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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Re: Thought Adjusters- Your Choice and
Approval, Healing, You are to Become Him, Zones of
Teachers: The "Voice", Jessona, Elyon, Machiventa.

July 9, 2006

* Mark’s Thought Adjuster (Mark TR): I greet
you this morning after some initial reluctance on
my partner’s part. I am the voice, and it is I
who desires to address your questions and further
understandings as to my supposed limitations and
I will first illuminate to you that my
associate and companion has been reluctant to come
forward with the answer he received in response to
the question of his own accord. Rather he chose
to defer the delivery of such a response to
another, in this case me. He had the opportunity
to access this information and even now knows the
answer to the question fielded, but I remained
unable to force or sway his decision in any way
regarding the manifestation of this event and the
delivery of this response. I point this out to
illustrate to you that, while my powers are seen
as vast and expansive -- even unlimited -- by
some, in the most basic and final analysis of my
interaction with my associate it is he who casts
the final vote, he who has the power of veto, he
who literally directs the force of our combined
In him making this choice to defer to me
whom he calls his “voice” he exercised what all of
you have as your primary privilege and obligation,
your freewill choice. Never will it be
encountered by you that you feel as though you
have been commanded to do thus and such or
required to make any particular choice, rather do
we await your decision. It is in this way that
truly you are the last link in the chain, you are
last valve in the flow of energy, and all the
universe await your decision. However I am also,
as you have stated and perceived me, vast in my
scope, pervasive in my presence, aware in my state
of all that is transpiring. My function and role
are to support you after your decisions have been
made, to promote those highest and noblest of the
decisions, and to seek to stand by you in every
forward momentum of spiritual growth.
I do have among my capacities the ability to
commune with those of my kind as well as the
ability to access the First Source and Center.
These are my traits that I bring to the
relationship between the individual and the voice.
You have stated in your conversations that
you do not perceive why it might be necessary to
offer one of my stature permission to function in
any capacity. While I see the orientation of your
question, I must reflect back to you that the same
question, again to be considered on a deeper
level, and that is the question have you really
given your voice proper authority in your lives?
Many of you think that you have, even have made
efforts to do so, but the fact of the matter is
this is an ongoing question to which you respond
from a deeper and deeper level of your being. You
consider from your point that you have already
answered such a question and it is no longer
necessary, but I must gently but firmly re-ask the
question continually. Had you fully given your
approval as you think you have, you would be
experiencing a different spiritual reality level
than you are currently engaged with. The question
is not so much giving me permission to do as I
will, but rather have you allowed yourselves
permission to access me and all that I bring to
our relationship.
I appreciate and will accept any offer on
your part to provide me additional latitude, but
the real value in you having formulated your
petition to me results in your once again internal
affirmation of your direction, of your intent.
This is the value that is derived repeatedly upon
your making application to the Father of any kind,
of making appreciation to the First Source and
Center, of making petition of me, your voice, to
be more dominant in our relationship. You have
more power in universal affairs than you concede
to yourselves. In the final analysis it is
strictly and wholly up to you to accept that which
is and who you are in relationship to it.
I hope these words delivered in this fashion
are received in the spirit in which they were
intended. Perhaps one day all of the voices and
all of their associates will truly have given each
other permission and latitude to work hand in
hand, and even such a process as this of TRing
will be made unnecessary. Until then we will
provide gentle reminders of practice, petitioning,
and performing.
Thank you and farewell.

Mark: I just answered our question by not
allowing. I did not provide the necessary
clearance for me to act in conjunction with my
voice. I stopped the flow.

Tom: So it’s not a question of abracadabra,
use the magic word to petition your adjuster, but
it’s your intention and sincerity that count.

Mark: Absolutely. I was under the
impression I had given my adjuster complete
latitude but in fact I had not.

Tom: I have a question for Jessona. Could
you speak to the subject of the adjuster consent
and human consent as regards healing, please?

