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Prayer: Divine Parents, you know all things, you know the thoughts that are
even in our hearts and minds but I would verbalize our intentions in this
hour for the purpose of bringing these intentions further out into the world
in this creative process that we're engaging in. The thought that I am
bringing forward is that we would like to form this energy circuit right
now, right here between us and among us. We do this with our conscious will
and our intention. I see us hooking up kind of like Christmas tree lights.

We are spread around this country, but because we come to you as we come
together and form this energy grid, location is not important because we are
doing this in spirit and spirit is not confined to location or time. So
trusting that this is so, I see that we've all joined together and I take
the next step and ask that you our Divine Parents join us in our energy
field, in our merkaba that we create, that you take a position with us and
plug yourselves in as well. I also in my process always invite other
celestial personalities who I work with and I ask Monjoronson to join,
Machiventa to join.

I ask Light to join us and I would ask any other celestial personalities who
are interested in engaging with us to join as well to bring their energy and
light into the circuit that we create, to join and co-mingle with our energy
and light that we may create this powerful energy circuit and then I ask
that we all join intention and fire this grid, activate this circuit by
simply choosing to do so by directing our thought patterns in this way and
focusing our intention we literally have fired up this grid.

And now, believing that this is so I ask directly for the participation of
our unseen associates, our celestial friends and tonight I welcome
especially my inner voice to engage with us in this process, to infuse this
energy grid with their presence and intention and to help me and to help us
in this hour to approach them and to embrace that which they would bring and
contribute to this process. I'm beginning to see now that instating these
intentions and directing this pattern that we literally create this avenue
of approach and even now I envision this participation, this cooperation as
successful and fruitful even before it has happened.

I project my thoughts, my desire that this is so out in advance of the
reality that this will be so. Having done this projecting, I return to this
moment, this now with a sense of conviction and a sense of assurance that
this will be so. This is how I am able to step forward into the unknown,
because already I have projected myself into this unknown and subsequently
it has become known and then I can be at peace in going into this place.
This is how I as a transmitter/receiver am able to step off the edge; and
into the abyss of this unknown process each and every time.

If I were to stand there in my uncertainty I could not take this step but I
have extended my intention in faith ahead of where I am and it is as if I
create the bridge across the abyss with my intention. But still there is
doubt and uncertainty and this is where I continually return to petition my
Divine Parents for the comfort and peace that they bring to this process. I
have complete faith and trust that I am cared for and protected by they're
loving embrace and so having intended this bridge and having received the
assurance of the creators it is simply up to me to step onto this bridge one
foot at a time, one step at a time and trust that the footing will be sound
and will carry me.

I have never been let down in this process all these many years and all
these many times I have yet to be forsaken in this process and I am grateful
beyond words. So now once again I proceed.

The Voice: I greet you all tonight by the power of your invitation. I am
this one's voice and I with you have just been exposed to a powerful
testimonial and I declare if my associate continues to embrace his awareness
in such meaningful terms there would be little point in my being asked to
step forward individually to share. As we have both just witnessed, the
conviction of the individual, the possession of their awareness is a
profound demonstration of their individual, spiritual ascension and I offer
that it is one of the most potent forces on your world today, the simple
sharing between individuals of their levels of awareness, their plateaus of

It becomes so meaningful because when one individual endeavors to share
they're reasoning and insights and awareness it is easy for other
individuals to see it from that perspective and to embrace the fact that if
one of their order, a brother or a sister has so grasped spiritual
principles that it is indeed possible and this makes the approach of others
more attainable in their eyes for if it has been done before by someone like
them then surely they see themselves as able to do it as well.

So all the lessons and all the teachings which are delivered from on high do
not contain the potent force of a simple sharing between brothers and
sisters in this brotherhood of man. You all listening tonight have made
certain definite advancements in your spiritual perceptions and awareness
else you would not be here with this group meeting at this time and
certainly there will arise before you opportunities for you to simply speak
your truth, to relate your awareness and in so doing you are acting in the
privileged role of teacher by simply sharing your personal experience.

You are not asked to rise and present aspects of the spiritual realm which
you do not have personal experience with but each aspect that you do have
personal experience with that you have embraced, you now own and by sharing
with another what your experience is you are not only helping a brother or a
sister to share in your experience, you are refining your own experience in
order to simply express it in words. Every student is asked to give report
from time to time of what it is that you have learned.

