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DATE: January 14, 1997
Gerdean for Tomas and Jay-Orzj;
Hunnah for Jasmine

TOPIC: Human Dissatisfaction

TOMAS: Good evening, my friends.

Group: Good evening.

TOMAS: I am Tomas, your teacher, guide, companion and occasional minister in service to you that you may then serve Michael and one another in the methods that Machiventa and He have sanctioned and set out for me and others in the Teaching Corps to follow.

We are one in the spirit here this evening and it feels good. I say it "feels good" because that is a phrase that you often use to denote pleasantry, and yet it is more than pleasantry, it is more than feeling good that you are one in the spirit. It is, in fact, vital that you occasionally step into your spirit reality and immerse yourself in it, individually and in company with other like-minded religionists, for it supports your core reality, it brings you up out of the animal legacy, beyond the emotional pitfalls and into realms of purpose and peace.

I am reminded of the admonition to be born again, born of the spirit, and I remind you of this admonition, for you can renew your vow incessantly - your commitment and consecration to superior reality - even as you walk through the vagaries of this existence.

The vagaries have been with you, children. As you become more aware of the sanctity of your relationship with your Indwelling Adjuster, your sensitivities are increased and you become even more sensitive to those vagaries of human existence, which condition requires then the greater perspective, the eye of the Master, in order to walk through these vagaries, not only unharmed but of service.

It is not for naught that we teachers consistently and incessantly speak of the merits of stillness, of communion with the Father, for it is your salvation. It is solace and comfort, inspiration and poise, strength and joy. It is reality, which will not fail you, which will make you greater than you are. And so I say it "feels good" to be in your presence this evening for you are, in your soul, in harmony. Your music sings a fine tonal quality and it benefits your physical system, your emotional center, your mental poise and your soul's peace.

I am glad to be with you. I am ever mindful of the benefits of our association and always am I pleased and grateful when you open your lives to the presence of your guides and of your spirit helpers. How may I or we help this evening? Are there matters for sharing?

Hunnah: I have a question. It has to do with the proper use of our human dissatisfaction and expressing it. All three of us here this evening have had opportunities to feel humanly irate, disappointed, and perhaps a little anxious in regard to some personal matters, and I find it very distasteful to get "on my high horse," as we say here. I find it distasteful to myself and I'm sure it is for others, and it is such a fine line between standing your ground versus being tolerant versus being understanding, and when fatigue or health changes interfere, that we don't feel like a discordant piano, or instrument. I don't know if I said that correctly, but perhaps you can pick up the ball.

TOMAS: Having recently spoken to you regarding your childlike and childish aspects, it is a full-spectrum sweep now to the perspective of a dignified faith son or daughter, but this is well and good. From the perspective of a faith son or daughter, you indeed have feelings and reactions which require a degree of maturity in order to accept them, assimilate them, and carry them in a dignified way into your life. And often, as children, you react at once in your emotional realms while your core dignity is trampled and overlooked in the throes of the emotional response.

The struggle, then, children, is how to honor that dignified element of reality within (which is not the egoistic adult, but that sacred Being combining you with divinity). All too often the human condition reacts according to this more familiar response techniques and defenses and justifications and rationalizations and so forth, and a field of thought is developed which is described as "setting boundaries," and as scaffolding these are good. But in making pure and effective use of your relationship with divinity, as a dignified being, you can bring that strength with you if you are not fully clouded and confused by the instinctual, emotional reality of the mortal being.

Well, let me suggest that you again develop a gesture. My comrade here wants to know if I am teaching you how to play "Monkey See, Monkey Do," but I do feel that you learn well when you can make a game of it, even the more serious lessons in life, and so I offer you again a gesture.

As a child you were perhaps taught, while at prayer, to hold your hands in a prayerful fashion (demonstrates). And if you were to become comfortable with that gesture, and used it to protect yourself when you felt you were being attacked by the |vagaries of life, by someone invading your boundaries, by someone assaulting your integrity, you could anchor yourself by this gesture. And it would also have an effect on the beholder (were they present), for it is disarming to acknowledge God in prayer in your daily life in unorthodox circumstances.

As you practice this gesture, as you begin to appreciate your ability to walk through life in instant readiness of stillness and connection with Higher Power, you prepare yourself to walk more graciously through life. It may appear affected, but you will notice that many of the great religious teachers and leaders from the East (and from the West) make use of that gesture, and you might wonder why. You may perceive it as a method of pontificating, but it is also a gesture of aligning yourself with a Higher Power. It is not an overt announcement that you are begging their forgiveness or indulgence, or that you are calling upon a personality. It is a non-sectarian gesture.

