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Subject: No. Idaho Team 10-19-08

Teacher: Elyon, Nebadonia, Monjoronson

T/R: Mark Rogers, Kathy Morris

Prayer: Divine Parents, we are, all of us, eternally grateful for all that
you bring to us, even the greater awareness and understanding of who you are
in relationship to us. It is truly inspiring to be involved in such a
journey in which you provide so much grace and opportunity along the way for
us to utilize in our growth process and to expand our awareness of all that
is and of who we are and of who you are.

The more we seek, the more we find and this is a thrilling part of our
journey to peel back each layer and discover more and more. Such a thrilling
journey you have designed for us and so much grace you provide to see us
through that we are and will be eternally grateful for being part of this
process and being your children throughout, associated with you as family.
Thank you beyond words for this association.

Elyon: Greetings, I am Elyon here by the invitation of your creation of this
avenue of approach between us. I too share your sense of appreciation for
what is ultimately family for we are all held in the loving embrace of the
creator and it is this sense of belonging which is so dear to all the
members of any family. As you know, the very small child knows nothing of
the grander association of family, of parents and grandparents and siblings,
aunts and uncles, they simply know that there exists arms that reach out and
hold them and nurture them.

They simply know that there exists those who would extend love to them and
in these early stages, this is enough to sustain them and provide for them
this opportunity to discover more. Then as they grow and develop they come
to greater realization that they are part of larger and larger groups and
that the loving arms that embraced them were in fact the arms of their
creators. This awareness is profound when they come to realize that these
nurturing arms and loving and devoted attendants are their parents and that
they are bound to their parent with such size of love and affection that
this very fact has provided for them their foundation of stability and

And as well, as they grow into maturity they expand their realms of
awareness that they have other members of their family who they are tied to
by virtue of these family connections and ties and they grow to appreciate
how they are part of a grand chain of events which have culminated in their
very existence and provided for them this extraordinary journey through time
and space they call their lives.

So it is with the developing young immortal soul. In the beginning you are
unaware that you are in the arms of your creator and that your divine
parents are responsible for providing you all that you have need of and the
very opportunity for experience that you call life. But as you grow in your
awareness you come to understand that these nurturing arms around you are
your divine parents as well and that you are part of a greater family, a
family whose origin is in divinity.

It may take you quite some time to fully embrace and assume your position in
this larger spiritual family as it took you some time before you realized
your position in your enlarged earthly family but at some point you come to
realize just whose embrace you have been in this whole time and who you are
designed to grow up to be like and then you enter this phase of your
awareness; that you are divine children as well as earthly children and that
you have a divine destiny as well as an earthly destiny.

This awareness provides for you such greater perspective on your relative
position to all things so truly you can see that this plan for your
development encompasses within it your ability to gain greater and greater
perspective on your position as both a mortal of the realm associated to all
other mortals and your divine presence and destiny in relation to all others
who are similarly divinely endowed. It is a joy to witness these growth
spurts wherein you more fully embrace who you are in this process.

It is a true joy to welcome you into these greater and greater spheres of
awareness and into your greater family associations. For each new level that
you achieve in this growing awareness there is a greater sense of connection
and of belonging and as part of this awareness and belonging there is
greater security and comfort to be had. So I welcome you all to these stages
where you may enjoy greater comfort and greater certainty as to your
belonging, as to your association with your various families and I join you
each one in your appreciation of your sense of belonging.

It is truly a great feeling to know that you belong, that you are part of
such a magnificent family and as such you are lovingly nurtured and cared
for and provided all that you have need of because you are a valued member
of this family. Under the First Source and Center we are all family and I
embrace you as part of this grand family and join you in appreciating the
sense of belonging that we both can share in such a grand association.

Thank you for providing this opportunity once again for us to share
together. I now step aside to allow for others, thank you.

Kathy: I have some words from Nebadonia and this is a first for me.

Nebadonia: Each one of you, my children, are precious to your parents. You
each have an individual spark from the First Source and Center that is
contributing to the growth of the Supreme. As you expand your experience in
this life to also aid in the growth of the developing Supreme, we are all
engaged in a grand plan to develop this universe and expand the growth of
our First Source and Center. In this process each individual has a part to
play. It is a part that has been tied to the gift of your personality.

