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DATE: June 10, 1997
T/Rs: Gerdean and Hunnah


TOMAS: Good evening, my friends. I am glad to be with you, and glad that you faithfully come together to focus your attention on your spiritual nature, for it affirms your fortitude when you follow through with your intent to grow in understanding and when you subsequently learn to serve from what you have learned.

There is a grand attendance this evening. I realize you are not aware of our presences and your energy levels are not high this evening (perhaps due to your recent supper), but there are a number of visitors. We do not often have time or opportunity for so many as are here this evening but, in your vernacular, you could say that a busload has arrived, and since there is nothing pressing in your humanness this evening, you will enjoy the visits forthcoming.

Perhaps they will provide you with a lesson now and again as they greet you. Assuming this agenda meets with your approval, I will introduce them one by one.

Leah: I have no objection. I'm looking forward to this.

Anne: That's great!

MERIUM: I am Merium. You know me well. I am taking advantage of the open channel. I am not going to stick around and take up your time for I am a regular among you. I will act as hostess, however, in company with Tomas, and escort our guests into your arena. We are pleased to have this agenda this evening. You must realize that we in the spirit realms have no occasion for absence, for we are in constant contact through circuitry, which is even more real than your telephone systems. It is nothing for us to be in touch. In many ways we are closer even than you who live in the same vicinity, but I will not bore you with technical details. I will simply step aside and allow the fun to commence. One moment.

JACK: 0802-AB, Jack here. Good evening, Gerdean, and friends in the fold. I am a secondary midwayer. I have been a friend of Gerdean for many, many years.

I have worked, for your information, very closely with her brother, your brother, Alan, who has been in residence on the other side of Urantia, in Thailand, and who has recently experienced a milestone in his earthly career, in-as-much as he has laid to rest his companion of many years, our co-worker named Bong who has translated to the Mansion Worlds, having expired from the devastation of advanced AIDS.

It is a joy for Bong to be released from the fetters of the flesh, and it is a joy also for Alan to know that his companion is relieved of the devastation of the deplorable disease that inflicts so many unfortunate creatures here on Urantia.

It has been a milestone for Alan because we worked so closely with this young man in his approach to death and through the eyes of the spirit which Alan brought to him, which significantly augmented his cultural frame of reference for death, which is and was a deep-seated Buddhist frame of reference. He, Bong, indeed anticipates a mansion world experience, which is a great step forward for the lad who might otherwise have looked forward to returning as a four-legged creature.

Also I would like to convey to Gerdean how well I regard her efforts here. Although I do not get to visit often with you, Gerdean, I am fully mindful of your attentions to your assignment and I am appropriately proud of your efforts. I suspected, when we met those many years ago, that you would graduate from "Juliet of the Spirits" to a worker in the field, and you have not disappointed me nor the others who saw you grow and develop over the years.

Your brother Alan is well. He will require some time to physically recover from the onslaught of the emotional and physical stress of the death experience and the loss of his companion, but he is heartened again by the freedom to prevail and to breathe free of disease for the first time in many years. We pray for his speedy regeneration of spirit. I have much work yet for him to do and he is a man of great vigor, despite his years.

My dear, and my dears, it has been a pleasure to visit. I will come again. As you understand, I am not truly far away, and I am assured our Father's will is being done in your arena. I therefore bid you a good afternoon.

Leah: Thank you. I'm so glad that you came. Gerdean has spoken fondly of you and it's a pleasure to meet you.

ROSE: I am Rose. I am a personal teacher. I am the personal teacher of your sister Nolus. You know Nolus as a worker in the field from the original Woods Cross group and as the wife of Jeremiah. I am visiting today on this bus. It is not often I venture so far afield from my garden in the west, but only because I am not invited. And so I have jumped at the chance to visit with you here for I love to get around. In earlier times, Nolus and Jeremiah often traveled far and wide in the spread of the Teaching Mission and I got to experience many environments and many personalities. I have been enjoying rapport with your personal teachers. We get to, as you might say, rub shoulders and compare notes. Always is it a pleasure to be in company with like kind, to meet new personalities and to rekindle the flame of friendships on-going through time and space. Thank you.

