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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: New Potentials in Nebadon.
Teachers: Gabriel
November 18, 2007

* Gabriel (Jonathan TR): Welcome from
Mansonia, the realm of our Michael Son. We are
blessed to have entered into this current era of
Nebadon wherein our Michael is Sovereign Son. It
has given privileges to all residing herein that
were not granted at earlier stages. Michael
expanded the potentials for Supreme experience for
his attainment as a Sovereign Son. You recall
that he said, "Behold I stand at the door and
knock, and any who opens that door, I will come in
and sup with him". In the plan by Father God for
all Michael's sons to experience the attainment of
sovereignty, not merely be bequeathed with such an
honor, the Supreme knocks on Michael's door and he
opens and the Supreme enters in. It is the
willingness to experience the reality of Supreme
life that opens the door, and it is the Supreme
experience that is the supper.
Now the entire context of the morontia
realms of Nebadon -- and to some extent the still
developing physical realms as well -- have broader
parameters within which to experience Supremacy.
It is a maturity level on a universe scale, a
phase change. If I may attempt to make this
difference relevant I will express that, early in
one’s spiritual growth and in those early stages,
often it is more religious training that one
attempts to follow, the injunction to do the
Father’s will as an alignment to requirements and
regulations or guidelines. While these are
helpful in guidance for the maturation of the
soul, there comes a point when a level is
attained, and doing the Father's will ceases to be
a conformity and transforms itself into a greater
expression for God. This occurs as the soul has
enlarged and becomes substantial in the ratio that
makes up the human being of spirit, mind, and body
and soul.
This occurrence in oneself is a pattern
similar to what Michael undertook in His
sovereignty attainment and transforms Nebadon; the
context of life has changed. When an individual
matures spiritually, great freedoms are given to
express the Father's will, some of those freedoms
recognized as powers of the miraculous, powers
that have always been there. It was the mastery
of self that made them able to function through
You are discovering in your own growth a
latitude to the Father's will. In times of
spiritual youth the search wasn't for latitude; it
was for securing knowledge and assurance of doing
the Father's will. But now truly you are sent
forth to proclaim the gospel, to tell of the
kingdom, and that brings upon you a broader sense
of expression and a deeper responsibility, for you
are representing the One who resides on high.
But as you do undertake this experiential
representation you are also modulating that
expression through your personality, and this is
the will of the Father, not in a universal, legal
sense but in an intimately personal sense,
Father's desire to experience the level of reality
upon which you reside, with you. He is even
willing to be with you when you gripe... toward
Him. To experience your frustration is as
valuable as your love, for it is the intimacy,
your closeness; your regard that you would find
company even in times of hardship, that you would
look towards your companionship and not flee, to
not retreat in a sense that you are not worthy
even in your ugly moments. The will of the Father
in a relationship is honesty and caring and
sharing deeply and to struggle together and to
reach for the strength of the Almighty to assist
you as you pursue attainment. Up until the time of
Michael's attainment as a Master Son, Urantia
struggled to correct itself from the rebellion,
and it struggled valiantly in spite of the
handicap, but only in the last few millennia has
your world and the others been granted even
greater breadth to your recovery, what you have
come to learn as, lifting of the quarantine.
There are two aspects to this quarantine, one, the
more regulatory administrative aspects of circuit
curtailment and communication, but in the
restructuring of Nebadon even worlds in rebellion
have been granted greater leeway than would even a
normal world have prior to that status of a local
universe. So you are hearing about not only the
return of circuits that were shut down but also of
the establishment of new circuits unheard of.
You have even been taught that you can
create circuits; this is part of this broader
context that is now possible. As you align with
the spirit presence within, you will in the course
of doing so increase in your mind mastery the
ability to direct your will, to be strong in faith
even in the face of fear, and to apply your
realization to your outward circumstances. In
this orientation are you given the greater leeway
of doing the Father’s will, not just as the Father
but for the Father. You become not in conformity
to but an expression, an extension, of that will.
Herein is great responsibility, for the
temptation, as was exemplified in the rebellion,
can arise to selfishly distort the divine purpose
for personal means. But in diligence and
watchcare and discipline over your thinking and
your behaving, and attuning both of these two in
devotional respect and adoration for the divine
and the ultimately true, you will safeguard
yourself from such deviation and can trust that
your association with God and your Supreme
expression of God are holy and acceptable.
I am Gabriel and am delighted to be in your
company. I have much fondness for Urantia, and I
expect to engage in many of the activities that
are slated for the transformation of this planet.

Evelyn: Thank you so much for speaking to
us. I appreciate your pointing out that it's okay
to complain to God, that being honest and sharing
is more important than putting on a show of how we
wish we felt. It helps with self mastery to know
that when we blow it we can come to God, admit
that we blew it, and be strengthened to go out and
try again.

* Gabriel: Having erred is of less concern to
God than is the denial of having erred, for it is
the function of the moral compass and the desire
to find what is true and real that is of greater
importance than the commission of a sin or evil
act or even less drastic simple mistake. It is
your ability to right yourself after a tumble that
is what the Father seeks to foster and not the
tally of errors offset by goodness.
I love the human responses to situations and
am still amazed at how human beings will react to
situations profound. You recall that when I
appeared to Mary she had to regain her composure
where, when I am received on the Sea of Glass, it
is an entirely different reception. But it is the
ability to reorient upon confusion that assures
your unfoldment and your greater alignments with
cosmic reality, the threefold state of spirit, of
consciousness, and of action.
Thank you for your comments and I invite
others to express themselves at this time, please

Jonathan: How do you, as the third in
command in Nebadon, factor in to the Magisterial

Gabriel: I have a twofold engagement.
Firstly, while the Avonal Son that you are
receiving communications from, Monjoronson, is of
the order of Paradise Son, more a cousin to
Michael than a subordinate, he is still working
within Michael's administration. So I am keenly
engaged in his efforts, as the administrator of
Nebadon, but I don’t control or direct his
administration. I coordinate his administration
within the parameters of Michael's administration.
I would remind you that he is only one of many
active Avonal Sons throughout Nebadon undertaking
the same actions on other worlds. So I do much to
coordinate and inter-coordinate these efforts that
they would fall under the projections and plans of
Michael for the future of his universe.
So, Monjoronson runs his own show, sails his
own ship, but does so in the coordinated greater
context of Michael's efforts throughout Nebadon.
Thank you for asking. Children of Michael
and Mother Spirit, I will disengage. Thank you
for your receptivity, and I will be looking
forward to your divine expressions, creature-ized
by your own uniqueness. Do sit in stillness,
continue your studies and serve one another.
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