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Teacher: Aurora

TR: Donna D'Ingillo

Topics: Deeper impression of harmonizing energy

Q&A of emotional responses

March 9, 2008

Greetings to you, my sisters! This is Aurora. It does appear that we have been away from one another for a while conversing in this manner. Before we begin the experience tonight, may I inquire of either of you if you have any observations on your ability to harmonize with others since we began our instruction?

Student: The only observation I have is that my focus is to harmonize with others, but in the past I've discovered I tend to do that to my detriment. I feel I'm being led to do that in a way that is no longer so detrimental to me. (Thank you.)

Student: What I've been noticing is that when the fear comes up within me when I'm around people or when I'm uncomfortable around people that calling upon the Divine Mother has been tremendously helpful. It seems for the first time in my life I'm actually feeling what it is to be truly calm and at ease with people when I recognize that my Mother is there. I've only done this a few times (maybe 3-4) and it's been tremendously changing the way I interact with other people. Thank you!

Aurora: I am very pleased to hear this, my sister. I thank you for your comments. As you both know, this ability to harmonize with your brothers and sisters is not always the easiest activity that you can engage in, is it not? There are many feelings that come to mind. There are many reactive body habits that trigger certain responses in your emotions. Tonight, I would invite you, if you are willing, to receive a deeper impression of this note of F that we have been impressing into your energetic being. This resonance has the capacity to resound deeply into your being. It is true that it could resonate to the depths of your being because the depth of your being is your Divine Source and the vibration that we are ringing in you is this primal vibration from your Divine Source.

The resonance within you becomes stronger and deeper. It integrates the various components of your character-your experiences, your thoughts-and brings them into greater alignment with your Indwelling Father Fragment so that your minds begin to resonate with one another. Before we begin this exercise this evening, may I ask you if you are interested in receiving this endowment tonight? (Yes) Thank you.

Relax in your seat. Focus on your heart. As the vibrations settle into your body, in your mind's eye invite the vibrations to go deeper into those places where this vibration has not yet struck its lovely resonance within you. (Bell is rung; pause)

Invite the vibration to move down into your energetic core. It may be difficult to feel this core, but in setting the intention to do so, you allow the vibration to move that direction. (Pause)

As the vibrations open you deeper and wider, allow the movement to continue to move downward. Let it move out your feet, going back into the energy patterns that are still configured around you. (Pause) The Father's love, the primal vibrational response, is a long and slow wave. As you allow this wave to move through your body, envision yourself riding this wave and let it move you through the vibrations in your body to that deep pool of peace that is your source of renewal. (Pause) Allow any tension, pressure, or restriction to be enticed into this wave and gently moved out of your body and back from where it came.

The human energy system is a very complex, beautiful, refined and highly evolved and intricate configuration. You see the physical body. We see you as creations of light and your vibrational patterns indicate certain dimensions of your growth and development. To bring your being into divine resonance is an undertaking we wish to help you achieve. It is as if you are opening yourself up to us in an experimental situation, and trusting us as the celestial students to use you and experiment on you with these new energies and how they will improve and enhance your overall system.

The energies in you are only operative insofar as you make those conscious choices to be guided by your Father Fragment for that eventual Adjuster fusion destiny. The development of your higher consciousness begins to unfold as these impressions go deeper into your body. They are creating that resonance in your being for more depth, breadth, and height of information to be received in you. So many times you study books and you read to stimulate your ideas of creativity. Truly, this pales in comparison with the focus inward towards your Spirit, to perceive with your spiritual eyes the immensity of the universe. Yes, other people's ideas are good to explore, and part of the harmonization is for you to become comfortable in exploring other people's ideas. But your own ideas, your own inner sense of what they wish to convey to you are the predominant ideas that are for your consideration, for your life, for your direction, for your approach to this long journey of Paradise ascent that you are now on.

