[tmtranscripts] Light Line w/Adam & Eve [11-29-07]

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Sat Dec 1 13:50:44 PST 2007

DATE: November 29, 2007
LOCATION: Light Line
T/R: Gerdean
TOPIC: That Sense of Failure

TOMAS: Somebody indeed is here. This is Tomas. I will start. I will begin. That is to say there are others too who are here. As you know, we are many. We are all engaged in this advancing school of thought and application to spiritual principles. Many of us have different interests, differing techniques, even differing expertise, but you may be assured that we are all on the same team when it comes to our presence in your lives, and that is to advance you and your world in accelerating and elevating Reality.

Is everyone comfortable? I have a guest or two this evening. I will play host. I am particularly keen on this first visitor because of a conversation I overheard recently between my T/R and Monjoronson, wherein she (that is, Gerdean) indicated some concern that she had failed . (bear with me, Gerdean) . her mission. And so I would like to bring this guest in as a teacher to address the topic of how it is that you sometimes feel as if you have failed the task at hand, that which you perceive to have been your assignment, or your very reason for being. I am rather sure that all of you can relate to that sense of not living up to your commitments. One moment, please.

ADAM: Good evening. This is your planetary Adam. I am here with Eve. We are visiting Urantia as we often do, and knowing that a handful of you loyal followers of this program of spiritual advancement are keen on knowing more about what we think and how we feel about your efforts, we like to check in with you on occasion and see how you are doing and on occasion also contribute to your understanding.

There is hardly anyone familiar with the Urantia text that would not appreciate that Eve and I have felt this consummate sense of failure. In fact, we have suffered losses grievous to the soul as a result of our choosing -- our erroneous choosing. To say that there is no such thing as failure is somewhat transcendent, for the being who feels a sense of failure feels it poignantly and terribly. It gives rise to emotions that are preferably left dormant, such as guilt and grief.

But I am here this evening to tell you that there is no failure here. Even Eve and I, if you will allow us this, did not completely fail in our task. Yes, we did fail at several aspects, but in the whole, on the whole, our assignment here was and can hardly be regarded as a failure. We did feel, in the beginning, very contrite, in particular when we lost so many of our children who opted to leave us on this troubled world in order to join their siblings on high. These losses in the immediate instance are profound, personal and deep. And they do leave their experiential mark on the soul, but they are not irreparable. They are experiential.

As you have been taught -- although I realize it is hard for you to know and understand this integrally -- even a mistake like the Lucifer rebellion has garnered enough (where is the word?) . recompense from the double-duty that has been put out from people like you throughout the ages, lifting yourselves up by the bootstraps to compensate for the mistakes of your elders and your superiors -- it has given you such profound consciousness as you are not even aware. Only in time, well after you have left this world, will you get a glimmer of how much these experiences, these unfortunate experiences, have contributed to the dimension of your soul, of your spirit, of your very reality.

There is a Navajo custom, in the weaving of their carpets and tapestries, to create a flaw, a purposive flaw, to remind those who come in contact with the material, to remind them of the inherent imperfection, even in the most gorgeous and well-designed effort. You have all lamented our error, mine and Eve's. You have all cursed Lucifer. But I tell you, you must get past that. You must pull yourselves up by the bootstraps, if you will, accepting it as an experience, not as a failure.

This is what life is for you and for us: an education. All of the universe is one vast school and your planet is no exception. It is not excluded, you are not excluded from this value lesson. You are fortunate to have set out on your journey with such conundrums, such challenges. You will be better for them. It is not to say that you don't make mistakes, that you only learn lessons, for everyone makes mistakes. No one does anything everything all the time perfectly except those who are created perfect. But we who live throughout the universe and participate in the experiential aspects of evolving reality are expected to make mistakes, are not expected to do it perfectly.

Of course Eve and I wish that we had done it differently, but under the circumstances, those were the circumstances of our lives, and our Parents are and were wise enough to know and see within our hearts, and they saw that it was good. We were not guilty of any insurrection, only a lapse in judgment. And that is standard operating procedure for evolving life.

