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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: My Words Through You, Be Intentional Now, Pioneers Of A New Age, Eyes Open,
Inter-associated Projects, Gridworks Of Energy.
Teachers: Michael, Elyon, Machiventa, Monjoronson, Michael.

August 19, 2006
Michael’s Birthday Celebration

* Michael (Mark TR): It is indeed this posture that you have adopted of orienting
yourselves to spirit that has brought you to this place. I am Michael and I am here to
join you in observance of events of thousands of years ago and events of this very hour.
You are called to come together and acknowledge and celebrate my contribution of love to
our world. Likewise those in my arena are called to come and celebrate your
contributions of love to our world. I recognize your reverence and respect for that
which was accomplished in another time, and likewise I bring you the respect and
appreciation for what is being accomplished in this time. Remembrances of me are but
secondhand experiences, and, while they contain some degree of potency for they contain
the seeds of love, even more potent now in this time is the relationship I have with my
brethren through each of you. They cannot see my face as it was here those many years
ago, but they can see yours. They are unable to hear my voice even as you enjoy a
reflection of that even now, but they can hear your voice and my words through you. They
can only read about and imagine the love portrayed when I walked and got the dust of this
earth between my toes. But, in this hour, in this time which is all that we have, it is
you who they can feel, you who they will see, you who they will hear, but it is us as you
allow me to partner with you.
I desire that you function in this role and capacity for me, with me, as me, and
accept that you are capable of that which you perceive to be grand.
Welcome that I have come to you with this petition of you, that I use you as my
instrument for manifesting my peace. Realize that I would not ask this of you if you
were unworthy. Embrace this relationship we are developing and seek more this co-creative
relationship we enjoy.
You have come so far my, little ones, in expanding yourselves, in growing your
spiritual strength, and extending beyond that which you thought were your limitations.
But we have very far yet to go. We will peel back these petals of the flower, exposing
more and more of the bud. We will get to the center of brilliance, and your lights will
be beyond your wildest dreams of magnificence. I can see them even now.
Breathe me into your life with your breath. Bring me in that we may flow out to
others. Recognize me carried upon your breath, and with purpose expel us out to be
grand, creative, purposeful. Join me as I circulate through you. This is where we have
union. You may ride on this breeze; we may pick up speed and set our course. Feel me in
this way as well. I will try every avenue available to you to be with you, even as you.
I have profound gratitude for you each and every one, and I withdraw at this time
and only in voice. I remain with you in presence and throughout this exercise.

* Nebadonia (Sheila): I am your Mother. My precious children, I do want to remind
you that it is the relationship with your Father and me that has made it possible for you
to continue the great mission of this planet.
We sent you forth to live life for us, and we have watched you, and there came a
moment, a sudden moment within each and every one of you, that you felt our presence. Of
course thought process began, and this took you in an opposite direction from the
original feeling, but this feeling, this remembrance, activated.
Some of you had very confused thoughts, and some searched your books for
explanations. Others did practically nothing other than try to hold onto what you knew
not. With each and every unique reaction, children, this is where you sit now. You have
intentionally and willingly decided to do something. With our very small suggestion, you
gathered and have become co-creators, intentional conscious co-creators. And as we look
out of each one of your eyes at the others, and as we feel the connections you have
developed, the relationships you are nurturing, it is quite clear that you have chosen
yourselves to be that which for some time you were waiting for another.
Each and every one of you now realizes your self importance and have decided that
with this self importance you are capable of assisting your Father and me in the
evolution of this planet to a place of light. There is a whole universe watching and
waiting for their turn to experience light and new life which you are in the process
creating for us.
You all have had plenty of time and opportunity to try to understand and justify
your past, your experiences, the way you approach relationships or not, and this served a
great purpose. Now, my children, that time is over. It is important that you look
forward, and when the old thoughts surface, allow them to be as a cloud going by. Allow
it to drift, allow it to dissipate, and give it thought no more. Children, I ask you to
turn your heads forward and be direct. Be intentional now.
Your Father and I shared all of your past. We were right there the whole time. We
know how you felt; we know what you thought. There were no mistakes; it was all very
good, and now we call upon you, children, please will you do this for us? Will you allow
us to be your eyes, to be your voice, to be your ears? Please allow us to be by way of
We gathered you here because we have great faith in you. You are alert, you are
willing, and I know that you're just trying so hard to figure it all out. We ask you to
surrender for us, and we will ask you every day, child, will you do this for me?
The support you give one another is our love and understanding from us given
through you to one another, and you have responded supremely. Oh, children of light, we
stand so close, and we desire so greatly to assist you in these times of great change.
It is our intention to be about the business of this new world that you are creating, and
we ask that you nurture what it is that you so willingly and lovingly have created so
Oh, great ones, there will come a day where you will see and you will understand
truly this divine relationship that you have with the One and All. Breathe it in,
children, breathe me in. Allow us to work together.

