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Elyon: Greetings to you all, I am Elyon. I acknowledge our community and I
give greetings to our Son Michael who so lovingly cares for our home
Nebadon. I will speak about spiritual attainment for after all this is the
prime goal of everyone who aspires to Paradise. The first factor in such
attainment is the desire to make the effort and second to that desire is the
presence of the indwelling spirit. But the personality who desires....[noise
from unmuted phone]....have been told are both changeless and so the
question becomes what does the attaining. The presence of God within brings
everything necessary for the enfoldment and elevation to Paradise; therefore
you are currently equipped and the Father's bestowal of your personality is
likewise complete.

Therefore the attainment that is sought is other than who you are and The
Father's indwelling gift. Since you have chosen to ascend, you have in a
sense looked into the eyes of God and said I will. This began the
relationship of love. Love is more than a feeling. Love is an experience and
this is an experience of contact with The Father's presence, is the pivotal
initial starting point for your ascension. But love is also a revelation and
this is where spiritual growth occurs, in the revelation, for you then
unfold what The Father has brought to your partnership and in the course of
this unfoldment, you add to this divine package your human characteristics.

The papers for Urantia teach that the result of this partnership, this
bestowal, when coupled with an expanding experiential growth, the soul is
the revelation of love, the experience of you and God. In your material
terrestrial education you have learned to add to your knowledge and your
experience but in spiritual growth you do not so much add to as you unfold.
You adjust your mental orientation, you create conducive circumstances in
your physical environs and there blooms from within those qualities which
you may indicate as being your soul.

And so as you make the great adventure you are not so much looking to
acquire as you are looking to express and in this expression comes the self
discovery of all that has been bestowed upon you. Mistake not that you must
make the effort to bring about this unfoldment. Do not consider yourself
having it all already as something that is activated. It is resident in
potential but your choice coupled with the will of God will bring about
circumstances wherein your inner potentials become manifested and realized.
If I make an analogy, this spiritual attainment is much like a light coupled
to a dimmer switch. All elements are present, the bulb, the switch, the
electricity and as you turn that dimmer the light begins to glow and
eventually as the dimmer is increased, becomes brighter and brighter until
full luminosity and thus grows the soul.

All is present, it is merely the unfoldment of the experience in time that
reveals; therefore your project is less a concern for the acquiring of more
than you are for you as a personality are changeless and cannot be added to
but your project is the unfoldment of the inner prize, the soul package.
This will bring about a new reality expressed for it is a reality in its
potential slumbering state. This is the attainment, the discovery; this is
the revelation of who you are. To put it another way; when a singer walks on
the stage the song is already within and yet she will sing and through time
expose the inner song. But I also must make note that your physical
conditions and your mental orientations do require additions, do require
changes, adaptations in order for you to further unfold the divine gift
within you.

The partnership [is] in reality, the triune relationship of the inner
presence, your human personality and your supreme soul. So to apply yourself
diligently to spiritual attainment you will continually seek to know more,
you will continue to adjust your environment that it may promote the
qualities of spiritual presence, you will adjust your heart space that it
may receive as well as express spirituality. You will ever increase in your
sensitivity and recognition of truth and you will ever increasingly become
impassioned towards the expression of all that is good and of lasting value
and the inner relationship you discover will seek to reveal itself in the
expression of all that you know to be beautiful; that which is peaceful,
that which is accepting, that which is promoting that others may likewise
undertake the same unfoldment and make the same attainments.

The universe came about because the Almighty God chose to share and
therefore an entire universe came into being because that is the extent to
which God shares. All that was manifest sprang forth from within God and you
are a micro replication. As you share your being you reveal all that is
within you and you become what beforehand to your mind's eye is more than
you thought you were. It is my desire now to receive comments or questions.

Q: Elyon, earlier today I was listening to a piece of music, I think it was
a Mozart piece, it was beautiful and it confirmed in me certain music or
harmonic vibration or whatever labels we use to describe, that can create
changes in me. For example it will help still my mind, help me focus and
although it stills my mind it can also stimulate my spirit. This particular
piece I was listening to created a change in me. It's hard to describe what
I mean, it like my pores opened, it opened certain portals for me. It
stimulates my spirit for sure. Could you talk a little about the harmonics
or the vibration of music or what it is that might cause this stimulation,
it's kind of an enigma to me.

