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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Universe Principle, Supreme Values, Manifestation, and Gratitude; Retuning Mind
Teachers: Monjoronson, Elyon

arch 11, 2007

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): I would be happy to have the opportunity to join your
group. I am Monjoronson and I am well pleased to see your discussions evolve around your
current materials, and I would offer to throw my contribution in to the thought-stream as
it relates to your discussion regarding the principles that you have witnessed,
demonstrated, within the context of the production The Secret. I refer to all that is
pertained there as a demonstration of technique and universe principles, but you have
noted that there is also an element of choice which connotes a degree of awareness and of
the exercise of values.
The techniques illustrated are simply observable phenomenon, and, as with universal
laws, they can be fairly counted on to repeat themselves and act according to universal
laws. Therefore, once you figure out how a system works, how a law is in effect, you can
use the effect of this law to your own advantage by shifting the values that you use in
activating this universe principle.
I observe that you experienced some disharmony with the baser elements of material
manipulation over the choice of exercising higher values, spiritual values, and I applaud
that you recognize this distinction. You have yourselves grown in your awareness and
progressed in your values enough to now readily see the contrast of approaches when they
arise before you. You are right when you ask: is not the real question after learning of
this, then, what will you choose? This is where you, my friends, have an added dimension
of choice that you have configured of your own efforts. You have assembled a new arena
of values that you would like to manifest and bring into the material realm exactly like
those who are unaware and know no different than to seek improved material surroundings.
Once you have experienced your perspective of the greater things in life you realize that
they are not contained in the material components of life but rather in your spiritual
standing at any given time. But to a great many out there they do not have your
perspective of what is truly worth asking for in this exercise. So they will call upon
these universe principles, they will activate these laws, and the results will remain
predictable as long as they adhere to the basic principles.
The question arises then: how do you change the values so that one knows more
perfectly what to ask for and what to activate this circuit for? And I reflect to you
that it is this same universe principle which can be utilized to increase your arena of
values. If it is true that you attract what you project, then perhaps engaging in the
projection of desiring more Supreme values would be effective. In this way you can use
the one principle to elevate the use of that same principle. You can build your
awareness of values in this way and become more and more effective at knowing what it is
that is truly the best thing to ask for.
I will also support the point that was made that you can always check your
orientation to the most Supreme value that you are aware. When you bring that value to
prayer, to worship, to gratitude and appreciation for being a part of such a universe
principle, a magnificence law, when you come in gratitude, you are inclined to be more
service oriented and less self centered, for gratitude fills you with the desire to do
good to others and crowds out much of the material selfism that provides the contrasts
that we discussed.
Again, another predictable universe principle, when you come to a point of
gratitude and appreciation, you are opening yourself up to be filled by what the universe
would bring to you. Let it be Supreme values, let it be higher understanding, enhanced
capacities, greater awareness; let these be the things that you receive in your process
of asking, believing, and receiving. Ask for the greatest things, and the lesser things
will certainly be contained therein.
Now that you know the secret what will you choose? What will your thoughts be?
How will you take control more over your destiny? I am sure that your choices will be
spectacular ones. You are inspired; you are on fire for spirit, and therefore are all
these different means finding their way to you as the answer to your prayer, as that
which you have projected that you desire so now it arrives. Let us be more aware of this
function, of this purpose, of this reality that goes on around us. And let us be more
purposeful about that we would have or not have or be or not be. Those seemingly
innocent and everyday choices are in a way your magnificent statement to the universe of
what to bring you next. Let us choose the highest, the best, the most perfect, the
greatest ideals we can have. Let us exercise that choice, and then let us all stand in
awe as we receive that which the universe would bring to us in this process.
I contain my remarks there to allow for others. I cherish this experience and
thank you all for this opportunity. I come to you in gratitude and express it to the
Father as well. Farewell.

* Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon. I greet you. It is a pleasure to have our
Magisterial Son here to provide instruction, and to be with him it is my honor, and I
will effort to assist in your upliftment.
You have advanced your understanding of the makeup of the human being through your
various studies and your living experiments with discovered truth. In the course you
have learned of the hierarchical impact of spirit upon mind, mind upon form. You are
aware that the human mind is a focalization of the greater mind of Mother Spirit, who
likewise is a focalization of the greater cosmic mind which is circumscribed to the
time/space realm and is a focalization of the absolute mind of the Infinite Spirit. In
the course of maturity in your human life you have learned to use your focalization to
coordinate your body and to achieve actions.
As you have developed a brotherhood of like-minded souls, you are also learning
that spirit is coordinating each mind focalization and that you all as one body function
well and in harmony with greater coordination.
It is said that if you don’t like the mind you have you can replace it with the
mind of Christ. The mind you have is a gift of Michael and Mother, and it would be more
correct to say that your mind is not to be replaced but to be retuned. You know of your
radios that frequencies are all about you in your environment; it is only when you choose
to turn on your receiver and adjust the frequency that you receive a communication.
Stillness functions in this manner to attain the mind of Michael. You establish a mental
resonance which is capable of not only receiving that Christ-mindedness but of becoming
that very signal.
A coordinated individual can use left and right hands in expert ways to accomplish
things. In the realm of mind your mind and another’s mind in coordination also achieve
many things, thus the statement “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.
Remember, Jesus said, “I and my Father are one”. Manifestation in the physical realm,
enlightenment in consciousness, and unity of spirit are so intertwined that it would take
a lifetime or more to thoroughly detail the interworkings. When you align in stillness
you adjust your vibrational strings, and that tautness of your awareness allows you to
manipulate, to pluck and play, many other frequencies and vibrations on into your
physical realm and to do so with a masterly approach, with less haphazardness, with less
carelessness. In going apart alone with Father you reach a clarity as did Jesus of your
mission, your purpose, and how to execute that. Your point of power is in the very fact
that you can say “I know” and “I am”. You are spirit, that is I am. You are
consciousness, that is, I know. These universe principles are meshed together and will
respond flawlessly as you tune yourself to the mind of Christ. You realize your unity in
the mind of Mother.
Thank you, my friends, for receiving my presentation. We are one.

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