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DATE: April 6, 2008
T/R: Gerdean

MERIUM plays hostess
ANDROMADEUS discusses the Home Seraphim
ABRAHAM commends the new group format
DANI: discusses other terrestrial student visitors

Music, as prayer: "Amazing Grace"


MERIUM: Good afternoon, this is Merium, your humble hostess. Welcome! Welcome all of you to my embrace. I take this very personally when you show up for class. It is always good to see you, and to observe your individual acts and reflections. But how we do appreciate your gathering together to add strength and power to your personal design.

We do have a visitor. Andromadeus will speak again. Let's hear from him. Not to say "get him out of the way" but let's take care of that discipline and then we'll take a break. Abraham also would like to speak with you this afternoon, but let's jump into the cerebral part of our program, following that most rousing and invigorating medley. The next voice you hear will be Andromadeus.

ANDROMADEUS: Greetings. I am Andromadeus and I've come again to edify you, that is to say, help you focus on the fact of the Most Highs and the work of the spiritual government of your universe -- specifically the area of the universe wherein you live. The agenda, as simple as it is, is to focus on one of the seraphic sectors wherein we are learning more about the sundry angels and how they minister to the myriad children of time and space, and particularly how they impact on your world here, inasmuch as your world here is about all that can possibly make sense to you at this point.

I did think that today we would talk about the angels of the home, but if there is something compelling you to need to know about another area, I would entertain it, although I may not acquiesce to your desires. I will pause here for your input.

Esmeralda: I'd like to hear more about the news I've heard that we are being visited by other beings from other planets and our government is beginning to be a little more open about UFOs. This is totally off the subject, but would like to know more about that.

ANDROMADEUS: You are encroaching upon another area of interest. I will consult with my peers here; one moment please. [Pause] We will take that up as a separate topic, perhaps after your intermission. Abraham will not be long in his remarks and certainly the topic of angels of the home will be sufficiently familiar to you that it will not tax your consciousness. I will proceed with my curriculum as planned.

I would like for you, Reneau, to read the excerpt from the text that relates to the angels of the home, please.

Reneau: Okay. Let me get it. "The home seraphim. Urantia now enjoys the services of the fifth group of angelic ministers dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the home, the basic institution of human civilization."

ANDROMADEUS: Thank you. You will note that these angels are interested both in the conservation of the home as well as progressive manifestations. I point this out because it is another area of potential conflict that stimulates the workers, without calling the proceedings to a halt. You know that there are conflicts on-going between the angels of progress and the "angels of the churches" which sometimes have called us all into confer, and once again in the angels of the home there is this potential for conflict and it is very evident in the sundry philosophic approaches to family life as you observe them in your society today.

There are those who hold with the theory that the nuclear family is the appropriate and indeed the only way in which marriage should be regarded, that marriage should only be undertaken by one man and one woman for the purpose of procreating children for the maintenance of civilization. And these are certainly the conservative set, as compared to those angels who work with surrogate families, broken homes, extended families, same sex parents, and any number of adaptations to the original.

This recent flourish of non-traditional family life scenarios is not entirely a reflection of women's liberation, no, but on the new administration - the new and current [planetary] administration, which has found it advantageous to expand the understanding of the home to include that which has been heretofore regarded as unacceptable or for some reason to be left outside the bounds of custom and propriety.

Home has always been where the woman is. They provide that quality, that instinct, which fulfills the role of nurturing life. And all life needs nurture. Even the most valiant warrior grows weary and would derive comfort from the woman's care and nurturance -- emotionally, physically, spiritually. And this extends into the culture, and when allowed, infiltrates society completely. Such a nurturing attitude is worthy of the oversight of angels.

Our universe parents are nurturing beings. They are caretakers and ministers. And their offspring, the Material Sons and Daughters, are trained in methods that will enhance the home in order to encourage it to become a hub of love and laughter, light and levity, illumination of those things worthy of the effort.

