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Arcadia, California,
Monday, April 2, 2007, 8:00 pm

Teachers: JarEl

TRs: George Benavides, Stella Religa

Topics: Our questions are good ­ that is part of the search for God
The answers may be subtle - through thoughts and enlightenment
The significance of Good Friday
We are all a special part of His heart
Our good work is affecting many, we will one day know
All are loved and admired for
willingly giving our special talents to the world

Questions: Is all pride bad?
What about dream interpretation?
Is there such a thing as precognitive dreams?
Can loved ones who have died
communicate to us through a dream?
Will we have more help with
our problems as we advance into Morontia?

Prayer, Donna: Father thank you for this
gathering here of like-minded people, spiritual
seekers. We are always hungry to learn more of
your truth, beauty and goodness. Please open our
ears and our hearts to hear the messages that you
have for us through the teachers that you have
sent to us. Thank you so much for all of the
blessings in our lives Father, help us to be good
stewards of those blessings. We love you. In Christ Michael’s name, Amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening. It is I, your
teacher JarEl. It is good to be back again and
it is good to see all the familiar faces. There
is a light inside all of you here that shines
very brightly and when you all come together it
is a bright circle that you create. This bright
circle is positive energy from which the world
benefits. As individuals you create your own
circles around you of positive thinking.

You are all very well aware of the journey
that you must take once you leave this world and
this awareness has brought some comfort to many
of you and in turn this knowledge has deepened
your understanding of the universe and has
brought you closer to a relative peace of mind and spirit.

Yet despite all this knowledge, you still
remain with questions and that is perfectly fine
for you should ask questions and you should
continue to look for answers and for truth for
all eternity and that is the real search for
God. When you ask a question of your existence
and your identity, of which you are - then you
begin to receive that answer in such subtle ways
of thought and enlightenment. At this point in
your lives these ways are small and barely
noticeable. However, once you begin to traverse
the entire universe, you will feel the large
spiritual energies that are emanating from the
core of the universe. These energies will be
felt as large waves of thought and
spirituality. The information that you will
gather once you become closer to God will be so
great that not a thousand mortal minds could
contain such information. So, in other words,
there is so much to learn my friends. Therefore,
the more questions you ask the more opportunity
you have to grow as individuals.

But much of your questioning, much of what you
seek after, at this moment, are questions that
you can answer for yourselves. Much of the
information that you search for is already here
and already has been written. It is simply up to you to look for it.

It is in this week that many of you celebrate the
death and resurrection of Christ Michael. Ponder
for a minute the significance of his visit on
this planet. Imagine the ultimate importance of
his life on small Urantia. It is with great
interest that the entire local universe looks
down on this small world of confused humans with
great love and admiration and at times with great
sorrow for your lack of cooperation with one
another and your tendencies to go to war.

If the Creator of this universe were to have
visited some other planet, perhaps the message
wouldn’t have been so significant as it has been
on Urantia. But yet many of you on this world
have failed to realize the true mission,
nonetheless, you have been raised by our Father
and brother and He came with great humility and
patience for your kind and this Friday marks the
anniversary of His crucifixion and crucifixion
that He did not deserve, yet it was brought down
on Him. The love that He has for all of you is
so great and so genuine. He brings peace to all
your hearts and He loves the whole world, every single last one of you.

I would like to step aside for one moment to allow other teachers.

Corelli: TR, Stella. Good evening. I am
Corelli, your old friend Stella. We are glad you
are with us again. We missed our talks that went
on for so many years and we are glad you are with
us again. Christ is here as usual, sending you
all His greetings and great love. You are more
blessed than you can believe. You are a special
part of His heart because He knows you are
sincere in your truth seeking. We try to
enlighten your way through all of your
vicissitudes. Be not unhappy, you will see that
eventually your troubles will be gone. You all
are loved and admired for each of you have a
special talent that you willingly give to the
world. You all cannot see the effect of your
actions on so many but eventually you will know
and will be astonished at how far your work and
dissemination of the truth has gone and how many
people you have affected. So please keep up your
good works and do not be discouraged even though
many of you feel you have failed or have not done
enough. You have done more than many people put
together. We love each and every one of you and
we look forward to the time when we will meet and
embrace. We love you. Goodnight.

JarEl: TR, George. Are there any questions here tonight?

Mike: I have a couple of questions. One of them
is about pride. I was just wondering, because
the Bible and The Urantia Book talk about how God
doesn’t like pride. Are there certain degrees of
pride? I think that if God chose me to be an
apostle that I would feel some kind of pride in
that but at the same time I could be humble. I
am wondering if that’s bad or if all pride is bad?

JarEl: TR, George. Pride is a poison to the
heart for it self-centers you. It brings you
into the light and allows you to put more
importance upon yourself than others. The
apostles needed to learn humility. They needed
to learn how to serve others if later they were
to rule over them. So before you let your pride
get in the way, humble yourself and learn to
serve others first. Pride is not good for
anyone. It only destroys the heart and the
connection that you have with others for it
separates you and puts you up on a pedestal. It
makes you feel that you are better than others or
you are favored or you are fortunate. Those
sorts of feelings can become deceptive towards
one. Sooner or later this point of view that you
have of yourself will get the better of you and
will make you forget whom you are. Always
remember that you are a Son of God and all of us
are your brothers and sisters. The one thing
that we have in common is the Fatherhood of
God. God is no respecter of men; so do not put
yourself above men. Always remain humble in all
your dealings with others and you will make innumerable friends.

Are there any other questions?

Mike: I would like to know about the
interpretation of dreams. The Urantia Book says
it is superstitious, although the Bible talks
about Joseph interpreting dreams. Are there any
dreams that are in connection with the Thought
Adjuster? Or are all dreams just dreams that don’t mean anything?