In the personal growth of each of you my children, is also the growth of our
Creator. I am always with you in this experience through my series of
spiritual helpers, the angels and the spirit circuits. Be confident in your
valued place in the universe, be confident that you are in the loving care
of your parents and our helpers. Your challenge is to live each moment in
awareness of your potential and the value of your actions. You remain always
in our loving care.

Mark: Thank you.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Hello once again, this is Monjoronson to join a circle
of friends and to offer a few words in honor of these thought patterns here
today. Often times we observe that individuals of the realm are quite fixed
and preoccupied on the goings on around them in the world they perceive and
often times they derive some value about themselves in relationship to the
world outside and how they perceive it and the value contained within it.

If you allow yourselves to make any judgements about yourselves based upon
what you hear or see or know about the world at large, then you are short
changing yourselves because as we have been discussing today, your real
value is your potential to the larger picture and any small snapshot of
yourself in relationship to any time and space environment is entirely
incomplete and inaccurate as to your true significance.

Consider if you will, observing yourself in a series of photographs. The
first one is a portrait of you individually, unassociated with any others.
The next is in conjunction with your parents as a small child full of
potential and having some association with your immediate earthly creators
and more may be perceived of you in the second picture because there is
relationship to your parents. Then the next picture of you would be at a
family reunion when you are now in relationship to a larger association of
other individuals and one may view this picture of you and discern that
there is relationship between you, many of the members may share traits and
characteristics that are shared in the larger family unit.

Then consider larger and larger pictures of you and relationship to your
county, to your state as a member of your club and organization, as a voting
member of your country and even as relate to your country and association
with the United Nations. All of these pictures provide greater and greater
scope of who you are and allow the observer to define you in greater and
greater terms. But the First Source and Center focuses on the original
independent photo of you as an individual, sacred and cherished, distinct
from all other individuals from any given association.

While it is true that you judge yourselves in all these various associations
as being part of this or that family or group or geographical area, you are
seen in the eyes of your divine creators as an individual, unique
combination of potential that may be actualized by the act of your own
choosing and then as a result, may be contributed to the greater and greater
picture until your contribution may be a part of the experience of the

It is natural for you to see yourselves in relationship to others and to
bring some judgement to bear as to how you size up to others in your various
groups of awareness but you as an individual sacred being, have exactly the
same standing in the eyes of your Creator and you are equally as loved and
nurtured and cherished as any other of the diverse members of your family or
group that you associate with.

And so you have a dual role to play before you. One as family member, as
group member, associated and combining intention and effort and desire to
pool together and function as a larger group or family and the other as an
individual contributor whose contribution cannot be made by a single other
soul out there and whose contribution is cherished beyond your ability to
grasp. So know well, my dear ones, that your efforts to both associate and
play well with others and your individual efforts at personal spiritual
growth are both part of this plan you are working your way through.

All the contributions you make in either of these regards are well placed
and greatly appreciated by all those who are in this equation with you. It
is literally not possible for you to go too far astray because you are in
this great river of ascension and every effort you make is in the stream of
the grander effort at overall ascension. So be at peace with these various
relationships you enjoy and be in awareness that you are in fact loved and
cherished both as a member of this grand family and each individually and
specifically for the unique individual that you are.

Know, just a small child knows that there are arms which embrace you, which
love you unconditionally and which someday you will come to realize are not
only the arms of your earthly parents and family but as well are the arms of
your divine parents. This is the grace of the journey before you. This
journey is quite independent of the world at large and how you think it may
affect you for you are in the arms of your divine parents whose desire it is
to give you all that you have need of and provide for you this grand
experience so that you may grow to see your relationship to them and to all
that is.

Simply relax into their arms and know you are cared for and be at peace with
who you are and where you are and what it is you think you should be doing.
Thank you for this opportunity to provide this perspective. Once again, it
cannot be overstated, just as the parent cannot overstate their affection
for the child. I take my leave now, thank you.

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