So know in harmonizing yourself to these higher vibrational frequencies you are expanding your ability to learn from others, to allow their ideas to become blended with your own and to enhance them. This provides more food for thought for your Indwelling Father Fragment to provide deeper insights into your own awareness of your own gifts and own abilities. Then the resonance going deeper provides your mind that expanded capacity for truth and goodness. Now allow these ideas to settle in and allow the energy to expand you wider and deeper as my sisters and I continue to make adjustments in your body. (Pause)

Energy is all around you, my sisters. It is the stuff of life. It is conveyed through the multiple and myriad circuits of our wonderful Mother, whose consciousness enlivens your physical bodies. (Pause) Receive a deeper impression of your Mother now with the intention that you will begin to resonate with the energies that allow others to harmonize with you because they will be picking up on the signals of love that are moving through your system. Allow this drawing power of Mother to integrate into the adjustments we have made this evening. (Pause) Thank you for participating in this experience with me this evening. Please take a few moments to reorient yourself to my instruction. I will address any comments or questions you might have about this experience. You may speak when you feel ready.

Student: I just experienced the soothing energy of Mother Spirit. I felt Her energy bring my energy vibration to more of what Her energy vibration is. It's been changed (words too faint to hear).

Aurora: In your new profession in providing care to your young charges, allow this energy of Mother to swell up within you so that these little ones are impressing upon the gentleness and tenderness of their Spirit Mother. Use these intervening weeks to expand your capacity for Mother's love, that you may impart this to the little ones you will be caring for. This will also help to conserve your sanity while you are caring for such youthful enthusiasm and activity. Sometimes when your body becomes focused on running after them and keeping them entertained, you shift your awareness from your spiritual source to providing for their needs. It will be important for you to stay connected to Mother so you can impart a high degree of peace and centeredness into these children so they can take this when they go home. Do you have any questions about this?

Student: I feel like I'm so not in that space in my day to day life. For very few moments in my day am I truly connected to that source. I know that it is so important to hold a specific energy of Mother-God in order to pass it on to children.that's the most important way to pass it on. I'm afraid of the responsibility of that. I'm afraid that I don't know how to be that and won't be able to be that for the kids.

Aurora: May I make a suggestion? (Yes) Instead of being concerned that you will not be that for the children, ensure that you take the time each day to spend with your Mother and Father that they may continue to build you in their presence so that you are feeling confident that you will indeed impart this to them. Why put yourself in the position to be concerned about their welfare when you can easily take charge and develop yourself so that you will feel this exquisite sense of joyful service as you love them, play with them, help them grow through interaction in a positive and peaceful manner. Use this time to develop your foundation so that when the activity of all these little ones begins to become overwhelming, you will not be overpowered by them and you will maintain control. Do you have any thoughts about my suggestion?

Student: That's very helpful. I was thinking a few days ago that this was the only way I would be able to do it and remain same. I knew at one point I would have to give over to that centered feeling or I wouldn't be able to make it as a person who takes care of children. I thought I would have to make it to that point that I wouldn't be centered and then I'd say, "oh, this doesn't work, and I have to get centered!" but now you're presenting me the possibility of just practicing and starting out being centered. Thank you. That's inspiring and helpful and I will do my practice more than I have been doing it-increasing my stillness time with Mother and Father.

Aurora: That is a goal: to be anchored in the presence of your own Indwelling Spirit that is so ready to guide you and support you through all of your activities during the day. If you knew that you could perceive this level of support, then would it make practicing stillness more attractive to become more habitual and dedicated to it?

Student: Yes, that's very helpful.

Aurora: Do you have any other questions or comments? (No) T, my sister, it has been some time since we last conversed. How may I be of service to you this evening?

Student: You have already been of service. This was a worthwhile and enjoyable meditation.

Aurora: Do you have any questions or comments that you would wish to share with me.

Student: Nothing specific, I'm still processing some of the insights I received during the meditation.

Aurora: I will leave you to your thoughts and thank you for participating with me. I am glad that you felt what we shared with you tonight.

Student: Could I ask you one more question? (Of course!) I was at a conference this weekend on Ayurveda. We were learning about prana-the life force. When the flow gets blocked, the energy stagnates and that what creates disease in the whole energetic system manifesting in the body. I find that I have been having problems with my endrocine system being somewhat out of balance. I take medication to help my thyroid. This weekend I became aware for the first time that I tighten my throat when I feel like I'm going to cry. I tighten my throat so I don't cry. It's not a very sociable thing to do. Ever since I was a child there is this emotion and I cry a lot. I finally realized that when I was in 5th grade I learned how to stop myself from crying. As soon as that happened, I started having really severe throat problems. My question is: I would like to know how to be able to during my life allow that energy to release without me having to cry, like when I'm in the middle of my day at work or in a social situation. How can I let that energy release without having to stop myself from crying and clenching my throat and body and stopping the prana? Is there an energetic way I can release all of that and allow the prana to flow?