Leah: Thank you! It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I heard Nolus speak about you in Arkansas.

HAM: I am Ham.

Leah: Welcome.

HAM: I am glad to be among you. I am also glad that you are loyal in your efforts to attend to your spirit growth personally and the spirit growth of your fellows. Jesus often talked to his apostles about the importance of supporting your peers, of being a friend to your companions in these efforts of spreading the gospel. It is an indication of his understanding of the human condition that he would understand and encourage you to encourage and support each other.

It is, of course, true that in your relationship with the Father, through your Indwelling Spirit, you are not alone, and yet your lives are enriched beyond measure when you combine your energies and spirit loyalties with those who support the same truths and values that you support, whether these be in your intimate circle of believers or in your larger family of man, makes no difference. For you to be a companion among companions is a true gift, one which immeasurably loosens your hold on isolation and separation, ever luring you into the greater family, the greater camaraderie of kingdom builders.

This society of brothers and sisters in the spirit will not betray you, will not abandon you, for the spirit is true, the spirit is steadfast. You may rely on the spirit indwelling your brothers and sisters, and even though the mortal vessel may fumble, inwardly the Spirit of Truth will prevail. My friends, it gives me great pleasure to acknowledge how your spirits have prevailed in your lives and how you have encouraged this by your encouragement of each other. In faith, I am your friend and your companion in the spirit. I am Ham.

Leah: Thank you.

ALCON: Good afternoon. I am Alcon. I am known as one who gives lengthy speeches. I have a great font of abundance in my soul to give, for as I overheard earlier, it does not belong to me but comes from the reservoir of the First Source and Center and I am but an instrument, a funnel for His wisdom, His power, His grace.

I am ever appreciative of the Word of the Eternal Son and the Word as imparted through the Sons of the Son. I am myself an ascending son, as you are, and we are therefor on the ladder of ascension toward the Son, toward the Word, and so the words that are spoken in our work and play in the realm where we find ourselves is the measure of our capacity to be a funnel, a channel for the Word of God.

For those who would teach and preach, those words are made available. Witness, if you will, yourself when you find your mind is blank and an occasion presents itself. It takes nothing except your willingness to begin an outpouring of relating your perception of truth, beauty and goodness for those with ears to hear, and so I say to you who speak for Him in your work, you work with me also. We are words of the Word and we are sons of the Son.

I am glad you have endured me this evening. I am glad to have been able to approach you and spend a moment. It would please me to return again and practice with you further. It would behoove you all to become aware of your words and to begin to practice allowing yourselves to be a funnel for His words. Farewell.

Leah: Farewell. Thank you for coming. I hope you'll come again and anybody who spoke and anybody who doesn't get a chance, I hope you all will come again.

MURIEL: I am Muriel. I am a newly assigned teacher and I am struggling to make contact with my base of operations. I say struggling because the Hamilton [Canada] group has been in the throes of developing a conscientious and capable transmitter/ receiver. It is a difficult process and is made more difficult when difficulties beset the initial efforts. It is always an advantage to the teachers who come to instruct and companion you; it is beneficial also for you mortals who allow yourselves to avail yourselves so that we can practice with you. It is not a procedure that occurs in the blink of an eye. It is a process, as you who have worked with your personal teachers can testify.

I would like to convey my deep devotion to the assemblage of my assignment. I would like to foster faith in their midst. The Spirit of Truth is our noble companion, a trustworthy companion. It is the integrity of spirit truth that we seek to impart and companionship of our order for you of your order of ascension. We embrace you, Bertram and I, and look forward to those days when we can impress a concept into your mind that will take root and develop as Alcon said, as the Word.

