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Southeast Idaho, August 26, 2007

Topics: Beads of Truth
Bedrock Issue – Self Worth
Growth: Stillness/Decision/Action
Error as the fulcrum for greater achievement

Teacher(s): Daniel, Minearsia, Aaron

Prayer: Father, we do thank You that even though we are limited
in our understanding and in our faith and in all of the Fruits of the
spirit, we are so grateful that You continue to work with us and You do not
forsake us. Help us in the down times that we might be able to rise again
to give to our brothers and sisters. May we all be open to hear what the
lessons might be tonight. Amen

DANIEL: This is Daniel, my greetings to all of you, my friends, my
students, my colleagues, in this most important correcting time. Those of
you who have been with me for a while will recognize the fact that your
world is in change. We have discussed that from our point of view many
times, and now you too are beginning to see it from your perspective. This
is as it should be. As your eyes are open to the truth, those beads of
truth began to shine before your eyes. And as you continue to grow and
develop, the true substance of the Correcting Time will become clearer and
clearer in your minds.

With that introduction and greeting, I now step aside to those who have
prepared tonight’s lesson. One moment please.

MINEARSIA: Greetings, friends, I am Minearsia, instructor in
residence to this South East Idaho Teaching Mission base. I will relieve
PamElla’s mind by not intending to hold the floor for a lengthy stint. I
do, however, wish to make a few remarks following up on my previous lesson
from the last time you/we met as a group.

The topic that I discussed with you was self-worth. The lesson was an
extension from Michael’s comments to you the time before. My friends, a
healthy sense of self worth is fundamental to a satisfying life. Without
knowledge of your real worth
One moment please, my TR is struggling. I/we
will “kick start” the process.

I wish to use, as an example this evening, my TR’s state-of-mind. My TR is
off-kilter, her sense of worth falters, and this makes this TRing activity
more difficult. And so it is with life. Without a healthy sense of
self-worth, you doubt yourselves constantly. The ego works hard to
compensate in numerous ways—through over achievement, through under
achievement, through grandiosity, through helplessness, et cetera. It is
difficult to maintain sound and healthy relationships without a real
knowledge of who you are. It is difficult to not behave defensively, to
[not] be protective, to love. The best approach to addressing this bedrock
issue is through stillness.

Tonight I wish to re-emphasize the importance of the practice of stillness,
and I wish to make an assignment. I ask you all to reread the lessons from
our Mother and our Father, Nebadonia and Michael, that were presented to you
in the recent past. [July 3 and July 24, see end of lesson] Focus
particularly on Michael’s message, but do not overlook the message from our

I wish to assure you that I am not feeling as serious or as somber as the
presentation to you may appear. As in any TRing experience, you get a
mixture of the state of the mind of the TR and the teacher.

I do enjoy each of you. Please know that you are well loved, admired,
respected and held in high esteem. I will step aside now. It has been a
pleasure to have this opportunity.

AARON: Greetings, this is Aaron. It is my pleasure to be here
tonight. Sensing a bit of weariness, I would attempt to keep the mood
light. Pinball anyone? [Group comments and laughter.]

Life can be equated to the little steel ball flying around under the glass,
racking up points, bouncing off bumpers, rolling up and coming down chutes.
But there are times during the game when the free flying, free rolling, ball
would do better to take a rest. And thus, as it comes down to the flippers,
one who is savvy may allow the flipper to catch the ball in its crook and
stop and survey the scene looking for a better shot. This can be equated to
the stillness, for truly, spiritual growth and your ascension do not come
merely by being still.

Growth is usually the result of friction and always follows movement.
Stillness is the point where you allow the better view to seep in so that
you can make better decisions and perhaps move in different directions, if
necessary. One can certainly rack up many points letting the ball fly
everywhere, hitting it, keeping it from falling between the flippers, but if
you would compound your efforts to seek the triple point scores and hit the
jackpots, the free flying ball must come to a stop so that one can line-up
their shot and cause the ball to move in a new direction.

The stillness, the point of holding the flipper and the ball, is a
calculation, recognizing how you must make your next shot, and, yet, if you
never take the next shot, you may not grow spiritually but rather stagnate
in isolation. Thus, the stillness followed by decision and then action—in
some sense: Thought, Word, Deed—will bring about the achievement of the
goals. And even when you miss the shot, the ball still comes back down
again for another round. Therefore I hope this life imagery can help you to
see the value not only in the stillness but in making those decisions and
moving, taking the next shot.

So I hope you are all doing fine?

Student 1: Are you inviting conversation Aaron?

AARON: Indeed! Nice shot!

Group: Comments about not knowing how to play pin-ball, being
bounced around hitting everything, making points, playing the game.

AARON: The analogy was intended to convey both humor, lightness, as
well as to pass along the point today of recognizing that when you play the
game, sometimes you must take a break and be still, and, even, on top of
that, you must then go back into the game. Otherwise [you] stagnate and
become merely someone on the sidelines while the real activity occurs on the

Student 2: Thank you, you accomplished that.

Student 1: I like the analogy. I found that very helpful. And I
appreciate the emphasis that you do the stillness in order to make better
decisions and take action, that the stillness is not an escape from life, it
’s a tool to assist us through life. Thank you.

