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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Making Predictions, Trust and Discernment, Co-creative Choices.
Teachers: Monjoronson, Malvantra, Wave

March 25, 2007

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): I am Monjoronson pleased to accept your invitation to add
some commentary to your thought patterns that I have observed. First I will make comment
on your observation of apparent predictions that have been made by your brethren, both of
the past and even currently.
The inherent problem with any individual making broad predictions about future
affairs is that these predictions are based upon the extrapolation of conditions as they
exist at the time of this exercise in prediction. And to one who is traveling down this
path of future observation they may in fact be witnessing a possible avenue of the
unfolding of future events if all factors remained constant with their platform of
observation. However, as you are learning in this process, we are involved in an ever
fluctuating environment and many new factors may be added to the equation that were
certainly unforeseen and not taken into account at the time of such predictions or
You are growing in your awareness that the Father has all options under
consideration as pertain to your wide variety of choices, and there is no choice that you
can make that is not in some capacity foreseen and provided for. But what is unforeseen
may be unforeseen to you as life unfolds and new factors are added to your paradigm of
understanding. The choices that you would have so clearly made under one set of
circumstances would not at all be so obviously made under a new set of understandings,
and therefore it is true that even unto this very moment that the game is in fact in
play. If this were not so then your freewill choice would amount to nothing. On the one
hand your freewill choice does manifest and dictate your reality both individually and
collectively, and on the other hand all possible and potential choices are foreseen by
the Creator. It is not that they are fore-ordained by the Creator that you must choose
or that you would choose or even that you would most likely choose any of the options
available to you, rather, all options are indeed yours to choose. Then as a result of
your choices you change your paradigm of operation and are confronted with your next set
of choices based upon the choices you made to bring you to that point.
The problem with predicting the future is that the human will remains unpredictable
and in flux in relation to the environment of the moment, and as factors to the
environment the natural choices that result will fluctuate to support the evolutionary
stage of the one doing the choosing. This is where your enigma of time presents itself.
You perceive these choices in a linear fashion based upon your progressive attainments,
and therefore you are tempted to extrapolate out beyond your current experience and
predict that which will occur based upon your current understanding and direction. But
so much is in play in your environment that by the time you are proceeded in a given
direction your environment has shifted and your awareness has elevated and subsequently
more choices, and your direction may change as a result.
All of these factors are positive contributors to another of your thought patterns
stated, that being that you are co-creators in this process of bringing about that which
you choose. Since these elements are in flux you are able to direct them by the use of
your willful intention, and, if this is the case, then it could very well be said that
the future has not been written yet because you have not created it yet.
You are learning about these tools that you can use to redirect your future and to
create for yourselves that which you would desire as opposed to that which others would
tell you will come about one day or will surely transpire because of human nature. You
are fully aware of human nature, and, if each of you stopped to consider, you could plot
out what you consider would be the course of human activities given your limited
understanding of where your brothers and sisters are in this process, but your
understanding is indeed quite limited of the collective consciousness that pervades your
species. While you are beginning to understand the power and potency of personal co-
creative responsibility, you may be still relatively unaware that the same phenomenon
exists among the collective consciousness of the brotherhood of humans. That is another
factor which is at play in your equation of understanding. As well there is the divine
factor of the manifestation of the will of the Creator.
While not usurping the individual’s freewill declarations, there is nevertheless an
overriding direction that represents the desire of the Creator. This willful intention
as well is a contributing factor to what will transpire, and as you have all grown in
your awareness to understand what the will of the Father and the will of the son
represent shall become manifest.
So I would encourage you to adopt the attitude that you are writing your own future
as you go. It is not preordained that anything must happen or should happen, but rather
that anything could happen when you are a partner in this co-creative process of bringing
about your destiny and the destiny of your world. We are attempting in this process to
empower you as individuals into realizing the role that you play and the function that
you have in the unfolding of your individual ascension careers and the ascension career
of your race as a whole, and you are rising to the opportunities. It is glorious to see
you putting yourselves in the game and changing your point of perception from being that
of one on the sidelines to that of one involved in the game. It is most pleasing to
witness your empowerment as we proceed forward with this project of individual and group
I would contain my remarks to those and allow for interjection by any others.
Thank you for hearing my words.