Elyon: Music reveals a paradisiacal pattern and it is a fitting example of
the workings of supremacy for within it is the harmonization of diverse
factors, it is a model of time and space. You recognize that short and long
notes, loud and soft notes, notes of different pitches and multiple
coordination of notes create the music.
Any one by itself is monotonous, all too many altogether is raucous but the
coordination, arrangement and presentation reveals a beauty which stirs the
soul as well as pleases the ear. This soul stirring is the recognition of
that supreme quality wherein all of the diversity of time and space is in
beautiful arrangement.

Q: The piece that I listened to today is the marriage of Figaro and of
course there are many pieces of music that create this feeling not just this
one piece. Thank you very much for your answer. [You are welcome.]

Q: Elyon, hi. Thank you for your lesson. I'd like to ask a question that
relates to the adjutant mind spirits. I gave a presentation yesterday and so
I was thinking about them. Relating to the rebirth, calling upon you to be
reborn, born of the spirit and there is a reference in the Urantia Book that
God recognizes two types of people; those who do His will and those who
don't. You were just talking about the light and what constitutes the
spiritual attainment that being like the dimmer switch, is a combination of
will, coordination, conducting and so I was wondering if you have a theory
or response as to whether perhaps those that God can't see are those that
have not turned on their switch by having a reverse which is to say that
they would be functioning with only the first five adjutants if they have
not attained an attitude of worship yet even while academically there are
people who metaphorically speaking, worship money or pleasure or other
lesser gods. I wonder if those are just not even recognized in the cosmic
scheme. Anyway it's just a philosophic question and I was just wondering if
you had any commentary on this I would be very interested, if not that's
perfectly fine, thank you for your lesson.

Elyon: This spiritual birth... may be metaphorically continued. All human
beings are much like the preborn child in that everything has been provided
for the birth of the soul, the moment of decision to ascend, the supreme
survival decision and the adjutants are part of that preparatory package.
All seven adjutants do function even in those who have not yet been born of
the spirit and you have rightly surmised that the adjutant of worship and
wisdom are merely wrongly applied to things material, to things self
aggrandizing but the power of The Mother's gift is still present in order to
bring about the transformation, the rebirth and just as when a child is born
is full in itself with all that is necessary to become an adult, so it the

It would not be quite appropriate to label one who has yet to undergo this
rebirth as one who is stillborn and unable to begin the spiritual ascent. It
would be more rather a delayed birth until that individual sincerely rejects
the options of birth. The adjutants in a spiritual sense are the
preconditions that promote the awakening of the spiritual dimensions in a
human's life. Those who recognize The Father are those who have The Father's
indwelling presence and have begun the relationship. Those who do not
recognize The Father most often do have the presence within but have not
initiated the relationship. The Father calls all but you must be willing to
respond and it is the adjutants, who while The Father pulls you toward Him,
the adjutants push you towards Him. They are the support structure behind
you that encourages you to reach up and to embrace.

Q: Thank you; I appreciate the example of the fetus almost as if it was the
caterpillar in the cocoon prior to being released from the flesh to the
butterfly existence of the morontia life which can in fact take place here.
We can begin our morontia growth, in fact we do early on but we just aren't
always cognizant of it. Perhaps this is something that could be theorized in
terms of the seven psychic circles then, because ultimately we attain a
point of being able to commune directly with our adjuster. That certainly as
you were talking about, is spiritual attainment as compared to lights on,
nobody home kind of situation or those who just are so dense they are not
spiritually inclined. Nonetheless The Father loves them, has battalions of
angels who watch over them but they are not necessarily fully engaged, their
dimmer switch is not fully cranked up to maximum.

Elyon: Yes indeed and both the caterpillar and the fetus are as valuable as
the butterfly and the newly born for the potential for that unfoldment is
there and at any time may occur and I will also draw in our discussion of
music; a little child will sing a tune and likewise would an opera singer
sing. One might consider the operatic singer to be accomplished and the
child merely cute but The Father recognized the beauty of the expression in

Q: Yes, it reminds me of the importance of potential as well as actual.

Elyon: Yes, and it allows for the forbearance of the experiences of others
when oneself recognizes that there are higher methods of, may I say,
spiritual behavior.

Q: I appreciate that addendum Elyon, thank you.

Elyon: To our most Holy God I draw our focus. We express our love and we
give our gratitude for that which you have bestowed upon us, as us. Even
before we think to ask you have given and now we, born of the spirit pledge
and endeavor to unfold those talents that we may be fulfilling of your will
in the revelation of another soul in this universe and may we continue to
fellowship our spiritual experience with one another and create the harmony
of brotherhood. You have given us a worthy conductor, our Michael Son and we
will look to Him that we may know how to function, where and when and why.
Praise be to you and in that joy, love for all fellow beings. I thank every
one of you for your attention to me. I will now withdraw, goodbye.

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