When you go away on a trip on holiday, or when you travel far to work and you turn around, you look forward to returning home. "There is no place like home." The hearth has always represented the home, that place where food is prepared and served, and this has been the role of women from time immemorial because she provides the breast that provides the most basic and essential of foods. Men's obsession with breasts is paying homage to the woman's place as key nurturer of the physical realms. It is an acknowledgement of the body of Nebadonia as surely as the bread and the wine are [acknowledged as] the body of Christ (Michael).

This makes the home a sacred place. It makes marriage, for those who commit to its furtherance, a sacred commitment -- humanly sacred. Caring for one another is a sacred act. Even when it is simply for your own survival, when one takes care of the other, it is not a manifestation of selfishness for survival of one without it being a matter of survival for the other. And when you think of the survival of others, you are engaged in a sacred practice.

Those who lean toward the conservative approach regarding family may often feel as though the sacredness of the home is being defiled by all these adaptations to what you know of as the nuclear family, but the future will reveal that the family of man is much bigger than a cluster of nuclear families. It includes all of humanity, even those who are outside the bounds of matrimony, and children who are born outside the sanction of marriage. They are all nonetheless a part of the family of our Parents on high and they all deserve and need the nurturance and care that come from the essential hearth of our very existence, which is to be found in the divine Mother and protected, upheld and provided for by the divine Father.

This is the true home. And it is represented here, in the many ways you see it portrayed. No matter how far outside the lines you may color, you will always find the basic building blocks intact. The compulsion of men and women to find each other and procreate is a powerful, powerful urge. It is not there to aggravate you or to inconvenience you, but to keep the pattern alive and progressing. Men and women simply will not live without each other, and so you need never fear that this basic building block will be rent asunder. Rather, in the knowledge of this essential universe law, you may entertain the incredible diversity of variations on that theme and for many purposes. There are many, many ways to feed and nurture humanity.

Now that your world has attained a certain pinnacle of development, you can expand your consciousness to incorporate all the peoples of the world as your kin, your extended family. And by developing an idea along the lines of the above, you might begin to realize something of Mother Spirit's work with you all as you begin to reiterate her affection and her pattern out and into the culture around you, that of knowing that you are well fed and cared for, and that as you are found to be whole within yourself and within the framework of your home and that which you share with others, there is enough to go around. There is enough to share. There is enough to open the doors and invite in those who hunger and thirst, those who feel they have no one to whom they may belong.

These angels of the home are urging an expanded and enduring vision of the family of man. Certainly the nuclear family has played and continues to play and will continue to play a vital and necessary role, but from that base, open your arms, open your hearts, open your minds, and yes, as necessary, open your doors and open your purses to begin to care for those who share your universe home.

There are other angels, of course, who are interacting with these home angels, home seraphim. So that there are other interests, other energies, other efforts on-going at the same time. It is rare that anyone would be exclusively devoted to assisting the home angels. But to the extent that you value your home and that you wish that no one go homeless, or that no one come from dysfunction or all the many existent situations that cry out for food and care, they are longing for a home. Be mindful of the efforts of the home angels and appreciate those who are working to implant and experientially demonstrate how it is that the parent/child pattern is able to repeat itself in the most peculiar and unlikely combinations of mortal beings.

If the Master could stand on the cross and say [to those observing], "Behold your mother! Behold your son!" and mean to say "Behold Humanity!" then you too can look around and say, "Behold my brother. Behold my sister. Behold my child. Behold my parent." And embrace this idea of family in the context of the home you share: this planet, Urantia. Such a simple concept and yet so far-reaching. Every one of you can reflect on the efforts and the effects and the success that these angels have brought to you and to your existence.