JarEl: TR, George. Your dreams are made up, the
large majority of them, of your unconscious
thoughts that surface in your mind during your
stay of slumber. However, that being said, you
are more susceptible to being contacted during
this time either by your Thought Adjuster or by
angels. But your mind interprets these dreams in
various ways; it symbolizes everything and if you
are not able to discern these symbols within your
own dream, then the interpretation can become
gibberish. But, if you are skillful in the
interpretation of your own dreams, then at one
point you can come to understand them. But you
should not rely on your dreams to tell you the
truth. There is plenty of truth for you to find
in your waking state. God reaches you at all
times, in all moments. You can begin to discern
Him at any moment you chose. It is not necessary
for you to venture into the dream state to find
clues with regard to the actors of the
universe. You can find all of the answers that
you need when you are perfectly awake in the
state of meditation. Does that help you?

Mike: Somewhat ­ when my meditation is at the
point when I can understand whether it is my own
thinking or wishful thinking that I am given some type of answer.

JarEl: TR, George. God will always speak to you
in your own voice, so at times you will hear
nothing but yourself speaking back to you. But
if you learn to listen and discern these thoughts
and as you begin to see that many of these
thoughts are not you own thoughts, then you can
rest assured that much of this good information
that you are receiving is from God. For He
constantly speaks to you and He is always there
for anything that you ask for. Granted that much
of what you ask takes time to be delivered and in
the wisdom of God, He might not give you
everything that you ask for simply because you do
not know what you want. God, of all people,
knows what you need and when you ask Him, He
gives it to you. In the search for knowledge and
truth, if you ask, you shall receive. God is
more than happy to provide you with the tools to
reach Him. God is ecstatic to see one of His
children reaching out to Him. When His child
begins that arduous search for God, He makes it
possible for you to begin to find the clues that
will send you on your way towards this grand adventure.

Are there any more questions here tonight?

Stella: Is there such a thing as precognitive
dreams? I seem to get them in times of great
crises and I am wondering where that comes
from? Sometimes I do something about them and
sometimes I don’t. So I am just wondering, when
I get these dreams should I do something about them to warn the people?

JarEl: TR, George. There is such a thing as
tapping into the Great Mother Spirit and seeing
bits and pieces of what your future might be, or
seeing glimpses. But remember that you have a
choice as to what and how you want to create your
future. There is an ultimate predestine which is
the destiny of God. But as you live here and die
on this planet, you have choices to make as to
how you want to live out your days. At times you
do experience these precognitive or sometimes
déjàvu feelings. But you should not be surprised
or startled by such information for it is normal
to experience this. It is normal to look down
the road and see where your life is headed or to
look down the road and see events happen. As
humans progress more and more there will come
more evidence that this state of mind is
normal. For us looking down on you, we can
preconceive much of what is going to happen to
all of you. Based on the patterns and the
knowledge that we have and the wisdom that’s
carried through from the universe, we can predict
certain events that will affect your world, but
despite these sorts of predictions, we do not
view this phenomena as something spectacular. It
is an everyday event for us for we have a larger
picture, a larger understanding of the
universe. When you tap into this Mother Spirit,
or God, you tap into a larger understanding of
the entire universe and you might see glimpses of
this world. Then this experience that you have
should be shared with others for not everyone can
tap into this knowledge. Not everyone has the
benefit of looking down the road and seeing
what’s coming up. You are fortunate my friend
Stella that you have elevated your vision to such
levels that you can warn your friends and
family. But not warn them in a negative way but
rather caution them and help them to change this
world of yours. For all of you have this power
within you. You may say that you are just a
handful of people, but even a handful of people
can affect change on this planet. You are not so
insignificant. You are truly significant.

Are there any last questions?

Mike: The Urantia Book states that loved ones
who have died cannot communicate with loved ones
who are still alive. Does that also mean that in
dreams they cannot communicate either, because I
have had a vivid dream with someone who passed
and they said they were always around? Is that
just my subconscious thinking of them?

JarEl: TR, George. No, it is not. There is
such a thing as privilege on the other
side. Privilege to communicate with their loved
ones and assure them that they are fine and that
they are happy and that they are still alive in
the sense of being alive. These sorts of
communications are permissible. They carry with
them none of the negative connotations or the
negative message that humans seem so willing to
share. They must qualify first to even begin to
transmit such messages to you. Once they show
that they are ready to greet their loved ones,
they are allowed certain times to bring forth
this communication. This has been happening more
and more. But please do not misconstrue this
privilege, as an open-ended conversation for it
is not permissible for them to speak of
everything that they see, for you simply will not
understand. It is also not permissible for them
to try to direct certain events or certain things
from where they are at; they cannot get
involved. They must learn, as you one day will
learn, that they must leave things behind in
order to receive the new things that are coming
from the future. The problems that you leave
here on this planet must be dealt with on this
planet. Your own personal problems that you take
with you must be dealt with on your
own. However, I do qualify your experience as a genuine communication.

Lucille: Will we have more help with our
problems as we advance into their worlds?

JarEl: TR, George. By all means, you
will. There are many qualified teachers who are
willing to help you transition into this grand
new world that awaits you. It will be a
marvelous time for you. You will, for the first
time in your life, experience a true and genuine
society. No longer will you be burdened by your
mortality or by the petty governments of this
planet. The life that awaits you is an
ever-progressing journey of discovery and
understanding and doesn’t end. At times it seems
like it will never end, but there will be a time
when you do reach Paradise. But that is a far
off day, to even think about it is
unfathomable. Suffice it to say that you have in
front of you many adventures that wait, many
journeys for you to take, many friends for you to
make. But most of all you will have God with you
throughout that long journey and He will embrace
you with love and tenderness as He does embrace you now.

With that I leave you. Goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl.

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