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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Engage In What You Have Found, Self Discovery, Inner Connectivity, Blended
Luminosity, Training Of Energy Manipulation To Come.
Teachers: Machiventa, Serena, Olfana, Wave.

October 1, 2006

* Machiventa (Mark TR): I would greet you and take advantage of this forum. I am
Machiventa and I am extremely pleased to acknowledge the magnificent display portrayed in
this session, the displayed portrayed of actively getting what you would call “self help”
through any means available. Truly this approach fulfills the true destiny of you who
seek will find.
Truly it is a miracle that the Father would use so many varied avenues of approach
to be employed and enjoyed by all those who would come into contact with them. It is as
though there were a real plan in place that we can then witness unfold with such joy.
Certainly you all have come to realize that it is no accident when you come upon that
which seems to have been meant for you. But it could stop right there. Once you are
exposed to that which you are seeking you must also then accept what you have found and
proceed to engage with that which you have found. In this way step by step you build
upon your awareness from one side, from one approach, from another angle, and finally
through your efforts your awareness raised to understanding and even wielded by you.
These principles and ideals can then become yours to command.
You have no idea the gratitude we have for all that you are engaged in with us in
this process. Truly it is your intent and desire which provide the necessary energy to
move this whole project forward. So it is such a joy to see you investigate these
energies, to pursue what it means to be associated with these energies. You all feel
that this is part of your heritage, and you are correct. You are also perceiving that
you are not so far away from having understanding and command of these energies, and you
are correct. It is truly a spectacularly beautiful thing to witness the unfolding of
pure potential into actual. This is what we behold in the efforts that you take and the
successes that you enjoy.
I would allow for others as this is a treasured connection.

* Serena (Sheila): I am Serena. Self discovery is a most miraculous journey. It
is a miracle to discover who you are and what you are capable of. The Creator Father and
His perfection within you is the force that drives you to this self discovery. This is
where you do not go to manipulate but where you go to discover what is yours and what you
have to share. There are so many techniques in sharing, and within each and every one of
you it awaits your command, your direction, your desire to share, to give of yourself to
others. Within each and every one of you there is great power that desires to extend
itself through you. This is the foundation which you have spent so long trying to find.
This is the direction you desire to go, and you have all stepped upon the foundation of
your true purpose, your true mission to live your true selves.
Your techniques can be very individual. Your intent can be directed, your desires
fulfilled, by simply allowing your core to be revealed. You are not new at being your
core; you are having a relationship with it and in becoming comfortable with this
relationship you can play at technique. This world is ready for playful technique with
its core. The world is ready for you. An active core is where we are one.

* Olfana (Jonathan): I am Olfana. You are special students and we teachers are
extremely grateful for your participation and your attentiveness to not only the
teachings you receive but also to practice of what you are learning. Theory and
information are guide rails in your walk, but no guide rail is helpful unless you step
forward, unless you move ahead. Picture deep in your core, in your heart center, a small
but increasing glow, silent, gentle, and enlarging, increasing in luminosity gradually
and warmly just as does the sunrise to fill the sky with light. Notice the radiance
reflecting around the interior of your body, taking on colors, reflecting off your inner
skull as do the rays of sun upon the clouds. Multiple colors, each a degree of
manifestation of divinity. Every frequency vital and valuable to your health, to your
sanity, and to your happiness. Perceive this light penetrating to your extremities as
does the light through the trees of a forest, shafts of luminosity lighting the inward
parts, invigorating, stimulating, and orienting your vehicle. Perceive the harmony that
is created by this encasing of light. Pass this light beyond your physical framework.
Feel it connect with each one of you in this circle. The one divine light within is now
the Supreme divine light of all.
There are assemblies on the morontia spheres wherein personalities gather for such
an assemblage of light, a merging of presence that culminates in the celebration of the
mutual recognition of God as oneself and ourselves. You are bringing this about on your
world, joining others around the globe who know and recognize this inner connectivity.
Light upon light magnifies the brilliance of the divine.
All of you carry the potential to shift the color of light in order to create
resonance and blending with other frequencies. By such conscious attention you can
cooperate even from afar with each other promoting well being. The blending in healing
of these light forms is often the cure needed by another, not the single band of light of
yours, not the single band of light of an associate, but that blended luminosity.
Practice more of this projection and work with each other in the commingling, the
blending, for this is a power of light of a higher magnitude, of a Supreme character.
I go now and I express to you my love.

* Wave (Mark): Hello, I am Wave and I stick my head into this classroom because the
door is open. ... to give you a short hello, and I seek to establish with you the
recognition of each other’s energy as we together will be involved in the training of
energy manipulation to come. I just wanted to be associated in context with some of
these great lessons having been delivered, and I desired to be playful with you in this
training and application. I just look forward with great joy and anticipation at the
great fulfillment we will both achieve in undergoing this process of discovery together.
Thank you all.

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