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Arcadia, California,
Monday, February 19, 2007, 8:00 pm

Teachers: JarEl

TR: George Benavides

Topics: Reiteration of last Teaching Mission session
What it is like on the other side, after we die.
There will be no sickness or physical pain.
Yet our happiness will still depend on our point of view.
If we had doubts and uncertainty here we will take it with us.
How some will be ill prepared which can lead to depression.
How help will be offered to those
who need to regain their balance.
Family reunions are possible.
The new reality is a wonderful realm of possibilities.
Beauty and inspiration abounds.
Friends – old and new are plentiful.
Our universe career will take from
1 billion to 500 billion years.
Yet our focus should be here and now; there is much to do.

Questions: Will maintaining our appearance, or
grooming, be an issue on the Mansion
What will the transportation be like on the Mansion Worlds?

Prayer, Donna: Father, thank you for this
gathering here. Thank you for our
transmitter/receiver person and for JarEl the
teacher that you provide for us to hear messages
through. Thank you for all of your many
blessings, we pray that we may have the spiritual
eyes and ears to hear what you would have us hear
and to understand it and to apply it in our
lives. Help us to be good stewards of all of
your blessings Father. We love you. In Michael’s name, Amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening. It is I, your
Teacher JarEl. It is good to be back again and
it is good to see those who have not been here for a while.

The previous time that I spoke to you, some of
you weren’t here and this session was not
recorded. Therefore, you missed the benefit of
listening in on what I talked about. But for
your sakes today, I would like to reiterate some
of the insights I had spoken about.

As you continue to live your life here on this
planet, you work and you live to make things
happy around you; to make people happy. At times
you doubt what lies on the other side. At times
you truly do not know what you should expect when
you die. But I would like to shed a little light
on this particular subject; what it is like on
the other side, what you can expect. Will you
see your family? Will you continue to exist as
you do now; and, most importantly, will you be happy?

As soon as you arrive you will notice something
different, you will notice something strange
about your body. But, at the same time, you will
feel very good. You will not be sick and neither
will you carry with you any of the physical pain
that you endured here on this planet. What you
will have is the opportunity to expand your
knowledge, your mind. You will also have plenty
of opportunity to visit with those who have gone
before you and who wish at that time to greet you
or visit with you. You may find that it is not
always the case that somebody is there waiting
for you, but the majority have family members
that are there waiting to greet this
newly-arrived individual into the realm of Morontia.

Your happiness depends on your own point of
view and you will be challenged beyond your
limits to the new realization of where you exist
and what you need to do. Many of you will be
ill-prepared to face these new challenges and in
consequence, it might send you down into a
spiraling depression. But this depression can be
overcome by making some sense of it all. There
is hope for there will be many there to help you;
there will be many there to guide you through
these troubling times of balance and
uncertainty. Even though you have crossed the
threshold of mortal death, you still will have
that infinite doubt of uncertainty if you had it
here. But those that chose to follow that path
of belief, of faith, will eventually iron things
out as they go along. They eventually will let
go of all the preconceived notions they had about
this other realm. They will begin to accept this
new reality. This new reality, as you will one
day see, is a wonderful realm of
possibilities. It contains all the beauty of the
universe and inspires every single person who travels through it.

As you arrive on the first levels of Morontia,
you will be amazed at how similar but yet how
remarkably beautiful and different this new world
is. As you go forward into the next successive
worlds of Morontia, you will see beauty upon
beauty as it compounds on every single
level. Then finally when you arrive on the
shores of Jerusem you will lie in ecstasy as you view this beautiful city.

There are many wonders that the universe has
for you. There are many discoveries for you to
make and all these discoveries and adventures
will take you anywhere from a billion to 500
billion years to complete. The universe is grand
and one cannot simply go through the universe
without stopping and meditating about where they
are and what is all around them.

You will soon realize as you travel that you
will no longer take anything for
granted. Perhaps in this world you rush through
it and you miss many things. Perhaps you didn’t
have time just to stop and, like you say, “smell
the roses”. But when you are on the career paths
towards God you will find yourself with nothing
but infinite time on your hands and that sense of
urgency will no longer be at hand. You will no
longer need to bypass something just so you can
get to where you intended to be.

You will certainly make many friends, some that
you will have that have come from this planet,
but many, many more that come from the other
various worlds of the inhabited universe. You
will delight in the various orders and species
that exist. You will find it at first difficult
to relate to many of these different species, but
as you learn to meditate and become one with God,
you will soon realize that these are your
brothers and sisters and connecting with them is
a worthwhile goal. In the process, you will learn much that you did not know.