My friends, until we speak again, farewell.

Leah: Farewell. There's no doubt that the Hamilton group will appreciate your reassuring words.

WELMEK: I am Welmek. I am an old friend. I hope you regard me as an old friend! I have been observing your perspective of time and space and have noticed that in these few short years, less than a decade since Correcting Time has commenced officially, it seems that many of us have been around a lifetime already. Incredible as it may seem, we have! In some cases you might say we have been around several lifetimes, for your growth has accelerated tremendously .

Another observation we have made among ourselves and have often shared with you is how steadily you are growing, and we find that when you fall and feel you have never seen the light, we scratch our heads in amazement that you forgot that only yesterday you were jubilant and bathed in the spirit. How we are impressed with your childlike natures, for is it not true that children of the flesh are the same way. They can fall and stumble and cry loudly, look around, see something that amuses them, and be giggling and drooling in joy with the same tears they shed earlier in abject distress and sorrow.

I hope you forgive my analogy to you as infants. It is an analogy made in deep and pure affection. It is drawn not to indicate that you are such babies, no, but to indicate how vulnerable you are in your agondonter status. It is obviously an apparent reason why we encourage your friendship bonds, for as you encounter each other you uphold each other, you remind each other and yourself that you are embarked upon a very real task, a very genuine venture.

I have been away from Urantia on a venture of my own. I have not jumped ship. You must never fear that we are a figment of your imagination and that one day the light of truth will dawn on you all and you will abandon the idea of inter-morontial communication, for this is simply not the case. We are very real, but more than that is the reality that develops in your soul as you begin to work with spirit reality; even as it is a mere perception, it is none-the-less a part of eternal truth.

You have heard the analogy that truth may be compared to a pin prick of light, that if you were to see the full light you would be blinded, but the pin prick of light in total darkness is enough to allow you to understand that there is light and that you are not completely in the dark. Let your fellows also light your way. As you grow together, your appreciation of spirit reality will be expanded and enhanced and embellished as a result of that service which you perform for each other, in standing together and in standing with us in the march of the ages.

TOMAS: I am Tomas. I am going to allow for a break.


TOMAS (T/R #1): We are here, the entire busload and I. There are many, many who would enjoy an experience of speaking this evening; however, in regard for your time constraints, I will alter our format somewhat. We have, of course, observed you in your discourses and indeed have observed that when we are not on-line, you are full of questions, but when we are around, you cannot seem to think of any. I will present this challenge to you, and that is that if you have a question, I will direct the question to that entity who would like to deliver a response.

And so, if you are willing to "play that game" we can occupy ourselves gainfully in that manner. I also see that my able assistant Hunnah is eager to partake as a funnel this evening, and I will include her in our "game" if she is willing to play by our rules. That is to say, trust me and we will have fun. How can I help you this evening. Are indeed there questions?

Anne: I have a question, and it's probably a little bit selfish but I was wondering if I had a teacher and who it might be.

TOMAS: I appreciate your question. It is a valid question. I feel completely confident to allow Hunnah to bring your personal teacher through her that she may greet you. I am going to caution you all that names are difficult, but that does not preclude us all from the pleasure of her company and the thrill of expressing herself to you, her charge. Hunnah, you may come on-line and access Anne's personal teacher for her.

MERIUM: There's a problem. Hunnah is in a panic about names.

TOMAS: The name is not important.

MERIUM: Thank you. The name will be revealed.

PHILEMENA (T/R #2): This is a very special time. It thrills me that this opportunity has presented itself, that I may come to you, Anne.

Anne: I'm very happy to meet you.

PHILEMENA: It is very reassuring I am sure for me as it is for you to know that we are here together. A teacher is an ever-present source. Let me use the analogy of the radio. If you happen to hear music or news, you would go to the radio or the television and turn it on. In order to receive that assistance and that up-date of your community awareness, you must believe that there is such a device available to you.

