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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Messages and Messengers, Validation, Messengers of the Message.
Teachers: Monjoronson, Lantarnek, Light.

November 11, 2007

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): Greetings, I am Monjoronson, once again here to ... that
has been offered in your sharing. Today let us take another look at messages and
I have just witnessed, as have you, the sharing of individuals and their real life
experiences and perceptions, and I, like you, have responded to these messages as real
and genuine, and they have impacted me as being delivered by sincere messengers. This
point illustrates that any of us at any given moment may be called to function as
messengers delivering inspiration, perception, and truth as we understand it to the
others who are assembled. Whether this truth is simply a matter of personal experience,
a matter of personal expression, or wisdom received from on high, nevertheless if
delivered through the sincere messenger, each time these messages of truth contain the
very seeds of divinity and purity of purpose. They may in fact at any time be incomplete
or immature in their assessment and delivery, but nevertheless there is contained some
element of truth, some elements of goodness, and certainly some elements of beauty. We
all must grow in our awareness that truth will be channeled to us, will be directed to us
from all sides, from all angles, and that we would do well to be at the ready, to be
prepared to recognize and receive the truth that would be directed towards us.
The human species has a tendency to only give credit to sources that have been
granted authority, either by the collective institution or by the collective
acknowledgment of others that there is one in authority that is capable of directing such
truths, when in fact all children of God are so capable of being conduits for truth, that
at any moment they may be called upon to act as the messengers to direct the message.
Each one of you knows the validity of this statement as you find yourselves in positions
to be used as this conduit for delivery of whatever the message of the moment may be.
Likewise if your senses are keen you will find that others out there are being directed
to be used for your benefit and that the individual who is janitor at the school may be
in the proper position in time and space to be the one to bring you the message
appropriate to you more so than the appointed priest who others would grant this
authority to over a custodian. Both may be the messenger; you may be the messenger; I
may be the messenger of this moment. We all in a sense take turns fulfilling this role,
for the messages are great, and many messengers are required to filter down these
messages so that they may be assimilated.
Ask first your inner Spirit of Truth the validity of any message you hear before
you allow your mind to either substantiate or condemn the message based upon its apparent
source. Because as you have been told, all messages of divine nature emanate from one
great source; it is only the individual’s pen that may be used to transcribe or whose
voice may be used to express or whose position of prominence may be accessed to provide
maximum benefit. But you may trust that if it is affirmed within the message then it
should matter little to you who the messenger is. It is not about highlighting the
messengers; it is about illustrating the message. Just as when you are called upon to be
the messenger you do not seek the recognition of one who is grand in authority, rather it
is your desire to impart the message, even if it is apparently merely your own personal
experience, which I offer is one of the most powerful expressions of truth, beauty, and
goodness that a mortal of the realm may offer. These messages carry divine tone as well,
for they are well earned by the steadfast students and therefore have a power generated
from the ground up, as it were. Such messages are powerful because they speak to all the
others who come from this place and can relate to messages so well earned.
So, speak your truths with authority; they are genuine and real and therefore they
are powerful beyond your consideration. And as well seek to discern the relative value
of all messages that may come to you based upon your individual yardstick of your Spirit
of Truth. In this way there is truly nothing out there to be feared. You may choose not
at any moment to adopt any teachings and nothing will ever be forced upon you.
From one who is acting as a messenger at this moment, whose privilege it is to
portray to you this message, I would acknowledge your worthiness as messengers as well
and applaud your efforts at functioning in this role. I would step down at this time to
allow this forum for others and leave you with my profound appreciation, for we both
share this role at times. Thank you.