Despite this whole glimpse into your future,
despite all of these promises of a better world,
the fact remains that you are here on this planet
and you have time to create change and influence
people and you have time to help bring peace to
this planet. You have time to help begin this
next stage of reality for this planet of
Urantia. So despite my visions of this future,
your focus should remain here and now. Your
focus should be in the present. Everything that
you will ever do you are doing now and it will
always be in that manner. If you keep repeating
this, one day in the far distant future, it will
be true. Perhaps right now you can view it as
relatively untrue. But in this universe there is
no such thing as relative. It all simply is; at
least from God’s perspective. It is not
everything is; everything that ever was is,
everything that is to come, is. It all exists in
this moment for Him and for you. When you create
something, you must hold it in your mind as a
reality and it will soon become a reality. In
such a way, everything that you do, you must do now.

Are there any questions here?

Donna: JarEl, I was just wondering, being a
woman, I am going to ask a question that maybe
other women would be asking. We spend so much
time, at least on this planet, many of us women,
going to beauty parlors, getting our hair done,
getting our nails done, putting makeup on, etc.,
and not just women, but men too have shaving and
we all have bathing and showers and all of
that. In our new bodies, what kind of
maintenance will need to be performed, or will
there be no maintenance? Could you speak a little bit about that?

JarEl: TR, George. I can tell you that the mind
of mortals does not change so easily and the
ideas of vanity do persist well into the third
Mansion World. But the inner beauty that exists
in many will be more apparent than others and
that transitional period where the outer beauty
does no longer matter will happen within the
three Mansion Worlds. It is okay for women of
this world to decorate themselves for beauty is
part of God’s reality and there is no wrong in
that. It only becomes harmful when you focus all
of your attention on that and you are viewed as
vain. Then such an attitude can be detrimental
to your own soul or survival status. But
everything must be done in moderation. Just as
you maintain the exterior of your body, so must
you maintain the interior. Just as you eat food
for your body, so must you take food for your
minds and your hearts. I am not concerned for
any of you in believing that the outside beauty
is more important than the inside. I know that
many of you have put more value on what’s inside
and that is what matters and that is how you will
perceive others when you begin to arrive on this
next level. You will see their inner beauty
shine through and they will see yours.

Are there any more questions?

Donna: Okay, JarEl, along those same lines of
life on the Mansion Worlds, and thank you for
your very comprehensive answer. Let’s switch
over to transportation. We have cars,
automobiles, buses, planes, etc., here. What
kind of transportation? Or is it just going to
be that we will be able to fly around, or have
angelic transport, or
.is there anything you can say about that?

JarEl: TR, George. There are various modes of
transportation, although the angelic transports
are reserved for long distance flights. The mode
of transportation which you will enjoy on the
first morontial realm is something similar to
your vehicles of today. Only that the energies
that are used are morontial energies and they do
not produce any harmful waste of any sort. They
use pure energy. This is the type of
transportation that will take you from place to
place as you sojourn on this first morontial
world. There are various modes as well. Many
walk from place to place, some ride this mass
transit system and others have simply taken to
driving for themselves. So it is in this way
that you will find your world similar to this
next level. There are many things that will
remind you of your past life. But at the same
time this next level will be a vast improvement.

There is much to be amazed by and I can tell
you flat out that you will be amazed and you will
be awed and it perhaps will take you a couple of
years to get over this. But eventually you will
see the task at hand as to why you are there and
your life will become purposeful and the work,
the real work, will begin. Everything else is
simply there to support you and make this
possible. As you go from world to world you will
begin to appreciate the infrastructure that is
there for your benefit and that of your brothers
and sisters. As you travel from world to world
until you reach the perfected worlds around the
Isle of Paradise, you will truly appreciate the
grandeur of it all. You will truly marvel at how
wonderful a Father we all have, one who created
such perfection in the universe so that you may experience it all.

When you have gone through the entire spiritual
career and finally reach the Isle of Paradise,
you will humble yourself to the grandeur and
become fully appreciative of everything for
everything is now in you and now you are like
God. But it takes a long time for you to get
from where you are at, mentally, to where you
will be spiritually. It is not an easy task,
therefore it takes an eternity to
accomplish. But you should not concern yourself
with that, for you can truly become mad just
pondering the entire idea. Just focus on what
you have now at hand; only what is in front of
you and nothing more and I promise you that you
will live happy lives and you will accomplish much.

I thank you all for listening, goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl

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