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DATE: May 3, 2007
LOCATION: Light Line
T/R: Gerdean


GABRIEL reveals that we are engaged in yet another experiment; he is represented in Sedona as part of the Greater Teaching Mission; uniqueness can be a handicap
WHAT-ABOUT-BOB says their efforts are impeded or aided by our willingness
Midwayer JACK acts as host, gives his perspective, discusses the angelic corps, and fields questions: language problems, cultural differences [Beijing, China; Thailand]; what work midwayers do, their advantages over mortals/people; the morontia realm [Star Trek]; blending of the races; etc.

JACK: 0802-AB, Jack here.

Is the coast clear? Can I come in? I'm here. It's too late.

Hi everybody. You may call me Jack. I'm a secondary midwayer. I have been around a long time and have been what you might call "attached" to Gerdean off and on for the last many few years. I am usually the one who operates as her interpreter when she is transmitting Tomas or Merium or her regular retinue.

I thought I would come in this evening and play host as I did in the good old days, those days before the circuits opened, when Gerdean served as the one who asked questions, when I was attached to her first husband as a part of the Corps to work with mortals in the process of testing the connections, so that we would have an idea the effect these goings-on would have with the mortal. We didn't want to inadvertently blow anybody's circuits. You know there is that talk about possibilities of fanaticism. We certainly didn't want to bring on a wave of fanatics. A lot of adjusting has to go on in the circuitry of the mortals we serve in this odd capacity.

I had to laugh as we waited to come online as you worked with your technology. You have similar problems to the ones we have on the other side of the coin, in the invisible realm. There are days we feel that we have your technological problems on top of our own to deal with. And so while I am not feeling sorry for myself, I am commiserating with the challenges of getting a good connection. Isn't that what this all about, after all? Getting the right connection.

I'd like to talk with you this evening about my own perspective on this since I was here before the Teachers were activated and have been able to observe first hand what it was like before and what it's like now, even though I am quick to say that we are still in the early phases of this reconnecting. There will be a lot more involved in getting the full power of your potential, but in the interest of that forfeiture of undue fanaticism, there is a brake involved.

And I am just as glad they have it, because it helps to off-set the prod (like cattle prod) that is sometimes applied like a jolt of electricity that gets some of you to "move along" in the interest of general good progress.

You will notice that my tone is not lofty. It does not mean I don't love you. I do. I am just not one to sit around and pour tea and talk about things, even important things, philosophically. You might to say I am driven, but I like to say I live purposively. I have an agenda. I have things to do. I have assignments to which I have been committed for quite some time and thus I always have it in the back of my mind that I must be about the Father's business. And of course that will be different for me than for you because you have your own assignments.

I'd like to bring in a guest or two this evening, if that's okay. This is, again, what I used to do before the circuits opened and folks just come by and mingle like a cosmic cocktail party. I'm not being critical. It is good to be sociable. It has been a long time coming since we have had mortals to be sociable with! And some of these entities are just getting here and have yet to learn how to deal with you people, you mortals. Like anything, relationship is a two way street, and although we have been observing -- not just me but the angels of all the orders and other planetary supervisors -- for a long time, this influx of teachers has been such that they have needed to learn experientially about how you react and respond, what triggers what emotions within you and so forth.

You are -- I hate to say you are "unique" because you are getting spoiled! You hear it all the time: you are unique, unique, unique. Well, big deal! That does not mean the party is all about you.

Excuse me. I was somewhat harsh. You are unaccustomed to hearing such a tone. Your teachers are indeed lofty, elegant, erudite, charming, and it is absolutely essential that we all learn from them how to comport ourselves as ladies and gentlemen in the spirit, for all of us need this kind of training, you know, I myself was what you could call a juvenile delinquent until just 2,000 years. I have had to do considerable correcting of my own! -- Both before and after these guys got here.

I sit in on the classes, you know. I sit in right there! Translating. So I feel I am getting an earful. I am getting a nice perspective that I wasn't privy to, just like you. That part we share together, this newness. Otherwise, I have been here a long time.

Oh, yes, I wanted to bring in a guest. I going to ask Gabriel if he'll come by. I approached him earlier. I had an opportunity to get word to him. I went up the ladder, through the right channels, until I was able to get a message to him. It amused him evidently for he has acquiesced to come this evening and visit for a bit. I am as interested to hear what he will say as anyone, so let me move over and see what we have to hear from our guest speaker. One moment, please.

GABRIEL: Greetings. I am unpracticed in this process with you although I am conversant with many mortals throughout the universe in varying capacities. I am pleased to come forth and visit with you for a while because there are a couple of pertinent points I would like to make and this gives e an opportunity. I am going to have to depend upon Jack here to convey my message in language that you will understand.

