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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Teacher/Student, Bliss, Compassion through Communication.
Teachers: Monjoronson, Evanson, Jeremiah, Serena, Nebadonia.

October 8, 2006

* Monjoronson (Mark TR): I join you in this circle today, I am Monjoronson. Perhaps
you will join me as we direct our attention to worship.
Dear Father, First Source and Center, we are gathered here at this hour, those of
us in the material flesh gathered around electronic devices and those of us unseen by our
material complements. We all gather together and desire that You know of our
appreciation for all that we enjoy as a result of Your grace. This very existence we
have and the journey that we are engaged in are Your gifts to us, and we would
acknowledge the grandness of this gift.
It is our desire to be in service to You for having been granted such an
opportunity of service and worship combined. We arrive at this place and await Your
signal; help us to perceive Your callings, to feel Your nudges, to respond to these
impulses of greatness. We are drawn to this as Your children who desire to please their
parents. Help us to fulfill this desire. Make us pleasing in Your sight.
We are of many varied circumstances and experiences, but we come together under
this desire to serve and to appreciate all that we have been given, all that has been
provided for us, and all that is in store for us.
We reflect on our gratitude at this time, but we never lose sight of our
appreciation for Your grace and Your love that sustain us. We simply take the
opportunity to acknowledge at this time. We are confident that You will be with us
throughout this process that we may come to You for support and direction, that we may
lean on You in times of difficulty, and You are always there for us.
This certainty that we have of our relationship to You, our connection to You, is
our gift. We have found You and desire to be like You. These desires manifest into
intentions, and these intentions surely will manifest into reality. Help us make this so
each step of the way. We will follow where You lead.
Thank you all for joining me in these moments of appreciation for the splendid
gifts that we are coming to make real in this journey together. While it is very true it
is the desire of our hearts to follow where we are led, likewise do we as followers lead
for others who are looking for the way to follow. Each one of us has a dual role to
fulfill, one of student and follower and another of teacher and leader with that which we
have become familiar with in this process. This combination of learning and teaching
cements these lessons into place and provides even greater depths of understanding for
the ones who must explain what they know, who must identify what they perceive. In this
way we are switching back and forth, engaged in learning new perspective, reaching for
new ideals, and then turning around and helping those behind you who have not been
exposed to these lessons or these ideals and becoming the broker of such information as
we have attained. This is both a duty as a student and a privilege as a teacher.
We must maintain our studies and pursuits so that we are current and up to date on
our spiritual understanding, and as a result we find ourselves often in a position of
relaying what we know to others, finding concepts to facilitate communication of ideals.
I perceive in this group that many times you switch back and forth without giving a
thought which mode you are in, at times feeling strong and certain and possessing great
conviction in your understanding, and then other times you are switched over to yearning,
seeking, and searching for answers. This is a healthy habit for you to maintain, being
ever willing to switch to become the student or perhaps take a turn at being the teacher.
This skill will prove quite valuable to you as we move forward with our group ascension.
We should always be ready to lend a hand to another or receive a hand from another.
All this is the result of such great grace bestowed from on high that we should have
these roles to fill, should be able and willing to be reliable members of this ascent
Of the many things I am thankful for I count this group as one among my cherished
blessings. I perceive that you all have a special place in your hearts for those of us
who have volunteered to provide you with our services from the other side of the curtain.
Isn’t this a wonderful example of grace when we both cherish so deeply the gifts we have
been given? That always brings us to a state of thanks. Thank you all. Thank you,
Father. Thanks for the love and the grace and the peace.
I will allow for others. Thank you for your intention as well.

* Evanson (Jonathan): I, Evanson, am also with you. Rarely have we spoken of the
experience of bliss. I wish to dwell upon this experience for a bit.
It is more than happiness and joy, peace or contentment. While it contains these
feelings and states, it is the joining of your human self with the divine self which then
results in happiness, contentment, in clarity of mind. Bliss is the description of soul
consciousness, the merging -- not simply the meeting -- of God and creature.
You walk your life’s journey, and the journey results in the growth of soul. But
soul is there at the beginning of the journey and there at the end, though much more
greatly present because of your experiences. Whether the stature of your soul is grand
or as small as a young babe, consciousness within and as your soul is ever and always.
You need not qualify or meet any standard or attain any level for bliss.
When you walk your life many functions occur; you must lift your foot, move it and
place it. There must be ground upon which to place it. The ground may be hard, rough,
soft; it may be as mud or gravel. As you react to that ground, your life, you develop
agility and coordination. Sometimes your living is so engaging in the minutiae that you
are spending time focused on climbing over the rocks before you. Remember to look up, to
look ahead, that you may navigate the greater course.
Father’s presence is the map to Paradise. The preferred pathways are presented,
and you choose. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or are nearing the end,
bliss is where on the map it says “you are here”. That location will move, but the bliss
will be ever and always. When you take your eyes away from your feet and look up you may
enter at any time into that state, that oneness.
I am done. Thank you.

* Jeremiah (Sheila): I am Jeremiah. I would be considered an observer to this
mighty group. I am currently in a classroom for which we are learning compassion through
communication. At first my focus was on ways of communication that you are unfamiliar
with. As a so-called field trip we have been allowed to observe techniques and
relationships amongst this very large group. I would like to share my observations.
We are quite aware that you are effecting your lives through faith. This, I must
say as an observer even knowing what I know, seems like a miracle. I use your term to
enhance our communication. In observing all that is going on your world, and considering
the possible distraction, it is most amazing to see a core come together from such
distances away and to watch the weave taking place. This weaving technique is in itself
not particularly new but the technique with which it is being used for is most beautiful.
To watch your colors evolve, to hear the tones when you gather, we observe these as
techniques in communication on a different level. Then we observe your technical
attempts, and this in itself shows the level of determination with which all of you are
involved. In our eyes your technology seems most odd, but in your attempt to come
together it becomes magnificent.
We are fully aware of your relationship with the unseen; we have ways of observing
this which you are not aware of. In observing these connections and hearing your
discussion and feeling your emotion I find Earth words hard to find to describe. Your
finest, most descriptive words have yet to come close to my personal observation. To
say, “I am amazed”, to say, “thank you for having me”, to say, “it is beautiful”, these
would just be the small words. It takes incredible faith to be where you stand now. It
takes incredible determination, and with your intention I again find words hard to
describe what I am observing.
This classroom I attend is to prepare me for worlds who have not yet evolved to
your place. What we are learning we will be able to put into action. What you have
taught us is a gift.
I will say this, that the numbers of those of you who gather now is astounding. To
feel intimacy in this large of a group you have yet to fully comprehend and perhaps could
be easily overwhelmed, and yet it is important that you know you are universal children
working on a divine plan that is succeeding. You walk towards victory. Your part of
this universal plan has changed everything, has created new and will continue on through
all eternity.
I speak for my entire classroom when we say thank you for preparing us for our next
part of our journey. Thank you for including us in your plans. Please receive from us
our love. Thank you.

Jonathan: Thank you for sharing what you are up to.

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