[tmtranscripts] Arcadia, May 12, 2008

Laurence Whelan lwhelan at sbcglobal.net
Mon May 26 12:43:48 PDT 2008

Donna - Prayer
Father we thank you for this evening and this gathering of like
minded people, spiritual seekers, ones who love you and thank you for
sending us these teachers who bring us messages of health and
healing. Please give us the ears to hear what they have to say and
the hearts to understand. And help us all Father in seeking to do
more of your will on this world, in Michael's name, amen.

Good evening, it is I your teacher JarEl. It is good to be back once
more. I would like to welcome everyone and also those that are here
for the first time.

I would like to speak to you today about the value of your own
spiritual education. I know that many of you truly cherish the
experiences that you have gathered throughout your years in the
search for truth and God. And rightly so, these experiences are yours
and should be cherished. They did not come easy for you. It was not a
simple task. It took you many years and many trials to learn the
lessons that you have learned in the process. So in valuing your own
experiences, keep in mind that others have similar experiences that
they cherish, that they hold dear and you should not devalue their
own spiritual path. Everyone has a varied experience in the search
for God. It is not always uniform. In fact, it is never uniform, it
is always unique and it always has it's own individual flavor and
individual mark. You will continue to learn and grow as your years
pass far beyond into the morontial realm and on your spiritual path
towards Paradise. You will continue to learn these experiences and
value them for what they are. They are truths that did not come easy.

Many of you have considered that The Urantia Book may have come in
an easy fashion where all the answers were there but it is not so.
You have searched for these questions before and much of your
searching has brought you to where you were able recognize the truths
that exist within the book itself. If you had not begun these
searches, the book would have been meaningless and you would have
given it no value. But since you had begun the search and had found
answers, when the answers came in the form of this book, the value
was there for you. And so, in the same fashion, you must continue to
search and seek and have value in the things that you find. For in
the future, you will find a new and more powerful book form that is
set to be given to you in the morontial realm and when you find these
truths and you compare it to this new information, you will find
those values that you fought so hard to find.

So that is why it is important to truly cherish your own spiritual
path, your own findings. It is not a trifling matter that you find
these truths; it is not out of sheer coincidence that you have
learned. All of this has meaning, all of this has value as well and
when you translate this value onto yourself, you begin to raise your
esteem. You begin to recognize your connection with the universe. You
begin to find who you are, why you are here and what it is that you
need to do. Everything that you need to search for should have value.
Remember that when you die, only the things of value are carried
forward, only the things of worth shall be with you forever. So find
worthwhile endeavors when you are here, for your time is not long, it
is short. None of you live forever, at least not on this world . So
whatever value you've gathered in your searches, cherish. For that is
something that will be with you forever and you will always look back
to these juvenile times when you learned valuable lessons and when
you grew and became a citizen of the universe.

I am very happy that many of you have chosen this life of service.
I am overjoyed that you have also sought to seek new truths in your
life and to find everlasting connection with the universe. I see that
many of your journeys will take you to different roads and not all of
you will find it easy. Some of you will find it very hard but in the
end, it will all be worthwhile. All of your struggles and your faith
will be worth it when you find those overwhelming truths that you
knew existed but for some reason could not connect or could not make
sense of because you were ill prepared or unaware. Awareness takes
more than just knowing. You have to truly experience many of these
things these truths that exist out there. Until you fully know, until
you fully are conscious of these truths then you are not aware. But I
would urge you to continue to seek and to find. Not all the truths
are yet revealed to you but you can certainly find these new truths
inside of you and later confirm them. Are there any questions here

Yes JarEL, I'm starting to come to a crude understanding how I exist
in a multitude of probable realities and in each I'm actualizing
probable events and each of these realities past, present and future
exist in the now. In trying to understand this better, a question
came to mind. If you had a personality that could say, transcend time
and space, that went through personality annihilation, how does that
impact those realities, how does that work? Is it the core being that
is annihilated and the extensions that exist in some form of static
loop unable to actualize any further probable events? If I were to
step into from my perspective a past reality, would I not witness
that personality?

You would witness that personality because that personality did exist
at one point in time however all potentialities do not exist for that
individual. They are nil. Whatever exists in the past, remains, but
whatever that individual could have done is no longer. All
potentialities cease to exist with this individual. There is no
remote chance of that individual effecting any future events or
changing any past events. You would observe a faint residue of such
individual but as time passes and if you look at it from a purely
linear fashion, the individual would dwindle away into nothingness,
for the ripples of time do not reach so far into the future.

When I leave the material realm do I go into the morontial realm or
do I wait until all the probable selves finish their material
existence? How does that work? Or, am I entirely misunderstanding

I think you are misunderstanding something. Your probable selves
are just that - probabilities - they are not actualities. You are an
actuality. You are actually here and now and every probability that
you can do you could. It's just a matter of you choosing and that
choice makes you real. That choice brings you into the here and now.
So when you die it is you, the person that chooses, that moves
forward. All other potentialities and probabilities of yourself, as
you call it, cannot continue forward separate from you. They are
connected to you. You are the core, you are the decider. You control
all your destinies and all your probabilities. You are the nexus of
all these potentialities. So when you move forward, they move as
well, but they are not separate, they are you. They are your
potential choices that you can make your potential directions, where
you can go. They are just ghosts and whispers of your mind. They are
not real, not until you make it real but it will always be you. It is
never a separate entity or a double of you, it is always you.

