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North Idaho Teaching Mission group
Topics: Connectivity, Energy, Consciousness, Awareness, Healing.
Teachers: Monjoronson, Malvantra, Jessona, Elyon

January 6, 2008

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): Greetings, I am Monjoronson here to welcome the blessing of
your inviting me into your arena of spirit. It is inspiring to witness you in your
discussion of your encounters with such things as connecting to the universal energies,
reconnecting to these energies, feeling them in your own individual experiences, and even
growing to the awareness that you are able to wield these energies when you are
presenting yourselves to act as instruments for this cause. Truly you are gaining in
your perspective of your relationship as an energy being to the larger energies that are
around you and that flow to you and even through you in this never-ending process of
energy exchange that you are encountering.
You are all indeed fortunate to come together and have the support of each other to
validate and encourage your own personal observations and experiences. Likewise you are
fortunate to have voices of those on the outside such as myself to validate and
encourage. You are indeed on the right tracks to developing these potentials into
everyday actuals in your lives, and each step you take in that direction is thrilling to
witness. It is as if you are watching the eager student in class have an aha moment
about their understanding and how it pertains to the reality they observe. There is
stimulation in this process of encouragement and the fostering of these discoveries that
is refreshing to observe throughout this process of step by step discovery. Each step
brings with it the unleashing of new parameters that are a condition of the new growth in
awareness, and it is always a delight to witness as the eager student is given a new set
of parameters to explore and to embrace as the result of their efforts at expanding their
consciousness. So it is that you are observed taking these steps and growing your
awareness and, with that, entering into new arenas of reality, of possibility, and of
As you travel down this journey of discovery you find yourselves more and more
connected to the source, connected to the truth, connected to each other, connected to
all these forces that you previously saw as distinct and outside of yourselves such as
healing, such as communication, such as the projection of your own energies in the
direction of your desires. One by one these connections are made more clear to you, and
your awareness of this acts as scaffolding for you to build your next level of reality
around your new achievement awareness. So it is we see your individual foundations begin
to rise to great heights. You are in fact building your eternal platforms of awareness
from your very material surroundings and experiences. Such is the grace of the plan we
observe. Such is the beauty of your implementing this plan in your individual lives, and
for this there is great gratitude that these plans, this grace, are there to be accessed
by you, are there to be manifested in your lives.
I would conclude my remarks and withdraw to allow for others. Thank you.

* Malvantra (Jonathan): Greetings, this is Malvantra. I will continue our topic
regarding energy.
You are aware of its universal presence, the great field of potential from which
all things manifest, and it is by the mind of God that this energy brought about the
universe through which we all travel. You are learning the power of focus and how you
can, with your will, direct and utilize that energy for good. Energy is neutral; it is
the application through mind that brings a good or bad result. Consciousness is the
A hose with water may allow that water to trickle, to flow smoothly, or to direct
it into an intense jet with immense power. This is what consciousness does when it uses
Unconsciously everyone manipulates energy to some degree; it is the broadening of
your awareness that allows the individual to manage the results. Somewhat again it is as
though you had in the palm of your hand a cup of water. Soon it would leak between your
fingers. But as you grow in awareness and learn through knowledge and understanding, the
means whereby to contain that water, in this case, to manage the energy, you learn to
carry it in a cup rather than in the palms of your hands. So you are educating
yourselves in the use of energy through your consciousness in an expanded awareness of
the applications and methods whereby you can heal, whereby you can uplift your well-being
in all three dimensions.
You have a formula, E=m c squared, where c is the speed of light. Light and energy
are directly related. Early in your investigations into the use of energy you have
discerned the sense of heat, that realm of light that is detected as warmth. In your
investigations you discover that there are vibrations of light that are not felt but
seen, so you can project energy through light. You can cross a room with that light and
bring healing.
One among you today has rightly said that it is good to ask permission from the
higher sources to be engaged in contact with those higher beings. So it is true with the
involvement of yourself with the manipulation and application of universal energy. Not
that it is not permitted for you to undertake such activities, but it is good for the
individual to recognize a universal connectivity to this energy, that it is shared among
the spiritual family; it is not a possession for oneself to be retained apart from all
others. When you reach in petition, you receive by way of grace, just as the woman who
touched the hem of the garment of Jesus as he walked by had the flow of that energy
within him go into her.
As with love so with energy, the more you give the more you receive. It is
possessed only long enough to be transferred, for it is dynamic; it is not a possession.
It is a means of sharing.
I will leave my comments at that. Thank you for your attention.