We serve now, as you do. We serve with others in dedication to the souls of each of you and indeed the soul of Urantia, the planetary Supreme, the Evolving Supreme. We have our tasks, as you do, and we have learned from our mistakes, as you have and as you will. We serve on a council with others. Those others provide us with the counsel that we did not have when we were on Urantia (excepting Solonia). You have the good fortune of having the counsel of many but you seldom take advantage of it. And you have not begun to tap the power of the resource that you have among yourselves were you to organize yourselves into a body similar to the Council of 24 that would provide you with others to hear your ideas and your concerns. It is the isolation that has been the culprit here. And that is just part of the circumstances of our assignment and of yours.

There is so much to do and so much to overcome. Let's not waste overmuch time and energy on regrets, on regretting the past or vainly looking toward the future, but rather grasp hold of the day, seize the moment, take the spiritual kingdom by spiritual assault. Make it your own. Make no mistake there. It is you birthright.

I thank you, Tomas, for the platform and, in fact, those of you behind the Light Line mechanism who have created this service which provides a prototype for universe broadcasts in this interim time until the harp of God is fully operable and heard by all. Our deep affection resides with and among you, we who watch you, and care for you, and depend on you. Farewell.

TOMAS: What a pleasant surprise. This is Tomas, back again, with still a large auditorium filled with observers, student visitors, teachers in training and other heavenly helpers; and midwayers, of course. Are there questions of anyone this evening before we have any other visitors? Perhaps we can have a visitor respond to your question.

Student: Yes, Tomas. And also, Father Adam, I'm overjoyed to hear your voice, your presence, and I hope that there is some consideration of your and Eve's -- Mother Eve's renewed participation on the material level during the Correcting Time or post- Correcting Time. Is that something you can speak to?

TOMAS: This is Tomas and I will let Eve address that. One moment.

EVE: Good evening, my daughter and friend. Indeed, we will and have been actively involved in the reclamation of this world, having had a hand in its isolation and isolating effects. Of course we are very concerned about it and have been quite active in these Correcting Time ministries. The entire Council, as you may know, is comprised of former Urantians (with the exception of certain rotating visitors), but we have been involved and continue to be involved.

We do serve from the Council. We are not based here, as are many, but it is not difficult for us to make the connection. It is just like the telephone, as it were, as compared to being there in person. But the fact is, we are actively involved in Urantia's advancement.

I will tell you that there are channels in operation (and they have been there for millennia already), those being the angelic corps, those twelve divisions of labor, if you will, that oversee the work of the realm. We contribute to that and we receive information through that body on a daily basis, very much as if it were part of our briefing.

And so the angels of the nations, for example, or the angels of health, and the angels of enlightenment, they are all active and have many helpers, including yourselves, and they are the bridge between you and us and beyond. There is order in the universe. And while the Master is gracious and can and will spend time with you each and all, there are myriad personalities created to fill these interim roles so that we all work together toward the same great ends.

The angels of medicine and health have been diligent in their work and many advances have been made in medicine in partial recompense for our errors but also as a matter of course. Angels of the home life are working overtime to help you adapt to the changing times as your world evolves and transitions from one era to another. The 1950's, which saw the arrival of the Urantia Papers, were in some ways the pinnacle of your civilization to date. As is often the case when a new revelation arrives, it is at a pinnacle point of growth and development. Now you see almost a crumbling of that idyllic state, and while you may feel it is all deteriorating, that civilization is caving in, that the government is run amok and that Urantia has "gone to hell in a hand basket," it is simply a sign of the times that the new era is beginning.

Old scaffolding must be torn down in order to accommodate the growth of that which is new and incoming. Just because the former dispensation had reached a pinnacle of growth and development does not mean it had reached perfection, and so in order to accomplish this next evolutionary leg of the journey toward light and life, many of the things from the previous dispensation that were flawed needed to be unhinged and need to be discarded. You are seeing some of this unhinging taking place.

You must try to remember that your universe is being seen to. It is not alone here in a remote outpost in the universe. It is being assimilated. Even if you were still in quarantine and isolated, you were never forgotten! Watching as you reached that point of development that would allow for this new and recent epochal revelation to come to your world and find a fertile furrow in which to take root and grow, we all observed, we all could see clearly how the living organism of the universe was operating like a master physician, placing the cell of life into the womb under the right conditions, knowing that life would emerge therefrom.