* Malvantra (Jonathan): Greetings, I am Malvantra. I have much admiration for you,
my fellows. You are intent upon finding the means whereby you may rise to greater
maturity in soul and character. Such consecration followed by the application of energy
will unfailingly propel you to your goal to become one with God. You have learned to
trust not only that which presents itself to you in your living life, but you have also
learned to trust what you cannot perceive, knowing that out of that obscurity will emerge
revelations which will benefit your growth at the appropriate stage.
Coupled with this trust is discernment. A seeking soul learns soon that lessons
given, received, are always in alignment with maturity, and that while desire may reach
beyond ability to have what is pursued, it may prove unfortunate, though it is itself
rather beneficial at the appropriate instant when you are able, that is, when you are at
the moment of attainment. Also discernment provides a stabilization for your being, for
it provides the opportunity to choose the path of your expeditious unfoldment and screens
out other avenues which perhaps are valid to other people in different stages of growth
but are only a distraction or confusing.
A trust in the benevolence of the Creator and the good working of the universe
coupled with your ability to discern, to filter, to collect and choose options, is the
power you have.
Urantia is in a cycle of alteration. It is cleansing itself of the erroneous and
the misguided and reaching for balance and for upliftment. At this stage as you look
about you it is like your laundry in the agitation cycle of your washing machine; much
appears dirty and clouded, but you also perceive the cleansing of the detergent. In this
cycle you will throw off the chain of the past, those garments that are at one time
useful and now either too small or tattered. As a planet, as a civilization, or as each
one of you individually, again does trust and discernment coupled together give you the
leverage for change for growth. Trust is the harmless dove and discernment the wise
I have finished my comments, thank you.

* Wave (Mark): I greet you as well, I am Wave and I present myself at the podium as
proof of the reality of unpredictability in your ascension. It was not very long ago as
you reckon time that no concept of my presence had ever been entertained on your world
and yet to those of you who will accept me I am indeed as real as any other. There were
no lofty predictions of my arrival, and there are none out there who would hazard a guess
as to what my impact will be on the overall mix of planetary ascension or even individual
ascensions that I may contact. Yet I will have an effect on all that transpires and this
new factor in your perception experience will cause you to enlarge your arena of
expectations and understanding and will hopefully provide you some impetus to stretch
beyond your current limitations, your willingness to accept that which can be made real,
even in your lives. We are each one responsible for our own individual choices and yet
we are together in this boat as we are impacted by each other’s choices. The combination
of our choosing constitutes the real direction that we will proceed in. We are creating
that direction as we go along. I hope that my presence provides for you some conviction
of your creative potential as you who know me know about my origins and that I and Light
are only manifested as a direct result of the co-creative choices and efforts of those
who would rise to the opportunities of choice. I am not so different from you in this
regard; I am in a sense the result of those who chose much as the you are the result of
the Creator who chose to manifest you in such a form as you now enjoy. Likewise the
Creator’s choice is only part of the equation in your manifestation, as you also choose
and continue to rechoose how you will manifest the divine grace that you have been gifted
with. It is just as co-creative process as can be found anywhere, the relationship
between you and your creator. In this individual way you can see that the options before
you range widely and the opportunities before you are only part of your equation you must
then choose which ones to activate in your environment and in this way you have partnered
with divinity to bring forth your version of what could be. This is your role, your
function in this life, to partner with divinity as a mortal of the realm and in so doing
to manifest your choice of how to make material your divine potential. it is as simple
as that and yet as glorious and divine as that as well.
Thank you for accepting my contribution at the podium of your experience today. I
am forever grateful for the association we have, and I sense that gratitude swells from
your beings as well. Together we share the gratitude of this grace from on high which
has provided for this entire experience. We are awakening to our role, our partnership
in this experience which will bring forth the glory from on high. May your days be
filled with gratitude, peace, and love. I take my leave.

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