August 19, 2006 afternoon session

* Elyon Jonathan TR): I am willing to open our connection and allow for the
exchange of thought. Your eagerness to listen is our blessing, and we do our best to
have for you nourishing items you may absorb and thereby grow. That is our purpose to be
for you, and it is in this manner that I allow for those with me to address you.

* Machiventa (Mark): I am one of those who is keenly intereted in your progression
and advancement both individually and collectively in settings such as this. We
acknowledge your efforts to create such scenarios as we all enjoy in this hour. It takes
your commitment and direction to bring about potentials and create actuals. Likewise each
one of you is a potential to be actualized. Each one of you provides us with a tool, an
instrument to play as the time requires and as the situation allows. You are all useful
tools to us in your own way, and we endeavor to provide you withthe service of support
crew. We are instructors as you navigate through the many opportunities that arise
before you.
You are indeed of keen interest to myself and to the others because we are
similarly engaged in the process of formulating the new patterns and techniques to be
used for those who will come after you. You are our pioneers of a new age, and your
willingness to accept your roles in this position allows us to utilize you and learn from
you your inclinations, your approach. Your desires dictate what options are available to
us. When you decide to create an event as exists in this moment here, we can then infuse
that event with spirit content. Had you not all decided and agreed to co-create the
moment, we could not bring our contributions to add to this moment, to this circuit;
therefore are we keenly interested what your orientation is and where we may make the
most effective use of your natural leadings and desires.
Every instructor must learn from their students what works, what could be made more
effective, more potent. As the program proceeds, the curriculum changes as each class
adds more to the understanding of the instructor as to how to successfully deliver the
curriculum. In this way we work together, truly. As this direction has not been
prewritten we together will find the correct approach. So, I thank you each one for the
role you play in this process of unfoldment of a new era. We are both blessed to be a
part of this process, and I cherish your participation so willingly and freely offered.
It provides such great leverage for us to use such effective tools, such harmonious
instruments. What a pleasure to behold. I thank you and allow for others to access this
miraculous forum.

* Monjoronson (Sheila): I am Monjoronson. I would like to take a moment to, as a
group, contemplate the idea of your interaction with what you have called your "unseen
Contemplate what your evening would be like. So, first you would gather in your
circle and then there would be that pre-laughter mode that you all get in, and then you
relaxing your position, and then you close your eyes. Now, what if we said, “Open up
those eyes and look about you”, and there we are? We would be sitting in between you in
your fairly comfortable chairs and would all look around at one another and then what?
Post laughter. What would that do for others in this group? Here there would be a good
chance that there would be screaming and running, and this shock factor would leave us in
the circle without you. You see why we must be careful in many ways about this

John: Are you kind of scary looking, Monjoronson?

* Monjoronson: We feel we are beautiful, especially Rantarason! Quite frankly, we
know that with this group we would spend just a short amount of time processing, but
shortly after that, knowing this group as we do, we would get down to business.

Jael: With other people it would be a very frightening experience, and we need to
be conscious of what we talk about in our meetings here.

* Monjoronson: I speak to this team candidly.

Kathy: What would be different if we could see you as you really are in the
fullness of your person?

