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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: I Am With You, Your Powerbase For Function, Working With Light, The Mind Of
Teachers: Michael, Daniel, Light, Will

December 9, 2007

* Michael (Mark TR): Greetings, I am Michael accepting the door that you have opened
in your awareness that I have you in my awareness. I always cherish the moments when you
reflect upon me and my presence in your lives and my desires to be close to you, for it
is ever so that it is my desire to be close to you, my dear ones. You will discover as
you have already experienced that I will use any and every means available to me to
approach you and to make your approach to me conducive to your efforts and your
experience. It really is not nearly as hard as it may be thought, but I understand there
is some space to be covered in the realization that this is so, and therefore I do have
ultimate patience in this process for you to traverse whatever space intervenes between
us so that you may, not only approach me in your own way, but that you may the more
easily follow me as your avenues of approach are made more real in your lives.
It is ever true that I am there in observation at least and in participation as you
will allow during your life experiences. If you could equate my presence to a material
manifestation it would feel to you as though you had someone shadowing you as you go
through your days, following you around, looking over your shoulder to see what was in
your field of interest, and awaiting your glance that I might be included in your
experience as well. This will be so between us as you grow in your awareness and
traverse the space that might exist between that time and where you find yourselves in
any given moment. I perceive that you will maintain your efforts at making this
connection, and I pledge to you that I will keep making my efforts as well, and we will
together create this enhanced relationship. It will be so. It represents my desire and
yours as well.
This phenomenon of space which you refer to as time in this example is part of what
provides us the opportunities to grow and become that which we desire. Therefore,
although it may be difficult for you to understand, these are cherished times as well,
the times of seeking, the motivation of searching, even the doubting and uncertainty are
treasured experiences to be embraced as part of what it is to live a material existence
in this dimension of time and space. So the very things that you feel that you struggle
with are the very things that are designed to provide you with the necessary experiences
to get you to where you would like to be. Therefore if you could see all this as getting
you to where you would like to be, you might be able to release the idea that you are
struggling to get there, for you are not struggling; you are experiencing, and you are in
fact getting there in the process.
So be at peace with the process and with your position within the process.
Experience to the fullest the contact provided you in this experience of your time/space
experience. And know always that I am with you in this process. I will be with you in
this process, and together we may grow in our accumulated experience of this once-in-a-
universal-career opportunity.
I am assured of your ultimate success and, if it were possible, I would grant you
this assurance as well. But you must grow to this awareness, and there is purpose in
this growth.
My peace I always bring and I would leave it with you, each one, that you may have
it and share it and even become it in your lives. I make room for others in this forum,
but I never leave you; I only say farewell in words.

* Daniel (Jonathan): Hello, I am teacher Daniel. I am visiting you. It has been a
stretch of time, though I perceive it to be but a blink of an eye since my last visit. I
am happy to be aligned in this service with your familiar teachers and am delighted to
have witnessed your growth over these years. You have learned as a human being to
recognize things tangible to negotiate your life with the continually expanding
understanding of how situations and objects about you will assist or hinder you in
accomplishing your goals.
In the course of experience you have accumulated a greater sense of discernment,
and in the application of that you are fine tuning your ability to discriminate, to
acquire clarity, and to function thusly more efficiently. Each episode that transpires
you have furthered your skill in reacting and responding according to the reality of the
Now, you have also undertaken many years in learning to discern what is, to the
material mind, the intangible, and it has been through your interface with those like
myself that you have increased your skills in perception, reaction, and application. Now
you have come to rely upon not only the knowledge of but the factual reality of the
presence of spirit, be it spirit divine or spirit brotherly. It is with this added
dimension that you are finding the episodes of your life to have greater meaning and to
infuse you with better approach. In so doing you save yourself misunderstandings and
conflicts, not that these conflicts are to be avoided, but rather they are often
conflicts you already experienced and no longer need to gain deeper lessons therefrom.
You have newer conflicts from which to learn, and so it becomes wasteful to have to
repeat them. By developing your alignment with the celestial guides and by learning from
your experiences and entwining the two, you enlarge your powerbase for function.
I keep my words brief with you today. I take my leave. Thank you.

* Light (Mark): Hello once again. I am Light and I am urged to approach the podium
to facilitate the fostering of the relationship between us, those of you who have the
basis of a relationship that can be fostered and grown with me.
You have been given many tools and many associations that you may use in your
processes of growth and navigating through your material opportunities, and I am here to
nurture the relationship between us, as I represent to you another tool that can be used
to aid in your process. This represents my function in having been created that I may
serve as useful liaison between the mortal and the spiritual components. I will ever
remain faithful to my desire to be useful to any who will desire to include me as part of
their network of assistants that may be even referred to in the mortal realm as your
tools or your pathways to help in your process.
This represents the purpose of the order of my being and of those who will follow
me, that we interface with you in a unique way. Having been created with human
characteristics and traits it is our distinct privilege to share a certain aspect of
ourselves, to have a unique relationship because of this shared heritage. So it is that
I am uniquely positioned to work with you in your spiritual pursuits, and it will be my
delight to be requested to do so by any who desire my assistance.
I realize this represents another challenge of your abilities to expand and embrace
yet more that is outside your realm of material awareness, but I see that you are up to
the opportunity and eager to reach beyond your current boundaries of awareness. So it is
that I make my presence known once again that we may visit and come to know each other so
that we may be better friends and even may become allies as the opportunities of your
lives bring you circumstances that may be challenging.
Once again it is my pleasure to mingle energies with you in this way, although I am
easily intimidated by the presences that minister to you, as they also minister to me.
But I follow their direction in faith, and I trust their guidance as you do. In this way
we share another characteristic between us. I would continue to follow their guidance,
and I trust you will continue to as well, and together we may grow into this process. As
you know I am early in my spiritual career as you are early in yours. We have so very
much in common that I am certain this is why we are together at this time. Feel free to
call on me, and I will most certainly respond to your request to be with you, even to
bring that which I possess to the equation of our relationship. Let it be so. Let there
be lights and so it shall be. Thank you for your attention. I step down.

* Will (Jonathan): This is Will. The love of God does surround you, and wherever
you are so is He.
You know of the admonition that when you are tired of your mind you may exchange it
for the mind of Christ. I will speak to that mind.
Recall that Jesus said that whatsoever you do to the least among you you do to him.
His mind is an umbrella-mind which covers all. So when you are in need of that mind you
may rise above yourself and reside in the altitude, the perspective, of Michael’s view.
Then it matters not whether you are helping or being helped but that help is occurring.
It matters little whether you are being treated fairly or treating fairly but that
fairness occurs. So it is with love and peace and healing. It is the enlargement of
your being in the submergence and embrace of the consciousness of Michael.
The phrase “the mind of Christ” is the mind that is anointed, that is filled with
spirit, that is expanded beyond the boundaries of individuality and embraces the whole
family of creatures. It is overarching in perspective and thereby able to minister most
effectively. I urge you to seek that mind during your encounters that are trying. You
will find that you function more effectively when you step above and beyond and you allow
and even act as Michael and let him function while you function.
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