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Elyon: Greetings to you, this is Elyon. I am happy to make attendance in
this beautiful assembly of aspiring souls. Your conversations are a joy to
behold: is witnessed in your expressions, your love, your respect and your
honor for one anothers spiritual standing. If you could but witness the
assembly at the sea of glass you would likewise enjoy such exchanges,
communications which on the morontia level ring with overtones and harmonies
that are beautiful to the auditory sense as well as full of meaning that is
being communicated. You likewise are illuminated when you speak, your souls
glow and while each one of you at this point of focus are miles apart I can
witness each of you and behold the beauty of your collective glow.

While you look celestial-ward to receive our communications we pledge
ourselves to be present for you and it is our duty to Michael to express to
you that which will be nourishing and relevant. I will be honored to take on
this role tonight. Early in your spiritual unfoldment you had before you
options that would or could be applied to assist you in discovering divine
truth and in discerning cosmic realities. For some there was but a certain
delineation of teachings that provided the guidance, for others there was a
broad range of teachings; sometimes confusing and sometimes profoundly
interconnected. But regardless of these seeds of truth it was your desire,
your thirst for higher realities that truly spawned your growth and spurred
your growth onward.

Some stages along the way you left behind teachings that fit for an interval
of time but in your ascent you had outgrown. Some became even more profound
as you grew into the understanding of the enlightenment contained within. A
child at five finds the world to be full of perplexities and wonderment, by
ten some grasp of the way things work has been attained but that child still
wonders, seeks adventure to discover more and by twenty the world has become
even larger and more possibilities are presented for actions to be
undertaken but the wonderment and the desire to discover remains.

As you have progressed on your path to Paradise, much has been grappled with
and integrated into your being be it experiential exposure to reality, be it
philosophical comprehension and understanding. Regardless of your current
state it is that wonderment, the desire to discover, that hunger and thirst
for higher realities that continues your ascent. While curiosity, doubt can
lead to the search it is also beneficial to have a sense of certainty,
humble assuredness and a good degree of accomplishment and a knowledge

Continue ever to be wanting more for you have a great unfolding adventure
that will transpire over many ages. I am one from a system of planets much
older than your system of planets and I continue even at this moment to
discover deeper significances about being alive and interconnecting with the
many other spirits and souls about me. Some of you are at an age in your
human state where you have reasonably comprehended the meaning of human life
and you are also gaining some grasp of the realities of the morontia realm
for your soul is your morontia connection and your souls have enlarged
greatly and I am also one of morontia status but my friends, all of us have
yet to discover the pure spirit realm and so I like you are curious and
wonder what the experience will be like.

I receive hints and glimpses just as you receive such about the realm of the
morontia. Every lesson learned as you have been told is a building block, a
rung in the ladder, a knot in the climbing rope. I urge you to continually
look for that higher rung, to tie the next knot. Yes, be certain of your
past accomplishments for you have put forth much effort and some pain into
getting to your current state but rest not, go forth, go with the jubilance
of a child who is allowed to run out beyond the yard. Seek behind every new
corner, climb every new challenge, ascend to the next vista that you may see
what is ahead.

It is my desire tonight to encourage you in your growth. I acknowledge your
attainment and I pray that you will ever be wanting to discover more for as
Jesus said, " seek first the kingdom and all things will be added thereto."
I now will encourage you to give comment or to petition me. Thank you for
receiving my outreach and expression.

Q: Elyon, good evening, this is *****. I wonder if you would please kindly
make a comment or two on the the issues of the planet going through stasis
[events foretold in some circles which did not occur]. Those who [had
expectations] need words of encouragement because I know there are people in
the Urantia fold, teaching and magisteial mission circles who are aware and
are impatient or disturbed or not happy about the delay. Some are even
casting doubts. Some words of encouragement and also a word or two on that
topic if you don't mind please.

Elyon: I am personally not at liberty to discuss the astronomical elements
of your question though I will comment that the history of your neighboring
planet is one of a solar connection and could have been what you speak of it
becoming in the future. I am not engaged in those undertakings. My focus is
on those here on Urantia seeking spiritual growth of a spiritual nature.
Other teachers are quite well equipped to address that question. Regarding
patience however, this fits my field of focus. In the classic recording of
Jesus's life on your world you have the story of the temptation wherein
Satan sought to tease Jesus into assuming his soverignty prior to his
planned experiential attainment.