It is a pleasure to be invited into this home to sit around this hearth with you this afternoon, to feel your love and affection, to sense the mental stimulation in your group and to perceive the spirit lights shining bright within you each, and to enjoy this hearth of your association. I have found a worthy home here among you this afternoon. I will leave here now sustained and impressed with new energy as a result of what I received here this afternoon through your nurturance and your care. [Pause]

Merium asks me to add that while women have been regarded as the home, men too are capable of loving and nurturing. I certainly did not mean to be sexist in my dissertation, but even so, there is an element of that simply because of the fact of your being sexual creatures - male and female. And within those roles, within those parameters, each has a role to play and strengths to offer. Women are also capable of being upholders, protectors and providers, and will, as necessary. But again, the essential building blocks are there and they will not go away, even as hundreds and thousands of modifications and variations occur as we advance to embrace the whole of humanity in the family of God. See you next time.

Group: Thank you.

ABRAHAM: I am Abraham.

Group: Welcome, Abraham.

ABRAHAM: I embrace you, my beloved friends. It is good to be here with you and to have a moment of time with you. I observe you. I observe your growth, your coming and going, as we are apprised through the sundry circuits and through the briefings we receive from those who observe your development.

I wish to congratulate you on your six years of having gathered together to witness and participate in this teaching mission curriculum, and to thank you for those exercises in comprehension that you have undertaken. It is easy to listen to information or theories and be amused by them, allowing them rather to go in one ear and out the other. It is quite another to take what has been planted in your deep mind and ponder it in such a way as it becomes a part of you, and molds you into a better person, a more thinking, revealing, discerning individual.

I wanted to commend, too, the new format. The world is filled with social events. There are thousands of people who are alone in a crowd, who languish in spiritual isolation even as they are surrounded by other people and their social dance card is filled from start to finish. It may appear as though their lives are full, but their lives are empty compared to those who seek to know God, to find their place in His design, obey His guidance, and feast upon His provisions.

The atmosphere of our gatherings is like coming home to the Father, where He has provided for us, set the table for us, and as we sit here at His table we behold the feast He has presented in His loving kindness and His bounty. In this abundance our hearts are overflowing with gratitude. We are no longer striving with men, competing for a place in the world or for someone's affections, for we know who we are and where we are in Him and therefore in relation to one another.

This food that we enjoy at the feast provided by the Father in these teaching mission gatherings that is derived from the focus on the Father, on the Spirit of Truth, and on those concepts which help nurture our consciousness of divine values and meanings strengthens us as we go forth into the world to do his bidding to carry this grace into the arena, to take with us into the arena this confidence of sonship with God. We carry then around with us this tremendous hearth and from this hearth that He provides, through us, we then feed and nurture those we encounter as we pass by.

I commend you and greet you in the Spirit that holds us in the palm of His hand. Shalom.

Group: Thank you for coming. Thank you for hanging out with us, too, Abraham, and sticking by us all these years. We're grateful for you.

MERIUM: I would like to break for a minute so that you can stretch and refresh yourselves, but I would like you to come back. I think there was a provocative question presented. I look forward to your return.


MERIUM: Where are we? Are we discussing other life in the universe? (Yes) And UFOs and that sort of thing. Let's see who here might like to talk about that. What entity might like to tackle that kind of question. One moment.

DANI: I'm Dani. I'd be glad to talk about it.

Group: Hi Dani. Greetings.

DANI: I'm a midwayer, you know, and so .

Reneau: Welcome!

DANI: Welcome to you, too. Thank you. I really have been here all along. I hardly ever miss these soirees.

Reneau: You're a local midwayer.

DANI: I am a local midwayer, yes, in more ways than one. And I've been watching the news, like you, as well as the broadcasts, and am observing the interest in Unidentified Flying Objects and how the news is being received here by humans and governmental agencies and in different countries, yes.

The thing is, you see, ships have always been in the neighborhood. They've been coming by here to observe you for centuries. These ships are undetectable by the human eye, for the most part. Your scientists and speculators now are discovering various ways in which you can fool the eye and remove visibility from that which is ordinarily visible.

And, indeed, I noticed that we midwayers are in the news because there are those who have been discovering us in the orbs that you've talked about seeing on your photographs. "What are those little round things?" "Well, they must be midwayers." "Ha Ha." Come to find out we are indeed being photographed, and science is discovering that -- There we are! And yet they don't know who we are; they simply see our energy in a light. It is like your light, your pilot light, which we see. And so there is this exchange going on that eventually will get more data on one way or another.