Superimpose, if you will, my affectionate emotional regard and the necessity that I be politic and it is "politics" that I want to bring to your attention this evening, and that has to do with politics of planetary government and not the kingdoms of men which you have been discussing.

I am an administrator. Those are my duties. Our Father/Brother Michael is our Spirit Teacher and Head. We are each entrusted with certain tasks, and my love/devotion is such that I put my love in my task, and in this way I show my deep love and respect for Michael.

This Mission in which you are engaged, which you observe, which evidently you find of value, is yet another experiment. Your experimental planet has yet one more for the books. But you are not a guinea pig. You are enjoying yet one more of those unique opportunities.

Under the circumstances of your world and its history and its politics, in the planetary sense, Gabriel of Sedona has served to represent me. There is no need for me to duplicate my efforts in your mission, for in the eyes of administration, it is the Greater Teaching Mission that we are interested in and while you are included, you who are in this Teaching Mission, you are not the only ones.

Everyone who transmits any one of us is doing so with our consent, understanding that it will be done imperfectly and according to your comprehension. You are extremely young children in the cosmic sense. You cannot possibly appreciate how young. You haven't lived long enough. I am speaking in terms of eons and you are speaking in terms of decades.

You must lift your eyes to see a broader horizon and value that perspective that is reflected in the many, many ways, through many, many personalities, in many languages, using differing symbols, even differing terminology to represent the precise same thing, and that is bringing the Light.

There are many ways to bring the Light. Like-minded individuals may be fortunate enough to find each other and those individuals may be able to function for a while and for certain purposes, as are these various groups of individuals with like-minds in terms of cultural contribution, politics of the realm, religious experience, philosophic approach and so forth.

Each of you, like the six colored races, has much to teach each other, much to learn from each other. The uniqueness that Jack spoke of can be a handicap to progress, as nationalism or many, many other things can be a handicap. That work falls under my purview. The work of the realm in that context, in terms of organizations, armies, groupings of workers -- we keep our eye on that. That is how you will evolve your future government and rule with the Most Highs in the Kingdoms of Men.

I will step aside. I appreciate your time. Thank you for inviting me.

JACK: Jack is back. I would like to now talk about the angelic corps, somewhat, for they really do have their superiors in the administrative camp. I know we have always thought in terms of the angels being something romantic. I know how the human mind works. It glamorizes and dramatizes. Just like little children enjoy creating and believing in fairy tails, elves, gnomes, monsters, goblins, ghouls, leprechauns and the like, so do humans have certain images of angelic personalities, and they are probably all valid to some extent. But the angels too are workers. They don't sit around on the clouds all day playing their harp. They don't stand around looking beautiful at the pearly gates.

Angels are involved in your lives - at least to the extent that you provide them lives to work with. They do a lot of rescue, yes, and maneuvering, but that only goes so far. Most of the work they do is inspired by you, and your inspiration comes from your indwelling Adjuster, and so to the extent that you are in tune with your indwelling Spirit, to that extent you are more likely to be aware of what the angelic orders would have you do. And if you are willing to fall in with them, the words will come that opens the door and provides the opportunity to enter in and affect the situation such that a soul is fed, perhaps a spirit is born.

Let's see if one of the angels will come in and say hello this evening. Again, I am pushing hard this evening, Gerdean, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pull this on you but you can just roll with the punches, go with the flow.

WHAT-ABOUT-BOB: (long pause) How hard was that? This is your old friend, What-About-Bob. I am not a very high-up angel, but I qualify. I am happy to be here if it is adequate for your needs. I am sure it is.

I can only say that our work with you is in direct proportion to the permission you give us. And that is not permission you give us to do something, it is giving permission for you to follow through with what we suggest, with what we show you. This is part of our gift . to reveal what is possible. But if you don't take advantage, if you don't make the effort, if you don't decide, if you think it's not a good opportunity for you or a smart thing to do, then pass! But when you do pick up the baton, when you do accept the challenge with us, we will have a grand adventure; there will be effects from our joint cause. The midwayers are the same way. The Teachers teach, but we interact literally.

I can hear some questions coming up. Let me get out of the way and give it back to Jack. He is the emcee this evening. Just know that while we rarely show ourselves, we are eager to work with you. Bye.

JACK: This is Jack once more. I would like to welcome you this evening, all of you. It is my understanding we are broadcasting into China and isn't that exciting for you! I can see China on my monitor, but China is on the other side of the world for you, unless of course you do some remote viewing.

The nations, the continents, the many, many areas around the world all provide new and interesting opportunities, even though all people are alike in some essential ways, there are many differences, and while those differences add flavor, they also present new challenges. But the thing is, you can't take anything for granted. You can't assume anything when you deal with people, particularly "strangers." You have to really, really hang close to your spirit force. Let it show you the way.