AARON: Indeed! The stillness is the time out, and yet the game
should go on.

Student 1: I just don’t like missing those shots.

Student 2: The last two weeks, I’ve been missing the shot.

AARON: Get used to it.

Student 1: That’s an interesting response. So, when we get beyond our
life, do we miss the shots as often as often as we do now?

AARON: Indeed, no! Yet, you still miss shots, for error is often the
fulcrum for greater achievement, and thus trail and error is a Morontian
principal even as it is a human principal. So, no, you will make better
decisions, see things in a higher light, make less significant errors, and
yet you can have a Lanonandek Son make a “doozy” so to speak and go awry.
So, of course, error is quite possible all the way through your ascension
plan until your sprit has achieved finality.

Student 2: Aaron, I think it was from one of the Marin transcripts
where one of the students said “I don’t like trial and error, I prefer trail
and success.” That has hit home very hard with me. Trial and error is far
more difficult than taking the shot and making it.

AARON: And, yet, success often is the result of seeing how something
should not be done and then doing it the way it should be done.

Let us take a moment in stillness, bringing all of our friends and loved
ones into a circle, allowing the golden Light of God to descend among you,
through you, from one to the other, creating a circuit and a series of
circuits that create a network. This energy is your love, the love from God
to you and through you. It is the desire to do good to others. Therefore,
see all those you love, all those you have difficulty with, in this circle.
Eliminate the imagery of your argument with them. See them merely quiet, as
a child of God. Take note of the baggage that we all have that creates our
imperfect vibrations at times. Recognize with the merciful spirit the
ability to love beyond the baggage.


Think of yourself as completely whole in this network, the energy of love
coursing through you—not your material body, but the energy circuits that
are firing within your being right now.


As you can feel this wholeness within you, something greater and deeper than
your physical body, allow this to beam out upon all of those you have placed
in the network.


The healing energy of this love can take the turmoil and sooth it and find
the imperfect vibration and bring it into tune.


Light and Life is achieved not by gathering only with those who see as you
do but by filling yourself with this light and then moving forth to allow
this light to intermingle with all you come into contact with. When small
groups of people come together in similar intention, these moments of
stillness together can then allow you to be rejuvenated, and these circuits
of energy can be applied outward beyond merely that which you grasp and can


Indeed, it is satisfying to come together and discourse with you
intellectually, but it is also deeply gratifying to blend with you
spiritually. Perhaps this can aid you in your efforts to not merely, with
words, communicate with those around you but to see your words and your
focused energy as having real value in interactions.

At this time we will bring this meeting to a close. Please take each others
hands. Another will offer forth closing words.

Prayer: I am Lynda, I will take this opportunity

Great Parent, Father-Mother of all, we thank You for Your ever abiding love.
Help us and help these our charges to experience Your love, to share Your
love, and put into practice the title of a book that comes from A Course in
Miracles, “Love is Letting Go of Fear.” Help these children to let go of
their fear that they may experience Your love, be Your love, share Your
love. Amen


June 3
NEBADONIA: Beloved children, I am your Mother, enjoying this opportunity
to speak with you, to express My love.
Dear, most beloved children, your task is to love, to forgive, to reach
across distances, to be bridges. Suspend your judgment. In participation
with your Inner Spirit apply discernment. You will know the difference
between discernment and judgment by the emotional charge associated. If you
are experiencing distance, separation, superiority, then your egos are
likely involved and judgment is the response. If with tolerance, with
compassion, with humor, one recognizes both the frailties of the human
condition and the valor of the human condition, then discernment is most
likely at play.
Dear children, I treasure you most dearly. I honor you. I value you. I am
thrilled as you grow in spiritual awareness and in love. And now I turn
over the remaining time to another. Please know that I am always present,
supporting, loving, nourishing and nurturing your every reach toward light.
With love, your Mother.

June 24

MICHAEL: Greetings, children. I am your Father/Brother Michael, here
among you in this manner to share your Mother’s and My pleasure in your
beings and to express our delight in the desires of your hearts. You do
well my children

The earth life is not easy. You are not expected to achieve perfection
tomorrow, this week, or even next year. It is a long developmental process.
Just as you would not expect a four-year-old child to perform calculus, we
do not expect from you that which you cannot achieve. What we desire from
you is your willingness, willingness to allow us into your moment-by-moment
decision-making, willingness to allow our ever-present love for you into
your consciousness, willingness to believe that you are an integral and
significant component of the Universe of Universes.

Each of your lives matter. Each is color in the universal pallet, is a note
in the Universal song, is scent in the Universal aroma. Without you,
without your contributions, without your being, the Universe is incomplete.
You are important because you are, not because of what you can do for us,
but because the world without the color yellow is drab. The world without
the color green is barren. The world without the color blue is dry, and so
forth. You are that important.

And so we ask you to allow us to love you and be partners with you. We
crave your acknowledgement of us. We crave your company. We crave your
love returned.

And now, dear children, I step aside. Daniel is present, and wishes to
share some thoughts with you. My blessings and my love I bestow upon you.
Farewell. (Group farewell)

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