Anyway, back to what I was saying, is that ships have been coming here to Urantia all along. Your isolation has not been affected by the quarantine. They didn't put a big fence up around your world, you know -- "our world" since I'm stuck here like you are. They didn't put up a big fence and say "Do not trespass." The circuits that are down are morontial, not physical. And as you open your morontia consciousness, you become connected to morontia realities and so essentially UFOs and enlightenment have little to do with each other except that as a planet becomes more enlightened, it is becoming more enlightened in science and math and lots of other things besides spiritual concerns, and so these things are discovered -- or so I am advised by visiting students with whom we sit and chat about these kinds of things.

You know we are pretty much here, we midwayers. But like you, we want to know what's going on in the galaxy and in the universe. We're in a better position, however, to find out what's going on because of these student visitors and it would be very much like if you were to see a ship land in your front yard and you ran over and knocked on the door and they let you into the flying saucer and you were given a chance to visit all afternoon and evening with other terrestrials. That's how it is with us with the student visitors who come to observe your world.

Reneau: They can see you?

DANI: Define "they."

Reneau: The visitors. We can't see you.

Thoroah: The students.

DANI: Student visitors can see what they've come to see. They don't see everything you do. They are not interested in most of what mortals are interested in, and so they don't notice what you would notice but they notice what they've come to see. And they also notice what we have to report because we are here and we speak both languages. That is to say we speak human languages and we speak the language of morontia, so we are like interpreters and so we get the news coming and going.

Thoroah: So this is kind of like a petting zoo.

DANI: A children's petting zoo.

Thoroah: Okay.

DANI: And I say "children's petting zoo" because anyone who comes through is indeed friendly. It is a friendly universe, as you were saying earlier, Reneau. It is not a hostile place. Your planet is where the hostilities are! The idea of wanting to eviscerate anything that comes along is not my idea of a good time. That's something that comes from the barbarism of your world - and not just the barbarism but the defense mechanism of a world which does not really trust the fact that it is not the only fish in the sea, planet in the sky, world in the universe.

For a long time, you know, it was-- Excuse me. The images that I am throwing at [the T/R] are hard for her to keep up with. I throw her a concept like Columbus discovering America when everyone thought the planet was flat but he perceived it to be round and so he found a way around the orb and discovered a new land. That's the principle I was looking for. When you, not long ago, as a globe, thought you were the only inhabited world in the universe, but now, even within the past 50 years, the awareness has come that you are not the only planet in the universe, and probably not the only inhabited planet.

And in fact there are visitors coming by often and even more often more recently. Some of this, however, is based on the awareness, because of your increased perceptions, because of your increased enlightenment, and scientific techniques, and another [is based on] the possibilities. If the possibilities are there, the mind is more inclined to grasp for the ability to accept the concept. After it was discovered that Columbus went around the world and came back, it was easy enough then for people to begin to accept the fact that the world was round and not flat.

And so, as Roswell proved, at least to some, there is a strong possibility that there is other life in the universe. And in fact [there are] those who are committed to propagate that idea. I will dare say they are in cahoots with the angels of the future. Because in the future you will certainly become more aware of other intelligent life in the universe and more of you will see other intelligent life in the universe, but it will be a great long time before everyone does, and that has to do with the fact that . what shall we say? "The last shall be first and the first shall be last." There are some who will just drag their feet until the last minute, even as there are some who will run right out there to be the first to grasp the new concept. What were you going to say, Thoroah?

Thoroah: I just had a picture of the revelation of things that were so revealed a while ago, kind of like a little chick whose world has been in a shell and it starts to peck its way out. That's kind of what we're doing.