Everyone of normal mind is indwelt. It's fairly easy to associate with normal minds. It may not be possible to have a conversation with any of them but you can at least get close to them, and once your adjuster makes contact with their adjuster, the floodgates are open now to all kinds of opportunity. I just wanted to send this memo out to Beijing.

Iris, it is wonderful to know you are on-line. Gerdean has great affection for you and is enthused by your support. I recognize a lot of friends here and a lot of friends I haven't cultivated yet. Let's cultivate some friendship here. Are there questions or comments that can lubricate the social stream?

Julie: Yes, Jack. This is Julie, in Beijing.
JACK: Good evening.

Julie: And I would just like to thank you for reminding me that because of the language barrier -- the language barrier is not as separating as one might think, and often, on an hourly basis over here, I've been made aware that through facial expressions and gentle touches that one could realize how to be in contact with the Thought Adjuster of others, so in the absence of understanding each other's language, there are other ways, and I appreciate your reminder.

JACK: I appreciate your hearing me. I have been around this planet a long time; I have been to Beijing many times. I like the real estate aspects of my native world. I like the variety it provides, and spend a lot of time studying people in differing cultures.

It would be a little bit, perhaps, like when you pick up a book and read about somebody's adventures, enjoy the book - a satisfying experience - perhaps pass it on and go on to another book because getting to know you in your brief life span is like reading a good book, knowing it will come to an end fairly soon. And so I need to appreciate the read I have it before me.

Speaking of having a good book before me, in terms of personalities, I was just thinking in terms of group effort and how like-minded people interact. And then add other differences, besides language, like religion, beliefs, preferences, and you have some real work to do. And yet each situation -- besides being work and requiring effort - is also an adventure.

There are those who think in terms of "going fishing," looking to see if they can get a mortal mind to nibble on the effects of the spirit that are manifested in their purposive personality. There really need be no obstacle, is what I am saying. Age, gender, language, belief system - there really should be no hard barriers because they are all personal, all individual. It's very tribal to want to surround yourself with those like yourself. It becomes rather ingrained. This is why travel is good. It gives you an opportunity to stretch not just your leg muscle but your cosmic muscle.

You really don't have to use body language. The spirit within you will speak for itself in the energy you emit. Just the light in your eye will speak volumes.

Julie: It's so true what you are saying. I experience this on an hourly basis here and it is truly .

JACK: I had a chance to spend a lot of time recently in India and Thailand with the mortal of my former attachment and had a wonderful time, made lots of friends, took lots of snapshots. There are so many levels of consciousness. One can always find some elemental level on which to connect but how far you can go with that is, of course, a matter of free will. How much do you invest? Where do you draw the line? When do you leave off? And leave it in the hands of the Spirit of Truth?

Julie: Great opportunities.
JACK: And good experience for you! Good stuff for your resume!
Julie: [Inaudible]
JACK: Pretty good technology, wouldn't you say?
Julie: Amazing.

John: Hello!
JACK: Hello!

John: This is John from the East Coast. I have a question for the seraphim or the midwayer.

JACK: Which one? Either one?

John: I've always been interested in the life in the day of a midwayer. How he occupies himself each day. We go to work; we do our chores .

JACK: Yes, well, we do too, but it depends on what our job is at the time. Just like you, we have our tasks and our assignments and, really, our career. We have lots of different ways of going about it. There is structure in the universe and we are not excluded from that, now that we have decided to get our act together. There are short-term assignments and long-term assignments. There are different fields, too, which we can engage in depending upon whether or not we sign up to work with any one of the angelic orders.

A lot of us have been interested in the political scene, and so the angels of the nations have had a lot of help and they need a lot of help. There is a lot of stuff going on in terms of the nations. The strife, the chaos, and the loyalties of mortals have given them a great deal of work to do and so we have been helping with that. Some of us have been in the war zone. Some of us have been in the psychiatric wards. Some of us have been in the emergency rooms and working with the Red Cross.

We may be on a long-term assignment in some remote outpost that will be of assistance to some scientific expedition that will contribute to health matters for you people. (Shall I say "you mortals"? Are you more comfortable with "you mortals" than "you people"? Your teachers would call you mortals, but to me you're just cousins. To me you are people, but if you like mortal better, I can do that.)

John: [Inaudible question about cycles.]

JACK: Well, our cycle has to incorporate yours, but it's also a great deal more. It is sort of like the perspective that Gabriel talked about. We just have a better perspective because we are not bothered with a lot of things that tie you down, including day and night, but that's not because of whether it's light or dark outside. That doesn't really matter to us, whereas it does matter to you. And your lifestyles are built on that. You are more energetic at noon than you are at 4:00 in the morning, by and large.

