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Southeast Idaho, June 3, 2007
Subject: Task is to love
Distance from Adjuster and others as a barometer of
spiritual progress
Teacher(s): Nebadonia, Aaron, Daniel

Prayer: This is KLARIXISKA: Father we are reminded of Your Creator Son
who dealt with the many personalities of His apostles. We would pray that
You would give us wisdom to use His wise love as we as teachers and these as
students try to relate to others in a world where certainly ego and all of
the error of the human mind can be exhibited. Give them, truly, these
fruits of the spirit that they might show that they are followers of
Michael, Jesus of Nazareth. Amen.
NEBADONIA: Beloved children, I am your Mother, enjoying this opportunity
to speak with you, to express My love.
Dear, most beloved children, your task is to love, to forgive, to reach
across distances, to be bridges. Suspend your judgment. In participation
with your Inner Spirit apply discernment. You will know the difference
between discernment and judgment by the emotional charge associated. If you
are experiencing distance, separation, superiority, then your egos are
likely involved and judgment is the response. If with tolerance, with
compassion, with humor, one recognizes both the frailties of the human
condition and the valor of the human condition, then discernment is most
likely at play.
Dear children, I treasure you most dearly. I honor you. I value you. I am
thrilled as you grow in spiritual awareness and in love. And now I turn
over the remaining time to another. Please know that I am always present,
supporting, loving, nourishing and nurturing your every reach toward light.
With love, your Mother.
AARON: Greetings, I am Aaron. My friends, a new season is upon you and
this is true both literally and spiritually. We recognize you are on the
cusp of new levels of understanding, perhaps renewed commitment to the
stillness practice. Indeed perfection is a long way off, but your embrace
of perfection can occur instantly by your inward turn.
I would like to speak for a moment tonight about distance, the distance
between you and your Adjuster and the distance between you and your fellows,
for, indeed, one can see these as a sort of barometer of spiritual progress.
Master Michael viewed them as an inseparable reality. To the extent that
one is separated from God, they are separated from all else and vice-versa.
When you recognize there being power or energy in the awareness of
differences and spend time vocalizing your differences, it becomes harder to
feel in unity with spiritual reality, for the spiritualizing mind recognizes
commonality first with the variabilities being less important.
In his earth life the focus of Jesus was so intently on his connection with
his Inner Spirit, with his Father, he could become so lost from the ego
awareness, that he would be genuinely surprised when others called attention
to him. At the same time when the apostles would point out the flaws in
others and work to distance themselves from those outside of their flock,
so-to-speak, Christ would work doubly hard to expand their perception in
such a way to have them realize the inclusion of all personalities in their
circle. “Forbid them not” he would say when others would want to preach,
sometimes with strange teachings, in his name. Certainly he was not
concerned with the accuracy of their teaching but with the quality of their
faith. For in the spirit when you are past the life of the flesh, all that
remains is your faith and the decisions made there from. Therefore, the
belief systems are quickly correctable when one has genuine faith.
Understand that he would also teach to be wise as serpents and harmless as
doves. Insincerity, sin, and iniquity were not in the equation, for he
viewed the acts as separate from the individuals. Taking steps when one
views a lack of spirit is always wise, but so often these perceived threats
have more to do with the ego and how you recognize separation based on ideas
or styles, rather than true threats to spiritual liberty.
Look at your spiritual barometer and recognize your desire to be unified
with the Spirit Within and see that in this embrace all perceived outside
threat falls away in the recognition of unity. And then look out to your
brothers and sisters and truly contemplate whether there are genuine
differences to separate from or merely quirks of nature and belief that
create your fear and distrust. Residing in that place of stillness will
help you to move away from the ego and into the spiritual vision where you
can recognize the wider view of the circle and make decisions based more on
spiritual wisdom than on perceptions of intellectual authority.
I hope this can help to complement your own reflections and perception as
you further move to engage in the various questions of your lives. I hope
that your resonance to our previous lesson can translate from the page to
the personal experience.
I would withdraw at this time. Knowing the hour is late, we would move into
the prayer mode and allow another to close and take questions at another
time. (Group stands.)
DANIEL: My dear students, I am your friend, I am your admirer. I am one
who knows you, perhaps better than you know yourselves. Your desires are
good. Your wishes are forward. Your “embrace of perfection” is imminent.
Father we would ask that You would be with each one as they go out to meet
their brothers and sisters that Nebadonia’s words and Aaron’s words might
ring as compatible with the Loving Spirit within them. Help us all to walk
that path of love, of tolerance, of patience, of kindness, of perseverance,
and most of all, of a grateful heart for all, that You, Father-God, have
given Your creatures

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