In your school system this may be done by writing a report or perhaps being
asked to present your findings and understandings before the class. This is
done because the process of being able to express that which you have
learned truly helps you cement it into your awareness. Likewise you will
find yourselves presented with the opportunities to speak your truths about
your perspective about spiritual principles and you should welcome such
opportunities for they are mutually beneficial not only to the ones who are
seeking to gain your perspective but as well to you who are then required to
formulate your thought patterns into expressions and in so doing you cement
these thought patterns into you're being and they become part of the truth
that you speak, the truth that is truly yours.

There is always one with you who will unerringly assist you in this process.
You're indwelling voice, your inner guide awaits your invitation to work
together in this process and even to provide you with inspiration about
things which you may already know about pieces of the puzzle which may
present themselves to fit into place, perhaps bringing concepts together to
form greater understanding, perhaps even providing you with rare "aha"
moments of pieces of the puzzle simply falling into place.

It is directly because of your efforts at gathering the pieces and at
presenting your desire to work on this that your indwelling guide may be
called into action to assist and when you find yourself engaged with another
in spiritual pursuit, your indwelling voice may be quite useful to you not
only in prompting you with an appropriate line of thought but as well these
inner voices of the brothers and sisters of man also have access to each
other and are able to assist in this process when the goal is sincere
communication then they may be summoned to help with finding the best
possible avenue of approach.

As well you may choose to enlist the aid and support of other celestial
personalities, even your Divine Parents who have access to your thoughts and
the thoughts of your partner in spiritual pursuits. If you petition their
assistance in the equation as was done previously in this hour, then you
provide even greater latitude for they are able to truly know you and truly
access what it is that you are attempting to do and what your true
motivation behind this is.

They see you as you truly are and can help facilitate your efforts to simply
express this to another. You may not in your lives consider it much to be
about who you are but I tell you this is your sole primary objective in
life; to truly manifest who you are, to truly express who you are, a unique
divine individual and if this one task was all that you have managed to
accomplish in this life, then this life would be a great success, to simply
find who you really are, to simply manifest and be who have found and then
to allow yourself to express this out to the universe, to each other and
reflect this awakening to your Divine Parents who have provided you this
experience and this process that you undertake.

I thank you for this opportunity to come out and be engaged with you at this
time. I understand that there are others who would access this forum as well
and so in respect I will withdraw and allow this process to unfold further.
Remember it is your will, you are always in close contact with this divine
fragment but it is up to you to choose to activate this relationship and
invite participation with this component of yourself just as you have done
even in this hour. Thank you.

Monjoronson: I greet you now. I am Monjoronson pleased as always to be
invited into this sacred energy pattern that you have created for this
purpose. I am so pleased to register the thought patterns emanating around
and being taken up by the students of the power of projected intention. As
you may well know, I am here on a mission, I come with a purpose. I have
most certainly projected my intention about this purpose. Michael as well
has projected His intention about this purpose. Your Mother Spirit as well
has projected Her intention about this process and now I arrive here to
enlist you each and every one to join us in projecting intention into this
process of change this process of transformation, of growth and of
attainment of that which we would choose, our highest intention, our noblest
thought patterns, our greatest aspirations, our sincere desires for truth,
beauty and goodness.

These are what we are projecting, these are the intentions that we cast
before us in this process and I invite each of you to toss into this arena
your intentions, your desires that transformation happen for the good, that
peace reign, that love dominate. These are simple thought patterns and yet
they are so potent when we bring them into this arena of spirit and choose
to direct them back out where they may be most useful and beneficial.

Every effort should be made to release any conceptions and ideas of what we
would like to see transpire or at what point we would like to see it
transpire. These are only conditions that inhibit this creative process. We
must trust that there are divine plans which we may not be aware of and that
if our intentions are simply for truth, goodness and beauty to reign and to
condition all factors of our experience then we are trusting that the
Creator will manifest these aspects in ways that we may know not, in time
frames that we may not understand.

But if we act in faith and in trust and with conviction and certainty then
we are part of this grand movement of change and our intentions are combined
and utilized where they are most serviceable to the overall mission at hand.
It may manifest in any number of ways this intention of goodness put forth.
At any moment you may find that you are the recipient of an opportunity to
do good, to speak truth and to manifest goodness and as well even
simultaneously your intention that this goodness be spread throughout the
process may be effecting change across the world or even across the

You have a saying, the act is yours, the results are Gods. True enough it is
up to you to act, you are the ones whose intention must be activated in this
process and the brothers and sisters who witness you engaging in this will
be drawn to your acting in this way and petition you to know why it is that
you act in this way and then it becomes your privilege to share what your
perspective is and why it is that you act. So it is important to realize
that all that we experience and all that we will experience, the many
changes and transformations that will be soon upon us are as a direct
result of the intention of the creators and of those who would consider
themselves observers but who simply do not realize that they as well have
creative potential.