And so, of course, our work with you is impacted by your time/space continuum, but our efforts are also on-going on other levels that don't have that limitation. There are some of us who attach ourselves to groups of seraphim who take care of . well, you know, the groups of 100 or groups of 1,000 and so forth, and so those take different energy. They don't get as specific perhaps as those instances where we are able to work with you on a direct line, so to speak. That's the advantage of having you as companions, you who are opening up to the ethers and the idea of being a citizen of the universe and picking up on a new bunch of energies and open to experiencing other realities than those who are tradition-bound and security-minded to an extent that precludes their lollygaging in such Elysian fields as you do here with me this evening. And in other cases, other situations.

John: [Inaudible] ... we are bound by economics . [inaudible].

JACK: Well, yes, John, you're right. In a way it is. We have it much easier. We don't have to deal with the lower adjutants stubbing our toe all the time. We can live on a higher plane. We don't have to worry about getting pregnant or fired, but we have been here 35,000 years! So there are drawbacks. That's a long time!

John: I know!

JACK: Just like a day at the office when you'd rather be fishing. It's not like I'd rather be fishing. I-- I'm fine. I enjoy my work. I enjoy my life! I am very grateful to have such an opportunity, and yes, I do look forward to joining you in the ascent after you've gone on and after our mutual assignment here of this 606 planet has reached a point where we can be released.

Marty: May I ask you a question? It might be too late. This is Marty, calling from Massachusetts.

Marty: I was interested in the morontia realm of Urantia and what its relationship is to the morontia realm of the rest of our local system. I feel like I'm really having difficulty with the time/space relationship of all these worlds and --

JACK: Well, don't worry about that. Just think in terms of Star Trek and holograms and that will tell you really all you need to know.

Marty: When Jesus was in Urantia's morontia realms .
JACK: Yes.

Marty: . and he visited here and also with the morontia realm of Urantia. Who were the morontians of Urantia?

JACK: Well, there have always been quite a few entities posted here that are morontia by design, by composition. There are midwayers. That could be called morontian because we are half way between spirit and material. There are Life Carriers assigned here. There are Melchizedek receivers, the angelic corps. All of these are morontia realities.

Marty: Okay, thank you. I get it.

John: I have one more question.
JACK: Yes.
John: The derivative of Asians . much more disciplined than the rest .[inaudible]

JACK: Well, they have a good reason to be interested in discipline. They don't want to return as a lesser being.

John: [Inaudible]

JACK: I would certainly hope so! That's one of the things that the yellow man has to offer his brothers.

John: [Inaudible]

JACK: Well, not necessarily a phenomenon but a good specimen, certainly. A good blend. A fortunate commingling. This is certainly something that could become a part of your common discourse -- what constitutes . well, I have to just say "good goods" in terms of reproduction. That's a very important issue that you are going to have to deal with! And we will be happy to assist as you are ready to bring it on. It's just one of those things that we can't not deal with.

And the sooner the better it becomes a part of the collective consciousness of humanity in a loving and merciful way! If they think you are just going to eviscerate entire races of people, they are not going to hear you! "They" the common man. That's where we get our real work done . in humanity.

John: Certainly when China opens up trade they are going to be [inaudible] more yellow race on the planet than any other race.

JACK: Well, there will be competition, I assure you. There are plenty of volunteers to overrun the planet. There will be supervision, no doubt, from Gabriel's gang. We actually do quite a bit of work in that now with what you might call border control and orientation of immigrants. All of this is a part of the evolution of your world. It is our Mother at work here.

John: [Paraphrased] When the race is blended, what kind of appearance will there be?

JACK: Well, let's not get too specific here. It is not as if everyone is going to look alike! There will still be tremendous variety in appearance -- hair tones and skin tones. All of humanity will be a composite of all that preceded him, and so all of it will be involved, and it will never amalgamate to the extent that everyone is the same. There will be more . what shall we call it? "Neutral complexions." But there will still be blue eyes and green eyes and black eyes and brown eyes and hazel eyes and pink eyes.

We have every reason to hope they will be very attractive. Because at some point, the "good goods" will reproduce at the same rate or better than that which is of lesser quality, and so gradually the strain of the human race will improve, and this will naturally cut out a great deal of disease and disturbances of a mental or emotional order because you are in a state of improvement. You have "corrected" many things by this time.

This is our goal. It's a worthy goal. And the work that you do now will lead us toward that end. It doesn't have to be earth-shattering; it doesn't have to get on the 5:00 news, as long as you are consistent and persistent in your resolve to improve the quality of life for all mankind in and through the direction of the divine spirit.

That means you have to set aside your own personal prejudices and begin to understand where you have been conditioned such [to the extent] that you forget that which you all have in common. And that brings us back to the drawing board, back to square one, and back to the moment, which gives me an opportunity to thank you for your attention this evening, your presence and your company.

I look forward to having another opportunity to visit. I just want to say that I hope in good faith that you will take everything I said with a grain of salt, because what I say is not sacred. It is improvised and it is permitted because we have committed ourselves to the work of the spirit, and that is all I'll say about that. Good evening.
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