* Lantarnek (Jonathan): This is Lantarnek. Greetings. You have rich experiences
that catalogue your life, and each one has proven essential in the unfoldment of your
spiritual perspective, your spiritual orientation. Not all, of course, have been
directly promoting, no. Some have actually proven to be hindrances but nonetheless
helpful, for it is the contrasts that offer discernment, the opportunity to see with
clarity. Exploration of the unexperienced is accompanied by the lure of excitement and
the hesitation of uncertainty. So you move forward hoping to discover, but you watch
with an eye for validity. Validation is an important function in spiritual attainment
just as verification is important in scientific experiments. To the scientist what he
undertakes to discover must fit within discovered formulas, theories, and databanks, for
there is no such thing as inconsistency in physical relationships. The rules that govern
one govern all.
In the realm of personal unfoldment there is a creative adventure being undertaken.
So, you will bring into being experiences that may not find comparison with other
experiences of other individuals. In such occurrences you will of necessity seek your
validation from the source of all beings. God contains every experience even while yet
it is unexperienced. You are an expression of those experiences unfolding. There will
arrive stations in your ascension where you will converge into a congregation of many who
have also undertaken the paths like yours, and you will enjoy the fellowship of the
discovery of a way of being that you had thought was merely your own sole experience.
This will be a validation from your fellows.
Much of the purpose of religious organizations is to offer validation, at least in
its initial orientation and motivation. Recall that when Jesus dwelled upon your world
he did look to his surrounding culture to understand who he was as a child of God. While
much verified his understanding, his attainments, he began to discover through his
interface with Father, relationship that was not so strongly upheld in his culture. So,
while he knew it to be true, it did not receive the stamp of validation from his
authoritative institutions.
Many who were sincere in their search were attracted to him, for he did offer
witness of the reality of such an experience of communion with God. They too found
within themselves the reality. And lo, before long, as years passed, the organization
that grew up around it began to compose what is acceptable and unacceptable interaction
with God. Such fencing or corralling is a safeguard for the inexperienced and fear-
filled individual. It can provide guidance, but it will not provide the certainty of
personal assuredness until the individual has gained the strength to explore on one’s
own, not necessarily disregarding the teachings about one, but to be willing to look high
and low, in the light and in the dark, for the truth.
You have been encouraged to seek stillness, for here you develop the stature that
gives you the ability to discern the real from the unreal. This is the portal for the
deepest validation of your experience, independent of cultural context and precisely
situated at your current level of ascension.
Accept all that transpires around you and with you as essential fortifiers of your
growth, and use your creativity to transform these experiences into growth. Spend
valuable time in communion with the divine for the stability and for the validation of
your experience.
I am thankful to attend your gathering here and wish that I could tell many more
around your world of the great adventures that lie ahead of you. So much of your worldly
activities would change in emphasis if more understood the greater context, the larger
purpose of what is transpiring. But the few that are growing each day to be many are
discovering the greater purpose, and the confirmation within themselves is strong enough
to go from supposition to assertion that it is true. I salute you for your efforts in
doing so. Thank you for receiving me. Farewell.

* Light (Mark): I greet you all. I am Light and I have been asked to step forward
to provide some contrast in hopes of assisting in the awareness of the lessons offered
today. I am here as one who some of you know, some of you don’t know, as one who has
very little authority invested in me as you would rate me with the other teachers and
assistants who have been with you longer and with whom you have more experience. In this
moment I am chosen to act as messenger, and so it is that I come before you with this
I would ask you to stop and consider the relative acceptance that you feel when one
relatively unknown as myself is selected to be the messenger. Do you register within
your own being a distinction that I am a lesser being? Do you feel as though I lack
authority in my undertaking? It is true that I am not commonly with you in this process
and that we do not have the benefit of association for any great period of time. But
just like you, in this moment I rise to the occasion, to the opportunity, to be used as
an instrument, just like you in your moments when you are called to rise to the
opportunity and become this instrument. Does this mean we are lesser messengers because
we are not as well acclaimed? Our names do not spring forth from the lips of those who
are aware of us. We may even be forgotten or overlooked in this process, as we are not
acclaimed or well known. But when we rise to act in this capacity we are fulfilling our
purpose. We are acting as instruments for these divine messages of truth. And whether
or not we are equally received is not a matter that we have jurisdiction over. I simply
come among you today to illustrate this point. We have our respected teachers whose
names we are familiar with and in whom we have granted great authority. We have
messengers who we approve of and some who do not receive our approval. But, my friends,
as you were just told, be prepared to embrace all that comes into your sphere of
influence as truth directed at you. And as you have been reminded, you have the ultimate
inner guide to help you sort through and discern the relative application of any truth to
your individual growth cycle. But what is important and necessary for you may not
register with another, and what transpires for another may not ring as truth for you.
But nevertheless these are the truths; these are the messages; we are the messengers, and
it is not important that we be exalted in the process of simply being the instruments of
the Father’s peace and love. It is enough that we were chosen to be played and that our
tones may be used to ring out these songs of truth.
Thank you for this opportunity to perhaps provide you with this tweak of contrast,
as you might call it. In a very ironic way, I am closer to you than most others who you
would grant greater authority. And this is an interesting feature to notice as you go
about your process of discernment and validation. But I am not concerned that I do not
receive proper credit or validation, for I am quite grateful to simply be allowed to
approach you in this manner and to spend these moments building a relationship that might
bring with it your validation that I am as real and as genuine as are the others whom you
trust implicitly. But I understand that this is a matter to build upon and grow as we
become more familiar with each other. I understand this aspect of human nature to not
embrace the unknown until it is known to a certain degree, and therefore I embrace the
process that will bring us to this place.
Thank you for your attention ... they are real and perhaps this truth pertains to
you or perhaps not at this time. Your decisions are all honored, and your conditions
will all be satisfied in the long run, and so we proceed together in faith. Thank you.
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