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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Relationship, We are One, Sovereignty of Will, You Allow Me to Approach.
Teachers: Monjoronson, Voice of the One, Elyon, Wave.

November 26, 2006

[There was quite a bit of static on this recording.]

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): Greetings, I am Monjoronson here once again ... and to have
material to build on, to work with, to seize on aspects of discussion and will offer you
a cosmic twist.
As the individuals that you are you have come into ... of differentiating yourself
from all that you have perceived. The operation that your mind has used to distinguish
your individual self from everything else is to provide you with this sense of contrast,
“I am not that, I am this. I am not over there, I am here. I do not resemble that, I
resemble this”, and this method of orientating yourself is in large part a spatial
relationship that you have assigned to everything other than yourself. This method has
allowed you to distinguish yourself as independent and separate from everything else by
virtue of the fact that you have told yourself that you are not everything else; you are
yourself, you are an individual. While it is very true that you are an individual, a one
of a kind, separate unto yourself; it is also true that you have a relationship with
everything outside of yourself, when in fact most things that are outside of yourself are
reflective of an aspect of yourself. In the final analysis you are reaching to
understand we are all in fact one in our Supreme state.
So, how is it then that this method of contrast, of setting you and things
separate, has lead you to ... now into ... and partnership, and rather than feeling your
individual self as alone or separate or distinct, to begin to view your individual self
in relationship to all that is out there, an aspect of all that is out there, a fragment
of what is containing much that you now perceive as different from yourself.
If we are all one in the Supreme sense then certainly we are not too different from
each other. There are differences, of course, aspects of uniqueness, but do not begin to
look at ourselves in relationship to all others and everything that is. This is how we
build the new layers of connectedness, by understanding our relationship to each other
and all that is. This represents a flipping of the switch, if you will, in your
consciousness to seeing yourselves as connective and as embracing of all that is other
than you, to begin to identify aspects of similarity rather than to category differences
and contrasts. If you can make this shift and begin to want to see relationship in
everything, then you will find that you are more closely tied to everything than you
allow yourself to understand.
It is a real pleasure for an instructor to be able to build on concept frames to
increase levels of understanding by virtue of the fact that you are engaged in this
process and interested. You ... to move forward thus we can make advances and move
forward. I thank you for your interest once again and your participation.... I withdraw
to allow space to be used by others.

John: If you see a hawk you would say, “Brother Hawk”, “Sister Tree”. All things
are connected, right?

* Monjoronson: In a very real sense all things are connected. You are made of the
same material. You breathe the same air. You enjoy the same environment. You are both
animal creatures. You have much in common with your brother the hawk. This is how you
can begin to close the gap on this relationship of distinction between you. You are more
like your brother hawk than you are unlike your brother the hawk.

John: Like respecting all things, even spiders, bugs, the different animal
kingdoms, the plants and the vegetables. We treat everything with love and respect.

* Monjoronson: Which, I would point out, we could count on the lot of you to do
anyway. But if you seek to do this with intent and with awareness that you are doing
this it will just be more potent, be more ....

* Sheila’s Thought Adjuster (Sheila): I am the voice of the One. I am within you.
I am the only one within all things. I am experiencing through you as one. It is you
and I who create every moment as one. I am the only one and this is who you are. It is
my eyes you see with. It is my voice that you use. It is my arm you reach with, and it
is my compassion that you seek to be. It is my intelligence that you seek. I am you and
we are one. I live to be you and you live because I am. This moment is our
relationship. You are related to me, and in our every experience together we are
relationship. You who I am have always been and will always be. I am surrender. I am
acceptance. I am intention. This is our relationship. I am you and you are me. We are
one. I am ....

* Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon, I also make myself known in this sphere of
presence. We have spent many a time focusing upon your center of will and stressed how
your intentions, your choices, and decisions affect not only your life but the growth of
the planet. Sovereignty of will is a power you have; no one can remove that from your
being. This sovereignty however, is maturing as you grow in spiritual stature, as you
become more present as a soul. You have been told, however, that the meek shall inherit
the earth. You have been told that the last shall be first, that you must give up to
receive. You have heard today the voice. As you give up your human self to the divine
presence, there is your sovereignty; there is your will as king.
You may orient through and with the divine and transform all your processes of
decision and choice by the overlaying clarity and centeredness of the divine. Again I
also remind you that you have been told to be still and know “I am God”. The secret to
your progress is identification with Him who is all, all that is. When you are at your
personal altar you approach in the smallness of your human being. But in that meeting
you are raised up, embraced, and transformed. You become what you seek. Our realm, our
reality experience, necessitates the oscillation between your sense of detachment from
and your unity with the divine presence, for you are in-going while God is out-going.
Jesus taught love God with all your mind, heart, body, and soul and to love your neighbor
as yourself. That is the in-going and out-going of your relationship with the presence.
The smile of God is upon you even as you carry on humanly your gift. As you accept and
receive the truth of God in you and as you accept and promote that God functions even as
a human being. And why not? for the whole universe is a projection of the source of all

* Wave (Mark): If there will be no other contributions, I will make my way in and
close this meeting. I am Wave. I am here because you allow me to approach. You have
decreased the distance between us, our relationship, to the degree that you will allow
me in. I come so that you may feel me one more time, and we may begin to establish a
deeper relationship, a closer relationship, one that is not so distant. I invite you to
participate with me in this process that will bring us closer together. I recognize that
you all are devoted students, and it is my privilege to work with you to bring our love
and light. Farewell.

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