Of course, that may appear to lose impetus if you are speaking with someone on the telephone; they cannot see you. But you know. You are reminded, again, of your own dignity. And as you hold yourself in readiness of contact with divinity, you are more likely to speak for divinity or as divinity would have you speak, and this rises up over the instinctual animal response or emotional reaction.

How do you feel about my response to you, Hunnah?

Hunnah: Well, if we were playing football, I would suppose you would have made a touchdown. Behavior modification is a game we play here, only it isn't elevated, and your suggestion is a good one. I think when we get caught off-guard is when we're tired or we get near those old patterns, and I appreciate your new approach. Thank you.

(Conversation off the record)

JASMINE: [Hunnah is transmitting Jasmine, her personal teacher] Good evening.

Group: Good evening, Jasmine.

Gerdean: Are you Jasmine?

JASMINE: That is my smile!

Gerdean: I have a question for you. It's based upon what Tomas was talking about earlier. He suggested that when we get into the vagaries of human existence and emotional pot-boilers and so forth that we assume a stance of protection and as if we were in prayer or holding ourselves in a spiritual state of being, state of mind. And I was wondering what--

You know, much of our conditioning, or much of my conditioning anyway, and the things that get to me the worst are what I would construe as "abusive" because they are undermining or attacking my integrity as a person. They are not allowing me my dignity. And so I regard that as some sort of abuse. Do I stand there in the state of prayer and just be abused? And just let it happen? And let it pass? It seems to me a bit of a defensive mode, and I suppose I am defending my life against unreality, or against attacks.

I'm not arguing with Tomas. I'm just having a chance to respond to his lesson and say, "Yeah, but what about this and what about that!" Do you have any words about that?

JASMINE: I have words. It is my pleasure to assist this friend of Tomas. Our hearts are filled with compassion for the dilemma of your ways. I would like to help you to know that things will change for you and that you have the resolve to consult your Thought Adjuster. You will be removed a bit and will be able to step into this precious place that will not require protecting. It is not a fairy wand. You are in a new dispensation.

This is a new time frame. You have been experiencing echoes of the past. Your long-sought-for dignity will be available to you. You cannot change your friends. When your pattern changes, their pattern will change, too. Do not forget you [and your mother] are sisters. I do not mean to make light of your ...

Gerdean: I don't feel that you are making light of my plight. In fact, I appreciate what you said, but it leads me to something else and that is you reminded me that we are sisters and I really don't feel as though we are. I have a hard time with that. She denies our Father, she denies spirit reality of any kind, she scoffs at my professions of faith and so forth, and I don't think of her as a sister. She doesn't treat me like my sisters do in the spirit, those who have been born again. She doesn't honor my spirit, so I don't feel like we are sisters.

JASMINE: The relationship that I am making reference to is not to this dimension. Your-- this party is not working from the same frame of reference as you. In Hunnah's consciousness, or her memory, is a story that I will bring you. She was perplexed by her exchange with someone and she went to her teacher and her teacher said, "My dear, you are trying to communicate on different levels." Now, that information was comforting, yes, but the voicing of this information put the fire out. Let these times together be that effective for you. The very words will empower the truth of your being and you shall cease to be drained of the lesser way. In the words of your world, "this is a healing."

There are ... (one moment please) I am reminded that this is a new experience for me. There is an adjustment being made. Please be patient.

Would you like to be free of this behavior pattern?

Gerdean: Yes, Jasmine. I would very much like to be rid of it. It is unpleasant; it's not productive; it's toxic; and I poison my environment when I'm subject to it.

JASMINE: The Christ suffers. That which I AM is set aside.

Gerdean: Thank you.

JASMINE: Thank you. How is it with you, Leah?

Leah: I don't know if I follow all this. I feel as if I'm in a foreign country. But you're very pleasant to listen to. I didn't understand your answer to Gerdean but I don't really know what her dilemma is so I'll discuss it with her later, I think.

Gerdean: Well, let me say something about my feeling here, to maybe clarify. I don't know, but when we were in Boise in a Teaching Mission Conference a couple years ago, Michael visited and talked about drinking from the cup, and that it was difficult to drink from the cup, and that it was our choice. We didn't have to. If we did, sometimes it would be bitter. And he reminded us at that time that we drink it for Him and he drinks it with us. And so it's not our bitterness, but the suffering is His -- is what I just heard from Jasmine. So if I can bring my Christ consciousness to bear, it's not for me to be disappointed about mother's standing in the universe. That's between her and Michael. And I need to let Him deal with that relationship and let him have that grief. That's how I perceived it. Is that a fair interpretation, Jasmine?