This is how we saw the placement of the Urantia Papers on your world. The womb of Urantia was ready for the seed to be planted. And now we are seeing the development of this egg. All of the divisions are active in ways that you can and will be able to see and observe, even participate in and contribute to as you become more aware of the many ways in which you are being cared for, the many ways the universe conspires to help you.

Adam and I are devoted to you, still, today. We never once stopped loving you. We never once stopped caring for you and what happens to you. We are essentially still your Material Son and Daughter, your planetary parents, for there will be no others granted to you, and so yes, yes indeed, we have plans to assist, and we are assisting.

Many of the romances that have sprung up within the ranks of the Teaching Mission have been stimulated by the romantic notions of the parties being smiled upon as if they had been made in heaven, and indeed they are, even if they are sometimes temporary in duration. If they are in existence to serve the greater good and advance consciousness and spirit reality, then they are indeed a part of our effort.

I can think of nothing that goes on in your world that we are not keenly interested in, involved in, and apprised of on a daily basis. We are not responsible for every detail. There are many others who are, but we do like to be apprised. You are dear to us. Perhaps we even overcompensate somewhat because of the dire straits in which you were left as a result of our early departure. You cannot know the depth of my regret in my error. In particular, because of the extra work it has required of you, my beautiful children, but as I have been counseled by Adam and others, you are not alone; you will not be made to bear the burden of our errors without help, and so here we are to help. And we have not abandoned you. We have not left you in the lurch. You are not on your own. [43:00]

But you must do the work. Do what you can. The act is ours, the consequences God's. Be sincere and earnest in your efforts to grow and to give, to be and to serve, and all will be well.

Student: Eve, and Adam, we love you and we appreciate what you have accomplished and what you are accomplishing, and your message this evening is rather fortuitous in that I have been reading Paper 114 on the Seraphic Planetary Government in preparation for our discussion next Tuesday at our study group, and I'm anticipating -- this is a light-hearted question, so there's nothing real serious here, but as I read through it, and I feel I'm able now to better address their concerns that come up, especially with your message here this evening, but I'm anticipating a question that will come up, with all the angels, the seraphim that are here, over one billion, and all the other helpers and the department heads and administrative heads that are operating here on Urantia -- where is "here"? Where is the location, if you will?

EVE: You want a physical address?

Student: Sure, I'll take that.

EVE: Well, there is not one that you would be able to send a parcel to or make a special delivery to because it is an architectural sphere outside of your material vision, but it is "here." In fact, there are more than one, almost as if there were a franchise. There are branch offices, you could say. You have seen the discussions about gridwork, and [you have heard] that there is a grid all across the planet connected by vortexes or points of light or whatever the specific designation given. There is a gridwork in existence, a circuit, if you will, and .

I'm getting a picture here of -- I don't know if any of you can see this, but in the department stores in the early part of last century, they had these little tubes that would travel over wires throughout the department stores with money or receipts or information so that these wires were constantly moving throughout the store, conveying -- like a harp of god -- conveying information.

A primitive example, yes, but if you can see these cylinders holding information, traveling over the wires that make up this gridwork, then you will perhaps be able to see that while there is - as the book says - an archangel circuit, or a midwayer circuit - they are the same as this gridwork, so that information and data can be conveyed from one spot to another fairly quickly and with great order.

The same is true for "bodies" -- heavenly bodies. They can travel across these wires, these avenues, and be in other places very quickly. It would be an adventure in science fiction to try to convey some of these realities that are common to us but futuristic to you because you are earthbound and cannot see, cannot even perceive in some cases, what goes on right outside your vision, but they are increasing. They are picking up speed and developing as we speak. This is part of the re-connecting. Weaving you back into the fabric of the System, and the same thing is transpiring on the other worlds that were isolated. In time there will be connecting venues between the worlds, as well. And so it goes, advancing. But let us not go too far afield of our session this evening, which is an end in itself.