DANI: You're absolutely right. And just like the little chick will start to peck its way out because the shell is too confining, so it is with evolution. When you have attained a certain girth and breadth, you want to break out into the next field, forum or phenomenon, and such is the way it goes with the angels of enlightenment. Isn't it fun how I'm managing to weave all these things together?

Elena: Yeah!

Thoroah: I told you.

Reneau: Well, we need to arrive at a point to where we don't see other life forms as frightening or as dangerous to us. It was interesting the way Columbus bumped into a whole 'nother continent that they were totally unaware of, except the Vikings knew that we were here. As that concept then began to spread over Europe -- "Oh my gosh! There's a whole continent out there just ready for discovery," so that life forms from other planets will be the same sort of broadening concept to our feeble little human minds, you know, that we've been stuck here on this little planet for so long.

DANI: Yes, mind expansion and cosmic expansion are a part of the adventure, and sometimes when you go on an expedition, you come to a cliff and you can't go anywhere but have to turn back. And that's the way it is in cosmic adventures, too. There are some areas where you can only go so far and you meet up with a dark hole or a brick wall and you can't go any farther, but that's what exploration is. There are some who will never explore outside the back yard and there are some who can't wait to get out of the yard, down the street, out of town, across the country and into outer space. So it takes all kinds.

And those who stay at home have to try to not fear what's going to happen to the one out having the adventure, and the one having the adventure has to try to not be impatient with the one who wants to stay at home and hold down the fort.

Elena: Would you repeat that one more time please?

DANI: You're going to have to catch that one .

Elena: I got it. I just wanted to have everybody hear that.

Thoroah: And Dani got us back to the home seraphim, did you notice that?

Reneau: While you're here, Dani. I want to ask you a question about midwayer mobility, and how you manage to move from one location to another.

DANI: We have circuits!

Reneau: What do you mean?

DANI: Well ..

Reneau: How do you travel on the circuit?

DANI: How can I explain this? Haven't we had this conversation before?

Reneau: I don't know. Maybe so, but I don't know the answer.

DANI: And this brain that I'm working with has no scientific perspective to speak of, so I don't have access to the words I would use. Wouldn't one of you fellows with a more scientific bent like to learn to T/R so that I can use the advantages of your mind to get some of these concepts across that I can't seem to convey through Gerdean?

Elena: Men-O-Pah is an engineer!

Thoroah: Would the neurological -- since Reneau is a nurse -- maybe the neurological ideas, the neurology of the human body, and you put that into a morontial level and maybe the circuitry is revealed there.

Reneau: The way pain can travel from your big toe up to your brain and back down or something like that?

DANI: Well, there are circuits. There are systems. There is a system. There is a blood system. The circulatory system, and it includes the arteries and the veins and all the way down into the capillaries.

Reneau: That's a physical system.

DANI: That's all right! It's the same principle. There are circuits. There are systems. And we can travel through those arteries and veins and capillaries just as readily as blood cells in the physical system. There are avenues of operation

Reneau: You sort of hook on.

DANI: You just hook on, plug in and away you go.

Reneau: Cool.

DANI: Like trains, or subways. You . now this is going through her brain: "Just get on the bus, Gus. Make a new plan, Stan." We are -- I like to say "travel agents" because we are able to get around very readily, and where we cannot go, we can generally tap in by way of what you would call computers -- the messaging system that exists.

Reneau: Let me ask you. Welmek talks about the prayer circuits and how you can, if you concentrate on the person that you're praying for, that's sort of like hooking on to a certain circuit that you can then send that prayer to that person and it's more powerful than if it's just sort of nebulous out there. That kind of circuit?

DANI: Well, the prayer circuit is certainly a viable circuit, and it is a way to convey energy from your "heart room" through divine ..

Reneau: Intention?

DANI: Intention, countenance. . through the avenues of God to the angels, to the individual who is the recipient of the prayer. And so if you focus on that individual and their problems, their concerns, their traumas, their danger, their pain, their angst, their situation, . you can more clearly define-- And I don't mean you, but your consciousness, which includes the God within you and the spirit of truth and all the particles and aspects of life that conspire to create what is in the universe, and that does not exclude Life Carriers, so that when you embrace that individual and their circumstance with that power of prayer, it does have an influence.

