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Elyon: Once again, I am Elyon here to swoop in by your own invitation and
weave a few of these threads that have been shared and brought forth for
inclusion in the tapestry of understanding. Let us take and imagine together
the implications of the three steps offered so far, in this case offered a
means to acquire musical fluency. The first step that was stated was to make
sure that your instrument is in tune. This is of course a prerequisite for
you to learn how any instrument sounds as it should sound. There is a
balance involved in tuning any instrument. The adjustments must be made so
that the appropriate frequencies are attained of vibration and in so doing
attention is paid to the relationship of each frequency, the one to the

We have spoken of harmony and unison and this applies to the preparation of
any instrument to find the balance where the relationships are maintained
between the different tones appropriately and then the overall sound will
portray these tones of harmony and unison. Likewise this analogy may be
carried over to you as individual instruments of the realm attempting to
strike a balance between all your different aspects of self so that you may
act in harmony, so that you may be in tune in order to provide tones that
are harmonious to your being.

The second step that was offered is to explore your instrument, to play with
the awareness and understanding of your instrument and explore its
dimensions, what is possible, what might be possible. Much of this may be
aided by another individual who has spent time exploring and can then show
you some tricks of the trade as it were and point you in directions that
facilitate your awareness and understanding. But as with life in general
there is no substitute for your direct hands on personal experience. It is
in these stages of explorations that new and different ideas are discovered
and pursued and sounds never before made may be made by the one who has the
curiosity of an eager student to simply try and explore.

Likewise in your spiritual growth as instruments in the realm, you spend a
significant amount of time exploring your dimensions and pursuing your
options. In this way you expand your awareness of what your instrument is
capable of and you grow in the awareness that your instrument may be played
in a variety of manners. Indeed you become more and more of a master over
your instrument and in so doing you develop a level of skill and comfort
which then provide for you the very basis for you to launch with your
instrument into the creative realms, If you are a musician then this is
relating to your instrument of choice. If you are a writer then this is
relating to your ability to sculpt words. If you are a painter then this
relates to your
skills with a brush or a palate. If you are a sculptor perhaps this is time
spent exploring the different chisels and files and how they are able to
provide different results.

Step three that was referred to in this learning process is then having
attained the skill and abilities, the basic knowledge of how the instrument
works, it then becomes your privilege to stop and listen and hear what the
universe is playing, hear what your individual hearts would have you play,
to hear what others are playing that you may choose to harmonize with. But
to simply be in that place of hearing, of awareness of all that is
transpiring around you means that you and your instrument are now part of
the gigantic masterpiece that is creative expression. Once you have devoted
yourselves to these steps you may largely forget them for you have
integrated the awareness, skills and now you are attempting to use these to
fulfill the creative desires and you need not spend over much time to the
"how to" part of the lesson, rather you can let go of the focus on skills
and focus more on that which is the purpose for having learned these skills,
the expression of the individual.

As you all know we have from the beginning worked together to utilize
concept frames that are mortal in origin whenever possible and to draw off
analogies and references that are in common usage and so once again I am
grateful for you having provided the basic diagram of todays lesson and I am
honored to work with you to bring such principles forward. I will conclude
my remarks there in this hour and thank you once again for your invitation
and your willingness to be played as instruments in this process. We all are
privileged to be picked up and played by a universe once in a while, thank

Monjoronson: Hello I am Monjoronson here to follow on the heels of Elyon's
description. To consider yourselves as instruments means that you may be
played to whatever ends your hearts desire. You may be played as was
mentioned earlier, as instruments of love and light and health and healing
towards for instance, your mother earth. You may likewise be played as
instruments of peace for whatever cause you may take up, be it an individual
brother or sister or a collective whole such as the brotherhood of man.
Either way when you step forward to use your instrument to resonate the
tones of peace and love they are received throughout a universe as an
indication of your intention to be used in this way.

This is a rather continuous process as you learn more and more how to be in
tune, how to express yourselves through this instrument and how to listen
for guidance then you become a fluid manifestation of the co-creative
process where you are willingly presenting yourselves to be played by the
forces at play and adding your tones that only individual instruments
possess to what is portrayed.In this way you are an integral part of the
manifestation as without the instrument there are limited options for
manifesting such tones. But with aninstrument, with an orchestra of
with a chorus of voices, great sounds may be brought forth that summon the
forces of a universe the way amagnificent musical accomplishment may bring
the crowd to its feet.

We celestial personalities are tuned in to your song. We recognize your
frequencies and hear your offerings and you are beginning to learn that
having tuned your instrument and having explored your possibilities but then
you are able to express having mastered some skills, you are able to express
in capacities which go beyond your individual recognition but which are the
carrier waves of divine expression as well. Any good writer, musician,
sculptor, poet, painter or artist of any kind will testify to an enhancement
of inspiration beyond what they consider to be their own. They are then able
to take their skills and attempt to manifest this inspiration by simply
being an instrument that is in tune.

And so it is that all of you have undertaken this effort to master your
instrument, to become the best steward of your instrument so that it may be
utilized for the tones that you would choose. The tones of harmony, of love
and of peace are the tones you will choose to resonate through your
instrument and the universe will join you in these expressions and bring
you inspiration and strength where you need them in the process. If I were
to follow Elyons line of using the minds eye I would see you all as an
accomplished orchestra, each one in possession of their instrument which is
well tuned and honed and practiced for the next tune to be portrayed, indeed
I look now and see this orchestra with their eyes up awaiting the baton of
the conductor, tuned, practiced and ready.

Please join me in a moment of gratitude. Father, we come together in this
moment as a grand orchestra together to be given the song we would play, to
be handed the music. We are prepared, we have spent time in the tuning of
our instruments and the development of our skills and now we look to you for
the next song to be played. I have before me an eager group, ones who are
ready at your beck and call to perform the songs of your choosing. Share
with us this sense of accomplishment at having arrived at this place in this
great hall of harmony and join with us as we play the melodies of our
choosing that we perceive would be of your choosing as well and bring us as
we play, your inspiration, your peace and your love that the others may feel
those in the manifestation,

We all, Father, desire to be instruments of your peace. Please help us where
we are uncertain, guide us with your inspiration and your love and let us
play singly and collectively those tones that you would have us bring forth
into this world. We are certain of your influence. We present ourselves to
be used as these instruments and we would look forward to this partnership
of working together to make this so. Thank you for the tones we have heard
in our lives which we have pursued and followed to find you in these places
and allow us to represent that which we know of you to the others. Thank you
for this opportunity, we will cherish it and we ask that you join us and
cherish it as well. And now let us go about to make this so, to take up our
position and to be ready to play, thank you.

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