Aurora: Your culture has deemed it advisable for you to hide and control your feelings at all times. It is recognized as socially unacceptable to have strong bursts of feeling. Most people respond emotionally strongly in a negative way. That is very uncomfortable for people to witness and to be around that directed hurtful energy. When you begin to feel your body in this position, instead of trying to fight it, simply acknowledge that it is there to teach you something. Begin to disassociate yourself from the feeling. Take the position that you are an observer. In a sense, you are coolly observing the emotions you feel, but you are not letting them become so strong in you that they trigger a physical reaction.

You will need to practice this and perhaps to do it in the safety of your own home when you feel this situation upon you. But do not judge yourself if you feel that you need to cry. Simply excuse yourself, if you can, and say that you have something in your eye or that you need a moment alone and excuse yourself to a more private place and allow your emotions to express themselves. Allow your feelings to come out. There is no shame in the act of crying.it is only your culture that has denigrated your body's natural ability to wash away hurtful attacks upon it. I will pause here and ask for your comments or questions if you need clarification or expansion on this answer.

Student: So the emotions are not truly us? I feel like I'm making this black and white. It may or may not be. They are just things that happen in the physical realm. Is that how we can be observers of them?

Aurora: You have the capacity to feel. Sometimes the situation is hurtful so it will trigger a response in you that makes you feel sad, in pain or hurt in any way. However, you can begin to learn how to circumvent this by recognizing that you are reacting to something within you that is out of alignment with love, with peace. Ask that question: "What is it that is making me feel this way?" "What experience, or memory, or thought is being triggered?" You have a recording device within yourself. You can allow what this painful feeling is representing, where it is coming from. You can ask to see this, but you must be willing to see the truth, and if the truth is in any way something that might upset you because you have not come to understand it in its fullest context of what it means in the larger picture of things, then you must wait upon the time when your mind has been stretched to perceive things from that higher vantage point. Your emotions are, in a way, your sensing device to know and gauge how well you are in or out of alignment. Does this help?

Student: Yes, this helps a lot. With this past situation I'm thinking of, I've done once or twice what you are talking about, and I keep on having to do it again. Will that keep happening? Will I have to go it again until it clears?

Aurora: Well, I think you would be the better one to answer that than I! What do you think? If the block is still there and has not cleared, then what would you need to do? The question to ask yourself is, "Have I seen this situation in the most comprehensive way that I can?" Perhaps you are not seeing the big picture because you have not had the experiences you require to see the root cause as something that you are to learn from instead of being hurt by.

Student: So to see it more through God's eyes, or the Divine Mother's eyes will shed a certain light on the situation that I could never see before. One of the aspects of that is that it is to be learned from and that will help to clear that energy.

Aurora: Yes. (Thank you) Try this and you may ask me for further clarification and guidance after you have had a larger perspective imparted into your mind. Does this satisfy you for right now, my sister? (Yes, thank you)

It is truly a work of art, your human energy system and how the divine weaves through it, gently upstepping you and moving you closer to your eventual destiny. The time is coming when your internal vision will be enhanced; that you can see more of how you are put together in more subtle forms. Your sciences have well understood the mechanics of the physical body, but yet have much to learn on the interactions of the spirit dimensions and the entire system as a dynamic, living energy spark from the Divine Source. Soon this will be a field that will attract many. Those of you involved in healing have begun to set the stage for the depiction of this system in a much enhanced way. You will be delighted at the beauty and symmetry of what you see. There are artists already who have conceptualized this to some degree, but when you can see this more of a multi-dimensional form, you will be truly awed by the intelligence of the design and the care that was taken to make you uniquely flesh and bone yet spirit in origin and destiny.

As you read this transcript when it is available, ponder these words. Allow the experience you had this evening to be recreated in your mind. You are now being woven even more tightly into this glorious fabric of life that is our Universe Mother and her home. Settle in, my sisters, settle in for the duration. You will be here for a very long time. It's cozy and safe, warm and nurturing. Let yourself rest in your Mother and Father. Invite them in as I leave you in their peace. (Pause) Good evening.
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