* Jessona (Jonathan): This is your teacher
Jessona, I greet you.
It is in the purpose of all the Father’s
gifts that indwell each human being to effect the
greatest healing possible, that is the one embrace
of Father and child, of God and creature. Life is
given to you and is under your control for a time,
and it is during that interval that you accept a
grander gift of life, and that is the eternal life
of oneness with the Father’s presence. This is
the prime purpose of He who dwells within.
Your petition for healing in the mortal
realm is always received. The power is enacted
which will effect healing if the result first and
foremost will benefit the soul of the one to whom
the request is made. When a child of God reaches
to its parent for help that divine parent will
always assist, but the wisdom of God conditions
the manner in which healing may be applied.
The human mind is shortsighted not by fault
but by the condition of being in human form on a
physical world. The hope and aspiration of the
human soul for good and correction to occur for
another may or may not be congruent with the long-
range purpose and plans for the other human being.
Give your request and permit the opportunity for
healing forces to flow, but ever recognize the
broader awareness of Father. When you allow
yourself to be in the middle between the one who
needs the healing force and the one who gives that
healing power, you are acting as a bridge of
faith. Since the human mind is so oriented toward
its sensory contact with physical reality, you
become the means whereby another may turn around
to go within and to realize the source, that which
you have indicated to be real and true and
Your petition for healing is known by God
even before you ask. But your petition for
healing opens within the one in need the
receptivity of that power, be it the Father’s
will. All may heal themselves in this light
without intercessor, but you all do well to be in
community and to support one another. So, it is
good to ask for each other to come as a family to
the head of the household. Be ever-ready to set
aside your own wishes and to be consecrated to the
purpose of goodness that is in store for each of
you under the Father’s wise purposes.

* Elyon: I greet you. I am Elyon. I take
great delight in your focus upon the greatest of
your being, the Father’s presence. I communicate
with you from a clearing-house at the
administrative headquarters of this world. While
I do move among you I can only do so from
individual to individual by way of the traversal
of space. I can reach you in this manner because
of the circuits in place on your world maintained
and assisted by the resident midwayers who are
skilled at the coordination of the high
personalities who come to this planet with the
receptive human minds. I, however, as a time
creature am only capable of intermediate focus and
attention toward each one of you. But the light
within never turns away. The light within always
hears you. No assistance from any agency is ever
necessary but one: your attention in return. It
is the purist and most direct link.
I have often encouraged you to improve this
communion through stillness, for it is the method
suitable to a physical creature with an active
mind. We will ever continue to make contact and
to offer dictation that you may translate into
your own understanding for growth.
I have become comfortable with this process
and too have accepted miscommunications and
sincere, honest misunderstandings. When you
receive contact from he-who-is-above-all there
will be no doubt. There will be little need to
translate, but there will be great pressure to
live the content of that contact, for the Father
has come to reside within you in order to be you.
For that to occur you are to become Him. It is a
grand task, perhaps daunting to the unfused human
mortal. But I assure you as one who has attained,
it is true in potential and real in actuality.
Yes, you do all hope for a great future for
Urantia, but your own travel to Paradise is of the
greatest import. The more focused you are in this
undertaking, the more improved will be your
Light and Life on any world is dependent
upon the attainment of each personality to the
harmonious connection and cooperation with divine
spirit. There will be no need to write Bills of
Rights defining the conditions of Light and Life,
for everyone on a world at that time will embody
that very value encoded in word and sentence. It
will be unsaid for it will be wholly seen in every
life. You will not have to conform or adopt any
particular orientation, for you will have grown
into and become that very orientation itself.
I speak to you, in a sense, from afar. But
look, look to the one so very close.
Thank you.

* Machiventa (Mark): I am Machiventa and I
would bring this spectacular meeting to a close by
offering points of reflection.
Elyon mentioned that he has grown
comfortable with this forum, this format for this
exchange that has been developed over this time.
I would ask you to recall that in the beginning
this forum that we have grown so comfortable with
together was new and slightly uncomfortable in its
formative stages. You all were able to grow
beyond your previous comfort zone to expand and
include even such as we enjoy in this hour.
Likewise are you now encountering that which may
be just outside your boundaries of comfort, but
likewise as you have in the past you will grow to
encompass these new areas of uncertainty, perhaps
even discomfort and eventually these new
boundaries will define your new comfort zones,
your new zones of awareness, acceptance, and
Feel what this feels like, this
transitionary period between the familiar, the
comfortable, and the uncertain, the uneasy nature
of that which is as yet to be possessed. This
feeling of uncertainty, even doubt, is where you
will always encounter your greatest growth
opportunities, for it is there that you are not
expanding, not allowing, not accepting. Just as
you overcame the obstacles on numerous occasions
en route to where you are now, likewise will you
overcome this challenge before you and eventually
come to reside in a new, expanded, comfort zone.
Then we will repeat the process again.
Those are my thoughts for your consideration
this week. Thank you once again all for your
intent, your desire, your willingness, and your
choices that have brought you here now. I commend
you for the advancements you’ve made. Farewell.
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