It's like when you blow on a candle. It will waver and dance in the air and if you blow hard enough, you will blow the candle out. You have power! And getting back to the individual being prayed for, if they know they are being prayed for, then their consciousness is able to open up to the power of prayer that it might more readily come in, although be aware that there are some who are obstreperous as to refuse to receive the power of prayer, in which case you might as well be whistling Dixie, but even so, it's worth the effort because sometimes they let their guard down and a little bit of that air gets through and may just tickle their fancy sufficiently that they decide to embrace the love that is being sent in their direction and they will begin to perceive a light at the end of the tunnel and the prayer will have come into fruition.

No, however, it is not the same thing. I'm thinking more like a train or a subway or something that . connect the dots.

Reneau: Some kind of power circuit.

DANI: Yes. But one with locomotion! Because it's not just a thought. It's not just energy. It's not just infinity. I'm a material being! I know I'm invisible but I am still a material being. And so I need to have a vehicle. (Hmm) And that vehicle travels over the circuits to get from here to there.

Reneau: At a high rate of speed?

DANI: At a very high rate of speed. A very, very, very high rate of speed.

Reneau: Yahoo. So when we're in the morontia realm, we too can travel at that high rate of speed? Without the benefit of the seraphim taking us there?

DANI: Ostensibly yes,

Reneau: Cool.

Men-O-Pah: Faster than the speed of light? That's the only speed that we know of -- the fastest speed we know anything about.

DANI: I will not answer that question simply because Gerdean will not allow me to. She does not know science and she will not permit me to say yes or no because she feels accountable for my response. It's in the text. We're documented in the text, and our speed of travel is also documented there. So there's some homework for you all, if it really matters. But yes, we travel on circuits. And yes there are UFOs. There are lots and lots of visitors.

Men-O-Pah: Are they visitors simply because they are curious? Or do they have an ax to grind? Are they here because we have something that they need?

DANI: No, you're thinking in terms of Star Wars, as if they were going to come and suck your blood, or take your minerals. I'm not thinking in those terms, as those are not relevant. Those are fantasies. Student visitors who come here don't simply come out of a sense of curiosity. "Oh, look! There's a planet over there. Let's go see what they're all about." No. It is an intelligent universe. By the time someone is able to navigate the circuits of the universe, they are well versed in what they are investigating, and those that come here would be coming here for a reason. Not to take away from you but to compare, perhaps, or assess your development.

Curiosity is not something that extends too far into the intelligent universe.

Elena: Well, I think we're curious. I mean, man's probes have gone to Saturn and to Saturn's moons, to Titan, and I'm kind of curious. I think one of the main inspirations for that journey is probably curiosity, but also to find out. You know, wanting to learn but also I'd have to say that Men-O-Pah's point about curiosity probably plays a large degree..

DANI: Well, it certainly does for you at this point because you don't know! However, after you know, there's no reason to be curious. They have no reason to be curious about you; they know you are here. They even know, according to the records, the statistics of this world. They can find out readily enough the history of the planet, the gases, the geological conditions, and if they are on a spiritual mission they are able to check the records and discover that this is where Jesus lived, this is a planet that has been in quarantine, this is a planet that has suffered certain deprivations. They can anticipate that they will find certain deficiencies, and so you may find that student visitor who is studying a specific deficiency may come here to observe first-hand how that manifests in humanoid life form of this sort. But there will be a purpose to it. It's not just, "Oh, let's go around that corner and see what's over there." You see?

Reneau: Or being like a tourist and seeing the Grand Canyon and some of our beauties.

DANI: Right. Right.

