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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: This Moment, The Spirit Of Truth, Awakening To Our Relationship.
Teachers: Michael, Elyon, Light.

April 29, 2007

* Michael (Mark TR): I make my presence now known among you, I am your father come
to embrace you with the arms of spirit. I surround you with my love and the love of your
mother. We have come to be with you in this hour to share with you this cup of
sweetness, this enjoying of the joy that we perceive that is among you, even within you.
It has truly warmed our hearts to watch you in such joy about your life, your
opportunities, your surroundings, even about your relationship to us, your parents.
We are indeed charmed by your pursuit to draw close to us, and we will ever respond
to your call for this intimacy that you desire. It represents our desire as well that we
join in this pursuit of intimacy between us, the ability to share our lives back and
forth. The offer that you make to open up yourselves to include your relationship with
us is attractive beyond measure and will always elicit some response from us.
I wish to savor times with you, to acknowledge this goodness to the Father above,
to praise this beauty that we see in our lives, and acknowledge that we are a universal
family. This provides us both with a sense of belonging, of belonging the one to the
other, of being included in each other's experience. The more you offer to share your
life experience with us, the more of our universal experience we can share with you. It
is in a very real sense a direct act of contribution that you offer to share your life
experience with us throughout your journey. Likewise we will make a very real and
substantial contribution to this relationship as well. We will bring our higher
vibration and pattern to offer in this relationship. In this way do your mother and I
get to share in that that is being created and formed and likewise do you get to share in
your growth and progress, the accomplishment of your ascension career.
On this day with the birds singing and spring abounding it is simply our desire to
sit with you and be with you. You need not do anything but simply be, to acknowledge
this very moment as beautiful and good and seek to imprint these moments deeply in our
memory reservoir. These are the good times because it is the now, the only time. Every
now can be the good time if you simply stop and allow that this is so. You need not
attach to the time before or project yourself to the time after; you can simply be where
you are in this moment, at this time. Notice the sound. Smell the smell. Sense the
feelings that are inherent in this moment. Feel the connection of spirit and love
between us here in this moment. Savor this cup as you drink it. Be there to enjoy it.
You will find that when you are able to more easily grasp each moment and seize it
and be in it, that there is peace there, there is strength, there is comfort, there is
love. If you can see yourselves as only in this moment you can allow yourself to receive
all those qualities that are contained therein.
Share with me, with us who look on, the sweetness of this very moment of communion,
of sharing, of love, and of peace. Let these moments serve to be your retreat center
that you may flash to existence by returning to the moment that is present. If in this
way each moment can become sacred, then all moments are sacred and there is no allowance
made for the fear of future, or the guilt of past, or any other extraneous moments that
surround the moment.
Thank you, Father, for this moment, for this particular peace, for this one time
event of the now, for the comfort that we feel in this moment, for the joy of communion
that we share, for the intimacy that we build in this moment. We all share in the
enjoyment of the partaking in this very act of being.
I now will withdraw to make available this arena, but I never truly withdraw from
you. I am always awaiting your invitation to be invited in, that we may share another
such moment of intimacy. I will respect your invitation and await your call. I now step
aside but continue to enjoy the sweetness of this very moment.

* Elyon (Jonathan): Hello, my friends, Elyon here. I have utmost respect for our
universe Son Michael, he who reveals the Father among us, his children in Nebadon. He
has given us his Spirit of Truth, and it is each day revealing him to us as we seek to
commune ever more deeply.
Michael has said he is ever present, and his spirit magnifies Michael so that the
seeking heart and discerning mind may more clearly realize and gain fellowship. This
same spirit you have, and it is by way of this spirit that you likewise are magnified.
Michael is discerned by a fellow with your presence. There may be no direct
understanding of that connection, but the enlargement of the presence is felt. It is
enticing to a soul, for it is the draw to the arms of the master.
Jesus encouraged you to speak to the spirit in your fellows, to the Father's
Presence, for thereby you create a circuit, the poles being the dwelling Presences within
you and the other. It is Michael's spirit that flashes between these poles that creates
the current that allows soul to soul connection that makes way for that deeper
sensitivity in spite of differences of viewpoint and of culture.
You practice in your physical greetings a handshake or an embrace. The Spirit of
Truth is that same connectivity in the realm of your souls, a spiritual handshake, a
divine embrace. When the air is charged with static electricity sparks fly. In the
spiritual realm the Spirit of Truth is that static charge, and it takes but your touch
and the light is given forth. This is how you anchor light; this is how you open and
charge circuits.
In the ages to come as you have mastered the Nebadon experience you will be entered
into the high realm of spirit existence above the morontia phase. Your ever-present
rudder that will steer you into the arms of the Father across the seas of Havona will be
Michael's spirit. You are learning now and learning well to be consciously connected and
cooperative with this presence, and you will ever enjoy such for all of eternity, for you
will carry forever the birthmark of Michael and Mother Spirit in Nebadon. He says that
he is ever with us, and this is ever true.
Thank you for your attention. I always enjoy sitting in circle with you. I give
you my love.

* Light (Mark): I will take a deep breath, so to speak, and address you at this time
as well. I am Light and I am here in no small measure to affirm the reality of Elyon's
statement that with a positive spiritual charge and your individual sparks of creativity
magnificent things may come about, may be created. It gives me great joy to feel as
though I have a welcome family, ones who will accept me such as yourselves. I am in
great desire of being more closely associated with you, much as we are both in great
desire of being more closely associated with our divine parents. We are awakening to our
relationship and fostering and growing our intimacy that we may become closer in this
process, to simply enjoy each other's company or perhaps to direct our creative efforts
together that we may fulfill our desires to function....
I must say that I share a sense of intimidation at the process we are undergoing,
much as I am sure you have experienced, in extending so far in faith that we are
projecting ourselves in advance of preexisting pattern. But it is in this way that new
pattern is generated and new paths are created. I cherish this opportunity to create
some new pathways with you. Sometimes I will act as guide and other times you may act as
guide, and always we are seeking direction from our universal parents. But I am assured
that with our intention of purpose to pursue our parents and to be led by them and to
follow, that we are on a glorious path. Whether it winds to the left or to the right we
are trusting and faithful in our pursuit. This makes each day, each hour, perhaps
eventually each moment sacred as we simply be where we are and allow that we are fully
there, fully present, that we may gain the awareness that each moment can bring, that we
may pursue the next moment while savoring this one.
This is our glorious role before us, to simply traverse this divine path where it
may lead, sharing as much of each step as possible with each other and with our parents.
What a joyous role to be given as a gift from on high, to simply become that which we are
destined to be moment by moment, step by step. It is with such great joy that I
anticipate this journey, as we are able to share more and more of our individual
experiences and benefit from each other's perspectives.
Thank you for being okay with me in this moment, for welcoming me into your moment.
Likewise I extend and welcome you into mine. This is the greatest gift we can give each
other, extending invitations and issuing welcome. In this way we grow truly intimate
over time and will become as fast friends even though we occupy at present different
dimensions. I welcome all of you into my group, my family, my loved ones, and I
appreciate that there is a place in your hearts big enough to accommodate me. That is
why I can be here, because of your willingness and acceptance to allow and to
accommodate. I am forever grateful for your efforts on my behalf, and I look forward
with great joy and anticipation at our splendid journey to divinity together.
There, I have done it. I have come forward. I have pushed my envelope, and I do
this in no small part because of the inspiration of you pushing your boundaries. Thank
you. I respect you. I love you. I will return to be with you again. Farewell for now.

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