* Monjoronson: There would be a lot less eye closing. Children, you are about the
Father’s business, and this is pretty serious stuff that you have so willingly devoted
yourself to. The foundation of each and every one of you is of service and of giving.
It is not surprising you would like to fling
open your arms to the rest of the world and say, “come on in”. For right now,
team, we have positioned others who are out of your personal moments to be guided in such
a way that eventually they will be ready for the big news. The shock factor is not
always the appropriate approach. Loving others is
always the correct approach. Understanding others, having compassion is always the right
We are very much concentrating this team towards the center of this community
project, and through your love and devotion to one another, to your willingness to
gather, once again you have far surpassed what we may have expected. We embrace the
individual personality experiences and habits. We ask you to concentrate on your center
and on your individual anchors of light. We ask this of you as if it were your job while
you are here, what you do.
Each and every one of you has considered, “How can I do this better?”, and we are
here to tell you, “You tell us, how can you do this better?” We think you are doing
great. If you think you can do it better, try it. Go ahead and give it a try. “How can
I be more dedicated?” We don't know anyone more dedicated. “How can I remember more
often?” You just did. “How can I be in more service?” Children, be more of yourselves
because it's changing the world.
I do so, as all the others, look so forward to the days we sit together with our
eyes open. Until then we ask you, children, keep them closed.
As we watch your growth this tells us how well you have learned to receive, and it
is vital, it is vital in your growth, to master, to yearn for receiving. This is what
creates the change. It is our intention that you will receive all that is yours, all
that you have earned, and we, just as you are, are dedicated. Just as you are, we feel
the difference.
I could not be more proud to be associated with a team such as ours. Thank you once
again for entering this circle with your eyes closed.

* Michael (Mark): I am Michael, once again in recognition of your recognition, and I
would fellowship with you in these moments. I desire the more and more to be associated
with you, to be so close to you as to be even one with you.
My children of light, I would speak plainly in this hour, perhaps even privately at
your discretion, about the nature of your contributions to this Correcting Time, this
Teaching Mission, and these various experimental projects now under way on our world.
It will become necessary for you to be in greater awareness as to your function and
purpose as we proceed to refine and distill what our approach to this mission will be. I
have told you, you are as I am, creating this process together. We will rely upon you to
make all final moves, but we will never hesitate to offer you assistance and guidance and
helpful technique and effective means for you to accomplish that which we are working on
There are a number of inter-associated projects underway as we speak. It is no
accident that you are assembled here to undertake these projects, as this represents the
manifestation of my will and yours conjoined. Likewise is it my will and yours to be
about the effective service and ministry in the process of unveiling a new reality to
this world. In this process you are each engaged with me and have been for some time.
Upon reflection you will note that you have stretched and reached beyond your faith
boundaries on numerous occasions to be willing to be here now in acceptance and in the
flow of this divine energy. Likewise will you be required in the near future to trust in
me further, to lay hold of your faith, and to use this powerful and potent tool to
withstand the eventuality of the final expression of duality. This will prove unsettling
to many of your fellows, but you who have been with me thus far, who have followed me to
this point, will remain in assurance of your relationship to me and to the Father. This
will provide you with your anchor point, and you will find that this point of stability
will serve you quite well as storms blow past.
Let us relish these times where we are fellowshipping and building our spiritual
community. These are building our foundations from which we will be ready to launch and
begin our public ministries. In the meantime we enjoy growing closer to each other in
this process.
You have already volunteered and engaged in projects the magnitude of which you
cannot perceive, but I tell you that you have already been useful in this process beyond
the degree that most mortals will accomplish. I understand that you are desirous of
more, and so you shall have more. You shall have all that your heart desires when you
are in alliance with the will of the Father, when His will is your will. In so operating
there will be many things you accomplish that you will not even understand but, given
time and wisdom, will come to grasp at some later point of your development.
For now, keep providing the energy at random that you are so willing to provide to
the circuit we have formed. Your trust in allowing us to take this energy and use it for
the benefit of all is what provides us with the potential to create the actual. Keep
pouring it on. Keep allowing your circuitry to include those of us who are in greater
awareness as to what exactly to do with this wonderful bounty of light. Trust that we do
know any moment at any time what to do with your bounty of light, and we will direct and
redirect it as necessary as long as you continue to provide it. You will never grow
tired in this process, because you are nourished as you are the workers in the field and
must be kept nourished to be such faithful servants as you are. Indeed, the more you
turn over your energies to be re-patterned and directed, the more infused you are with
sustenance and life and love. Therefore give away freely, my little ones, even as you do
now. Continue to give away freely, and I will refill your pitcher that you may serve the
others. I will fill even your cups to overflowing. This is the relationship I desire
with you. I bring the platter with pitchers, and each one of you takes the pitchers and
serve all the others. Join me as we serve up this new dimension, this new reality.
Trust me that all that will come to pass is my desire and the desire of Him who
sent me. These things may not make sense to your construct of understanding, but trust
in me and Him who sent me. All will be well, all is well. Continue to follow me and all
will be great.
Thank you for your appreciation for my service on this day. I am also in
appreciation of your service on this day. Let us celebrate together. I never really
leave you, farewell.

