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Southeast Idaho, October 28, 2007

Topics: Concept of Family
Teacher(s): Minearsia, Daniel

[Opening prayer not recorded.]

Greetings, my friends, this is MINEARSIA, stepping in ahead of Daniel to
welcome you to this fellowship of sharing, this family, this place of love
and caring. I am most pleased to be present this evening and a part of your
group and its dynamic.

I have an assignment I wish to propose. I wish for you to consider the
concept of family and what it means in its many manifestations, from the
broad concept of one family, God’s family, down to the more narrow concept
of the nuclear family and then the extended family. I wish you to consider
this in its ideal and in the ways in which human families fall short of the
ideal. In your contemplation I wish for you to begin with the ideal.

The purpose of this exercise is to assist you all in becoming more effective
family members at all levels of family functioning. This is a topic we will
take up at a future date. However, the assignment is immediate and ongoing,
to set the stage for further exploration in the future.

Again, it is my delight to be a part of this family. I will take questions
regarding this assignment if there are any before passing the microphone to
Daniel who stands ready.

Student #1: I was going to ask you, Minearsia: “Are there any books to
read?” But on second thought, I think you would say “The Life of Christ”
would be a perfect example of what you are asking us to do. Thank you for
your presence this evening.

MINEARSIA: Thank you for your insight. There are other books as well,
books that address connection and relationship. While I will not promote
any one, I would ask you to be willing to be led, all of you, you inclusive,
to these human sources that can augment and supplement the life of our
Master who lived an exemplary family life, albeit, at a different time in

Student #2: Minearsia, I need to try to say back to you what I think we are
supposed to do. And that is to look at the family in different dimensions.
Of course “all human beings” is the family of God, and then groups that we
belong to, that are in a sense our families. And then our nuclear family,
and state how we can enrich those situations.

MINEARSIA: Each person’s exploration of this topic will be different. I am
recommending that you begin with the ideal. And you understand in the ideal
what the family provides to its members, such as security, respect, and so
forth. This is for your work and exploration. As you explore the various
components of the ideal family and the benefits to its members and the
responsibilities of its members to maintain this ideal organization and you
then compare it to the functioning of the human families, the areas of
difference will become apparent. And through this exploration one will
understand one’s own roles, benefits, responsibilities, etcetera. I do not
wish to limit in any way your thinking on this concept at this time. We
want it to be very broad, very free.

At a later date, through your own discussion, we hope to draw out, from you,
those aspects of the ideal family. I purposely referred to you as family
[this evening] so that you might think about what makes God’s family. The
Urantia Book, of course, teaches that children are a necessary component of
a family. This exercise is not intended in any way to contradict that
perspective, but rather to enlarge it. Is this helpful?

Student #2: Yes, it is. Start with the ideal. That is very helpful.

MINEARSIA: Yes. Are there other questions?
. My statements are not meant
to close off in any way areas that might feel not right to you. If there
are no further questions about this assignment, I will turn the floor over
to Daniel. It has, indeed, been my pleasure to speak with you, and I do
look forward to continuing this discussion after you have had time in
contemplation. My love to you all. Farewell.

This is DANIEL, my greeting to one and all. Thank you all for making the
effort to get to this meeting tonight. We appreciate your efforts in your
busy lives to work us into your lives.

I have no further things to say regarding the assignment except to encourage
one and all to take it seriously and see what you come up with. At a later
time we will return to this subject. It is my sense that we are ready to
close. Are there other questions or comments?
. Very well, let us stand
in our usual manner. Is there someone who wishes to pray?

Prayer: Father, we know that the ideal family is only in potential. Help
us as we face this assignment to realize what the ideal could do to our
planet, to our nation, to our families and to ourselves. Help us to take it
seriously. Guide us as we turn over our minds to you, that our hearts might
respond with the kind of love that would feed information to our behavior
and to our culture. Help us that we truly try to find the ideal in our
lives. May we support each other and those who are willing to be a part of
Your standards. Help us to reach for them. We thank You that we know one
human being, that though He was God, was truly man, man that showed us the
way. Help us to follow Him. Amen.

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