear this.  Thank you for
sharing that with me. 


JarEl:  TR,
George:  You are very welcome.  Any final questions?


Then I would like to close by saying to all of you….  though the roads that you travel may turn
this way and that, in the end you arrive at His feet and he embraces you as his
child.  You are all children of God.  You are all capable of being so loving and at
the same time you are capable of making mistakes.  Do not apologize, just continue going towards
the center of all things and find yourself on the way.  With this I will leave you,



All:  Goodnight

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