[A lively discussion raised the questions, How do I create energy? Do we make it
available through our contribution? How do I get this energy through me and out? The
group reconvened to ask the teachers.]

* Machiventa (Mark): This is Machiventa here again, willing to accept your
invitation, perhaps even to alter the pattern slightly. I address the question of the
student who would ask how do they know that they are a contributor of energy, that they
are, in fact, in line with the transfer of energy.
This question goes to the core of what your desires are propelling you forward to
engage in, in fact, you are involved in this process in a number of ways only some of
which you have the sensory capacity to receive.
I will point out some layers involved in this energy manipulation. First you are
each one an independent generator unto yourselves. You have a vibration; you have a
light; you have a tone; you have an electrical charge. You have a current of Mother
herself. In this way there a number of sources housed within your being. You literally
have impact and effect on other life forces that come into your proximity by your very
being. It is not necessary for you to even channel or direct such life energy forces, as
others around you will be impacted even though you have not harnessed your intent to
direct such energy circuits.
Every one of you has felt what it is like to walk into the room where another is
present and to feel the shift of energy. This is their internal energy being generated
from the very fact that they are a child of God in a material vehicle. They are a center
unto themselves; you are a center unto yourself. Being a self generator of energy, you
may then add intention to this circuit, and you may then direct what you have created
individually and internally out to be effective in arenas outside your individual sphere
of influence.
These intended directions of that which you have created are potent forces in this
paradigm. This is one of the things you are incapable of perceiving at your level of
material existence, except that you have each brushed up against what it is like to enter
another’s energy field, and therefore you have experience with this phenomena to that
degree. Also layered along with you is your spiritual complement, your Indwelling
Adjuster who carries with it the individual presence of a fragment of the First Source
and Center and contributes this energy to your self generated energy. Each one of you
has experienced such an alliance when you have had a spiritual breakthrough or
understanding where you are provided with an even physical rush of energy upon having
made connection with the additional source of energy within you.
Should you provide your internal guide with enough latitude they may then begin to
draw on other sources of energy through a connection of circuitry they are privileged to
enjoy, therein providing you with even more capacity to manifest either alone or in union
with your partner.
Step back one more step, and there is a gridwork of energy, in fact, a number of
gridworks of energy. From below your Mother is connected to all. From above, your
Creators are connected to all. Should you orient yourself properly, as you have been
successful in doing, then you access an entirely different form of what you would call
We have spoken in terms of life and in terms of tone and in terms of energy; these
are all manifestations of this force you refer to by these varied descriptions. You as
an instrument or conduit may tap into at your will these extended circuits whereupon you
become channel or conduit or access point to light anchor, and the energy may then flow
not only to you but through you. One might ask, “What is my role in this process?
Simply to allow this energy to pass through unaffected?” The answer there is in
partnership. As partner in this process you will color the light; you will add tone to
the energy; you will provide personality to process. In so doing you have used your own
internal generator of energy to build and to add to that that would be directed through
you. You in fact make literal contributions of that which you are to the process, and in
so doing you have enhanced the circuitry. You have elevated the vibration level. You
have contributed something of divinity in your partnership.
That is how you should see yourself in relationship to the various number of what
you would define as energy circuits. You not only are one, you act as tools for one; you
have access to many beyond your understanding. You may choose to function at any level
that you desire along the route. There are no incorrect contributions to be made.
It is a pleasure to address the adaptation of the curriculum to be more fulfilling
for the student. We welcome any observations and contributions to make our curriculum
refined so as to be more useful to all the students.
Would there be any other questions, comments, suggestions for how we could do our
mission better? I bid you, eager students, go and play if you have no more questions.

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