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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Universe Educational Program, Healing: Love, Understanding, Intention.
Teachers: Elyon, Jessona.

May 6, 2007

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, this is Elyon. I have been with you for
quite some time and enjoy the increasing beauty of your souls. You are ever unfolding
and attaining. In so doing you are pleasing our Michael Son greatly.
Michael and his melchizedek teachers have a universe educational program which has
been in existence since creatures have inhabited Nebadon. Always has the hand of grace
reached out to those who seek to provide what is necessary in each one’s ascent, to teach
when the need is there, and to wait with patience until the soul asks.
On some planets in your system there has been rebellion, and, like the other
episodes of rebellion in Nebadon, the melchizedeks inaugurated an emergency teaching
curriculum that you have come to call the Teaching Mission and have also given it the
name The Correcting Time. This endeavor is broad, for as each world has many cultures,
the many worlds are varied as well. You are part of a team, a unit, a division, and
function with a construct that applies to your culture and to your personal contacts.
We have chosen to make the Teaching Mission conscious to you in these past years,
for we discerned your abilities to understand and assimilate and function well with this
program of upliftment. The avenue of correction entails the instillment of trust in the
overcare of spirit and the lessening of fear about the evils of wayward manipulation by
spirit beings, for human kind to learn to love the unknown and to desire to discern the
unperceived. You will find across your world and eventually will witness across many
planets, many other I might say classrooms, courses of teaching, that will not be of
correction but will be of advancement. Each one applies to the needs of the children of
Michael as they are, where they are. Eventually you will witness an even broader
university of experience beyond Nebadon and perceive greater variety than that witnessed
in your local universe, teaching programs as broad and uniquely applied to every soul
ascending to Paradise. Ask and you shall receive is the way to ascend and you are given
what is your need. You will be filled with what supports you. Your program of education
is only for what you are to acquire currently.
So, you also teach, giving to those what they seek at that time, as does the loving
parent teach only what the child wants at any specific level of maturity. With humor I
have in the past referred to you as kindergarten, and we have come to know that teacher
and student are interchangeable, myself with you, and that our classroom is in reality
many grade levels of teaching depending on your need. Ever will I be willing to enter in
to our discussions that I may assist you, and I assure you that you have been of great
assistance to me in my unfoldment. So I conclude by saying thank you.

* Jessona (Mark): I am honored today to be granted a time at the podium. I am
Jessona. I come to today in response to your earlier discussions on healing and the
factors involved therein. I would make reference today and tie together some of the
points in Elyon’s presentation both today and the one referred to earlier.
The points I would bring to the top as the essential elements pared back would be
represented as is referring to seeking and you shall find. I would make reference as
well to his comments earlier of the understanding and loving. If you stop to consider,
most all other elements come from these two most basic and necessary ingredients, the
desire, the seeking of the heart and soul, the receiving of grace from on high as you
would refer to as resembling love. It is this love energy that is used to then manifest
all manner of objectives such as healing, such as personal spiritual growth, such as
service and ministry. It is the desire of the heart, the seeking, followed by the
willingness to receive, the acceptance, of the love. When these ingredients are in place
you are flowing as you have stated with the energy. It is passing through you en route
to your desired objective. Whether it is the healing, whether it is the ministry, you
are in fact activating the two most basic elements and aspects of the creative process,
and as a result you are empowered from on high, infused with the necessary ingredients to
facilitate that which you are attesting.
You made reference to several approaches, several avenues, tools to be used in your
navigating this process, but still with each tool you must start with your intention, and
then you must move to a state of receptivity and acceptance of the love, the energy,
necessary to perpetuate your ideal, and then is the simple allowing that grace does
manifest, can manifest, will manifest as a result of your desires and intention. It
sounds quite simple and easy. A plus B will equal C, and yet those in the human family
find it so very difficult to embrace this simple universal principle as real and
authentic. But I am here to assure you that it is as simple as is described. It does
not mean however it is as easy as is described. Your whole person must come into
alignment with this principle. There can be no tinges of doubt that restrict you from
fully embracing this principle. So, what appears to be a simple equation becomes
cluttered with much baggage that must be moved aside and many conditions and patterns
that must be overruled and overwritten with new ways and approaches. This most simple
and basic equation demands unconditional allegiance to its truth, to its certainty, and
once you have positioned yourself to arrive at this place of conviction, then truly it is
just a matter of completing the equation, of mixing these most potent ingredients
together and being prepared then to follow through and embrace the result of your
intended manifestations. The healing is there. The ministry is there. The service is
there. All that you desire is there to be had. It is merely a matter of following the
equation and devoting yourselves to the principles that allow that which is to be
manifested through you.
But I understand these principles are rather foreign concepts to this world. They
must be adopted and approved by you as individuals and groups to be harnessed and used as
they were intended. And there certainly is a gap that exists between common acceptance
of these principles as real and genuine. It is to that degree that you will be either
successful or unsuccessful in your efforts to perpetrate this principle. Where you
encounter your doubts and reservations is where you should seek to come to terms with
these limitations. All this is meant for you to have and for you to do, even for you to
be in this process. The act of seeking could be likened to the act of the doing. The
act of finding or receiving can be likened to the act of being. Once again when you add
these factors together they are inherently potent and simply need to be harnessed and
directed to facilitate the enactment of your desires of the heart.
It is inspiring to behold as you grapple with such grand universe principles while
still having your feet so firmly rooted on the soil of your temporal sphere. It is a joy
to participate in this process of unfolding these truths. I share Elyon’s sentiment of
being touched by watching you develop. It is truly inspirational and I cherish this
experience as well.
Thank you for hearing my words. I take my leave now.

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