I have a question. I'm a little apprehensive about asking this but a
couple of months ago you warned me not to call Caligastia into my
presence but I was reading on the Teaching mission website that this
personality was extinguished in 1985. However, I've always had good
reason to believe that this wasn't true. I can understand why that's
said because that is technically correct, he was annihilated at least
this is my understanding. Did he create a clone of consciousness of
himself, is there a way that someone can transfer memories into
another host? On top of that I'd like to mention that, and I think
this is important because I learned an important life lesson, where I
learned something where I said that I can't live my life in fear. I
have always believed that the truth is what it is, the truth and
there is no reason to live in fear of it. In terms of being afraid of
having Caligastia in my presence, that's not something I would
normally think of, but I wouldn't certainly, I wouldn't be afraid of
getting his perspective as well. I'm not recommending anyone to do
this. Considering that I've spoken to you and I've read The Urantia
Book, it would almost seem a double standard not to be in
communication or at least get some insight from this personality to
hear their perspective. I cannot, in good conscience, live in fear of
that so I wonder what purpose you would have in telling me these
things. Again, I'm not necessarily saying that I'm going to open a
pandora's box and let all these personalities come in, but I just
want to understand the reasoning. Thank you.

My reasoning is very simple, it is not complex to understand. You do
not connect a small circuit wire with a huge jolt of electricity.
That wire will be burnt to a crisp. The information that comes from
such an individual as Caligastia is far beyond the human mind. Many
of you could not handle such information or such a connection with
him. Everything that has been brought down to this planet has, in a
way, been watered down so to speak, so that many of you can
understand. It is not that the information has been dumbed down, the
information has been altered and modified so that you can receive it,
so that you can understand it. The information that may come from
Caligastia will most likely be unfiltered from his point of view.
There is no one telling you not to speak to him. There are simply
warning signs that tell you that it may not be a good idea. It is not
that we want you to live in fear of someone. It is more that we know
better for you. But that is always up to you whether or not you want
to trust us. It truly comes down to a matter of trust a matter of who
you think is telling the truth.

What happened, I understand and I don't want to get into the whole
caveat of dimensional whatever, but it's my understanding... did he
do something before he was executed that technically -

You mean is he still around?

Well based on what you said, I'm inclined to believe that unless he
did some kind of dimensional shift where he went forward in time
prior to the execution. I'm wondering if technically, I'm just trying
to understand how you can say not to bring him into my presence if
he's dead. If you could enlighten me as to how this is possible.

The energy is still around. You can circuitize with an energy even if
the source is no longer there. The energy is traveling all through
this world. The source is no longer required to en-circuit to any
particular frequency. It is only a mere matter of you tuning in and
thinking of that frequency. Now the intelligence of Caligastia was so
far forward that you can communicate, but he is no longer here. It is
a ghost of which you are communicating with.

The confusion comes from our perception of time being linear?


Could it also be referred to as residue?


What you're interacting with is more or less, a good way to put it
is, would be like interacting with a memory, like a hologram maybe,
is that a good analogy JarEl?

That is a good analogy and as time goes by on your world, this
hologram will have less potency. It is strong now because it is
recent that he is no longer here.

Thank you.

You're welcome. Are there any other questions.

Joe: (private question, not transcribed)

JarEl, I have a question. You were talking about The Urantia Book
and one of the reasons that it has value for those of us who've
discovered it and have been affected by it in a positive way. One of
the reasons is because we were searching, we were seeking this and I
noticed that a lot of the people that end up being receptive to the
book or that find themselves reading Teaching Mission transcripts
also have done this inner seeking. I'm just wondering, is that form
of spiritual awakening that we have come to, is that always purely
personal and inward or is that something that can be sparked by
another individual? I've tried to show other people The Urantia Book
and some people are completely closed off to the idea. So I've sort
of thought to myself that maybe it's not their time to understand it
and I'm wondering if there is any purpose in attempting to guide
someone or anyway help awaken them or if that is just an inner
leading that they have to follow?

You are right on all points. It is an inner leading, it is a personal
search that one must take and when they find a source that confirms
that which they have found on their own, it is a glorious time for
them. It may not be so for others that look at the same source and
feel nothing and that is simply because they have not begun that
search and have not found those answers that you so cherish. You can
help lead others to a place where you are at. But, it is always that
person's choice, and that person's willingness to go there. They may
not be ready, they may not want to even begin to search. It is not
their fault either. You must cherish them as well for who they are
and where they are at. At one point or another they will find their
own truths and they will appreciate what you have once done in their
lives. So you are right on all points.

Thank you very much.

JarEl: You are welcome.

Stella: I was just wondering, if you pray for someone else's
potential is that prayer ever answered?

JarEl: It is answered in various ways. Their potential exists
always. Perhaps what you are really praying for is that their
potential is forged and that it is found; that the person opens up
and sees for themselves. The potential is always there. It is in
everyone, even the most wretched have potential. What you should pray
for is that they find that potential; that they open themselves up;
that they soften their hearts. But yes, your prayer does get answered
in various ways. That person at one point or another does see and
does listen unless that person completely and utterly destroys their
own life. In that case that potential is wasted and never fulfilled
and it remains just a potential. Your prayers do go a long way. Your
prayers do have their own signature their own energy and they act as
wisps of love that surround that individual but that person must be
able to hear and feel and understand this love that is sent to him or
her. And if that person never opens up or never comprehends that this
care that everyone around them gives them, they will continue to be
the same way and never grow and never mature. So your prayers are
important and do matter. And with that I leave you. Good night.

All: Goodnight JarEl


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