JASMINE: You did very, very well. You must remember that I am new at this and that I am dealing with the memory bank of Hunnah and there is scripture in her treasure trove. I will probably flash the gems. How is it with thee, Leah?

Leah: I see you're trying to get back to me but I still didn't understand about the I AM part of the thing, either. I just . it's just going around-- "The I AM is set aside." I didn't understand that.

JASMINE: That's all right. It was for our friend.

Leah: Okay.

JASMINE: I hope that I will be able to choose my words for thee.

Leah: Well, I just feel that I have been terribly short with everybody and I am miserable.

JASMINE: It is a progress report. I think we should celebrate. It is not you who are miserable. You are so dearly loved. I have a suggestion. I would like you to acknowledge the ultimate lover. The next time you are embraced, know that they are the Father's arms, and when you reach to embrace another, know that they are one and the same. Christ Michael needs many delivery boys, so to speak. You are his task force. When he reaches out and touches you, or has you do the touching, you will scarcely notice. It will be woven into your very manner. (One moment please)

I am reminded of scripture. "Behold, I make all things new." Hunnah is very grateful to you both. She has just been reminded that she is about Father's business.

Leah: And we are very thankful.

JASMINE: You are the Father's business, Leah. Perhaps you need a new name.

Leah: I'd like a new name, if it's forthcoming. I like "Leah" but I'd like another name if there is one for me.

JASMINE: I am dealing with a bit of Hunnah strain here. If your name comes, it may not be from my lips. I want you to be aware of a warmth, like a precious ember, and I want you to take it home.

Leah: I'll contemplate that.

JASMINE: You do not have to take care of it. I want it to warm you. Your experience with this will be your own definition. I am not sure I understand it myself, but it is yours. It is very becoming and very soothing. I think that I shall now hand the baton back to my friend.

Leah: Thank you, Jasmine.

Gerdean: Thank you, Jasmine. And Hunnah, also.

JAY-ORZJ [Leah's personal teacher]: I am Jay-Orzj.

Leah: Hello, Jay-Orzj.

JAY-ORZJ: My daughter, I am grieved to feel your confusion, but I am glad of the administrations of my sister and co-worker before me, who speak the truth. It is not you who describes herself as miserable, for you are divine. You are joy. You are perfect. What the challenge, then, is, is for you to identify with her and forego that miserable shell of false reality with which you identify.

Understand that I am not suggesting that your feelings are unworthy, no, but I say these words that you may understand the perspective, for to stay in that cocoon of feeling is to die. Mayhap, precious daughter, you need to do just that, and be reborn in full faith of your radiance, in full understanding of your infinite potential, and cast aside that which is limiting and less than qualified to adorn you.

Indeed, take your soul in hand, as if it were indeed a glowing ember and understand how it is that it warms your soul, your life, and gives off not only warmth but light for you to see in the darkness. There is much darkness, mistake not. There are times in this time of correction that the healing has not begun, that the decisions have not yet been made. It is a time when the seed that is buried in the dark soil, has not yet responded to the stirrings of life. It is not required that you burrow yourself in the darkness as well.

Allow the light of truth and life to raise you up. Stretch your roots and branches. Lift up your face. Hold fast your glowing ember, and behold yourself becoming new. Begin to unfurl, like the rare flower you are, with your own petals, unlike any other. Let not someone tell you what your flower looks like. Don't even worry about trying to describe your flower to someone else. Just grow. And be. And the Creator will speak for you and through you in your being.

Have faith in yourself. Have faith that the seed in you is the true and real you, and that as it blooms it will bloom in perfection. Accept your perfection and your potential for even greater perfection. Carry this knowledge within you and feel it glow. Know this in the heart with the Spirit of Truth. Stand up for it. Provide it its needs without guilt, without shame, without apology. Precious treasure, you are indeed Our Father's business, for you are His. Not the product of mortal minds and mortal men. My time is up.

Leah: Thank you, Jay-Orzj.

JAY-ORZJ: I am with you. I am here to work with you and to help you fertilize your seed, to bring your personality into clarity and reality, to help unhinge those closed doors and twisted latches of yesterday. [Tape ended. Tomas signed off.]
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