I use this analogy because perhaps my ever-present assets have been with you, but the concept of my availability to you as your companion , perhaps, has been withheld from you or it has been a lofty thing or such a force or individual that can be of help, so let us mark this evening as the celebration of -- as you said earlier this evening -- "appreciation dawned in me" and in your case some more, in a greater way, to the point where you have chosen, as Mary, who sat at the feet of the Master, to accept your rightful ownership of a part of your inner communication.

This evening as you people have gathered together, you are what you might say discovering, accepting and gathering your divine inheritance, and so as I come to you this evening, I would touch your hand and put another hand under your chin and say, "Anne, I love your smile, and it pleases me so much to be here with you." Is there something you would like to speak of, dear?

Anne: Not at the moment. I'm just happy that you're here.

PHILEMENA: You just wanted to know if you had a fairy godmother?

Anne: (Laughing) Not exactly a fairy godmother, but ... it's nice to know you have a guide.

PHILEMENA: The flash came to Hunnah of Cinderella and perhaps, like Cinderella, you have felt isolated and alone. In your isolation, your social isolation, a part of you is aware of the presence of that sparkling good fairy who will give you your wishes, but who has laid down ground rules. And I want you to know that there are very few ground rules for us. I just want you to be aware that I do exist, and I have been with you. I have been as anxious for you to have this moment as you would want it, as I would want it. It is an equal joy. You have, as is commonly expressed, opened the door, and has it not been much easier than you anticipated?

Anne: Yes, it is.

PHILEMENA: It will be interesting to see which manner of communication with me that you choose. You may have all manner of communication with me -- quiet talks and written words from stillness, or, as there is a Biblical expression, when the bridegroom cometh "when you least expect it" there will be an opening and I will be able to greet you. It has already been so, but now it is at the floodgate and you will find that this awareness will give you confidence and you will go forth into your day with less reservation because the day which you approach will be your day, not yesterday -- your new day, and we will celebrate your light, and even in moments of doubt, it will be a fresh opportunity for new interpretation.

You are a quiet one. I will wait upon your cue.

TOMAS (T/R #1): Thank you...

Anne: Thank you very much.

TOMAS: ... Philemena.

Anne: Philemena.

TOMAS: Are there other questions?

Leah: Is Jay-Orzh communicating with me throughout my day? in my typing? Or...? Anyone.

MERIUM (T/R #2): Jay-Orzj is ever present, even now. Indeed, she is very pleased with your interest, your attentiveness.

JAY-ORZH (T/R #2): This is a time of strengthening, a housekeeping that is ever so subtle. I want you to remember one thing: that when we are in strong physical communication, these words put a light in your eyes, a smile on your face and a sigh in your bosom. While this takes place, remember that the vibrational change is resonating through you and it will affect all your decisions; it will alter your vision. It is what we call "meltdown" for all of the areas that are trying to develop greater depth, and it is a drying up and a dissipating of old established ideas that are no longer appropriate, and in these ideas are the old teachings.

It is as if you had a bookshelf and you kept all the books from the many years, so the books on your bookshelf are very sad stories. You will not take them to your friend's shop. They will simply sit there and will not be used. They will be left in the category of experience on earth. There are new waters, awareness, new opportunities and adventures in service for you. We cannot be dallying in yesterday's memories.

MERIUM: Hunnah used an expression earlier that was given to her about having much to receive. Truly it can be said of each of you here listening: you have much to receive and you know this in your heart. You want to get on with it. You have shed your tears in the human condition.

Abraham visited the other evening and proclaimed a singular purpose that will rise in you with new strength, and when this happens there is no decision, there is no seeking advice from others, you will know and act and speak and it will not be with severity; it will be with that marvelous speaking voice that you contain. Your voice is a soft, very comforting presence, and we are so pleased having you looking out with new vision.

