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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Comprehensive Overview, Love: A Global
Warming, The Sapling and The Tree, Be You Signing
Angels, The Door to Outside Yourself into
Spiritual Community.
Teachers: Machiventa, Lester, Elyon, Michael,

December 17, 2006

* Machiventa (Jonathan TR): This is
Machiventa, greetings to you. I feel the
welcoming of you all by way of your sincerity and
curiosity, and I accept you into my fellowship as
you accept me into yours, that we blend ourselves
in unity.
I encourage you in your investigations of
the many contact points through which the vast
hosts of teachers are expressing their
understanding and their marching orders of where
Urantia stands today and is going in the future.
Realize that it is a composite picture, that each
expression is a part; it is not the whole. The
thread is not the fabric; the button is not the
belt, but they all make the garment. By
reflective contemplation you are better able to
perceive the entirety. It creates a comprehensive
overview, that you be not isolated in one form.
Urantia is changing on every level. When
you first heard our contacts we were limited to
simply training you in the experience of contact
and having to adjust to your doubts and curiosity.
Then we spoke to your soul to strengthen your
spiritual foundation and to motivate you from the
ponderance of a philosophical nature and the
investigations of your spiritual psychology into a
true and concrete action. You are now hearing
more about the overall plan for this planet in the
context of your contemporary conditions. At first
we were like yeast in the bread, hard to discern
our presence. But soon with our contact with you
we began that vital, living transformation, and
you began to discern that activity. Now you are
fully part of that release of energy which you
have come to call “anchoring the light”.
Many like you around this world are changing
from the medium in which the teachers, the spirit
entities, may come, to being the actual spirit
entity expressers yourselves. It was a great leap
of faith. There will come more adjustments that
will be necessary by each one of you, for this is
living, a process that is very dynamic.
As you firmly plant on one stepping stone
you will be required to shift your weight and move
on. But be stable on this step upon which you are
standing, for a poor placement creates a stumble.
Though you know there is a long continuum of
unfoldment your present position is the most
important one for your ability to proceed. You
may hold your head up and look down the road, but
you must be aware of the ground underneath you.
Each position in the path is your pushing point of
power, and so it is important for you to commit to
your present so that you may more rightly proceed
to the next. It is the shifting of the
theoretical into the active, an assessment of all
possibilities -- all beneficial in viewpoint -- is
only useful in action when you pull one
possibility into yourself and become it. Then you
move forward; one grasp opens the avenue for the
second and third grasping.
We have been adjusting our procedures since
the arrival of the Magisterial Son. My corps of
melchizedeks are under the management of Michael,
but Michael has given management of Urantia to
Monjoronson, and he has the power to do so. We in
allegiance gather under his direction. In
Nebadon, where there has been no rebellion, unity,
even conformity, are natural responses, and the
distinctions which stand one corps of beings from
another are blended into harmony. But on those
worlds wracked by rebellion much of the operating
approach is to stand against, to confront, or to
hold ground; to seek rightness through dominance
[rather] than correctness through coordination.
We will continue to work to change that
confrontive nature and encourage you to look up,
to stand back from one flower and view the entire
field. The beauty is in the congregation.

* Lester: I am Lester, greetings. I dance
with joy in the realization of your remarkable
ability to progress. You know that I, once a
party animal, did not value much progression but
rather the continual stagnation of one big
whoopee. I will encourage you to, in a light
sense, become yourselves global warmers, that is,
radiate that love from your heart and be that
light that illuminates all. That global warming
is what this planet needs most. In and through
that expression will come realization everywhere,
and those problems of a planetary nature that you
are beginning to recognize and grapple with today
will be much easier to remedy.
Thank you.

* Elyon: This is Elyon and I want to simply
remind you that you have the opportunity at any
time to address any teacher, for our staff is
capable of communicating afar and to bring to you
that connection for your benefit.

* Michael: Dear children, I am Michael. You
have on record my parable of the vine and the
branches, and you know the import of that message
of bearing fruit, of living connection. I
perceive that you all understand it more deeply
than in the realm of the mind but had lodged it
into the motives that drive you forward from that
level of your heart. I will add another image
that follows the same principle.
You know of many bushes and trees that send
up their young saplings around the mother tree and
that these saplings grow from the roots of the
source tree. The connection is the same as the
vine and the branches, but one element is
different, and that is the intervening area of
All who seek truth, who pursue the realities
of spirit are rising saplings. Some falter with
uncertainty and doubt because, as they rise up
from the soil, they perceive the intervening
ground between me, and the divinity I manifest,
and themselves and fail to understand the
underlying connection at the root.
It is much easier to perceive your
connection as a branch on the vine. Teach your
fellows, those budding spiritual aspirants, that
as they rise from the earth into the spiritual sky
they are connected, that the appearance of
distance is of no real meaning. In terms of the
worth of that individual, its meaning lies in the
fact that a sapling can stretch, can reach and
grow far beyond the mother tree. A vine with its
branches remain in a close location, growing
within that circumscribed area. A sapling can
spread and spread far. So each of you is doing
this for me today on this planet for our Father.
So, again I say to you, go forth and proclaim the

* Jessona: This is Jessona, I greet you too.
We are giving Jonathan the opportunity to
experience channel surfing.
You have in your traditions a song that
says, “angels we have heard on high” and it is my
purpose as I contact you today to become angels
that all hear beside you, that everyone, will
discern an angelic resonance in your expression of
joy the season you are approaching promotes year
after year. This holiday you have that marks the
day of the bestowal of Michael is always reminding
you of the ability of God to enter into and
partake in the world. It underlines the value of
where you are as human beings. It demonstrates
once again your worth to God, that your conditions
here are not wayward, errant, or separated. His
coming was to teach you of that connection, a
connection never severed. And if you be those
angels singing beside your fellows you will
further Michael’s mission of promoting the
proximity of the divine rather than the aloofness
of God. Let the chorus begin. Let the praise
spread far.

* Elyon: This is Elyon returning and I want
to add another image through which you may apply
When you are within a building you can see
many doors by which you may pass through and exit
to the outside. In the realm of spiritual
progress many will sit in that building and fret
over which door to open to go outside. Which one
is right and which one is wrong? Which one is
direct and which one is convoluted? My friends,
each one takes you outside of yourself into the
community of spirit. Pick any door, walk through
it, and trust the guidance of God to take you into
that fellowship, to take you into new adventures,
and to lift you up into a vision of the entire
I will now draw closed our interface. I
thank Michael for your dedication, for your
sincerity, for your honesty, for your sensitivity
and your curiosity. You may each have attained
varying degrees of awareness, of enlightenment, of
spiritual stature. But these traits I have
expressed will always be valuable to you in your
ascent no matter how young and insignificant you
feel or how old and accomplished you perceive
yourself to be. These are like the wheels under
your feet that keep you moving. Do as Michael and
be of good cheer and love one another.
We close, thank you.

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