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November 9, 2008

My beloved children of planet Urantia! This is your Mother in Spirit, Nebadonia. I am the consciousness that pervades your being and every molecule of your body has ME woven through you. I am alive in you! How you use your life's vehicle is entirely up to you, yet within your ability to choose, you have unlimited power when you are aligned with the God-force of LOVE. When your choices are thus aligned, you create a reality where my love flows as it covers and colors everything around it.

Learning to use this flow of LOVE is your heart's joy and delight. There is no other power that is real. Everything that is not of LOVE is unnatural and therefore is prone to the laws of cause and effect. All things not of LOVE wither and die. The great secret to life is to fully open yourself to the awareness of LOVE around you. The joy you experience will be unmeasurable as more LOVE flows through you and out into the world.

Creative powers of life and love are shared with you, my children, when your hearts are open to the divine will of how LOVE is to be applied. Choose this way in all that you do: choose to be compassionate; choose to be peaceful; choose to be kind-hearted. Activate me through your will, beloveds, and you will see how MOTHER changes the world!

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