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Monjoronson: Greetings my dear friends and thank you for creating this
portal and this arena that we may come together and share our different
perspectives. There are many who take great joy in witnessing your
conversations about things you have seen or read or heard and how they are
sifting into your consciousness and fitting in. You are indeed eager to try
to fit in each new layer of awareness into where you think it best fits in
your view of reality and truth and that is all you can do at this phase of
growth and evolution, to gather and accumulate all the variety and contrast
and significance that you can and attempt to fit these all into a mosaic of
what the big picture is.

You have indeed assembled a great number of pieces to this puzzle together
and these pieces of the puzzle that you are responsible for assembling into
your awareness become the reference point, become as the constellation in
the sky to be used to orient yourself to everything else. You all are as
part of constellations in that you use each other for reference and your
relationship to each other remains fairly constant and fixed and so you can
relate to these other fixed points and feel as though you have now some

Everything that you perceive in your life provides you a reference point,
one which you can judge your distance to and from your relationship to, your
proximity to and all these factors and the choosing of the many choices
surrounding these factors determine your relative relationship in the
constellation that you inhabit. As well you know that constellations break
up the darkness of the night sky and shine forth their light even though
surrounded by darkness individually, they each one are light generators and
dispel darkness around them.

Together they are a string of lights that form the constellation and provide
contrast to the dark night sky. I observe your prior discussions about the
relativity of truth and you are all correct in your various assessments of
the situation and yet you are all incomplete in your awareness which is as
you have stated. I will also support the notion that your best means to
increase your overall perspective on the big picture is through the use of
your aspect that is not bound by time or space yet your spiritual component
in a bigger picture is how you can indeed have an additional sense added to
the ones you are using to try to decipher your reality. This additional
sense [stems] from a greater perspective and is not limited to such time and
space conditions.

I will contain my remarks there and allow for others to use this forum as we
all cherish that this portal was created for this purpose, thank you.

Elyon: Greetings, I am Elyon here, pleased once again to join in this
process of expanding greater awareness. I will use some more imagery today
in an attempt to illustrate some of these conditions of relative truth.
Consider going back out on the ship that we have been on many times and at
any moment we can look at the relative position of the stars and chart
exactly where our position is based upon all the details of that very
moment, of having made all the calculations and having used all the tools to
determine our exact location that is our truth of the moment.

We can declare that we have found truth and have truth and locate our
position, but as we are engaging in these we are moving and that truth that
we determined for that moment was in fact only the truth of that very
moment for before we have even finished with our calculations or made our
judgements, we have shifted, we have left those co-ordinates and are moving
and are in transition. So that truth that was so correct and true and right,
even absolute in that moment was only in that moment and unless we were to
put out the anchor and remain fixed for more than moments the calculations
of the current truth of the moment would be the truth of the moment before
at best.

You are each one as these ships that are constantly moving, you are not
anchored and remaining fixed in your position and as you move and you are
transitioning and so your coordinates and your perspective on the other
relative coordinates have shifted and changed and you are in each moment at
a new place of perspective and awareness. This is how to envision the ever
changing, ever fluxing state of truth for as soon as you calculate your
whereabouts in accordance with truth, surely you have shifted and this means
a constant stage of reevaluation of your relationship to truth based upon
your new coordinates and perspective.

But likewise there are certain navigational certainties and that you know
you are proceeding in the direction you choose based upon your long term
evaluation of coordinates and directions and how to navigate through these
truths to where you desire to be. But on route to the final destination of
coordinates there will be innumerable coordinates of the moment, of the
hour, of the day and each one of these in that hour or moment or day is true
and right and real only to be left behind for a new set as you journey
forward towards your ultimate heading.

I hope going out on the boat once again today has been as joyful for you as
it has for me. I cherish these opportunities to make real these concepts in
terms that can be related to and I am always grateful for the opportunity to
join you at these times, thank you, farewell.

Light: I greet you as well today, I am Light. I am delighted to come and
offer a suggestion as we would close out this meeting today and that is that
you consider light in one more of its manifestations. There has been much
talk about being light anchors, light beacons, rays of light, light
dispelling darkness and that is all true as far as our truth goes but it is
also true that you can be light as in light hearted, light of being, light
in presence and that this attitude of light, this characteristic of light
can be utilized as well in your lives.

Not only can you consider yourselves as light anchors, as beings of light,
as projecting light but also as light, not heavy, lighthearted, light in
grace and peace, lighten up peoples lives in more ways than you can think
about. Consider the different applications of light and that you are capable
of utilizing any of them and consider being light hearted, light spirited
and above all, bring joy into the equation whether you are being of light,
promoting light, projecting light, or whether you are being light hearted
and joyful, in all cases may it be light-full and joyful. Thank you for the
opportunity to share this thought. Be of great peace and joy and spread this
joy far and wide as you enjoy yourselves even now, today. Thank you and

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