All that was teased of him were quite readily executable by Michael but he
knew that such brief engagements of a nature so expressed were not conducive
to the overall welfare on which he was bestowed and so he declined and a
rather ordinary life unfolded. He was one like many of his time who had a
following and taught spiritual truths. The content of his teachings has
penetrated deep into the centuries, moreso than many of His contemporaries
and this is because the Michael Son of Nebadon was walking in those sandals.
Some would argue that his life was terminated before any truly spectacular
accomplishment could have been made on this world in the name of The Father
but centuries have unfolded and his teachings have taken root and this
teaching mission also follows these same patterns for it is not wise to
flash upon the scene with great spectacular attention drawn to us.

It is better that we root deeply into the consciousness of those like you
and the many spread about this world who desire to become the manifestation
of the great cosmic family. There will be episodes you will be able to point
to as significant markings in this outreach program but there will be great
intervals of time wherein it will be negligible observationally, what is
considered progress. Be not tempted to hasten the arrival of significant
events for many of them led astray and wandered into their own machinations.
Ever listen to the guidance of spirit. Spirit will act when ready just as
Michael came when spirit was ready and even the one who paved the way,
Machiventa, was two thousand years before Michael; many generations from
your perspective and you know of the ancient Van and Amadon who likewise
while granted the freedom to live longer than any could conceive still had
to wait great periods of time.

Jesus never grew tired of saying, "my hour has not yet come" but when it
arrived he hastened to be about The Father's business. The Magisterial
Mission has a focus upon your world and it is a grand undertaking and I
perceive, awesome from your perspective. But there are other planets just
like yours and there are similar missionary outreaches occurring on these
worlds and they are all inter-coordinated. The human interface with this
undertaking is one smaller aspect and so some events longed for must wait
until the larger coordination is accomplished and the system can progress to
the next level of reconciliation and natural normalization. Human beings
here are a welcomed troop in the overall congregation of light workers but
please trust that the grand scheme, the larger perspective is in the hands
of wise beings and that some of the things that must be accomplished are
beyond your involvement and will bring perplexity to the human who aspires
for accomplishment and for change of one of the many planets. I hope this
addresses your question.

Q: Yes, thank you very much, it was very interesting, I appreciate. One more
thing, would you talk about the sea of glass. For lack of a better way of
expression, is there something one can do to have an experience of the sea
of glass while here on earth maybe by way of vision or something, some
unusual experience?

Elyon: You can be taken up. Your ability to reach such opening is brought
about through stillness and a deep turning over of yourself to the
indwelling presence, that emptying of oneself and the infilling of spirit is
what you can do but the divine presence will decide if it is to your welfare
and best advantage to be graced with the experience. I encourage you to
offer and wait and it will come as The Father within deems it appropriate.

Q: Thank you very much, I will dwell on that.

Q: Good evening Elyon and I would like to ask since we are on this planet,
part of the reclamation of the other planets into the correcting time, if
this constitutes somewhere along the level of the Most Highs ruling in the
kingdoms of men, not just Urantian nations but other planetary nations and
as we act here in obediance and jubilant looking forward with steady efforts
to follow our adjusters will for us; isn't this participating then in the
Most Highs kingdom of heaven and kingdom within and around us?

Elyon: I am one noted for giving long responses but in relation to your
question I can say, yes, but I will add some comment. The human interaction
with these efforts is twofold. One is your discernment of what is
transpiring, your willingness to align to the efforts and to be engaged in
the actions but I remind you that all of time and space is an experience in
the unfoldment of supremacy and this entails creativity on your own and so
while the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of mankind, they are also looking
toward the creative actions of the many within the kingdom and this will
reveal the potentials and means for undertaking the revelations of light.
And so you may wait and listen but you may also create and express and
therefore co-participate in this rule of God's love among all creatures.
[Thank you.]

If you are content with our exchange I will draw close to our gathering. I
look to Michael now. Michael, may I remind my friends here of the image of
you when you dwelt upon their world, of your willingness to sit and to
engage with the many children that were in your life and in your village and
I wish that we all right now imagine ourselves climbing on your knee;
looking over your shoulder and pulling at your arm, happy to hear you speak
and be engaged with you; carefree, one as an equal though yet you were the
wiser, rich in stories which were edifying but all the while so loving, so
caring and so approachable. We receive that energy that you are, now, and
thank you.


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