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Larry: Dear Father, thank you for bringing this
group together. Thank you for all the blessings
you’ve bestowed on each one of us, please help
all of us to be good stewards of these blessings.
Help us to do your will. We love you Father. In Christ Michael’s name, Amen.

George/JarEl: Good evening. It is I, your teacher
JarEl. It is good to be back once more. And I
would like to welcome those who have not been
here for a while and those who are here for the first time.

The choices that you’ve all made in your lives,
the decisions that you have pondered on have led
you not only to this place and this moment in
your life, but many potential and future moments
that have yet to be discovered. You’ve already
set the wheels in motion, to put yourself in a
situation you will be most valuable in. And that
is how things are done in this universe. It is
always done with preplanning and
predetermination. Never are things done
impulsively or at the spur of the moment. And
therefore, your lives, mirror the way the universe works.

You have begun projects that are beginning to
show fruit just now. But these are projects that
you began a good while back. And in the same
instance, you are beginning projects just now
which you will not see the fruit of until years
from now. But you have learned to be patient, you
have learned to watch as things change. No longer
are you impulsive. No longer are your actions
misdirected. Everything in your life has a
purpose, and you put in purpose everything that
you do. So your time is not wasted as it was in your past.

Even so, you are human and you do from time to
time divert back to your old ways, but, that is
to be expected. You are not perfect and neither
do you claim to be perfect, so, it is something that is natural for you.

Nonetheless, you have all brought with you
these internal projects that you know in your
hearts of hearts are very important to this
world. Even though some of you may not feel that
it is right to share this project just now, you
know deep down inside that what you do is
important. And I am not one to guide you or
direct you in a certain way. These are your ideas
that you should fulfill, that you should follow
and they will mean something even though many of
the ideas that you have are but glimpses, they
can be made manifest into this world and you know
now that it takes time to create this reality.
But with this experience, you can create this
reality, you can create what is in your thoughts
and with that knowledge you are equipped to go
out into this world and change realities all
around you. I do not need to tell you how
important this is, for you already know it, for
you already experienced this. And therefore, you
have the knowledge of its values, of its worth.

And as I see this group, I see individual
paths, individual lives, unique to each other.
You all have different paths to travel, but each
path takes you down a road where you will do
good. And every path, every road, every reality
that you create is just as important as the
other. No one person is more important than
another. You are all attempting to fulfill the
Father’s will. You all find the truth within
yourselves and you all define the Father’s will
within yourself. And so if you have seen this
from a perspective that is higher, you will
realize that you are all working towards the
Father’s will. He is working through each and
every one of you in very different ways, in very
unique ways, in very important ways. And that is
what makes all of you special and unique. And for
the rest of your lives you will feel these unique
imprints of God on you. You will never be lost
among the thousands of millions and billions of
celestial beings that exist, for you will always
have that unique imprint, that uniqueness that God loves.

And one day, you will also come to love as
well. You are all learning and growing in this
world, and as you pass from this world, you will
continue to learn and grow and much of this
growth has to do with self-worth, self-love. And
there’s always that possibility that you may not
love yourself as much. But all of this will
change as you grow, as you learn, as you feel the
strength of God all around you, as you feel His
love penetrate you and your soul. You will learn
to love yourself. For He loves you,
unconditionally. Despite all your flaws and all
the mistakes you have made, He loves you. But He
loves you more when you learn to love yourself,
when you learn to appreciate the things that are
around you. He loves you more when you learn to
love your neighbors, your brothers, your sisters.
He loves you more when you no longer hate.