It is important to have people who are learning to go out in the field on short notice, too! And you have a teacher communicating with you on a regular basis, but basically my message will be one thing: "Be of good cheer." You have all you need. It is at hand. It will flow through all your tributaries of your beingness and you will not have to be expressing your concern as to their destination. You will just feel the inner joy of being about your Father's business. You are deeply loved!

Leah: Thank you.

Anne: Is this Merium speaking? Merium?

MERIUM: This is the voice of comfort and counsel. You were talking this evening earlier about the consistency of the personality that is in Christ. You listen for little nuances and changes in modulation in our delivery and our speech, but in essence Merium is the feminine voice. She recognizes gentle strength of one who knows who she serves, and so this will probably be the feminine sound that comes through well with Hunnah because she feels safe with it.

So to divide the counsel that comes through Hunnah and put it on names is difficult for her because she only knows counsel. It's as if it has to pass through a filter that is acceptable to her. The quality of the message, as it resonates with you on a personal basis, will make it more, perhaps, acceptable to you, but we hope that you will embrace the intent and the color that is released in a vibratory sense, in the vibrational sense of light and color.

Leah: I understand that it's the message and not the messenger, but what I was trying to ascertain, I guess, was if it was Jay-Orzh who was speaking or if it was Merium.

TOMAS T/R #1): In essence, all of the beings who contact you who are in and of the Universal Mother Spirit, all of the personalities who attend you are offspring of Nebadonia. Under her are all the angelic corps and the many heavenly helpers. Assuredly the Melchizedeks are the joint offspring of Michael and Nebadonia.

And there are, of course, variations of parentage, but Merium speaks freely and truly of her association with the Mother Spirit for that message which would speak to you all, of the love and concern of the universe is filtered down and throughout the universe in and through the Spirit, regarded by us as the feminine.

You see how malleable and amenable we are in the Teaching Mission? We have no sexist distinctions. We have no feelings of inferiority, we who are male, for we are as loved by our Mother as by our Father, yet certain value holds. Think not that the Mother lacks authority and think not the Father is missing in tenderness. We have learned that the gender aspects change as we become less and less sex creatures such as you know them. You may construe any teacher as being an offspring of your Eternal Parents.

Indeed, often the chords are struck such that you feel you have heard from God himself, and it is encouraged that you embrace the message and the messenger in whatever comprehension you hold toward that messenger and that message. There are personalities. There is a distinction between Jay-Orzh and Jasmine and Trieste and Philemena. There is a distinction among the spirit personalities as there is between Leah and Hunnah and Gerdean and Anne, but when we are seeking truth, it is the truth that we seek.

Granted it is reassuring to know from whom the words emanate, but as you yourself learn to relate with your personal guide, you will be able to distinguish that voice, for it will know you more personally and more intimately than any of the group teachers who by and large are, you might say, more objective than subjective.

There was a comment earlier regarding how it was that one person could affect a community. I have an entity on hand who would like very much to practice transmitting in order to respond to that stimuli. One moment.

MERIUM (T/R #2): May I speak?


MERIUM: One with God is a majority. Let us suppose that you are Johnny Appleseed and that you have, in your consciousness, become aware of the fact that you are capable of planting a seed and developing, perhaps in this case, a business, so you have, not the legend for the evening, but in essence, someone who is going to plant an orchard. This individual, who has bonded with his awareness of the intent and purpose of his pattern in life, who has found great pleasure in planting trees and pruning them, coaxing them, and then discovering that the fruit is delicious so that it can be marketed.

If this person has the integrity that I have introduced to you, and brings this fruit to market, he not only brings produce and new opportunities for people who bake pies or put apples in lunch buckets, he brings himself with his endeavor, and if his personality and his consciousness is such, then he will affect everyone who comes to him, who has business transactions or who may work for him in his field. It can be anyone of service. You could pack groceries in the store, but when you are consciously aware of your love of God and you have dedicated yourself to the development of your consciousness, it will blend and meet others.

