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Teacher: Aurora, Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo

Topics: Repatterning Experience with Michael and Nebadonia

Transmission from Michael

March 23, 2008

Greetings to you, this is Aurora. I am delighted to join you again, especially today as this is your Easter celebration. You had a beautiful day to enjoy.the sky was clear, the sun was shining, the air was warm, and the subtle fragrances of the spring blossoms wafted through the air. Enjoy this time of season. It truly is the rebirth of life through a natural unfolding that repeats itself year after year.

Today's lesson and experience I would like to share with you centers on this theme of rebirth and renewal. As my sisters and I have been moving in you to harmonize you with the higher energies of the universe and to weave you into a more harmonious fabric to collaborate more cooperatively with one another, I would like to take you on a journey into this idea of renewal and rebirth. This will also be woven into your energy system as part of the harmonization we would like to conduct for you this evening. Are you all interested in this? (Yes!)

Envision a seed; a very small seed planted inside the heart of your Father Michael. You are this seed. As you envision yourself in this place, invite your body to breathe and relax. We will make adjustments in you now. (Pause)

Allow your body to open to the heartbeat of your Father. Allow this tiny seed to grow within the heartbeat. Feel the gentle pulsations in your body reverberate in the center of your chest radiating, gently undulating. Allow the pulsations of your heart to become stronger and more perceivable in your mind. (Pause)

Your Father's peace surrounds you. You are safe in him. Invite your Mother to expand you, to catalyze the burst of growth in this little seed. Invite her energies of renewal and rebirth to release a new awareness of love within your being through her catalyzing spark of life. Open to her joy. (Pause)

My sisters and I will continue to move in you to bring these circuits into alignment in your body. Continue to relax and breathe. (Pause) Receive your Father's compassion. Receive his mercy. Receive your Mother's love. (Pause) Gently open and receive inside of your heart...receive this in joy.

Michael has called all of you into service for the reclamation of your brothers' and sisters' lives from the despair and fear they have been mired in. Today it is your Father's joy to impart a deeper impression of his love within your being to carry a deeper imprint of his love and compassion, his mercy and understanding to your brothers and sisters. (Pause) I will withdraw now for a moment as I step aside for your Father to speak to you now.

Michael: My beloved children, I greet you this day! You are among those mighty Urantian souls who are now preparing themselves to gather the flock, to bring my children to me to receive their divine inheritance. As I have shared with you and through the words of many, you will not do this by words. You will do it by the magnetizing power of the Spirit within you-the drawing power that I give to you as my gift to share in the joys of the harvest and the abundance of the feast at the table where you all join with me as equals in ministering to this world and uplifting it. Know that what has been seeded in you will grow. It will begin to magnetize others to you.

Look closely at the individuals who cross your path throughout the day. Sense them with your heart. Allow the energies of my love to flow from you to magnetize and catalyze something in that person just as you have been catalyzed today by your Mother Spirit. Share my love, share it freely. Open yourselves. It is safe.

The time of the heart is upon Urantia. The day when humanity is controlled by the mind of fear is over. Stand in the truth of who you are, in the fullness of your divine inheritance. Bring my children to me and we shall build the days of glory together here on Urantia. Good evening, my beloved children.

Aurora: This is Aurora. I have returned. As you savor this energy, continue to ask us during the day to help you incorporate it in the coming days. These new energies are an integral part of the new awareness growing on this world. You are adding your intentions and thoughts to this new mind of love, truth, peace, beauty, goodness and righteousness. It is gently taking shape and forming within the hearts and minds of your brothers and sisters of this world.

Thought forms are malleable. You can help them grow by adding the feelings of love from your heart into them, placing that loving thought over one of your brothers or sisters as a shield, an umbrella, a bubble of light enfolding them to nourish their soul. Yes, savor these energies, and invite your Father's compassion to go deeper to etch a more indelible mark within your energy system. (Pause)

Many people suffer because they are not open to receiving their Father's compassion. Yet, so much of it would be mitigated in stepping up to receive. This is a healing balm that breeds the ideas of forgiveness within the human heart. It softens the resistance within the body to the pain it has felt because you have felt unloved, unwanted, undeserving. Let this compassion settle in deeply, energizing and vibrating each atom of your body into its tenderness and safety, comfort and security. (Pause)

The atoms of your body are programmed, you might say, for compassion. This natural affinity is part of your divine inheritance. (Pause) The atoms of your body are naturally directed toward the vibration of love. Allow your Father's compassion to draw these molecules, these basic primal responses of your body into the energies of love. (Pause)

Now invite the renewing energies of your Mother to come into your being to move through you from your root chakra and let it move upward. (Pause) The repair of the human energy system is of utmost importance to us. We are here to help you, so I encourage you to be reminded to call upon us so these new energies continue to integrate within you.

I thank our Father and Mother for what they allowed my sisters and me to weave into you today. We stand ready to serve you at any moment's notice as the energies of love settle into your being and reverberate outwardly into your life. You become this magnet through your being. How is it that Jesus was able to attract so many followers to him from the masses? At that time so few truly had the ears to hear, but yet they came because they sensed his genuineness, his sincerity, his ability to love them and appreciate them in spite of themselves. The same holds true for your brothers and sisters. Let them know they are loved through your magnetic being. (Pause)

On behalf of my sisters, we will begin to close the circuits and allow your natural rhythms integrate with these energies. We will explore these energies next week when we gather again. Today is a day of experience, but please feel free to share amongst yourselves when these energies have settled in and you are in a more present state of mind. We love you. We are devoted to you. We are here at any moment's notice. Use us, my friends. It is our delight to bring you back the fullness of your divine inheritance. Good evening.
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