So I come back to the choices that you make,
the decisions that you have put into motion. And
you have decided in some past decision that you
will find God, that you will build your soul. And
all this has been put into motion, and all this
is on your path of reality. And it will happen.
It is just a matter of time. It is inevitable
that it will happen, because you have chosen to
do just that. So remember that your choices are
what make who you are and the decisions that you
make will help shape your future life. And all of
the decisions you have made have been shaping
your life thus far. And they will continue to do
so until the very last choice you make. And this
will happen on some far off distant future that
is too remote to even perceive, but you can begin
to imagine; although, everything that you could
possibly imagine about the moment of being
face-to-face with God would be too fleeting, too
vague, and dream-like, that it will not make any
sense to you. But rest assured, as you progress
inward, this imagination will become more real,
will become more defined, as you travel inward.
Once you reach the Einalitor stage you can begin
to more accurately imagine how this final meeting
with God will be. But if you are ill-equipped at
this moment to imagine, do not beat yourself up,
it is not your fault, it is simply a matter of
knowledge that you have yet to acquire.

Are there any questions here tonight?

Joe: I’ll ask one I guess. This might sound a
little weird, but, what does it mean (pause),
this is going to sound really weird when someone
has a grey, translucent, transparent,.blinking halo over their head?

George/JarEl: You have seen this?

Joe: Yeah
3 months ago.

George/JarEl: Some people have elevated their
frequency. They are not quite to a point where
they are fully spiritual, but they are getting
there. What you are seeing is part of an aura
similar to what Adam and Eve had when they were
in the Garden. It is a natural glow that is given
off when an individual is doing the Father’s
will. It is a connection that he has, he or she
has with God, the circuits, and the eternal spirit.

Joe: It just happens randomly or

George/JarEl: It is not a random thing.
Individuals either have it or will not have it.
This sort of phenomenon would not be given over
to a child who has not yet sought the will of
God. It happens to those who are actively
searching for the truth and who are actively participating in the will of God.

Joe: Thanks.

George/JarEl: You’re welcome. Are there any more questions?

Stella: Yes, JarEl, I did not choose to have this
happen to me, whereby I had, was given some
medication that caused severe problems with my
fingers. I am not able to use them. I don’t know
if I’ll be able to
well what am I supposed to
learn from this? And will I get over it because I
feel as though I have a severe setback and I’m
just wondering what the future is going to hold
for me with this hand the way it is.

George/JarEl: I sympathize with your current
situation. And what you should learn or what
other people should learn is that there are
people who make mistakes on this world. None of
you are yet perfect. You are all very much
fallible and can easily destroy a person’s life
by the decisions that you make. So therefore, you
should be careful when making decisions that
affect others. And you should take serious
consideration when you are responsible for
someone else. It is unfortunate what has happened
to you. It should not have happened to you, but
it did. And accidents do happen. And this is not
something that you chose, nor is it something
that you want, but, it is a part of your life
now. And there are many options that you have;
many decisions that you can make to move forward.

And regardless of what happened you are making
decisions that will ultimately affect others for
the good. And I know that none of this will
ultimately help you with the problem that you
have, but if you can look at it from a higher
perspective and see that many of you in this room
will be subject to mistakes, misdiagnosis,
misprognosis and accidents of time, simply
because your human race has not yet perfected
itself. And many of you will die of this. If you
look at it from a higher point of view, you will
see the need for your planet to uplift itself and
change, and come more into the stage of Light and
Life. You will see this urgent need for your
entire planet to elevate itself, so not only your
nation prospers but all nations prosper. And
there will no longer be rich and poor. And all
peoples will dedicate themselves to bettering
themselves, learning, and sharpening their minds
and perhaps in some far out distant future no
longer will humans be that fallible where they
can make such mistakes as they have made with
you. But this is not the reality in which you
live. And this is why you need the changes. But
there is no individual lesson that you need to
learn from this Stella, this is a lesson for
everyone, for all of humanity. And these lessons
continue to be injected into your world,
everyday, millions of people die because of
mistakes. Millions of people needlessly die
because of mistakes. And it is a sad thing to
witness, but it is where your world is now, and, it needs to change.

Pato: Can I ask a question JarEl?
JarEl: Yes.