It is very much like that parable of the candle, giving more light. This has been very easy to answer in this mode, but what you are doing is you are carrying a common thread, and as you approach others you will ignite the spark in them, but not only once that spark has been ignited, it seems so very important to continuously protect it to keep this ember alive until it can take over and that individual learns how to bank their own inner God-fire, so I want you to think about your place in your daily experience, and let us lift it up.

We have a shop proprietress here. We have a gentle soul who has a loving acceptance of the diversity of mankind and is allowing herself to feel comfortable with those who are not "socially acceptable" but in her own release she will find herself developing new poise, comfort and acceptance with everyone she meets because she will be bringing forth her God essence and she will find that she is not alone. We have our traveler friend here, who enjoys people. She has already covered this territory; this is not a problem for her. She has a charitable nature and she is comfortable wherever she goes. And then we have someone here who is in the health field, who is dedicated to lifting their spirits and meeting the need at the level of need, so in essence we have in this room individuals who are already affecting a community.

But their external personality, who likes to worry and see results, has said, "Oh, how can that possibly be done?" It is already being done! We do not have to answer to that conditioned personality. Father is indeed about His business and there are many in the field, even though that statement is that there are enough in the field, but that is not true. There are enough in the field and the work is getting done. It is not only true that they are in the field, but that there is a legion of support for all who have even a speck of awareness. They have their Thought Adjusters and if you acknowledge your Thought Adjuster, you have acknowledged all Thought Adjusters.

"Acknowledge me in all your ways." And that is what we have been about this evening. It is as if it were a declaration and a kick-off of a new campaign and a new phase of development where you will be glorifying God in a sense by maybe using these words. You will glorify God all day long in all your ways, and you will indeed be that one in a community that is making a difference. Thank you.

VISITOR (T/R #1): Let me add the analogy of a dark room that is filled with a great crowd and one individual comes in who knows where the light switch is. As he or she turns on the light switch, the entire room is illuminated. It falls upon you therefore, to teach everyone how to find the switch so that they are not lost in the dark, for once they can turn on the light, there is no more darkness. Thank you for your contributions this evening. It has been a pleasure to experience your technique.

JASMINE (T/R #2): May I speak?

Student: Yes.

JASMINE: Many years ago Hunnah was taking piano lessons. If she was allowed to comment, I would not be able to tell this story, but she used to be filled with the glory of God (for want of a short version of the story) when she practiced the piano. And one day a song came through -- and the reason I'm bringing this up is it's very appropriate. "Do you know who you are and who lives inside of you? There's a treasure and a light that will surely set you free. If you turn on your light, it will help you live your life in the beauty and the bounty of his world." And of course it had, much to her surprise, a chorus, and it sounded like an old gospel hymn. "In the beauty and the bounty of his world."

So I tell you this little ditty (I have spared you my singing it), but I want you to think about those words, because you are indeed a treasure and a light and now you are going to live in the beauty and the bounty of His world in your new awareness. Thank you.

Leah: May I ask one more question? It's about names again. I was wondering if that entity that was introduced through Hunnah, along with Merium, just previously, what name was that entity?

TOMAS: That was Jasmine.

Leah: Welcome. I hope you all come again. And anybody who didn't get a chance, I hope you come too! Anytime.

TOMAS: Have we not had a party?

Hunnah: Oh, yes! I think we all have flowers in our hair.

TOMAS: Are there any things that we have overlooked in terms of your soul needs today? I see beauty and indeed flowers; I see good cheer. I feel no lingering tears or sorrow, no shades of darkness. Merium, I believe we have completed our task for the evening.

MERIUM: Indeed.

TOMAS: We are going to escort our friends back to the bus.

Anna: Bye guys. And girls.

TOMAS: As we wave them off into the sunset, then, we wave you off as well. Continue to see beauty in your week. I will see you soon. Our deep love to you. Good night.
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