Indeed it is fortuitous that you are beginning your studies along these lines, or reviewing these subjects, for they are not there for amusement. They are there to utilize as a textbook that describes to you as I have done, the technical aspects like this gridwork, like these tubes on wires in department stores of yesteryear -- a greater reality. This greater reality is in existence, and can only augment and enhance your consciousness -- and eventually, ultimately, the world on which you live. This is the task at hand.

And so even though I am not there in person, I am still very engaged, very much involved, and I have a lot of help now. I want you to know that you do, too. You have a lot of help. You are not alone. You are not doing this by yourself. Do not despair.

Thank you.

Student: Thank you.

Student: Thank you very much.

TOMAS: Tomas here and [54:00] it seems we have made short shrift of our time this evening with these two welcome visitors. Are there other questions for them or for yourselves, for your own work, in your own sphere, in your own growth?

Student: If no one else has something, I have something. And I'm having two pictures here in my mind. One, a reference that Mother Eve made to the Council of 24 and the suggestion that it would be . I don't know . did I hear useful? or emulative? or something like that to set one up on the material level? I somehow feel would be a bit pretentious to set up a Council of 24 shadow government, but I'm interested in using that image also in making a connection to this work that's going on above us, beyond us, and I think that if Michael has given us the opportunity and the encouragement to be more co-creative with the leading of our Adjusters, that we should be learning, apprenticing to the broader reclamation levels. And yeah! Let's-- Do we need an address? [56:00] Yes! We need to send a parcel somewhere. I don't like to think of us just playing in the sand while other people work for us. On the other hand I think we have a lot of emerging adults, some adults in the works to contribute.

TOMAS: Let's think about this for a minute. This is Tomas.

Student: Thank you, Tomas.

TOMAS: There are half a dozen personalities twitching to come talk to you, but I tell you it's too late this evening to bring in another guest, unfortunately. It is however, a topic, obviously, of great interest, and this is very exciting! It is perhaps a reflection on the work of Monjoronson, but it is also a reflection on the development that you have attained through the work of the Teachers and the Melchizedeks that have prepared you to want to be of service.

I will suggest that it will not be an administrative body as much as a council for your own . here we go: "strengthification!" If, let us say, for example, -- and I don't mean to get in trouble here, but if for example the Center for Christ Consciousness, which is an entity, the Harp of God, the Association for Light and Life, the Church Within, Mind, Body and Spirit, TMArchives, the Daynal Institute, Light and Life.com and others that are existing entities were to connect in some kind of conscious gridwork, within which they operated as if they were a connected body, as does the Council of 24.

Then they would not be autonomous and alone and struggling by themselves but they would have others with whom to consult and confer. And in this there is strength, as Eve indicated, and Adam. It is the isolation that enervates. As Teacher Rodan taught in his Paper, being around others is stimulating. Stimulating the creative imagination of others is fraternal. It helps keep the wheels of the mind lubricated such that ideas can move slick across the wires, stimulating yet new growth, more commerce, other activity -- as long as you have your common purpose

Student: I think that would be a powerful assemblage for a merkaba of prayer, for strengthening gridwork, and I'll be interested -- I am interested to contribute to that.

TOMAS: Be mindful that there is the human element that takes an opportunity for empowerment (as it should) and sometimes gets a little off balance before it settles into the pattern of effective, efficient, effort. We have seen some of this in the Teaching Mission, where individuals become empowered and go a little off balance until they regain their footing. This is a natural part of evolutionary growth, even among cultures and people and nations.

It is valorous and gracious to allow these missteps to occur. And once the entities have regained their footing, once there is balance, then to advance slowly but surely in the company and with the full support of those others who are also interested in advancing the truth, beauty and goodness that we have come to represent.

Ah, but that is where the challenges lie, where the experiential learning is, and so I have no fear, only fascination with the endless possibilities inherent in you mortals as you pursue the course of divine destiny on such a unique world with such original problems and with such a sterling culmination in view.

I will leave you now on this precipice, quivering on the brink of new adventures and new opportunities, in good faith that my peers in this mission will companion you and me as we pass by. Amen and farewell.

Student: Thank you.

Student: Amen. Thank you.
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