Pato: Well first, I want to say, good evening. My
question at the moment is, the Urantia movement
seems to be functioning in various directions and
I guess my question is, is there anything from
the spiritual viewpoint of the beings who are on
this planet helping us as a (inaudible), is there
anything we should be doing as a movement right
now to help further the cause toward light and life?

George/JarEl: From a spiritual point of view, my
friend, you see this movement as going through a
metamorphosis with many changes on the side, and
yes in wide and various directions which it
should be. Many individuals are taking on
individual projects. And when this metamorphosis
concludes, the change will be drastic and
beautiful, it will blossom into something greater
than any organized group could imagine. What you
should be doing to bring this world into an age
of Light and Life is to continue to grow inside,
to grow as individuals spiritually, to bringing
the will of God into your lives, and to bring man
closer to a brotherhood. And you are all capable
of doing this. And many of you have already begun
this. But from our point of view, from our
perspective, we see many of you in a cocoon
stage. You have this inside of you, you have this
knowledge, this wisdom, this revelation, and you
are digesting and it is moving in through your
soul and changing you in many ways and you are
like a cocoon and you will metamorphose into
something beautiful. And that is how we see this
movement at this time. It has not yet found its
glory, its grace. It has not yet spread its wings
and shown its true colors, those beautiful
colors, it has yet to leave its safe place and
fly into the heavens so the light catches it and
the world sees how beautiful this movement is. It
has yet to do all of these things because it is
simply changing and growing inside. And you must
allow this to continue, you must allow people to
find their voice, to find their colors.

Dennis: I have a question. Will this be a correct
statement that those native to a local sphere are
allowed to violate another’s free will because it
is a part of the evolutionary process?

George/JarEl: This is not a true statement
altogether. It is not that they are allowed, it
is that they are not stopped. But violating
someone’s freewill ultimately comes back to you.
It affects you in various ways, in negative ways.
You cannot freely violate people’s wills with no
consequences whatsoever. The consequences ultimately catch up to you.

Dennis: If there was someone not native to the
local sphere that attempted to violate someone’s
freewill, what, would that be stopped?

George/JarEl: Yes.

Dennis: If someone not native to this sphere made
an agreement with someone else native to this
sphere and that individual violated someone
else’s freewill, then that’s kind of a loophole, so to speak?

George/JarEl: Proxy.
Dennis: Yes
What would be done in that circumstance?

George/JarEl: The individual who is coerced is
ultimately responsible, and also the individual
who coerced is responsible. All of this is
recorded, nothing goes unseen or unheard. The
consequences always catch up to them. Everything
that you do in this universe gets recorded.
Nothing is hidden, and therefore you should not
hide. And those who attempt to hide are
ultimately found and have to answer for what they do.

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Dennis: Thank you.

George/JarEl: You’re welcome. Are there any more questions here tonight?

Father Manuel: I have a question here JarEl.
During the last week or so, I have been be-
coming aware of so much beauty, so many things
that just became clear to me from my history and
it just filled me with a deep sense of gratitude.
And made me feel a sense of awe and wanting to
thank God in a deep, grateful way. And in fact, I
did it, I tried to thank the Father, thank Jesus
and my question would be if you have a more
direct access to them, to communicate with them
because of maybe these imperfections, because of
my imperfections, I just wanted to ask you to
transmit that feeling of gratitude on my part, to
Michael this feeling of love, feeling of awe and I wanted to ask or to share.

George/JarEl: Thank you for sharing this. Rest
assured they are aware of your deepest intentions
and your gratitude towards them. There is no need
to go through me my friend. They hear you loud
and clear. They perceive you and they love you.
They embrace you and they appreciate the flowers
that you give them. But they see this coming from
you. They see these beautiful offerings that you
give. Yes, my connection with them is more
direct, but, that does not mean, yours isn’t.
Yours is just as direct as mine is. You are just
as capable of communicating with them as I am.
They very much appreciate your beautiful gestures
towards them, and they will continue to watch you and bless you.

And with that, I bid you all goodnight.

Group: Goodnight JarEl.

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