* Jessona (Mark): Hello, my friends, I am Jessona and I am drawn to this discussion
of energy and healing, as you might expect. I would make the observation that in your
realm of human consciousness you observe that there are those individuals who have,
through whatever means, established this connection, who have grown into this awareness,
and you designate these individuals as ones capable of wielding healing energy. This
phenomenon serves to both present you with the possibilities of what one of your realm is
capable of and as well offer you a distinction to be made between those who have this
ability, who wield this power, and those who do not. On the one hand if this serves to
inspire you to follow after those who have established this connection, then this may be
a serviceable relationship. If, on the other hand, you draw a distinction between
yourself and these others who have gifted powers, then you are doing yourselves a great
disservice. These connections are available to all. These powers of nature may be
wielded by all who aspire to do so.
The abilities you witness in others are possibilities, for you as well as these
forces are not selective as to who is chosen to wield them, rather they await those who
will choose to wield them, those who grant themselves the authority to be in position to
be ones who will act as the instrument of these forces. It is as with all universal
spiritual principles, the limitations are not imposed by the universal principles rather
are they imposed by those who would attempt to access the universal principles. So my
words of encouragement to you are to see those of your brothers and sisters who are
encountering these phenomenon as potentials for you to develop as well and not to
convince yourselves that somehow you are not able or not worthy somehow of connecting
yourselves into these energies. They simply are there to be accessed by any and all who
will grow to the awareness of their abilities to access them.
There are no limitations to what you may achieve as individuals in this regard save
the ones that you impose upon yourselves. But you are continuing to seek and continuing
to find, and in this process you will almost assuredly gain all that you seek if you
guard against your own limitations and insecurities in this process. It is necessary to
grant yourselves that which your divine parents grant you in this case, the trust and the
faith in your abilities as children of these divine parents. If you will maintain this
perspective you will expand yourselves into that which is already envisioned by your
divine parents and is simply yet to be manifested by you individually.
Thank you for hearing my words. Farewell.

* Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon and it is my propensity to encourage you to engage
with all the wonderful teachers who attend this classroom that you may be sitting
encircled all together and converse. You receive many good thoughts from those who come
to you from afar, and it is a blessing in return to have your insights and expressions
given forth as well.
With that lengthy introduction I do ask you for questions and comments.

Kathy: It’s interesting that you cite us sitting in a circle. In silence I was
envisioning us all connected by a heart circle of energy. It’s interesting you would
open with that comment.

* Elyon: Indeed, my sister, we work together, and I know of your visualization. I
approve of your description of that circle as a heart circle.

Mark: I just want to voice gratitude for you and the others who guide us in this
process of growing in our awareness. Sometimes I take for granted that we have had this
for so long that it is almost routine. I step back and see all I have gained in this
process and ask what would I do if it wasn’t there? In terms of connection, one
connection is the circuitry of mind, telepathy, which is on the horizon as a new
circuitry. Could you speak to that?

* Elyon: Imagine yourselves, each one, floating upon an air mattress on a calm sea.
As you are early in life most oriented toward your physicality and acquiring the skills
to navigate the physical realm, you become discreetly conscious of oneself apart from all
else, each one on one’s own air mattress, that being your world view and your self
identity. But the sea I mention is that arena of mind, of consciousness ...
conncectivity rather than discreet concreteness and singularity of individuals.
In the maturation of your spirituality you do come to learn more of this realm of
connectivity. It becomes available as you adjust your -- I would say world view, but
rather universal view -- to include all others as a family, as a brotherhood, as
community. You develop that camaraderie as distinct from the competitiveness of
individuality. This is when you are able to use that interconnective awareness of mind.
Mankind has gone great distances in connecting one to another by way of road, by
way of air, and by way of sea, even across wires, and now through wireless. So there
remains the next level of connection: mind through mind in the great sea of
You mentioned your gratitude of our being with you even over these long periods of
time, and I appreciate your gratitude. We function together as does a battery; it
requires both poles for there to be any power. Sometimes that battery runs low, and when
the energy is pumped through in one direction it is recharged. When it is charged that
power can be pumped back the other way and be of good to others. So we come together as
we do each week to charge those batteries and to bring power, the power of truth and of
goodness, to others.

Jada: Having become slightly aware of these energies, how should we proceed to
develop our abilities?

* Elyon: Work in little ways at first. Develop familiarity with that energy by
undertaking small projects. In doing so you will gain an understanding of its
effectiveness and learn to adjust yourself for better connection and conduction of that
energy. To undertake a monumental task -- and I would exaggerate, say, for instance, the
raising of one from the dead -- would only defeat you in your faith in pursuing the
ability to use such energies. So you may first perhaps work on a sore knee or a
headache. But also increase your sensitivity in your ordinary daily actions, for that,
as you have been told today, is always present and always ready to be of assistance when
you draw from it. It does not have to be reserved for emergencies and dire situations or
illnesses and ailments. It can heal but it can also advance the normal and uplift and
expand the ordinary. So, even with hammer in hand, you can use that subtle energy to
drive the nail.

Kathy: I would like to take a moment and verbalize my intention to use this energy
to connect with this energy and verbalize my intent and willingness to make contact with
any of you.

* Elyon: I now disengage from Jonathan. Thank you, my friends. Until next time be
good and be well.
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