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Arcadia 07/07/08 7:30 pm

Prayer – Norman: Heavenly Father, we thank you
for this evening in bringing us together,
everyone here that is supposed to be here. And we
pray that the lessons you have for us come to our
hearts and we may carry them out with enthusiasm
in doing your will. Be with George now as he has
a message for us. And we ask this in Michael’s name, amen.

George/JarEl: Good evening. It is I, your teacher, JarEl.

Lucille: Welcome.

George/JarEl: It is good to be back again. I
welcome those who are here for the first time and
those who have not been here for a while.

We, of our order, appreciate your enthusiasm
for the hope of your world. We love the fact that
you get together and discuss spiritual things and
that you look forward to a better world because
that is the way you make this possible. That is
the way in which you begin, in which you get the
ball rolling, as you say. I share your ideas and
your hopes, you further the cause of a better world.

You further the knowledge and most importantly,
you connect with one another. Those connections
are just as important as the sharing of
knowledge. Coming together as people brings that
part of God in every one of you. When you gather
with one another not only do you do it in ways of
socializing, but you also bring something of God
within you that shows up even in a subconscious
way to those that are around you. And so when you
come together in a big group, even in a small
group such as this, you bring some of God with
you. You bring some of the heavenly Father with
you. For He is always with all of you. He is
within every one of you. He is that guide, that
beacon that calls you forward towards Paradise,
towards the true source and center. He is that
source you can rely on, He is that source from
which you can gather all of the knowledge of the
universe. And when you all come together and
share this part of yourself with others, that
source becomes more powerful not only for you but for the group as a

And each person brings their own distinct
knowledge of God, each person has their own
experiences to share, their own vision. And all
these visions, and all these differences should
not bring you apart but closer together, for you
all have some story to tell. You all have some
unique experience of what it is to feel God. And
all your experiences are valid and worthwhile.
But these experiences mean nothing if you do not
share them with others. These experiences remain
insignificant when they are hidden from those who
could benefit from such knowledge. So share your
lives, share your knowledge, share your strains
and your hope; share your dreams, and share your
tragedies. For all this goes towards the greater
good, the greater hope and all this helps others
come to terms with their lives and their own
experiences. And in the process, you become
stronger, you become filled with life, for you
have shared yourself and you have found the validation you were
Everyday, God shares himself with you. Michael
of Nebadon came to this planet and he shared
himself with all of you. He gave of himself just
as God gives of himself as well. It is no longer
good to remain selfish, it is no longer good for
you to hide yourself. It is no longer good for
you to remain isolated and afraid because all
these things stop you from growing and learning
and loving. And when you reach out and give of
yourself, when you allow yourself to give, you
create the possibility and the potentiality for
love, for wisdom, for life. And all this comes from giving and sharing.

Are there any questions here tonight?

Stella: It’s just that we are expecting three
other people who have to arrive, can you tell us
if they are safe. They are on the freeway somewhere.

George/JarEl: Your friends are safe Stella. Your
friends are safe. No matter what happens, they are safe.

Norman: We just completed the IC08 convention at
UCLA yesterday and we had about 500 in attendance
and Pato’s manager, Roberto, said that, even
though he was not part of Urantia, he had a
feeling this Urantia thing of Pato’s was going to
be a huge thing, I was wondering if you could
tell us the effects and outcomes of what “huge” means.

George/JarEl: This is not the first time you have
asked me this question Norman. And I do believe
that I told you that even though you will not be
able to see the actual effects from such an
event, it does reach far greater distances in the
psyche of many individuals who are not only
present but were outside or somewhat related to
these people. There are many things that have
happened on your world that you are not aware of.
You are only made aware of the physical and
mental aspects of human life. But of the
spiritual aspects, you have very limited
knowledge of gauging and measuring the actual
effects of one person to another. But we can
measure these things, we can see the effects, and
we can tell you that it is wonderful, it is beautiful, and it is

Norman: Thank you.

Stella: You mean the Teaching Mission is still
going on around the world? It’s not dying out?

George/JarEl: It has never died. It may formulate
into some other thing but no, it will never die.
We are very confident that we can continue to
move forward and reach as many people on this
planet as we can, even if this group were to one
day stop in its efforts to continue the Teaching
Mission, there will be other ways for us to
communicate with you. You cannot stop this.

Stella: Because I noticed some people take to the
Teaching Mission and others simply cannot stand the thought of it.

George/JarEl: That is not evidence that it is
dying. That is simply evidence that some have
preconceived notions of what this Teaching
Mission is all about. Those people were not part
of the Teaching Mission in its inception. So
because of them thinking in that manner does not
mean that the Teaching Mission is losing members.
But as I said, even if this group were to end,
there will still be other ways to communicate with you.

Halbert: At the Celestial Nights Retreat,
Stephanie Murray made a comment at one point that
she was getting guidance along the lines that the
channeling aspect of the Teaching Mission was
winding down and it was time for everyone to
appeal to their own thought adjusters and inner
guidance. Do you have any comments about that?

George/JarEl: Yes it is true that we would like
many of you to connect with yourselves, with your
thought adjusters, but that has always been the
potential for you, the Teaching Mission has
always been and will always be a project to get
you to that point and that state. However there
are many who have not done this yet and so there
is really a minimum of winding down and this
winding down can literally mean hundreds of years.

For you are not all ready and you have not all
gotten there. We are here to help, we are here to
guide you, we are here to get you to that state
where you begin to awaken this age of light and
life. It is evident that this age is not here
yet. And so, therefore, we remain here at your
service for however long it may take. For some
people our help has been of great service for
them and they have made many strides to getting
to where they need to be. But for others, it has
been very difficult to achieve this level of
transcendence, so therefore it is important that
we remain doing what we are doing to ensure that
there is a growth potential within the peoples of Urantia.

At one point, this Teaching Mission will cease
to exist, but that transition will be into
something far greater, and, what that is, I
cannot tell you at this moment, you will have to
wait and see just as I have to wait and see. But
I can assure you that I will continue to do my
job, a job that I love, and a job that I am happy
to do. So yes my friend, there may be a measure
of winding down, but it will not altogether
cease, not until you and I begin to see clear
evidence of change on this planet.

Stella: When the Urantia Book was indicted was
that a part of the Teaching Mission?

George/JarEl: No. The Urantia Book is a real
effort to bring truth into this world. That is
not to say our effort is not similar. What I am
saying is that the Urantia Book is a Fifth
Epochal Revelation, something that is sanctioned,
something that is brought down from the top all
the way from your planet. Just as Michael was
brought down to your planet, and just as, Prince
Caligastia and his 100 were brought down to your planet.

The knowledge that we give you, even though it
is being brought down in a form in which you must
have faith, is not considered an epochal
revelation because this sort of communication has
been around since the first thought adjusters
came to this planet. Although back then, it was
more subtle communication. But the Urantia Book
is distinct, it is concise, and there is much truth in it.

Joe and JarEl interaction: (personal).

JarEl: And that is all, goodnight.

All: Thank you.
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