Elena: One thing that comes to mind about that is that, I mean, since Christ Michael did come to our planet, would they feel kind of negative toward us in the way that we, you know, actually -- well, that we killed him! Or that kind of thing, rather than -

DANI: No. That's sheer ignorance. That's ignorance that you would expect to find on this world, but not from advanced beings who come here. That would be like someone who hated today's Jews because the Sanhedrin put Jesus to death 2,000 years ago. That's sheer ignorance. You can't blame people on the planet today for the fact that the Michael Son was crucified here 2,000 years ago and advanced beings know that. They are not going to hold it against you. It wasn't your fault.

They however might have that in mind that it is a still very barbaric world and that they still engage in war on this planet, there are still many diseases that have not been cured or mastered. Of course they would understand these aspects of life here before they entered into the atmosphere. Anyone who goes on a venture will want to know certain things in advance, as much as they can. It's part of counting the cost, if I may be so elemental.

Is there any point in going there? Is this world advanced enough to even give them the information that will help them in their research or whatever it is that they are coming here for. As I indicated, there could be many reasons, but curiosity is probably not uppermost.

Reneau: Probably not just a vacation, either.

Men-O-Pah: I heard you say something there that I guess I've been wanting to hear. It wasn't my fault that Christ was crucified. You know, I come from a staunch old Southern Baptist family and they thought it was their fault.

Thoroah: Yeah.

Men-O-Pah: And they passed that notion on to me. And I thought it was my fault.

DANI: Of course.

Men-O-Pah: But lately I've come to the idea that perhaps it really wasn't my fault, but it certainly encourages me to hear you say, in fact, "It wasn't your fault!"

Thoroah: That's very liberating.

Men-O-Pah: It is!

Elena: Yes.

DANI:` Yes. Well, I've certainly done my good deed for the day!

Reneau: Thank you, Dani!

Men-O-Pah: You've rung my chimes, Dani.

DANI: I'm glad to have rung your chimes. And to have amused you so readily in my recitation about the student visitors that I have encountered. Esmeralda, has that ..?

Esmeralda: Oh, it's been very interesting! And I was just very encouraged to hear that some of our people are acknowledging that ours is not the only planet in the universe.

DANI: Well, it's about time!

Esmeralda: And they are! This is very -- I was just very encouraged and very pleased with it. I also wondered if they were readers of the Urantia Book.

DANI: Probably not.

Esmeralda: And probably not, but it's very encouraging.

DANI: But you and people like you who do read the Urantia Papers and/or who do have angels of enlightenment in your retinue of associates are able to open mental doors for others as you pass by in your liberal attitude regarding these kinds of things. As you educate your fellow man, they become more inclined to allow these concepts to come in and take hold.

Esmeralda: Well, I had a feeling of, "Hey! We're making progress here!"

Reneau: I want to ask a question. I don't know if you're allowed to answer or not, Dani, since this does go out on the circuits. Has contact been made with world leaders, then, and is that why they are becoming more resonant to talk about it.

DANI: World leaders know. Whether you want to call that contact or not I'm not sure. Contact to you may mean something different that it would to them. Contact to you, in terms of a relationship, may be a physical contact, a meeting of the minds, even an engagement, where as contact to someone who is threatened by your presence may mean yes we're heard of them, so it depends upon your definition of contact. Yes, they are very much aware, but they are also very threatened by the concept that they may not have everything under control.

Group: (Chortling)

Thoroah: Ain't that a fact.

Men-O-Pah: We sure get edgy when we think we've lost control.

DANI: I'm afraid that I've gone out of control and we've used up the entire tape jabbering this afternoon. I'm going to beat cleats and give this back to Merium. See you later.

Group: Thank you, Dani! Thank you ever so much.

MERIUM: And I am so glad to have been able to play hostess this afternoon to an outstanding cast of characters. And how delighted I am with you, my beloved students. I tell you, I don't feel as if I am babysitting anymore. I feel as though we have all risen to the occasion and have been attending class in the Urantia branch of the Melchizedek University along with the rest of the boys and girls in this teaching mission, for which I am very pleased and very thankful. I'll see you next time. Bye-bye.

Group: Bye-bye, Merium. Thank you!
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