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Southeast Idaho, December 2, 2007

Topics: Family
Teacher(s): Daniel, Michael

This is KLARIXISKA. Indeed, it is true that experiences do come so that not
only can you learn from them but that you can appreciate and laugh and enjoy
where you are and what you are becoming. It is simply not what you are but
what you are in potential. Let us thank the First Source and Center who
sees us in that way.

Oh Great Beginning of all things, help us, both those who are standing here
and those that are in the room unseen, to become what you have already
embraced as reality. We thank You for Your love. We thank You for where we
are. We thank You that we know that each of Your creatures are part of Your
family. Abba, Father, we love You. Amen

Greetings, this is DANIEL, your teacher, friend, companion, and stalwart
admirer. We, your friends on the other side, continue to marvel at your
wisdom through your ignorance. You know so little, and, yet, at times we
see flashes of brilliance. We take pride and acknowledge that there appears
to be evidence of your growth for which we are thankful.

Your discussion this evening was most informative. I would remind all of
you of the standing assignment which is before you. [Editor’s Note:
Continuation of the lesson from the previous session regarding family, both
human and ideal.] At some future date when we feel you have all done the
best you can do, we will raise that assignment for further discussion.
Until then please keep that assignment before you and work on it as you can
work it into your schedules. It really is quite important—if I may add that
side comment—important from the point of view of your individual growth.

Well, with those words of greeting and introduction, I will now step aside
as I am not the featured speaker this evening. Greetings, one and all. One
moment please.

My dear children, it is I, MICHAEL, wishing, desiring, enjoying, a word with
you. As your Father and Brother, I hold a unique perspective on family. As
a mortal being I experienced life as part of a human family. I wish to
share some thoughts tonight on family.

The aspect of family I wish to discuss is support in its many dimensions.
Support is a primary purpose of the human family, of God’s family—support in
its many aspects: from the physical in providing sustaining food, shelter
from the elements, opportunity to grow in strength and balance and so forth;
to the emotional, which includes many, many components, acknowledging
emotions, supporting potentials, affirming abilities; to the spiritual,
supporting the individuals in developing a relationship with our Father.

As father to my siblings, it was necessary to set aside my mission, my
desire, until I had made sure of the physical well being of my family. I
was able to wait for two reasons: I had been nurtured in my human
development and I had direct connection to my/our Father, and I trusted, I
knew, that my desires, needs, would be met in the fullness of time, in God’s
time. I had the support of my human parents as a child. I had the support,
guidance and direction of my Father as a young man and adult. Not all human
children receive the nurturing, the support, that they need as children, but
all human beings have access to our Father, and therefore all of you, all of
my children here on Urantia, have access to the same support that I had and

As you are well aware, I talked regularly with our Father, and when my
difficulties, my troubles seemed harder, I spent more time not less. I
sought the garden; I sought the hilltops; I sought the quiet expanses of
night under the blazing brilliance of the vast creation. And I would
encourage each of you to seek out that same Source of support that was and
is bedrock, the First Source and Center, our divine Father-Mother. And let
me be your counselor and your friend; take my hand; walk with me. I have
lived the human life. I know of that of which you speak, for I have walked
in your footsteps. And, I am part of the ideal family. I am therefore in
the position to empathize, guide, and love you. Yes, I love you! So,
please, children walk with me, seek our Father, and let your Mother’s arms
enfold you.

I thank you for your ears tonight. I thank you for making this opportunity
that I might address you in this manner. You are my beloved children in who
I am so proud. I will take my leave. Minearsia and Daniel are both on hand
to take questions if there are any. I love you dearly. Follow me; follow
my example. Seek the Source of love. Farewell. (Farewell.)

Student I have a question for someone, whoever wants to take

MINEARSIA: Please proceed.

Student: May I ask who you are?

MINEARSIA: I am Minearsia.

Student: Thank you. I am confused, and I’m not sure how to
focus in my meditation. I have been focusing on Christ Michael when I
meditate. Did Christ Michael mean that I should focus on my Thought
Adjuster, who is from the First Source and Center, more? I guess that is my

Greetings, I am DANIEL. I will answer. It does not matter upon which
source or level of trinity you focus. Trinity is functionally one. Michael
was simply emphasizing the importance of stillness, the importance of
seeking Trinity.

At times focusing on different components is helpful. There are times when
a mother’s nurturance is greatly needed. At that point in time, focusing on
the personality of Nebadonia can be helpful. Michael, as your creator father
and as your human brother, has knowledge, and experience of you that is
unique. In his life he focused on his Father, First Source and Center.
Each aspect and level of Trinity will be achieved through the progression of
perfection. Where you focus is unimportant, that you focus is the key. Is
this at all helpful?

Student: Yes, and I have heard this before. It doesn’t matter
whom we are talking to but sometimes it helps to really visualize whom you
are talking to
and yet you can’t visualize because, who knows what they
visually look like. So, sometimes when you talk about the Trinity, we are
talking about the Trinity in Paradise, or we’re talking about the Trinity
here, immediate to who I am, Christ Michael, Nebadonia and my Thought
Adjuster, is what I perceive as local to me. It seems like the Thought
Adjuster is the root to the First and Center. So, when Christ Michael says,
talk to, or anyone says, “talk to the Creator,” essentially Christ Michael
is my creator because I am in his sphere. So sometimes I go back and forth,
and I know it’s not important but sometimes it’s very important to me who I
am relating to.

DANIEL: Focusing on Michael is perfectly acceptable. And yes,
when I referred to the levels of Trinity, I was referring to the down
stepping that Michael, Nebadonia, and the Thought Adjuster are here for you.
They are a part; they are down stepping of these higher personalities that
function as one.

Student: Thank you, that really helps because it confirms how
I have been imagining it. So, that really helps, thank you.

DANIEL: Yes, and Michael also said ‘to hold His hand, to let Him
be your counselor and friend, and yes Father, and yes brother.” (Okay,
thank you Daniel.) You are welcome.

Are there other thoughts or questions? (Pause) Well then I will bring this
meeting to a close in that I will ask you to stand and hold hands. I will
not however lead you in your closing prayer. So, let me at this time share
with you again my great love and pleasure in each of you. Until next time,
I love you dearly. Farewell. (Farewell)

Prayer: Dear Father, help us to seek You out not only in
times of difficulties but at times to say thank you for your love. Help us
to share that love this week. May we be real, may we be generous, may we be
loving, because You are those things plus so many more to us. Amen

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