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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Take Action Together, "Washed In Spirit", Imagery And Allegory, Be Refreshed.
Teachers: Unidentified, Lantarnek, Elyon, Michael.

December 2, 2007

* unidentified (Kathy TR): Begin to take action together, even if it is opening your
mind to the idea of working together with separate projects; coordination of your efforts
will lead to new ideas and expanded opportunities for interaction with those around you.
Your sphere of action will increase as you have the intention to expand your activities.
Help is always available to you when you consciously give permission for action. You can
step outside your current area of comfort knowing that support will be there when needed.

* Lantarnek (Jonathan): This is Lantarnek, I greet you.
You have phrases such as being “washed in spirit”, and you have a tradition of
baptism that has grown up around such an experience. The presence of Michael is
continuous, and it flows in his Spirit of Truth just as a river is ever-present and
constantly moving. When you seek that submergence you are often like a low-lying branch
on the bank of a river when, as spirit undulates, it grabs your leaf and pulls you in and
you are wetted by the presence. But your terrestrial nature is like the tension in the
branch which springs you back out of the water. You are refreshed but soon seek moisture
again. So as you mature in your spiritual standing you learn that these occasional
bathings by spirit need not be haphazard, to your perspective. It need not rely on the
downreach of spirit into you, but you may set the conditions for the experience to occur,
and you learn to willingly dip in the river for refreshment.
This dipping is going to the Father, and the effect received is often provided by
the many ministering spirits that are stationed on your world and throughout the
universe. Soon within you grows the desire to be of effective service to one’s fellows.
It is the balance of being in the presence of God.
Today you have asked about coordination and harmony among one another, and I would
extend my visualization of the river by adding to it a waterwheel. Each one of you is a
bucket on that wheel. Individually you each take a dip and are filled with spirit and
the energy, the flow, of spirit moves you along. As you rise from that river another
takes a dip and around turns the wheel.
In your personal life you are engaged in that circular travel. At the hub however
is the axle that transmutes that energy from your individual spiritual contacts into a
collective force to be used in numerous ways by the administration running your world, in
the celestial sense. So, much of your effort in seeking God and becoming like Him is
gathered with others’ to create developments around your world which you are unaware of
but much a participant in.
But the human soul longs to feel integrated and abreast of these activities. The
mind is curious and wants to know how it is effective and helpful to spirit. Now add to
this waterwheel a trough. As you rise from your stillness, your communion with spirit,
you spilled your water, not back into the stream, but into this trough and off it flows.
This is the tangible ministry you observe in your own life as you help the little child,
as you hold a class, as you manufacture a product with the best of your abilities. So
you are reminded each time that you do have a personal direct effect in ministry as well
as a collective synergistic force.
I remind you that it is stillness that fills you up and allows the power to be
applied. I have spoken of the experience of stillness and also of service, but you are
aware of the triangle: stillness, study, and service. That axle of the wheel does work
whether it grinds grain, generates electricity for light. Your curiosity in things
spiritual has led you to research the nature of reality, to develop a greater sense in
the discernment of truth and the concomitant sense of the accuracy of your discernment.
You have enlarged your cosmic perspective and have added to it great detail of the
workings of the universe, and you have been much benefited by your text of the Urantia
Papers, for therein is described how these forces that you have contributed by way of
your collective spiritual engagement are put to use even beyond your own applications to
the greater harmonious interweaving of activities, for in our analogy today, a powerhouse
set on the banks of a river is part of a larger farm. There are activities supported by
the presence of that powerhouse that are remote in some sense, just as those who are
ascending Havona today feel remote from your activities on Urantia.
You have been taught in the past that stillness is also a form of service, and
today I hope that this illustration clarifies how stillness can be of service.

* Elyon: Greetings to you, this is Elyon.
I find our melchizedek friend to be masterful in his translation of morontia
perspective into material form and imagery. You know that I am often attempting to do
likewise, for I find that the human mind grasps abstract notions more clearly with
concrete image. But you know that, while it is helpful to outline a deeper perspective,
all visualizations have their shortcomings, for the finite aspect of the imagery will
disallow a greater grasp by its nature and that the story must end for the attention of
the listener to be able to wrap it up into something meaningful. But the morontia
perspective could tell the story endlessly and enlarge the perspective until you are
overwhelmed. So the visual process falls short. But we use such parable-like contexts
to stimulate your creative thinking and in so doing create the stage wherein you may
continue to tell the story and to amplify the additional meaningful relationships unsaid
by your teachers, even to translate them into your own living contexts and make them your
continuing personal story.
Jesus taught not to put new wine into old wineskins. In that expression was
conveyed the truth about an enlarged universe understanding that cannot be contained
within an older framework of religious description of that universe understanding, that
the wineskins must be refreshed as well to contain that truth. This is the rightful
understanding of that metaphor. In no way does that mean that you cannot refill a
wineskin with new wine; in the physical sense you may still be able to. So, all that we
present to you in imagery and allegory is likewise to be regarded.
In the passing moments of your daily life you are offered opportunities to assist
others in enlarging their perspectives to incorporate greater spirit contexts and to give
their working world activities a loftier perspective, one integrated with spirit. Few
are the opportunities to quote from a scripture or to lay out a philosophic, logical
process, but you can derive from the moment a translatable human experience and extract
the spiritual profundity that is contained within it if you are alert and mindful and
creative. These will be often quite short, the shorter often the better, for the
receivers can then supplement as they are moved by spirit presence within them. You
don’t know all of the psychological aspects that play upon the mind of another, but
spirit within does. So you seed and spirit will then cultivate.

* Michael: I am Michael, I embrace you all. It is the love we share that is most
special, and it is the focal point, the access of all the other elements of our
The teachers with you today have spoken of coming to me to the river to drink. I
am the water of life. But there are times when you are feeling weakened by way of a
sense of unworthiness, perhaps you are ashamed of behavior and you shy away from me. But
I will come to you as the dew in the morning rests upon all things, for never do I
condemn you. You are simply my human children, and you do things as you do by your very
nature and in that you grow.
So, as I moisten you with my spirit presence take me in. Be refreshed. Displace
that parchedness and grow vigorously.
You know that the afternoon of a day is drier; that is the time when the moisture
of my presence within you is put to use to sustain you. Then, as you are wearied by such
work, I come again in your meditative evening to bring you more refreshment for the work
of the following day. But to change again to the river, when you are in the heat of your
day, when the trials are upon you and the vicissitudes seem strong, head to the river for
a drink and take me in in your way. Take me in when you need me. I will always come to
you, but I ask you to remember to come to me.
You know of the property, the principle, of gravity. You walk about your life
aware that if you leave an item in the air without support it will fall. But as you
stand you feel stability, but you are actually falling, only there is a support structure
that gives you a sense of static placement. My presence is always about you. When you
are stable in my presence you can stand strong. It is when you are weakened that you
feel like you are falling. I tell you, you are not falling away; I am drawing you toward
me that you and I may touch and be stabilized in our relationship and that you may stand
and move about freely in your life with my strength.
You have much presented to you today. I blanket you with my love. I ask you to
give that love wherever and whenever you can. Offer it even if it be rejected, for I am
within others as well, and I can assist them in opening to receptivity to take in that
love from without and thereby recognize it is within them already.
Be a blessing. Farewell.
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