So I encourage you to see yourselves as contributors, not so much as
observers and if you are going to contribute, consider well what it is you
would contribute. Will it be fear and doubt and uncertainty so that perhaps
when you proceed forward you may encounter these very things of fear and
doubt and uncertainty or will it be a projection of love and light and peace
and goodness so that when you proceed forward, chances are great you will
experience love and light and peace and goodness. It is truly that simple
and yet that important.

I hope you will all, each and every one join me in this creative process of
projecting our intention for what we would like to see so that it conditions
the journey and creates the reality and make every effort to avoid
entertaining any thoughts of what you would not like to see or what you are
afraid of. Just simply go, let them evaporate on their own. I cherish these
opportunities to work with those who already have shown their willingness to
come together and pool their energies for collective good.

Trust me, much good is transpiring and will continue to transpire from even
these efforts, but I enlist you to be one whose intention are directed and
focused for nothing less than miraculous outcomes. If you can see it in your
mind, if you can fathom it in your heart then it can be. So project these
ideals, these visions, these expectations of goodness out so that they may
condition the journey and be manifested at some point of time in the future.
I now step back to allow for another. Those with ears to hear, I pray that
you hear, farewell.

Light: I am Light and I accept your invitation as well. I know a little
something myself about the power of intention for I would not be without
this power of directed and focused intention and I will point out to you
that neither would you. You are as a result of the intention of your Creator
who has designed your entire experience and you to experience it. These were
intentions and thought patterns, expressed and projected which have
manifested and become real. One of the special conditions that exist and
that you are aware of is that you, being a creation of the Creators are
endowed with aspects of your parents and it has been possible as you witness
for entire worlds and civilizations and even the brotherhood of man to be

So then because of your divine heritage, you too have this power to intend
and to create, to project your desire and intention out that it may be
manifested. In fact, you are engaged in this process regularly, You design
houses and build them for yourself, you engage in training and become
professionals, you decide where you live and under what conditions, what job
you will have, how you will do that, how many children you will have, what
your family will be like. All these are the manifestations of your

They are not thrust upon you from on high. You decide every aspect of your
lives. What condition your vehicles, your physical bodies will be in, where
you choose to reside and what you choose to do with your time and now you
are growing in awareness that you have an untapped potential of your
thoughts and your intentions projected out and abroad. Certainly you can
trace your creative ability back to your parents, your divine parents who
have created you in their image to grow up to be like them, to mature in
awareness that you too are a "first source and center of your original
intentions and thought patterns". [whew]

I perceive that merely the mention of such a reality stirs within you
feelings of uncertainty and doubts as it has my faithful companion in this
process but nevertheless it is true. You simply do not embrace seeing
yourselves in this way but you are seen in this way by your creators. You
are merely fledgling creators, finding your wings and learning your way
around before you feel confident enough to fly.
This is well and good, any baby bird should not attempt to fly before they
are mature enough or the results would be unsatisfactory.

But when you do reach this level of maturity and your wings are fully formed
in this process of spiritual exploration then at some point you are
encouraged to give it a try and to take flight. This may take several tries
but in the end you are designed to soar and if you persist in your attempts
you will certainly learn all that is needed to use your new wings to
transport you to places you could only imagine before. Make no mistake that
every thought born on the wings of intention has an impact in your world, in
your experience, in your lives.

Once you fully grasp the significance of this it becomes important to be
mindful of where your energy is and what your intentions are and to only
give this precious gift of your thoughts to things that are worthy of a
creator, that are worthy of divine manifestation. True enough, many of your
thoughts are not worthy of your intention and consideration and you are
surrounded and challenged quite often by material concerns, doubts,
uncertainties and fears but you are growing to recognize the importance of
not providing these life, even inadvertently through your precious creator
prerogatives of projecting your thoughts.

This is how a world is changed, this is how an individual is changed, this
is how a universe changes; simple awakening to the creative potential of the
fact that you are thought originators, you are little mini first source and
centers of what can be cast out as divine ideals.
I sense this is quite enough, we have indeed stood on the edge of the nest
and flexed our wings tonight and I appreciate the efforts of each and every
one who will be bold in this process. But I also understand that we must
travel at a sustainable rate and set a pace that we can keep up.

So I will discontinue any further thought patterns in this regard and
withdraw from this forum subject to any inspiration from the class in terms
of questions or comments. If there are none then I would thank you all for
your participation in advance.

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